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Top 10 Best Project Management Software In 2022

Best and most reliable project Management software will be discussed in this article. An overview of these tools, along with screenshots, feature summaries, and pricing, can be seen below. Imagine you are working on a project and need to get the client’s opinion. or provide a proof. Or distribute a folder containing finished assets. or send a bill.

Where does this all take place? from your inbox of emails? Located in a Google Folder? a face-to-face meeting?

No longer. Enter: client portal-equipped project management software.

Utilizing client portal software, businesses may better communicate with their clients. Portals provide agencies with a direct connection to exchange and request files with customers, send bills, and receive feedback rather than requiring them to hold project update meetings or engage in back-and-forth email chains.

If you don’t manage expectations and communicate with clients effectively, they may go to a competitor for future work instead of becoming a devoted customer. By include a client portal in your IT stack, you can demonstrate to clients that you are committed to working with them, taking their suggestions seriously, and providing a secure environment for information sharing.

The best project management tools have already been discussed, but this article will focus on the best project management tools with client portals and how they compare to one another.

Comparison Standards for Client Portal Project Management Software

When choosing the finest project management software with client portals, what should I be looking for? Here is a list of my evaluation standards:

  • Is the user interface (UI) neat and appealing? Does it offer a dashboard that clients can access?
  • Usability: Is the tool simple to use and learn? Does it have enough learning materials and training resources?
  • Integrations: How well does it work with other tools? Are there any pre-built integrations available?

Value for money: Is it price-friendly? Does the cost correspond to the product’s characteristics, abilities, and use case? Is the cost disclosed and up front? Do the plans accommodate changes in your needs?

Key Features of Client Portal Project Management

Here are some of the multiple important characteristics you need to consider when choosing a solution for client portal project management.

  1. File and document sharing with clients inside the portal: is this possible?
  2. Branding: Can you apply your own own branding and/or watermarking features if it has white-labeling?
  3. Productivity – Can you create processes around steps that are linked to the content?
  4. Security – Are you able to remotely store data in a secure manner that allows clients to access it from any location? Client files are they secured by methods like encryption?

Top 10 Best Project Management Software In 2022

Top 10 Best Project Management Software are explained here.

Here is a brief summary of what each piece of software with client portals on my list excels at, along with screenshots to highlight some of the capabilities.

1.  Monday.com


Manage client interactions, display project schedules, and tag clients for quick feedback

The client management interface at Monday.com combines Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and a straightforward CRM to facilitate teamwork.

Boards, reminders, and due date notifications are some of the most familiar features from Monday.com that have been combined into the portal’s shareable workspace. Once a client has been invited, they can @mentioned team members, provide input, and approve tasks to move a project on to the following stage. Also check SEO audit software tools

The portal’s communication feature displays talks in a thread, similar to Slack, as shown here:

It’s simple to determine if a client has received your messages in real-time since you can embed links in messages and each message has a time stamp that indicates when it was delivered or read. This is another project management software.

You decide how to control the layout of the portal. Your client may see how a project is moving by seeing project roadmaps that you can provide or by creating straightforward Kanban boards and pipelines. The ability to divide projects into individual tasks with the ability to attach comments and links means that clients can access these jobs to provide feedback or ask questions (if you let them)!

The benefit of providing project information in this way is that your client is always kept informed. They may see the deadlines for assignments and milestones, which creates a deadline expectation for them. They can just log into the portal rather than emailing you to inquire about the completion or delivery of a job or project.

Although monday.com doesn’t have built-in functionality like invoicing or ticketing, like some other tools on the list, you can probably integrate tools from your current tech stack thanks to their variety of integrations. Dropbox, Excel, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Integromat, Slack, and Trello are a few popular connections. If the list doesn’t include your programme, Zapier also works with Monday.com.

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2. Celoxis


With its cloud-based or on-premise plan, Celoxis offers all of its project management software features without requiring users to sort through a bewildering array of perplexing pricing options. You will benefit from having free access to client portals that assist with data sharing, filtering, reporting, and graphing.

Giving your clients access to your business operations like bug tracking, change requests, and item approvals is simple. Clients may login to read reports provided with them, participate in online discussions, contribute files, and even examine reports that you have shared with them. Clients can access reports and dashboards that feature tabular, pie, bar, and numerous other report views. In the “visible to clients field” of the add/edit report form, choose the client you want to share it with. The report will be distributed to all customers if you select the “all” option. Simple as that. Similar to how you can control which project tabs are shown to clients.

