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Top 15 Best Link Building Tools In 2022

Best and most efficient Link Building tool will be discussed in this article. The best strategy to increase traffic to your website, readership, and customer base is to rank your website on Google. SEO, often known as search engine optimization, is the practise of achieving this.

Building links from other websites is a crucial part of increasing your authority to increase your chances of ranking well in search engine results pages (SERPs).

The term “link building” refers to this popular SEO strategy. Prospecting for link-building chances is a remarkably affordable way to increase traffic.

Fortunately, there are several excellent link-building tools available that may speed up and simplify the process even further.

With the use of link building tools, you can examine who is linking to your website, find out which companies are linking to the websites of your rivals, and assemble the contact details of webmasters to help you create a list of possible link partners.

Link Building: What Is It?

The process of getting links from additional websites and incorporating them into the content of your own website is known as link building.

The following are some link-building tactics: email outreach, content marketing, public relations, and broken link building.

A backlink is a link made when a page on your website is referenced on another website.

Because they inform search engines that your site is of high quality and that your content contains useful information, backlinks aid in improving your SEO.

Backlinks also have other advantages, such as quicker indexing, referral traffic, and higher organic search rankings.

Seven Pointers for building the Best Backlinks

The following seven best practises can assist you in creating high-quality backlinks for your website.

1. Make Backlinks Out of Your Mentions.

Given that someone has already written about your company, this is a simple technique to add fresh backlinks to your website.

They might have mentioned your brand on a website, via social media, or on another platform, but they haven’t linked to your website to provide you that link equity (aka link juice).

The first step in obtaining some of these backlinks is to get in touch with the webmaster and request that they turn the mention into a backlink.

An easy email would usually suffice.

Most of the time, when other companies or blogs mention you, they should link to your website.

2. Use the method of broken link building.

Finding defunct pages on popular websites in your sector or area is part of the broken link building process.

You then fix the broken link and get in touch with the webmaster to have a link to your fresh content put in place of the damaged one.

If you don’t have the necessary tools, using this method could take a while.

To make finding and gathering broken backlinks simple, consider using Ahref’s Site Explorer, which offers a broken backlinks report.

3. Benefit from guest blogging.

Guest blogging is a very efficient strategy to expand your audience and increase visibility. You only need to publish blog posts on other well-known websites. You’ll improve your internet reputation in addition to obtaining backlinks.

4. Develop Testimonials.

A wonderful strategy to earn high quality backlinks is to offer to write testimonials for brands you have worked with.

Choose the best tools or companies you use, then contact them and ask if they’ll publish a review about your interactions with them on their website or blog.

Typically, brands are open to sharing positive feedback with others.

On their testimonials page, they frequently include a link to your website in the author byline section.

5. Take into account the Site’s or Linking Page’s Authority.

A link is a declaration of support for the website being linked to.

When you receive a link from a reputable website, search engines will understand that your website is a reliable source for the content being referred to.

The more authoritative the website that is linked to your website is, generally speaking, the more value you are receiving from that backlink.


When you use tools like Ahrefs, there are two measures that can help you determine the authority of a site:

  • URL Rating: A scale from 0 to 100 used to determine the strength or authority of a webpage.
  • Domain Rating: A domain’s total authority is expressed as a number between 0 and 100. (highest authority).

Use of Moz will reveal a comparable authority model known as domain authority.

It’s beneficial to look at and evaluate these unique grading systems on a regular basis.

Ideally, your authority scores will increase as you obtain more high-quality backlinks.

6. Examine Websites That Compete.

Examine the backlink profiles of rival websites to learn about their link-building techniques and to look for opportunities to copy their links.

The goal is to discover how or why your competition obtained a specific link and to ascertain whether you can achieve the same thing.

Some simple links you can copy are:

  • Links from guest posts
  • Links from user contributed content
  • A link to a resource page

7. Engage in Successful Outreach.

You can access the best linking chances by using outreach, which is a crucial link-building ability.

To persuade them to link to your content, you can contact brands, influencers, bloggers, and press websites via email or social media.

The finest outreach strategy for link building entails reaching out at the ideal moment to boost your success rate.

