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How To Block Emails on Gmail to Get a Clutter-Free Inbox

How to Block Emails on Gmail will be discussed in this article. You can communicate effectively with others using email for both business and personal purposes. Gmail is a well-known email service that is used by millions of people worldwide. Nearly everyone who uses email has a Gmail account.

The issue now is that you keep receiving unnecessary emails, making it challenging to sort through the clutter to find the important emails. The most effective ways to block such emails will be shared in this article. Learn how to block emails on Gmail from the web and mobile devices by reading on.

How to Block Gmail Emails From a Computer

How to Block Gmail Emails From a Computer

You can prevent emails from a certain email address from showing up in your Inbox by banning that account. The emails will instead land in your Spam folder. Here’s what you ought to accomplish if you want to block a specific sender from Gmail on any computer:

  • Log in to your Google Mail account on a computer.
  • Check an email you want to block and open it.
  • Click the More additional hero in the top right corner (three vertical dots.)
  • A selection that reads “Block [sender name]” will be available. Just click it.
  • I’m done now! Your Inbox won’t include an email from that sender.

Use the same techniques to unblock an email address if you accidentally blocked it or want to unblock it later. Also check How to Save Google Docs as PDF

How to Block Promotional Emails or newsletters on Gmail Web

How to Block Promotional Emails or newsletters on Gmail Web


When you subscribe to specific promotions and newsletters, the amount and frequency of the emails you get may irritate you. To stop receiving these emails in such circumstances, you should unsubscribe from each one.

  • Use the web browser on your computer to access Gmail.
  • Click the unsubscribe link in an email.
  • Above the email, next to the sender’s name, is an underlined Unsubscribe link. Just click it.
  • If this option isn’t available, look for the Unsubscribe option at the bottom of the email.
  • Try utilising the approach for blocking emails indicated above if none of these alternatives are available.

Even if you unsubscribe, it could not take effect for a few days.

How to Block Emails on Gmail From Android/iOS Device

How to Block Emails on Gmail From Android/iOS Device

Many individuals use their Android and iOS devices to access Gmail. If you belong to that group, do the following actions to block a sender:

  • Use your Android phone to access the Gmail app.
  • Open a message sent by the person whose account you want to block.

In the highest correct intersection of the screen, select More.

  • Select Block next to [sender name].

Unsubscribe Mass Promotional Emails on Gmail Android/iOS. Also check fix error loading operating system

  • Launch the Gmail app on your iOS or Android device.
  • Check an email you no longer wish to receive from the sender.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and tap Unsubscribe or Change settings.
  • Go ahead and cancel your subscription to the newsletter or marketing emails.

Wrapping Up

Unwanted emails typically create frustration, and manually deleting each of them undoubtedly makes you less productive. Your Inbox will stay orderly and uncluttered if you know how to block emails on Gmail. Using the techniques outlined here, you can quickly block undesirable emails whether you use a computer or a smartphone to access Gmail.

Do you have any trouble logging into Gmail? By using the why can’t I log into my Gmail account instruction, you can resolve the issue.


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