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Top 8 Best Presentation Software Tools In 2022

Best and most efficient presentations software will be described in this article. Designing a presentation that is interesting, educational, and aesthetically beautiful is difficult. It could be much more difficult to create a visual slide deck using presentation software if you’re not a designer.

You’re not alone either; 45% of presenters report having trouble coming up with unique layouts for their slides. But the entire creation process is made simpler by intuitive templates, user-friendly interfaces, and efficient cooperation.

We’ve compiled a list of the top presentation software now offered to assist you in creating powerful presentations.

Why does outstanding presentation software exist?

either cloud-based or downloadable

Today, there are several software solutions for presentations that may be accessed through your web browser rather than only being available as desktop downloads.

There are several possibilities, whether you wish to work offline or backup your presentations on the cloud.

It’s simple to get carried away by the advanced features of software and all the creative possibilities it offers.

But in reality, you need a software that will let your staff easily use it and produce presentations that appear polished.

Consider the users’ level of tech expertise and the features that will be most helpful to them.

compatibility with devices.

You might want to have the option of presenting from a tablet or mobile device depending on where you’re giving your presentation.

You may edit presentations while on the road with some presentation software’s mobile-friendly apps.

collection of content assets.

High-quality graphics and photos assist make sure your presentation looks polished and expert.

To make it simpler to integrate eye-catching visuals, several presentation software programmes now include stock picture and video channel integrations.

Nobody wants to see endless slides of grayscale text, after all.

Canvas-based versus slideware

Typical presentations have a linear, slide-by-slide presentation.

However, non-linear canvas-based presentation choices in presentation software tools are becoming more common, allowing viewers to fly around a modular digital map.

Users can freely flip between themes in canvas-based presentations without having to take a predetermined one-way path.

Top 8 Best Presentation Software Tools In 2022

Top 8 Best Presentation Software Tools are explained here.

1. Zoho Show

Zoho Show

A cloud-based software called Zoho Show is a component of Zoho’s office CRM suite.

If you want reliable formatting tools, strong team collaboration features, and simple-to-use design features, this is a fantastic choice. Also check graphic design software

Its straightforward navigation and tidy user interface make it simpler to concentrate on creating your presentation.

You may quickly insert tables, charts, photos, and text boxes by selecting one of more than 100 presentation templates.

Top features:

Users can upload YouTube videos and Soundcloud sounds using integrations.

By posting slides online, disseminating the link via social media, and embedding presentations as a Lframe on your website, you can reach a larger audience.

Collaboration tools provide “@” tagging for team members and contextual comments.


Presently, the only way to generate presentations is through a computer; presentations cannot be created from any other devices.

The most expensive package is the only one that offers custom branding.

Zoho Show is offered at no cost to users.

Standard plan costs $20 per user per month and gives users access to all of Zoho CRM’s products.

2. Prezi


The newest kid on the block, presentation software Prezi, has upended conventional (and occasionally boring) business presentations. This is another presentation software.

Prezi invented conversational presentations by providing viewers with a single, enormous canvas in place of conventional slide-based presentations.

You may add blocks of text or photos to the canvas and even make little sliders.

Users can fly across different areas of the canvas and zoom in while presenting to get a closer look at particular pieces of content.

Top features:

One efficient technique to retain a personal connection during meetings is to display your content alongside a live or recorded video of you presenting.

Choose from a collection of hundreds of editable presentation templates, such as portfolio templates, daily standup meetings, and quarterly business evaluations.

Slack, Google Meet, and Zoom integration will make it simpler for team members to share and present Prezi projects.


The ability to fully customise or change charts and graphs for a more distinctive appearance is limited.

Your presentations must be watched online to use the free or lower-tier versions.

Users who are unfamiliar with Prezi presentations may find the zooming in and out motions confusing.

Users can make and share up to five presentations online with the Free plan, which is available at no cost.

Best for: Entrepreneurs and digital artists searching for a unique presentation approach that deviates from the traditional slide-by-slide techniques.

3. Canva


This is another presentation software. As a tool for creating social media visuals, Canva may already be familiar to you. Also check bitcoin miming software 

You may not be aware that you can also design visually appealing presentation slides, though.

Making professional presentations right in your computer browser is easy with Canva.

To get you started right away, the presentation software offers a few free customised layouts.

As an option, you can start from blemish and design your own template.

Top features:

Find thousands of free photos to use in your presentation by searching a library.

Include a variety of content elements, such as icons, grids, charts, illustrations, and logos.

Online collaboration with team members is encouraged, or you can just share the finished presentation.


Presentations cannot be exported in a format that is editable in PowerPoint or imported from PowerPoint.

You cannot work on photos with team members at the same time.

Pricing: To get you started, the Free plan includes templates, design options, and photos.

A branding package, additional pictures, and template storage are included with the $12.99/month Pro plan.

Best for: Users who wish to rapidly and efficiently build a visual presentation from their computer browser.

4. Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint, which debuted in 1987, is arguably the most well-known presentation tool on this list.

Although many other businesses have created more sophisticated presentation tools, PowerPoint is still widely used because of its familiarity and ease of use.

PowerPoint contains all the essential capabilities you’d anticipate from the classic presentation software. This is another presentation software.

PowerPoint is appropriate for both experienced users and beginners doing their first presentation because it offers a menu of options for animations, transitions, and formatting in addition to a library of templates.

