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Top 15 Best SEO Audit Software Tools In 2022

Best SEO audit software tools will be discussed in this article. To optimize your website, are you looking for the best technical SEO audit tools? The top SEO audit tools are reviewed in this article for detecting problems and opportunities that affect a website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

What to Consider When Buying SEO Audit Software

When selecting the best SEO audit software for your requirements, take into account following factors:

  • The findings of an SEO audit are precise, dependable, and clear.
  • Solutions are offered for resolving SEO blunders and problems.
  • The software tool offers precise, succinct, and useful guidance.
  • The capacity to efficiently crawl every page of your website.
  • The tool has a track record of regular use and favourable reviews.

The SEO tools listed below have capability for many of the essential audit activities involved in crawling, assessing, and improving a website’s online visibility.

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Top 15 Best SEO Audit Software Tools in 2022

Top 15 Best SEO Audit Software Tools in 2022 are explained here.Top 15 Best SEO Audit Software Tools in 2022

1. SE Ranking

SE Ranking

Best SEO Audit Tools in an All-Inclusive, Budget-Friendly Platform. Popular all-in-one SEO software called SE Ranking has features for SEO audit that evaluate the backlinks, domain authority, on-page SEO, and backlink health of a website. This is another seo audit software. Also check OBS alternatives

A keyword rank tracker, competitive research tools, a keyword research tool, and a custom report builder are further components of the SEO platform for tracking SEO results.

SE Ranking Elements

  • Use a single dashboard to analyse technical SEO data and website health, and get straightforward advice for fixing any problems that are found.
  • The user experience-based core web essential scores, the indexing state of web pages, broken links, redirects, internal links, link anchor text, on-page elements such titles and headers, meta tags, image alt text, and sitemap issues are all examples of technical SEO audit difficulties.
  • Monitor metrics related to off-page SEO, such as the domain’s search authority, backlinks, popular pages, search engine rankings, and projected organic search traffic.
  • An on-page SEO tool providing recommendations for content optimization for particular keywords.
  • You can plan on-demand, weekly, or monthly SEO site audits.
  • Create automated website audit reports and compare audit findings.

Features of the Essential Plan SEO Audit

You can: with the SE Ranking Essential Plan.

  • Produce ten web projects.
  • Per project, crawl 7,000 pages
  • Each month, crawl 30,000 pages in total.
  • Use the on-page SEO checker to examine 150 pages.

Small projects, independent digital marketers, and freelance SEOs should choose the Essential package.

Features of Pro Plan SEO Audit

Using the SE Ranking Pro Plan, you can:

  • Create as many projects as you like.
  • Per project, crawl 40,000 pages
  • Each month, crawl 150,000 pages in total.
  • Use the on-page SEO tool to audit 450 pages each month.

The Pro package is ideal for expanding companies, SEO experts, and agencies.

Features of a business plan SEO audit

By using the SE Ranking Business Plan, you can:

  • Create as many projects as you like.
  • Scrutinize 80,000 pages for each project
  • Crawl a total of 450 000 pages per month
  • Utilize the on-page auditor tool to examine 750 pages.

Large companies and digital marketing firms are the greatest candidates for the business strategy.

Compared to other SEO tools with auditing capabilities on the market, SE Ranking is an all-in-one platform with comprehensive SEO audit and reporting functions at a reasonable price.

With the website audit tool, the SEO toolkit is ideal for auditing up to 80,000 pages per website, or 700,000 pages overall for all sites, and with the on-page SEO checker, up to 750 web pages per day.

2. Semrush


Tools for Best SEO Audit in a Full Online Marketing Platform With tools for controlling online exposure, such as SEO audits, rank tracking, competitor analysis, PPC, and social media, Semrush is a top digital marketing platform. This is another seo audit software.

The platform comes with an effective SEO audit tool to test the technical and on-page SEO health of a website, a backlink analytics tool to evaluate a site’s domain authority and backlink profile, a content audit tool to examine page-level data, and a report builder.

Features of Semrush

  • A specialised site audit tool with more than 120 on-page and technical SEO inspections arranged by mistakes, warnings, and alerts as well as practical suggestions.
  • Identify technical SEO audit concerns with crawlability and architecture, on-page SEO, the use of AMP pages for international SEO, SEO performance, link issues including broken links, and internal linking.
  • A backlink checker tool for examining the quality of links, competition insights, off-page SEO metrics for examining backlinks, keyword rankings, estimations of organic traffic, and top pages by traffic.
  • Set up automated website audits to run once, twice per day, or once every week.
  • Produce website audit reports and compare side-by-side the audit outcomes.

