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Top 15 Best Photo Scanner Apps for Android and iPhone In 2022

Best Photo scanner apps will be discussed in this article. We can store our memories for a very long period today since we store our images and albums on our smartphones and in the cloud. Photos, however, were previously kept in albums, negatives, and printed copies before the development of cellphones and digital media.

As the years go by, these photo albums can be vulnerable to destruction. We must safely store these albums as our memories before it happens.

The old images can be scanned and stored on our devices. The best picture scanner app, if you don’t already know which one it is, is described in this post.

Top 15 Best Photo Scanner Apps for Android and iPhone In 2022

Top 15 Best Photo Scanner Apps for Android and iPhone are explained here.

And you’ve come to the accurate place if you’re looking for the finest photo scanner apps. The top 15 photo scanner apps for Android and iPhone will be discussed in this article.

The Top 7 iPhone Photo Scanner Apps:

1. PhotoScan by Google Photos

PhotoScan by Google Photos

In 2016, Google released the finest iPhone app for scanning old images and albums, called Photoscan. This is another photo scanner apps.

You may find this software in the play store if you use an android device. You can instantly scan and save your favourite images using the camera on your phone with the PhotoScan by Google Photos app. Also check Bug reporting tools

This app’s top cutting-edge feature is its automatic edge detection and fast cropping of the images. The photographs don’t need to be cropped again.

Instant photo scanning is available, and the output is glare-free. While scanning your photo, this software uses a sophisticated rotating feature that aids in accurate scanning. The output is accurate and rectangular even if you scan the photo at an angle.

2. Photo Scan App by Photomyne

Photo Scan App by Photomyne

You may quickly scan your images and convert them to digital format by using this programme. Multiple photos can be quickly and simply scanned simultaneously.

You may save so much time by simultaneously scanning several photos. As a result, you can quickly scan the entire album.

The greatest iPhone photo scanner app is this one, which scans photos in high resolution. This programme automatically crops the photographs by identifying the photo boundaries, much like the Google Photo Scan app.

To your scanned images, you can add information like dates, places, and names. The photographs can also have voice recordings, colour filters, and tags for people’s faces.

You can save and share the images after scanning them without sacrificing the photo quality on a computer or mobile device.

If you want premium features, you must buy the $39.99/year premium version, which I need. The best iPhone photo scanning app is this one.

3. Photo Scanner: Scan Old Albums

Photo Scanner: Scan Old Albums

Photo Scanner: Scan old Albums has a simple UI and is very simple to use. This software uses automatic edge detection to provide you with extremely accurate cropped images.

There is even a chance that you can manually alter the crop size after automatic edge recognition. You can add filters and modify the colours after cropping and scanning the photo.

One of this app’s best advantages is that it makes it simple to restore the faded colours of vintage images. There are no boundaries on the quantity of photos and albums you can scan.

After scanning, you may quickly share the images on Facebook, Apple Photos, and other platforms. Old albums can be easily shared and scanned with a photo scanner.

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Even this software has some extra premium services you can acquire through in-app purchases, such as photo scanner light, photo scanner Pro, and VIP plans.

4. Genius Scan – PDF Scanner

Genius Scan - PDF Scanner

This is another photo scanner apps. The best photo scanner for iPhone users looking for an app to scan old pictures and documents is Genius Scan – PDF Scanner.

Simply set your smartphone in front of the document or photo, press the scan button, and the app will do the rest of the work without your involvement.

This app automatically recognises the photo’s background and edges, crops the photo, and cleans the finished product.

Amazing features in this programme include distortion correction and shadow removal. These functionalities are available in a select few photo scanner apps.

With a few clicks, you can quickly convert your scanned documents to PDF format. You can export or share the PDF file after conversion to email, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, etc.

The finest free PDF scanner software for the iPhone is Genius Scan – PDF Scanner, which can also be used to digitise photographs and store them in the cloud. If you use an Android device, all you need to do is search for this app on the play store to find it.

You can purchase monthly and yearly subscription plans for this app’s premium features, such as Genius scan+ and Super big tips, through in-app purchases.

5. FamilySearch Memories

FamilySearch Memories

You can use this app to preserve your childhood and family memories, just as the finest iOS photo scanner apps.

Simply hold your phone in your hand and press the scan option; old photos, documents, and pictures from family gatherings and memorials will all be instantly scanned.

6. Photo Scanner Plus

Photo Scanner Plus

The finest paid iPhone app for scanning photographs and documents is Photo Scanner Plus. The edges are trimmed using AI technology by this app. Also check SEO audit software tools

The Photo Scanner Plus is your best choice if you want one that is quick, effective, and has a pleasant UI.

With this programme, scanning images is simple and straightforward. Simply holding the phone and tapping the scan button is all that is necessary to use this app.

The programme automatically completes the remaining work for you without your presence after you touch the scan button.

This app’s fantastic function allows you to scan several photographs in one go, which completes the full album in under a minute.

With the benefit of this programme, you may modify scanned images and add colour filters. The pictures can be saved and sent via email, whatsapp, and other services.

7. Image To Text

Image To Text

The programme is free, so you can use it without having to enter any credentials. It can identify text from a variety of images or graphic text and provides you with a clear answer in a matter of seconds. This is another photo scanner apps.

Inside the tool, you may save your text and easily retrieve it whenever you need. Additionally, it offers a useful method for saving the extracted text into many document formats, including.txt,.doc, etc.

This application advances OCR technology. These apps, as opposed to standard OCR software and internet resources, are highly useful and support you in your daily work whenever you need to extract text.

This programme makes it simple to read the text on documents like receipts, invoices, magazine articles, academic papers, legal documents, user manuals, etc. Handwritten notes can be simply converted to electronic notes.

