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Top 15 Best Popular Bug Reporting Tools In 2022

Best and most popular Bug reporting tools will be explained in this post. Bug reporting tools – Tracking and locating defects is one of the most crucial steps in the software development life cycle. Software is not complete without this step. To create an ideal software, it is difficult to track, manage, and fix every type of bug. There are numerous bug tracking programmes on the market. Still, picking the best bug reporting software is a difficult task. Numerous factors should be taken into account based on the needs of your project. A few bug tracking programmes also handle the entire piece of software in addition to tracking bugs and doing other duties.

The use of bug reporting tools has many benefits. The causes are detailed below.

  • Recognize the problems sooner
  • Identify every problem with the application.
  • Deliver the correct app on the first try alone
  • Sort the issues by priority and focus on them.
  • Provide the appropriate app and satisfy customers.

Bug tracking process flow

The steps in a workflow for bug reporting tools are as follows:

  • Capturing – Records bugs and problems.
  • Recording – Documents the situation so that the team can make a decision.
  • Accountability – Identifies the person accountable for the problem. This will facilitate advancement.
  • Prioritization – The group will give the issue priority and focus on it.
  • Resolving – Locates a resolution to the problem.
  • Reviewing – To ensure that the problem has been resolved completely, a cross check is performed once again.

The requirements for a bug tracking programme

Some features are essential for any bug tracking system.

  • Documentation equipment
  • Assigning
  • Workflow
  • History
  • Reports
  • Retrieval and storage

Are you searching for the top bug tracking tool?

We’re going to make it simple for you to choose a bug tracker in this article that meets your needs. The top bug reporting tools with their features are listed below.

Top 15 Best Popular Bug Reporting Tools In 2022

Top 15 Best Popular Bug Reporting Tools are explained here.

1. Bugzilla: Tools for Reporting Bugs


Tools for Reporting Bugs One of the best server programmes for managing software development is called Bugzilla. Tools for Reporting Bugs The Mozilla Foundation created Bugzilla, an open source programme that provides a potent management tool for the software development process. It enables more effective bug and error tracking. Bugzilla has a wide range of functions, including a sophisticated search tool, bug lists in different formats, report generating, mailing of problems in, and more. This post will explain bug reporting tools. Also check Link Building tool


Tools for Reporting Bugs Because of its wealth of capabilities, Bugzilla quickly rose to great heights.

  • Has an improved database structure that improves performance and scalability
  • Strong security
  • Powerful query tool
  • The ability to add email addresses to a user’s profile and email notification functionality
  • Top permissions procedures

The product’s quality is raised thanks to the bug reporting tool Bugzilla, which also boosts consumer happiness. Many of the top-rated businesses, like Facebook, Mozilla, Apache, NASA, RedHat, etc., use this bug tracking programme.

2. Redmine – Bug Reporting Tools


This post will explain bug reporting tools. Redmine is the most widely used open source, free bug tracking solution for web-based software management. The Ruby On Rails framework, which permits cross-platform use and various databases, was used in its development. Systems for Source Code Management (SCM) are connected with it.

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The following are some of the main characteristics of this bug tracking tool:

  • Versatile bug tracking programme
  • Role-based access management
  • Manages numerous projects concurrently
  • A Gantt chart and calendar give the project a visual representation.
  • Management of files and documents
  • Notifications via email
  • Numerous tongues

There are numerous platforms and databases.

  • Create a task and a subtask to classify the project’s problems.

Only registered users have access to all features. Redmine has an online demo for bug reporting tools available on the website.

3. Trac: Bug Reporting Tools


Python-based Trac is a free online bug tracking tool and open source programme. As a better alternative to Wiki, Edgewall Software created Trac, which is used as a bug and issue tracking system for software development projects. It is extremely easy to understand and utilise. It gives a simple strategy for managing software. It supports a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and bug reporting tools. Tickets are what Trac uses to refer to problems or bugs. Defect management is also done through Trac’s ticketing system.