Features of Pro Plan SEO Audit

With the Semrush Pro plan, you can:

  • Produce as many as 5 website projects.
  • Up to 20,000 pages can be crawled per project
  • Crawl up to 100,000 pages in total each month

Small enterprises and independent digital marketers should choose the Pro plan.

Features of Guru Plan SEO Audit

With the Semrush Guru package, you can:

  • Develop 15 projects.

Crawl 20,000 pages for each project.

  • Crawl a total of 300,000 pages per month

Small to mid-sized enterprises and marketing firms benefit most from the Guru plan.

Features of a business plan SEO audit

You can: using the Semrush Business plan.

  • Develop 40 projects.
  • Crawl a project’s 100,000 pages.
  • Monthly crawl of 1,000,000 pages

Large firms, agencies, and enterprise companies should use the business plan.

For any type of website, Semrush offers market-leading functionality for site auditing, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking, and reporting.

The technology performs admirably for crawling 20,000 pages with the independent content audit tool and up to 1,000,000 pages per month (Business plan limits).

3. Ahrefs


Top SEO Audit Tools with a Wide Range of Competitor Information. Ahrefs is a well-known all-in-one SEO platform with technical capabilities for auditing a website’s audit and identifying problems at the page level.

A site explorer function for examining off-page SEO indicators like domain authority and backlinks as well as a keyword explorer tool for various search engines are additional features.

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Features of Ahrefs

  • Check for 100+ SEO issues relating to website architecture, site performance, and technical SEO and provide recommendations for addressing them.
  • Examine the page’s indexability, links, broken links, redirects, page depth, social tags, titles and headers, meta tags, images, JavaScript, CSS, and page performance for SEO audit concerns.
  • You should plan daily, weekly, or monthly SEO audit crawls.
  • One verified website project can be audited using the website audit tool without charge.

Features of Lite Plan SEO Audit

The Ahrefs Lite package contains:

  • Monthly 10,000 crawl credits
  • A 4-month data retention period

For independent SEOs and digital marketing specialists, the Lite plan is best.

Features of the Standard Plan SEO Audit

Included in the Ahrefs Standard plan are:

  • Monthly crawl credits of 500,000
  • 3 months’ worth of stored data

For small businesses and SEO experts, the Standard plan is ideal.

Features of the Advanced Plan SEO Audit

The Ahrefs Advanced strategy consists of:

  • Each month, 1.25 million crawl credits
  • Data stored for six months

For expanding companies and marketing firms, the Advanced plan is best.

Features of the Enterprise Plan SEO Audit

Included in the Ahrefs Enterprise plan are:

  • Monthly crawl credits of 2.5 million
  • A 12-month data retention period

Large companies and marketing firms benefit most from the Enterprise plan.

For all plans, extra crawl credits cost $50 for every 500,000 additional crawls.

The SEO toolkit can be used to evaluate a website for technical SEO concerns at the page level and to measure how well it performs in comparison to its rivals in terms of metrics like backlinks and rankings.

Ahrefs provides a good mix of features for competitive analysis, keyword research, and technical SEO audits. On-page content auditing is absent from the software, though.

4. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

The Best SEO Audit Tool for Desktop Crawling. One of the most effective desktop SEO audit tools is Screaming Frog SEO Spider. The site crawler is made to quickly audit web sites for on-site SEO and technical concerns. This is another seo audit software.

You must download the SEO spider tool on Windows, macOS, or Ubuntu.

Features from Screaming Frog

  • Scan a large number of internet pages to check the word count, page titles, headers, and meta tags like the meta description.
  • Screaming Frog offers a simple method to find page URL problems such broken links (404s), page redirects, redirect chains and loops, nearly similar content, and possible server failures.
  • Use tree graph site visualisations to investigate internal linking and page URL structure, as well as to compare crawls.
  • The auditor tool’s free version enables you to freely crawl up to 500 page URLs.

The paid plan from Screaming Frog costs £149.00 per year (pricing presented in Euros) and allows you to crawl unlimited URLs along with access to many other features like scheduling, audit saving, more crawl configurations, and integration options, among others. The free plan from Screaming Frog allows you to crawl up to 500 page URLs.

The maximum number of URLs you can crawl with the premium plan depends on the RAM and storage space allotted to your computer. When purchasing several licences, a discount is given.