The following rights can be defined for each client account: 1) Permit client to see work details but not money details. Whether clients can read task information is decided by this. Clients are never shown financial fields, including custom fields. 2) Permit client to see specifics of task update progress. This defines whether customers can see task changes and comments. 3) Permit the client to update tasks’ progress. Whether or whether customers can comment on a task depends on this.

This is another project management software. One thing to maintain in mind is that the data supplied in reports is overridden if you share reports with your client. For instance, a client who does not have the privilege to “enable client to access task information, excluding financial information” will receive an empty report if you share a task list report with them.

Through a paid Zapier account, Celoxis connects to over 400 third-party applications, including Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, JIRA, QuickBooks Online, Salesforce, Evernote, Slack, Zendesk, G Suite, Trello, Harvest, MailChimp, and more.

3. Service Provider Pro

Service Provider Pro

A client portal software with integrated billing, messaging, and client management features is called Service Provider Pro. A client portal, sales dashboard, and payment forms are just a few of the features offered by the product.

You may build up order forms in Service Provider Pro for both one-time purchases and recurring services. Customers can log in to the portal & manage their accounts there. Additionally, Service Provider Pro enables you to gather information via intake forms, communicate with clients via a ticketing system, and reward referrals to develop brand ambassadors.

Configure services in Service Provider Pro to generate orders that your team can easily handle. Set due dates, assign them to team associates, and talk to clients and team members all in the same thread. Keep track of your assignments with ease by using Zapier to automate order management.

4. OneDesk


With a few major exceptions, OneDesk’s client portal functions similarly to a ticketing support system.

The site itself is straightforward, and your customers have total control over their messaging. They are able to log into their own portal to submit and check the status of support requests, monitor the progress of open tickets, and rank issues so that the most pressing ones are dealt with first. This is another project management software.

OneDesk’s portal distinguishes itself from simple support ticket systems by providing a place for customers to ask for additional features or services and communicate their suggestions to your staff. Customers can also submit tickets through the OneDesk app or import large numbers of them using file types like.mpt,.mmp, or.csv.

The customer portal can also be included as a widget to your website to replace contact forms, making it simpler for customers to access and submit tickets.

OneDesk also works with a few other programmes, including Azure Active Directory, Box, Dropbox, FreshBooks, Mailchimp, Okta, QuickBooks Online, Slack, WordPress, and Zapier for any extra programmes you want to add.

5. EasyProjects


You can label tasks for internal use only, tag projects to make them readily recognisable, and assign timelines to any project your team is working on.

The EasyProject client portal is unique in that it serves as both a client portal and a project management tool. To track how much time you are spending on each activity, you may add an estimated time range. You can even establish due dates for deliverables. You can even track everything in real-time thanks to its time tracking feature. Also check customer service software

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This is especially helpful if you bill clients per hour or have them on a retainer because it allows them to log into the portal and see how your team is using their time, making it simpler to defend billing when the time comes to send out invoices.

To ensure their acceptance before you proceed, you can also assign clients feedback and approval tasks.

An illustration of a draught in EasyProjects that is awaiting approval from a client.

Simply tag the customer and ask them to comment on a draught if you want feedback. EasyProjects will automatically alert you when they’re finished so you can check in and see what the customer has added to the document. The entire procedure encourages collaboration on customer projects.

One benefit is that all of your customer files are safely stored in one location. They won’t get lost in an email thread and can be accessed by everyone on your team.

Numerous other technologies, such as Salesforce, Adobe, Office 365 Outlook, MS Project, Zendesk, JIRA, and InvoiceBerry, are also integrated with EasyProjects. To connect to any additional apps in your tech stack, EasyProjects includes a RESTful API.

6. Client Portal for WordPress

Client Portal for WordPress

By include this item on the list, I’m (kind of) cheating, but Client Portal for WordPress isn’t actually a PM tool at all.

The portal itself is a web-based application that is integrated into your WordPress website and functions like a wiki. The client portal is integrated into your website so that clients may access it whenever they need to rather than being directed to a different portal.

They only need to log in if they wish to submit a ticket, view an invoice, or download a file you recently posted for them.

This is another project management software. It’s also ideal for closing down your office hours. You can change your availability hours inside the site so that all of your clients are aware of your availability schedule. Perfect for putting an end to weekend calls or late-night texts.

7. Freshdesk Customer Portal

Freshdesk Customer Portal

It is put up so that customers can attempt self-help problem solving before posting a ticket. The search bar searches the knowledge base and forums, and using an internal algorithm, answers are automatically suggested.

The portal offers an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create your own knowledge base; just add a title, some text, and some tags before pressing publish. Additionally, you can add metadata to articles to increase their likelihood of appearing in search engine results. Once the content is published, Freshdesk monitors it to determine its performance and whether readers are engaging with it.