  • Easy-to-use reporting system
  • Issue descriptions with wiki markup
  • A timeline of events
  • A timeline and objectives
  • Numerous Plugins
  • Builds linkages
  • Smooth integration of wiki pages, files, and bugs

4. Mantis: Bug Reporting tools


One well-known open source web-based bug tracking solution is Mantis. This was created using the PHP framework and is compatible with many databases, including MS SQL, MY SQL, PostgreSQL, and others. Mantis is a fairly straightforward and user-friendly programme. Mantis is what you require for managing your software development. It has a lot of useful components. In addition to its web application, Mantis also provides a mobile version. The best users of this programme are small and medium-sized businesses. Mantis adheres to the multi-level system shown below. This post will explain bug reporting tools.

Categories, Projects, Subprojects, and Bugs


  • Lower cost software
  • Issue pages that can be modified
  • Produces reports that include graphs and charts
  • Options for advanced search and filtering
  • Simple installation.
  • Modify issue histories
  • There are countless users
  • Timekeeping
  • Manages numerous projects
  • Special fields
  • Integration of source code

The RSS feed

  • Roadmaps
  • Notifications via email

Support for many DBMS

  • Support and assistance for mobile devices
  • Chat feature

5. JIRA: Bug Reporting Tools


Bug Reporting Tool JIRA is mostly used as a bug tracking tool, while it is also primarily an incident management tool. It is a well-known J2EE-based programme management and bug tracking application. It gives a straightforward method for managing and tracking concerns. JIRA’s seamless interaction with code development environments is one of the many sophisticated features that make it a standout among bug reporting tools.


  • Accepts several Add-Ins
  • Keep records.
  • Creation of reports.
  • Superb workflow
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Simple connection with a coding environment
  • Aids agile initiatives.
  • Helpdesk

6.Request Tracker: Bug Reporting Tools

Request Tracker

This post will explain bug reporting tools. The enterprise-grade software called Request Tracker, or RT, assists a team of individuals in effectively managing tasks and problems. This technology is also used for software development, project management, NOC ticketing, and help desk systems. Through its features and capabilities, this application truly connects the many departments of an organisation.

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  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Dashboards
  • Integration of email
  • The command line
  • Offers relationship diagrams
  • Text editing in Rich
  • Simple theme customization
  • Simple branding

7. The Bug Genie: Bug Reporting Tools

The Bug Genie

It is a great tool for tracking issues and managing projects. This system is more user-friendly and was created using the PHP framework. The defect management system is also covered. The Bug Genie utilises various platforms and has a number of databases. Additionally, it has a multilingual system. It costs money to use the Bug Genie as a bug reporting tool. But this tool does offer a free trial.


  • Compatibility with numerous SCM systems
  • Mechanism for tracking issues
  • Built-in Wiki
  • Simple installation.
  • User reviews
  • Supports a variety of languages

8. eTraxis: Bug Reporting Tools


Another strong web-based tracking application that can be used to track bugs as well as other things is eTraxis. This system was created using the PHP programming language and supports a variety of databases, including My SQL, MS SQL, Oracle, and others. The freedom that this programme provides to its customers is one of its main draws. The tool’s workflow can be altered by users for tracking purposes. These specialised processes are referred to as templates and are easier to use. This programme functions as a bug tracking, support desk, and CRM programme. Although there is no free version of this bug reporting service, users can get a trial version. This post will explain bug reporting tools. Also check Coinzy alternatives


  • Complete email notifications
  • A thorough history
  • Sorting the issues and adding comments to them
  • Backs up issue’s attachments
  • Modular permissions
  • Manages numerous projects
  • There are countless users
  • Create several workflows and modify them in accordance with their needs.
  • Simple integration with users’ current workflows and tools

9. BugNet: Bugs Tools for Reporting


Another free and open-source issue management application, BugNet, supports several databases and was created in ASP.NET. The tool is scalable and simple to use. It contains all the key characteristics of conventional bug reporting tools, including the ability to make projects, manage projects, find bugs, and track issues.