The website audit SEO tool can also be used to research rival websites for information on page length, meta descriptions, page titles, page subjects, internal links, and anchor text between pages. Also check Parrot OS alternatives

5. Deepcrawl


For large sites, the best technical SEO audit tools. Deepcrawl is a comprehensive cloud-based technical SEO platform for enterprise-level businesses that consists of two SEO audit tools: DeepCrawl Protect, an automated SEO test tool that keeps track of technical SEO best practises when code changes, and DeepCrawl Detect, a website crawler tool to assess a site’s technical health.

Features of Deepcrawl

  • Technical SEO crawler makes technical SEO analysis for tens of thousands to millions of pages easier and offers you control over hundreds of metrics.
  • To help verify code is SEO-friendly before publication, Deepcrawl’s automated SEO testing suite offers 207 automated SEO QA tests.
  • Effective segmentation tools for concentrating on problem regions.
  • Use standard BI and Google Data Studio connectors, or build your own bespoke data pipelines to feed data into a data warehouse.
  • Recurring site audit crawls should be planned.

Deepcrawl Pricing & Plans

To obtain price information, get in touch with Deepcrawl.

Each plan is unique and dependent on the demands of the user as well as DeepCrawl Detect for SEO analytics and/or DeepCrawl Protect for SEO automation software.

The software is a little overpriced and expensive for smaller sites and SEO operations.

6. Surfer


Best SEO Audit Software for On-Page Improvement Using a data-driven analysis of top-ranking competitor pages based on 500+ parameters, Surfer is a potent on-page optimization and SEO audit tool for spotting on-page errors, keyword research, content planning, and optimising content in detail.

Beach Features

  • Surfer’s SERP analyzer enables you to compare a website to top-ranking rival pages for target keywords and look for possibilities to create links by analysing elements like keyword density, text length, NLP sentiment, page speed, amount of headings, meta tag structure, and referring domains and URLs.
  • Surfer’s site audit detects possible SEO problems and opportunities for your site’s current content, including prominent terms your old material may be missing and internal linking opportunities.
  • Use Surfer’s on-page recommendations and content guidelines to optimise your content for search engine results based on Surfer’s data-driven competitor research.
  • Surfer SEO will perform a reverse engineering analysis of the search engine results for your target keyword and display the components of the pages that rank highest for that term. Based on these results, Surfer then assigns you a page SEO rating. Examples of elements include inquiries, the overall number of words, headers utilised, relevant keywords, and more.
  • Surfer SEO provides free Chrome extensions for connecting the Surfer content editor with WordPress and Google Docs as well as for checking keyword and search volume data directly in Google search results.

Surfer Plans and Costs

Surfer offers three monthly-billed plans: the Basic plan is $59 per month, the Pro plan costs $119 per month, and the Business plan costs $239 per month. Plans with annual billing are up to 17% cheaper.

30 content editors, 60 audits, and NLP insights are all monthly features of the Pro plan.

The Business package offers access to Surfer’s API, white labelling possibilities, 70 content editors, 140 audits, and NLP insights each month.

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Surfer is a highly recommended tool for improving the on-page SEO of your content because it makes data-driven word and phrase suggestions based on pages that are currently dominating the Google SERPs.

You may learn more about the kinds of landing pages and components that Google favours to rank at the top of search results by using the on-page audit and SERP analysis tools.

7. Siteliner


The Top Free SEO Audit Tools to Investigate Your Website. The developers of Copyscape’s Siteliner provide free SEO audit tools that allow you to examine a website and identify critical flaws that have an impact on the value and SEO rankings of your site. This is another seo audit software.

Website Features

  • Look for duplicate content on your website, as well as generic and original content.
  • Duplicate and common content can be highlighted by clicking on a page URL.
  • Check out site averages for metrics such as page size, load time, word count per page, related and shared content, incoming and outgoing links, total links, and inbound links to evaluate how your website stacks up against competitors’ websites.
  • You may also obtain a site report and find broken links.

Siteliner Plans and Costs

The free version of Siteliner can only analyse sites with up to 250 pages once per month.

You can scan and analyse up to 25,000 website pages with the premium Siteliner Premium service as often as you wish, saving and reviewing past results.

8. ContentKing


Real-Time SEO Audit Tools at Their Best

Features of ContentKing

  • ContentKing continuously scans your sites to deliver alerts that are almost real-time.
  • It is simple to look through identified site changes thanks to the UI.
  • Keep track of bugs both old and new, and identify regressions between versions.
  • Reference material already included that explains potential SEO problems.
  • Useful visualisations and filtering options for auditing sites of all sizes.
  • Convenient real-time reporting options and dashboards for SEO.

Plans & Pricing for ContentKing

With an annual billing option that includes two months free, Contenting offers monthly options. The cost of each plan varies depending on how many pages your sites contain. The bare least you can choose is 1,000 pages.

