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Android Not Receiving Texts From iPhone

Android Not Receiving Texts From iPhone will be described in this article. Users of Android frequently complain that their devices are not receiving texts from their iPhone, especially those who have recently moved from iPhones. Even if you can fix this issue, delaying action could result in you missing crucial SMS messages that could have a negative influence on your personal or professional life.

If texts from iPhone users are not arriving on your Android phone or tablet, continue reading to learn simple troubleshooting techniques.

Android Not Receiving Texts From iPhone: The Cause

Text messaging between iPhone users is best done via the iMessage software for iPhones. Let’s say you use your iPhone to send someone an SMS.

If the recipient is a part of the Apple ecosystem, the device will attempt to be shrewd by checking with the Apple servers. If so, Apple’s messaging application will send an iMessage rather than a typical SMS.

You now encounter the Android not receiving texts from iPhone problem when you go from Apple to Android and don’t deregister your iMessage account.

Your number is recognised by the iMessage server when an iPhone user sends an SMS to it. This is done via the sender’s iMessage app. Only your iMessage profile will get the message. The SMS will never be received by your Android smartphone.

How to Disable iMessage and Deregister SIM

If the aforementioned issue is really the cause of the issue, then deregistering your phone number from the iMessage server would solve the issue. How to try this:

  • Log in to iMessage Deregister.
  • Enter your phone number in the “No longer have your iPhone?” box.
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Apple will send a 6-digit code once you click the Send code link.

  • Enter the code in the box labelled “Confirmation Code” and press “Submit.”

Your phone number will be removed from Apple’s iMessage database.

Now, request that a friend or member of your family with an iPhone send you a test SMS after a few hours. IMessage won’t detect your phone number in its database if the deletion is active. As a result, the iPhone of the sender will change its settings automatically to send a regular SMS.

Android Not Receiving Texts from iPhone: other Methods

If the problem isn’t with iMessage, it can be with the network, an SMS app, Android OS, or the condition of the device. If deregistering from iMessage doesn’t work, try these troubleshooting steps:

1. Ensure Good Network Connectivity

Ensure Good Network Connectivity

SMS transmission and reception make use of the cellular network. Go to a location where your phone has a strong line of sight (LOS) to the mobile network if you notice a weak network signal. Check to verify if you received the SMS after some time has passed. On Android, you might also attempt to reset the network settings. This is another solution for android not receiving texts from iphone. Also check Photo scanner apps

2. Unblock the Number

Unblock the Number

A blocked phone number won’t be able to send you texts on your smartphone. To unblock blocked numbers from whom you anticipate receiving an SMS, open the Contacts app and then navigate to the Call blocking page. This is another solution for android not receiving texts from iphone.

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3. Airplane Mode Toggling

Airplane Mode Toggling

To disable all of your device’s communication features, turn on Airplane mode. After 20 seconds, turn it off. Now look for the desired SMS in the SMS app. Also check Shareme For PC

4. Update the Android OS

Update the Android OS

You can experience problems using the Messages app to receive texts if your Android OS is out of current. To check for pending device updates, navigate to Android Settings > System > System updates. Start the process if there are any updates. This is another solution for android not receiving texts from iphone.

5. Update the SMS App

Update the SMS App

If there aren’t any Android OS upgrades, try updating your phone’s Messages app. To do that, go to the Google Play app’s Your Avatar area and select Manage applications and device.

6. Reboot the Device

This is another solution for android not receiving texts from iphone. You could also want to turn the phone off and around on. Use a location with good network coverage to receive SMS messages right away. Also check How to Upload to Google Drive


If you’re experiencing the Android not receiving texts from iPhone issue, you’ve now learnt how to troubleshoot the device. If you correctly follow the preceding instructions, the problem should disappear.


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