On Ahrefs, you can set up alerts to track down links to specific rival articles, brand mentions, and the occurrence of a particular phrase.

As soon as you become aware of one of these items, get in touch with the owner to see if they’d be interested in linking to your relevant website.

The majority, if not all, of these suggestions call for the usage of outreach or link-building tools to simplify and boost the efficiency of your link-building tactics.

Top 15 Best Link Building Tools in 2022

Top 15 Best Link Building Tools in 2022 are explained here.

Check out these best outreach and link building tools to assist you improve your link building tactics and help your websites move up the SERPs.

1. Linkody


Linkody is a thorough SEO tool for link building and tracking that gathers links and crucial link from a number of sources. Also check video editor software

You may view a comprehensive link profile for your domains, the domains of your rivals, and the domains of your clients with Linkody. This is another link building tools.

Find chances for link building, uncover broken links, visually search, and quickly locate your links on a page.

Additionally, you may sign up to receive daily link notifications to observe which links are lost and which ones are fresh.

2. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO

In order to find potential opportunities to create back links to your own website, Majestic SEO is a browser that lets you examine who is linking to the content of your competitors.

To check that your links are active and updated, the application provides a free report for each website you control. The program’s free edition serves as an excellent introduction. You’ll need to upgrade to the commercial version in order to access the entire data set.

It offers several distinctive features that its rivals lack, but the API feature is by far the finest one and the one I use the most. This is another link building tools.

Over the years, I’ve integrated it into a variety of scripts and programmes.

Even a trust flow option is available, and I’ve found that it’s generally correct.”

3. Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer



Majestic and Moz Link Explorer both offer comparable functionality. You can input the URL of the website or page you want link data for in Link Explorer to get a thorough analysis.

Additionally, you can locate broken links to your website, investigate competitor backlinks, check the spam score of backlinks, and discover chances for link building.

The Link Explorer is a relatively new tool, but it’s useful for monitoring your link health and your DA relative to your rivals.

4. Raven Tools

Raven Tools

You can access a respectable quantity of data with Raven Tools, which is well worth the cost. This is another link building tools. Also check logo maker

One of the available tools is an application called LinkManager that enables you to look up potential link partners, automatically gather webmaster contact information, and send link request messages all from a single, simple-to-use window.

On G2 Crowd, one user wrote: “We appreciate being able to set up reports to be generated automatically with only the recommendations and other remarks changing.

This uniformizes the appearance while still allowing for customization to meet the needs of each client.”

5. Moz Pro

Moz Pro

It is a full-featured SEO management tool that enables users to benefit from Moz’s expertise in optimization, link-building strategies, and digital marketing.

It provides a fantastic set of tools that can assist you in improving your SEO.

On G2 Crowd, one customer wrote: “Utilizing the back end is quite straightforward, and receiving a weekly automated email regarding the status of each website is great.

This is another link building tools. You can actually keep track of any on-page SEO troubles your website may be experiencing.”

6. Link Research tools

Link Research tools

If you’re an experienced webmaster working in a crowded niche, Link Research Tools can help you with a lot more than just finding linking chances.

For instance, the innovative programming of this tool enables you to decide whether you should concentrate on branding links, how your website compares to rivals in terms of linking, and the reason you might have lost rank in SERPs.

According to a user review on Capterra, “More link data than any other SEO tool is available on LinkResearchTools.

This tool aids me every step of the process, whether I need to create links, find and remove spammy links, or simply see what my competitors are doing.”

7. Ahrefs





You’ll see why Search Engine Journal termed this tool “the best link building application you’ve never heard of” once you look at what it can achieve for you in terms of features and usefulness.

Ahrefs offers thorough reports on inbound links, which include an estimate of how many people visit a link each month. This is another link building tools.

This authorizes you to concentrate your efforts on the link partners you are contacting, which will increase traffic to your site the most.

On a G2 Crowd review, one user said, “Ahrefs is a cutting-edge analytics tool that can be used online. It includes numerous tools for link building, competition keyword research and analysis, rank tracking, site audits, and more.

All of your SEO issues can be resolved by an easy audit or run using Ahrefs results.”