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You can download this app from the play store if you use an Android device.

Best 8 Photo Scanner Apps for Android:

The device may affect the app sizes listed below.

1. Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan

For Android users, Adobe Scan is a potent scanner application. You can get excellent scans from this software, and you might fall in love.

Your photographs and documents can be scanned with Adobe Scan and Adobe Sensi named AI technology. The photos’ glare and shadows are immediately eliminated.

This programme uses cutting-edge image technology to automatically trim and detect borders in your photographs and documents.

Whether it’s a PDF document or a photo, you may preview, rearrange, crop, rotate, and alter the colours in your photos.

This is another photo scanner apps. If you scan documents, you may quickly create high-quality PDF documents from your scans without using another tool.

You may easily highlight expenses on tax documents by using your Adobe Scan as a tax receipt scanner.

You can purchase some of this app’s premium features through in-app purchases. The finest photo scanner app for Android users is Adobe Scan.

2. Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens

Microsoft also created a scanner software that enables you to take high-resolution photo scans, much like the Google photo scanner.

Microsoft Office Lens was the previous name for Microsoft lens. After scanning, you don’t need to edit the photographs by cropping and improving them.

After the scan, it automatically cuts, improves, and trims your photo without your assistance.

Scannable images can be converted into PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel formats using Microsoft Lens. You can digitise handwritten notes with the aid of this software. However, it only functions for the English language at the moment.

3. Document Scanner

Document Scanner

With the excellent photo scanner app Document Scanner, you can scan images and documents from any location.

This programme automatically adjusts the lighting and lowers the colour noise as you scan photographs or documents.

You can use this tool to convert scanned photographs or documents into PDF format without paying anything. If you require a small-sized document but the PDF file size is larger. Also check Link Building tool

If so, you can quickly shrink your document in the app itself without significantly sacrificing image quality. A1 to A6 and more formats, including postcard, letter, and note sizes, are adjustable for PDFs.

The ability to create and scan QR codes for documents is what makes the Document Scanner software special. This is another photo scanner apps.

You can immediately share your document or photo in social networking apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and others after the scanning procedure is over.

This programme allows you to scan many photographs or documents at once, saving you a tonne of time.

4. Simple Scan

Simple Scan

A clever photo scanner app called Simple Scan transforms your phone into a portable scanner. automatically recognises the page borders and makes it simple to crop the scanned copy.

With this tool, you may manually change the picture and colour characteristics on high-quality scanned images or files.

This tool enables you to convert your scanned copies into PDF format, just like the Document Scanner does.

The scanned documents might even have additional content and signatures added. The fact that this programme enables OCR text recognition is its most helpful feature.

5. Scanner App To PDF

Scanner App To PDF

The finest Android app for scanning photographs and documents is Scanner App To PDF. Any sort of paper may be scanned using the tap scanner software, and the scan can be saved in PDF format.

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The edges of the scanned photo are cropped or removed using AI technology by this app. What makes this app unique if it is comparable to all other apps?

This is another photo scanner apps. OCR is one of this app’s interesting and distinctive features. You may quickly convert documents to text format, which supports 110+ languages, by using this tool.

Scanner App To PDF offers 110+ languages, however the majority of other apps only support English.

While reviewing this app, I discovered that it displays more advertisements than other apps, which rather disappointed me.

6. Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner

This programme can scan any kind of image or document. Additionally, OCR, which swiftly converts documents into text format, is supported.

With the entirely free programme Fast Scanner, you may scan an infinite number of documents. This is another photo scanner apps.

The industry-recognized PDF format is exported for all scanned documents. The PDF file can have additional pages added or old pages removed.

Even this app runs flawlessly on both a tablet and a phone. After scanning, the scans are simply saved as pictures or PDFs on your device.

7. Genius Scan

Genius Scan

This is another photo scanner apps. I discovered this app’s basic and attractive interface while reviewing it. The shadows in the photographs are automatically removed by this programme.

The batch scanning tool, which enables you to quickly scan dozens of pages, can be used to scan numerous pages.

8. SwiftScan


Swiftscan is a straightforward tool that can do all of your job in a matter of seconds. The document or photo is automatically scanned, cropped, and the colour settings are adjusted. Multiple papers can be scanned at once, saving you time. This is another photo scanner apps.

The scanned photo can be manually cropped if you don’t like the automatic cropping. You can submit your papers by fax by utilising Swiftscan.

Best Photo Scanner Apps FAQs:

1. How can a photo be scanned without a scanner?

The photographs can be scanned with a scanner if you’re using a PC. If not, you can scan your images without a scanner using the camera on your smartphone.

2. How can I digitise old images and put them on my smartphone?

Ans: You may quickly digitise your old images from your smartphone by using the scanner apps mentioned above.

3. Should ancient images be scanned or digitally captured?

Ans: Scanning old images is preferable to photographing them. To trim old images after a photo, you need a lot of time.

When scanning, it automatically crops the outdated images and provides you with high-quality pictures without wasting your time.

4. Is quality improved by increased DPI?

Answer: Using a high DPI improves the image’s sharpness.

5. Describe OCR.

Yes, OCR (Optical character recognition). Using the OCR technique, you can turn printed material into text format by scanning a printed document instead than manually transcribing it.

6. In what location are photomyne images kept?

Ans: The pictures app on your device will store the scanned images. Additionally, you may use photomyne to save pictures and make new albums.


We have analysed and ranked the top 15 photo scanner apps for Android and iPhone in 2022 out of all available photo scanner apps.

Please share any recommendations or additional top photo scanner apps you may know in the comments section below, and we’ll do our best to add them to the list above.


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