All plans come with unlimited sites and rechecks, data storage, real-time auditing, round-the-clock audit, change tracking, and SEO monitoring notifications.

Before content or code is finalised or released, the software platform enables you to keep an eye on changes that could have an impact on SEO and receive alerts about them.

9. Nightwatch


Tools for SEO Audit with the Best Rank Tracker Nightwatch is SEO software that offers sophisticated rank trackers for the top search engines, customizable reporting choices, and technical SEO audit tools. This is another seo audit software.

Features of Nightwatch

  • Look for broken link statuses, redirects, header tags, open graph tags, meta descriptions, image alt tags, slow pages, and huge pages that may be causing SEO problems.
  • A customisable table that allows you to adjust the data in up to 4 columns side-by-side for a quick in-depth site research while reviewing audited page URLs
  • Cost-effective keyword auditing and tracking for numerous phrases and websites.
  • To compare a recent audit with a prior audit, pick two dates.
  • An easy-to-use report creator with templates for SEO audit reports.

Nightwatch Pricing & Plans

Nightwatch offers monthly rates, or you may pay yearly and save 20%.

When it comes to monthly billing, Nightwatch offers three different plans: Starter ($39), Optimize ($99), and Agency ($369).

You may track up to 50 sites with the Starter plan’s SEO audit tools, which also include 5,000 site audit pages and a Google Analytics integration.

A low-cost SEO software platform called Nightwatch is advised because it allows you to follow several keyword ranks and websites for the price while also enabling you to carry out technical website audits and generate SEO reports.

10. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Best SEO Audit Software to Analyze Website Traffic A free website traffic analysis tool is Google Analytics (GA). Analyze website traffic to learn how users interact with websites. This is another seo audit software.

Features of Google Analytics.

  • Examine website traffic sources, including geographic information, such as organic search, social media, and other referring sites.
  • Monitor how users interact with a website, including which web pages or landing pages are viewed, in what order, and for how long.
  • Google Search Console and Google Analytics can be integrated, allowing you to view and combine page and keyword data from GSC into GA.
  • You may set up goals to monitor particular conversion actions like website form submissions, particular page views, traffic patterns, if a link was clicked, or phone calls made (call tracking software required).

Google Analytics Packages and Costs

For up to 200 views per web property and up to 20 custom dimensions and metrics, GA is free to use. However, Analytics 360 is a premium edition that costs money.

All websites should use Google Analytics to better understand website traffic sources and user site activity.

11. Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Google Search Presence Evaluation’s Best SEO Audit Tools Another free SEO audit tool that can help you manage a website’s visibility in Google Search and spot any search-related problems is Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools). This is another seo audit software.

Features of Google Search Console

  • GSC enables you to request speedy indexing of page content into Google Search by submitting website XML sitemaps and new website pages.
  • Determine which searches are producing search impressions for your pages and driving visits to your website, as well as which pages are indexed and displayed in Google search results.
  • Find out whether pages are being prohibited from indexing in Google and look for penalties for websites due to things like spammy links, keyword stuffing, and low-quality content.
  • Conduct an internal link audit on site pages to make sure they are mobile- and search engine-friendly and free of broken connections. Determine the problems with performance, user experience, and loading.
  • Check out the internal and external links that Google has found.

Plans & Pricing for Google Search Console

Right now, using Google Search Console is totally cost-free.

Google Search Console, like Google Analytics, is advised for usage with all websites for extra data collection, site auditing, and managing pages for search engine indexing.

12. Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools

Best SEO Audit Tools for Measuring Presence on Bing. In order to manage a website’s search visibility in Bing Search and identify any potential problems, Bing Webmaster Tools provides a free SEO auditing tool from Microsoft. This is another seo audit software.

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Features of Bing Webmaster Tools

  • You can request quick indexing of page content into Bing Search by submitting website XML sitemap files and fresh website pages through Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • Determine which Bing searches are generating search impressions for your web pages and leading to visits to your website.
  • Determine which pages are indexed and visible in Bing Search results.
  • Find pages that Bing has blacklisted or otherwise prevented from being indexed.
  • To crawl a website and look for typical technical problems, BWT offers a free on-demand SEO audit tool.
  • Check out the internal and external links that Bing has found.

Plans and pricing for Bing Webmaster Tools

Microsoft offers Bing Webmaster Tools as a free online service.

Bing Webmaster Tools, like Google Search Console, is advised for use with all websites for more SEO insights and indexing online content into the search engine.

13. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights

Best SEO Audit Tools for Page Speed Analysis. This is another seo audit software. Google PageSpeed Insights is an SEO audit tool for evaluating page load times and identifying problems with the functionality of webpage URLs.

Opportunities, diagnostics, and passed audits are the three primary groups of findings from a PageSpeed Insights audit.

Features of PageSpeed Insights

  • Recognize problems with user interface and load times on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Review the parameters and advice for resolving problems to increase page speed.
  • Advice on how to enable page caching, cut back on the use of scripts that take a long time to load, and optimise or minify CSS and Javascript code.
  • Evaluate the performance of the page with regard to the Largest Contentful Paint, Cumulative Layout Shifts, Excessive DOM Size, Main-Thread Tasks, and Image Sizing and Compression.
  • Check for any third-party code, such as WordPress plugins, that is processed as your page loads as this can slow down site speed.

Plans and Costs for PageSpeed

Google’s PageSpeed Insights is currently available for free use.

Page speed is a key Google ranking criterion and has a significant impact on user experience, thus it makes sense to utilise Pagespeed Insights to audit the websites you are trying to rank.

14. Google Lighthouse

Google Lighthouse

Most Effective SEO Audit Tools for Evaluating Page Performance & Accessibility. This is another seo audit software. Built into the Chrome dev tools, Google Lighthouse is an open-source, automated tool for evaluating and enhancing the quality of web pages.

Features of Google Lighthouse

  • Conduct a performance, progressive web apps, best practises, accessibility, and SEO audit of a website to identify metrics and problems.
  • Conduct separate desktop and mobile Lighthouse audits.
  • Performance-related parameters assessed include initial contentful paint, time to interactive, speed index, total blocking time, greatest contentful paint, and cumulative layout change. These metrics are identical to those found by Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • Examine accessibility-related metrics such as ARIA-related properties, page colour contrast, and whether links have clear names and labels.
  • Verify that a page adheres to trust and safety best practises by looking for things like avoiding cross-origin links, utilising a robust Content Security Policy (CSP), and addressing any discovered browser issues.

Google Lighthouse Prices and Plans

The use of Google Lighthouse is unrestricted and open-source.

It is advised to utilise Google Lighthouse to audit website pages to make sure they adhere to best practises for accessibility, mobile usability, security, and performance, all of which can improve user experience and SEO performance.

15. Google Structured Data & Testing Tools

Google Structured Data & Testing Tools

The Best SEO Audit Tools for Testing Rich Results & Structured Data. You can test and validate Google-based rich snippets and structured data code on a web page using the free Google Structured Data Testing Tool, which is a straightforward pair of two audit tools. This is another seo audit software. Also check OTT streaming services 

Features of the Google Structured Data Testing Tool

  • You can preview how rich results might appear in Google Search by using the Rich Results Test, which identifies which Google rich results can be produced by structured data available on a web page.
  • The Schema Markup Validator locates structured data on a web page, documents the correctness of the code, and provides particular cautions about utilising structured data based on the schema.org code.

Plans & Pricing for the Google Structured Data Testing Tool

The use of the Google Structured Data Testing Tool is free.

Any web page that has structured data or schema.org markup in its source code should be checked using the Google Structured Data Testing Tool, which informs you of both wrong and correct structured data.

Questions and Answers

An SEO audit is what?

An SEO audit involves examining a website and related online entities, such as links and content, for problems and possibilities that could be resolved to increase exposure in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Why Conduct an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit of a website reveals crucial details about enhancing search exposure. This provides details on how to avoid problems, fix them, and seize chances.

How Do SEO Audit Tools Work?

SEO professionals, online marketers, and website owners utilise SEO audit tools to evaluate the health of websites, their exposure on search engines, and their success in the rankings.

Additionally, these SEO tools make it much easier to audit and optimise massive websites or many sites with hundreds of thousands of dynamic web pages and content.

Which SEO auditing tool is best?

Whether you want to do an on-page SEO audit, an off-page SEO audit, or evaluate a specific metric like page speed will determine the ideal tool for SEO audits.

For each of the aforementioned use cases, reputable SEO audit tools are available.

Conclusion and Recommendation

You shouldn’t require anything else for your SEO operations beyond the SEO audit tools mentioned above.

Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics are crucial free tools for analysing the traffic to the visibility of your website on Google and Bing.

Popular all-in-one SEO platforms like Semrush, SE Ranking, and Ahrefs have reliable website auditing tools and features.

For the majority of sites, Screaming Frog is a fantastic desktop crawler for checking on-site components.

For monitoring and auditing large sites, good options include Deepcrawl and ContentKing.


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