  • Web-based utility with a GPL licence
  • Supports several projects and datasets
  • Milestone administration
  • Strong security
  • Internet chat
  • Email warnings
  • Simple navigation
  • Field customization
  • Accounts of the problem
  • Issue logging

10. Exceptional Bug Reporting Tools

Exceptional Bug Reporting Tools

This post will explain bug reporting tools.A high-end bug tracking programme called Exceptional was introduced in 2008. You can use it to handle and track bugs or other problems with the web application. It provides you with all the information you need to resolve the problem, including real-time reports. It offers a reliable platform for monitoring and reporting application problems.


  • Adepts various databases
  • Data filtration for safety
  • Real-time notifications through web hooks, email, and SMS
  • Gathers specific data
  • History
  • Control numerous projects
  • Provide feedback for mistakes

11.Sifter-Bug- Tools and Reporting

Sifter-Bug- Tools and Reporting

Another crucial tracking tool that needs very little configuration is Sifter. Many reputable companies utilise this tracking tool. You can deliver a high-quality final result with its assistance. It makes it simple to track and manage projects and does not require more complex coding configuration. This post will explain bug reporting tools.

The following are some of this tool’s key attributes:

  • This tool contains a project dashboard that provides a brief summary of all the activities and projects.
  • The tool’s milestones allow you to keep track of the project’s progress and know when things are due.
  • It automatically offers a daily summary of the previous day’s actions every morning.
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12. BugHerd: Tools for Reporting


The most straightforward bug tracking tool that developers use most frequently is called BugHerd. It assists in gathering client input, keeping track of, managing, and quickly resolving problems. There isn’t a challenging setting. Simply enter the problem, and this tool will quickly turn it into reports including all the details required to fix it.


  • User-friendly interface

Direct hyperlinks

  • Inline tags
  • Browser add-on
  • Add attachments to the problem.
  • Graphic bug reports
  • Complete selector data
  • Client for automatic capturing

Real-time conversations

13. FogBugz: Bug Reporting Tools


This post will explain bug reporting tools. FogBugz was created specifically to keep track of bugs during the whole software development cycle. The flaws or problems are referred to in this programme as “Cases.” It offers a simple workflow for listing, managing, and resolving cases. You can create milestones and acquire a complete project outline with this tool’s sophisticated project management tools. This programme can also be used for CRM, discussion forums, and evidence-based scheduling in addition to bug tracking.


  • enables building of wikis
  • Case lists that are adaptable
  • Integration of source code
  • Automatic reporting of cases
  • Scheduling tools like a timeline and a thorough project description
  • Take into account user comments
  • Connects to users’ email
  • Sorts and filters the problems

14. LogDigger: Bug Reporting Tools



For your Java applications, LogDigger includes a suite of tools to help you easily capture errors and defects. It is an easy-to-use tool that will assist you in categorising and obtaining comprehensive reports of the faults. Whatever type of Java framework you pick, it will perform flawlessly. It offers a fun user interface that will make it easy for you to pick up the tool.


  • Instant notifications regarding the context and report-level logs
  • Create custom modules and submit them via HTTP POST to BugDigger.
  • Compatible with all bug reporting tools in the Java web development framework
  • Offers comprehensive error knowledge
  • No requirement for an outside error logging server

15.Pivotal Tracker: Bug Reporting Tools

Pivotal Tracker

A web-based bug tracking application called Pivotal Tracker is more frequently used by those that adhere to the agile methodology. This tool has an excellent user interface. This tool prioritises your tasks after breaking them down into smaller portions, determining the complexity of each section. This post will explain bug reporting tools. Also check  skypatrol alternatives


  • Special issue number
  • A thorough API and other add-ons
  • Represents data using charts
  • Easy workflow


The bug reporting tools on the list above are those that are most frequently used. You might discover that all bug reporting tools have goals other than just being bug tracking tools. This is due to the fact that bug tracking cannot be done independently from the other components of the project. As a result, in addition to other activities, bug reporting tools also include bug tracking tools. For bug tracking, there are numerous more bug reporting tools available.


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