The knowledge base builder for Freshdesk

Your client can open a ticket if they still don’t find the solution they’re seeking for. If they do, each ticket is maintained in a database so that clients can monitor its progress and receive an alert if you take any action.

The branding choices on the Freshdesk portal are pretty great. To make it more precise for clients to contact with you, you may add a unique domain (like support.yourcompany.com), alter the colour scheme, and even add various languages.

It features pre-built interfaces with apps like MailChimp, Salesforce, Hubspot, Xero, and PayPal as well as Freshdesk for Slack, Freshdesk Kanban, and Freshsuccess. You can even manage your communications from anywhere with its own mobile app for iOS and Android.

8. Accelo


Customers can access the site by logging in and seeing any files, documents, or emails you post on their behalf. Additionally, you can ask them to review files or provide input, and when they do, you’ll receive an email message.

This is another project management software. The client portal from Accello connects to billing, invoicing, and payments, which is a useful function. Everything is tracked, and billing history is retained, when customers pay an invoice or complete a subscription payment. All your client ought to do is log in if they ever want to access any of this data, such as the credit card that is stored on file.

Since Accello’s client portal interacts with over 20 technologies, including Gsuite, Xero, Quickbooks, Slack, Typeform, Hubspot, and Airtable, it should also be simple to incorporate into your current tech stack.

9. Workflow Max

Workflow Max

From past-due payments to tax data and forthcoming work, you can store all of your client’s information on the portal. The documents tab in the portal also enables you to add any files for your client so they can view them and provide feedback if you need it. You can send quotes and invoices from inside the dashboard.

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You can save customer information, add notes to client accounts, and connect files to their profiles. This is also a CRM. It’s simple to offer areas for your team members to enter notes like “client is extremely happy” or “not content with the last project, effort needed to develop trust” since you can add custom fields to a customer’s profile. This completes it easy for your team to stay updated.

Give your client access to their client portal, and they may check project progress and provide feedback for your team if you want to communicate with them. It also interfaces with other platforms like Box, Hubspot, Zendesk, Salesforce, and Freshdesk because it is a Xero product.

10. OneHub


The year 2000 has contacted us and wants its interface back. However, it more than makes up for what it lacks in a sleek, contemporary UI with its security prowess. Role-based permissions, session timeouts, audit trails, and two-factor authentication are just a few of the security features that are included into the tool’s “data rooms.” This is another project management software. Also check video editor software

In conclusion, it’s a really secure portal, so you don’t have to worry about snoopers looking through your customer files.

For feedback, approval, and task management, adding files to the portal gives you the option to share them with a client and specify permissions (such as viewer, collaborator, or administrator). You may customise the portal’s colours and branding to match your own, and the built-in watermark tool can automatically add your logo to any document to secure it.

The narrow list of integrations offered by OneHub is its only drawback. Very brief. When choosing if this is the best gateway for you and your team, keep in mind that only Microsoft Office and Gsuite apps are mentioned on the list.

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The Best Project Management Software With Client Portals Software Comparison Chart

Alternative Client Portal Software for Project Management

Here are a couple additional tools that were not included in the top 10.

  • Moxtra – Ideal for fields including law, real estate, and banking
  • Archarina is a client portal-equipped mid-market software that is best suited for professional service organisations.
  • SuiteDash is ideal for businesses that require a fully personalised, white-label gateway to match with their workflow.
  • Houzz Pro – Best for the remodelling and renovations sector
  • Nimbus Portal Solutions – Ideal for companies who need to start handling their documentation in the cloud and sign a lot of documents
  • Client Hub: For users looking for a platform that combines safe file sharing and storage.
  • FileInvite – A safe site for sending and receiving critical papers by mortgage and financial advisers
  • ProProfs Project – This one is ideal for creative and IT agencies because it has Gantt and Kanban charts.
  • DataPlay – This tool, which is based on data visualisation, is intended for use by NGOs, market research companies, and government agencies.
  • Agiled – The name gives it away: ideal for agile teams looking for a portal to utilise for contract signing, billing, and increased collaboration.

What do you think of these client-portal project management software tools?

It can grab some time to find the ideal client portal.

Have any of the 20 client portals I’ve listed that you tried out? If so, what were your thoughts? Did I leave anything out?

What is causing you to consider switching if you currently use a portal on the list but want to? Is the application you’re utilising a paid membership or a freemium product? Did it have every function you wanted from a client portal? Start with this list here if you require additional features from your PM software.


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