Users can now use Microsoft 365, a cloud-based collection of productivity apps that includes the Office 365 products Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Microsoft 365 was previously exclusively accessible as downloadable software.

Top features:

Utilize mobile apps for Android and iOS to create presentations.

Include documents created in other Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel graphs, or in any other software that supports Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)

Presentations seem more professional because to extensive animation and transition options.


Certain PowerPoint templates seem dated.

The free version does not support collaboration or editing; it only allows for presentation viewing.


One user may access Microsoft 365 Personal for $69.99 per year.

A Family plan costs $99.99 a year and supports up to 6 people.

Best for: Business owners that aren’t looking for cutting-edge new features or tools.

5. Google Slides

Google Slides

This is another presentation software. Google Slides, another free programme included in Google Workspace, is accessible for both personal and professional use.

You can make presentations in Slides just like you can make spreadsheets in Sheets or papers in Google Docs.

Users of the Microsoft software should be capable to navigate the software and recognise the locations of important tools and settings because its layout and functionality are similar to those of PowerPoint.

Similar to PowerPoint, Slides displays the current slide in the centre and offers access to additional slides via a vertical menu on the left.

Users can accomplish tasks like embed films, insert diagrams, and add animations using the horizontal toolbar.

Top features:

On a presentation, up to 100 users (with editing authority) may work together at once.

You can follow what everyone is doing thanks to the integrated group chat.

Play your presentation in presenter mode to see how your audience will see it.


Messy layout changes might result from exporting and importing content between PowerPoint and Slides.

The available templates are few and simple (although you can import and hundreds of other.)

Pricing: Google Workspace is complimentary for private use, but you may subscribe to the Business Starter plan for $6 per user per month if you find that you require more logins and storage space.

Best for: Business owners that currently use Google Workspace and require access to a user-friendly and efficient collaborative presentation tool.

6. StoryDoc


For sales teams, business owners, and product marketing, Storydoc is an excellent online interactive presentation creator. This is another presentation software. Also check project management software

Storydocs are a cutting-edge business alternative to static slides and PDF presentations that have been shown to engage more viewers. This is possible because Storydocs have an incredible user experience and cutting-edge data visualisation possibilities.

All commercial use cases, including sales decks, pitch decks, and company proposals, are covered by a wide range of built-in templates in the software, allowing anyone to produce an eye-catching presentation.

Top features:

Embedding of social media and video material, sign-up forms, schedulers, and customised outgoing

Integrates with important CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce

Presentations are made to look great on any device, including mobile.

You can examine how and when a prospect or investor interacts with your presentation using tracking statistics.


Use exclusively on the web

It may be expensive for lone users.

Pricing: A basic plan is $40 per seat per month after a 14-day free trial.

Best suited for: Medium-sized and large businesses with sizable sales teams and a regular demand for high-performance sales collateral.

7. Slidebean


This is another presentation software. Entrepreneurs and startup founders frequently choose Slidebean.

They include presentations for investor updates, demo days, and sales strategies in their template library.

Even the original pitch deck design that Airbnb employed in 2009 to raise their initial $600,000 round is available on Slidebean.

This one and others are available for entrepreneurs to use in creating a PowerPoint presentation to give to investors.

Top features:

View which slides your investors viewed, how much time they spent on each, and what percentage of the presentation they interacted with to keep track of their slide activity.

AI assists you in setting up the ideal slide layouts and combinations.

Utilize presentation templates made by companies like Tesla and Doordash.

Fewer templates are accessible, and the most of them are designed with company founders and entrepreneurs in mind. Fewer graphics and shapes are available in comparison to other options like PowerPoint.

Access to Slidebean is free for users.

You must, however, sign up for the $8/month Starter plan in order to enable collaboration, exports, and access to more templates.

Best for: Business owners and startup founders who want to pitch their venture to investors.

8. Paste by WeTransfer

Paste by WeTransfer

The modular divisions of Japanese lunch boxes served as the inspiration for the user-friendly and intuitive presentation software known as Paste. This is another presentation software.

With flexible layouts, you may rearrange your presentation, add columns, and modify the font size all without messing up the formatting of the rest of the slide.

Have you ever proofread a presentation so much that it hurt your eyes?

It takes time and is monotonous to eyeball font consistency, text size, and image formatting.

By using AI to adjust your slides automatically, Paste does a good job of eliminating this task.

Even non-designers will appreciate how simple it is to get started.

Just drop in all of your videos, pictures, and GIFS, and Paste will arrange them into a professional-looking slide.

Top features:

Adaptive slides

As you drop it in, place your content.

You can edit multiple slides at once thanks to multi-slide controls.

Integrations with Unsplash, Giphy, Figma, and Google Workspace stock image libraries


There are no controls for adjusting the image’s appearance settings, such as cropping, colour, or contrast.

There is no way to add icons or images outside of the layout.

Paste offers


With the Free plan, you can create up to three decks.

To receive unlimited decks, real-time collaboration, and 200 GB of storage, upgrade to the Pro plan for $12/month.

Who it works best for: Non-designers who need to rapidly put together a beautiful presentation.

Which presentation software is the best for you?

Use other presentation tools besides PowerPoint as your default option.

As you can see, there are a tonne of top-notch presentation software alternatives available.

Your individual needs and professional objectives will determine which presentation software is appropriate for you.

Choose presentation software with ready-to-use templates if you’re a time-constrained solopreneur, such those from Paste or Slidebean.

Choose Google Slides or Zoho Show for its collaboration options if you work in a group.

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