8. BuzzStream


BuzzStream is a tool for SEO link building that streamlines the research process by enabling you to add contacts, search prospect lists, and add connections and data to create stronger profiles. Also check tiktok tools

You can also manage link-building projects with reminders to follow up and track campaign progress, send relationship-based outreach emails with ease to increase your response rates, and track the success of your campaigns.

On G2 Crowd, a BuzzStream user said: “BuzzStream provides all the essentials a backlink builder requires at an affordable fee, and you are free to cancel your subscription at any moment (Pitchbox forces you to a yearly plan).

This is another link building tools. One-on-one calls with the same support person make it simple to quickly pick it up.

The only tool with influencer search, and it also lets you make email aliases directly on the site.”

9. Link Prospector

Link Prospector

To aid link builders and content marketers in discovering fresh outreach opportunities, Link Prospector was created.

It makes it simple to plan outreach opportunities to improve your content and get connections and shares.

10. Respona


Utilize Respona’s search engine to find the best outreach link-building chances. In order to uncover the best link-building chances from news articles, blog posts, influencers, and other sources, Respona collaborates with the top data providers. This is another link building tools.

Utilize Respona’s technology to automate your link building pitch emails, monitor backlinks, locate direct email contacts, and intensely tailor your pitches.

11. Accessily


Accessily offers a variety of tools for gaining high-quality links. For instance, you can reach hundreds of high-quality websites that accept guest posts through their backlinks marketplace. Utilize their category and audience filters to find just what you’re looking for. This is another link building tools.

You may save and manage your guest posts in one location by accessing their guest post library.

A backlinks tracker tool that offers insights into your backlinks ROI and traffic data, as well as a guest post scheduler, are a couple of the other main elements of Accessily.

12. SEMrush


This is another link building tools. The link building tool from SEMrush compiles a list of link chances for your website and provides you with an interface to manage and carry out your outreach campaign in order to get quality connections.

It’s simple to compare your links to those of your rivals using this tool in SEMrush to discover how well your SEO performs in comparison to them.

13. Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks

With Monitor Backlinks, learn more about your backlinks. In-depth backlink reports, backlink management, link disavowal, and bulk link import are some of their capabilities. This is another link building tools.

To make sure you are taking benefit of the best link building chances, look for patterns and trends in your backlinks and identify the backlinks that harm your rankings.

14. NinjaOutreach


All-inclusive link-building software from Ninja Outreach supports your link-building efforts at every stage.

Utilizing Ninja Outreach, you can plan email campaigns, contact brands about link building opportunities, and measure outcomes using the integrated CRM.

You may evaluate competitor links, take part in broken link building, guest post link building, link roundups, infographic link building, and more using Ninja Outreach’s professional link building tools.

This is another link building tools. Additionally, you have access to a sizable database with the contact details of influential people with great authority.

We used NinjaOutreach to locate and contact websites with the aim of them include a link back to our website, as stated by a user on Capterra.

The following tools were combined by NinjaOutreach to help us achieve this: 1) a prospecting tool to help us identify suitable websites to target; 2) an email finding tool to find email addresses and names of contacts at these websites; 3) an autoresponder tool to help us personalise and send numerous emails to prospects; and 4) an analytics/tracking tool to help us track the effectiveness of our campaigns.”

15. Pitchbox


You may quickly locate influencers, bloggers, and publishers in your niche using the well-liked site Pitchbox. This is another link building tools.

With Pitchbox, you can individualise and tailor your outreach and automatically follow up with prospects who haven’t answered yet.

The outreach process is trackable at every stage and can give you the tools you need to make informed choices.

The ability of Pitchbox to identify social influencers and bloggers to target for content and contact, taking out the most difficult job when it comes to determining who and what to share, is one of its best features, according to a user review on G2 Crowd.

When compared to PPC advertising and other online techniques, link building can be a very cost-efficient component of an excellent SEO strategy.

Organic methods of improving your Google page ranking are always preferred over sponsored methods.

You may generate targeted links using these affordable link-building tools, which can raise your website’s overall SERP rating and give you information that will make you more competitive in your market sector.


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