Privacy Policy

Your privacy is respected by Please read the information below if you want to understand more about our privacy practices. Your concern around the gathering, use, and sharing of personal information is one that we at are aware of. By treating the information we have about you with care and common sense, we do our best to uphold your trust. This privacy notice outlines our privacy practices. By using, you accept our Terms & Conditions and our privacy statement.

How will we use the information we gather?

Practically all of the data we gather is posted on, a free community website. Your private data is not shared with and sold to outside parties. Any personal data you submit for your public profile will be accessible to everyone on our site, with the exception of your email address. We try our best to keep your email address secret to prevent spam, however there are some instances where this may not be possible.

What kind of information do we gather?

We store whatever information you enter on our website. This pertains to your registration profile, your resume uploaded in the employment section, among other things. If you would focus not to have your information published, you may not submit it to the website. If you do this, you might be blocked from using some site features.

Visitors’ general information

For statistical purposes, we gather and store general visitor information such IP addresses, browser versions, visitation times, and duration. Such details might be shared with other parties or made public on our website for marketing purposes.


Data snippets called cookies are stored on your computer. When you log in to, we leave a few cookies on your computer to enhance your surfing experience.


We employ third-party advertising. Even while we make every effort to prevent offensive and harmful advertisements from appearing on our website, as many of them are generated automatically by outside advertisers, there are times when we are unable to fully control which ones do. We disclaim all liability for any harm caused by any third-party advertisements that are placed on our website. But if these issues are brought to our attention, we will take all reasonable steps to stop posting these advertisements on our website.

Corporate Relocations

As we develop and broaden our website, we might opt to sell entirely. One of the business assets that are often transferred in such deals is member data.