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Top 15 Best Offline Media Advertising In 2022

Best offline media advertising will be described in this article. The media, advertising, and internet industries have been closely collaborating and undergoing a significant transition in recent years. Industry participants face new hurdles in a variety of different areas, including privacy, identity, measurement, targeting, and addressability, in addition to innovations and high-tech solutions. On the other hand, new problems also bring about fresh chances to develop completely original items and use novel technologies.

These prospects primarily motivate the digital ad communities to collaborate with other business partners in the industry to market their enterprises and produce positive results. While online engagement helps them analyse campaign success and suggest ideas to get the best results, offline events assist marketers, publishers, and content creators in becoming familiar with one other’s most recent developments and establishing cooperative relationships.

We have collected a index of the most anticipated Ad Tech conferences for 2022, where you may personally connect with colleagues and potential business partners from around the globe.

Top 15 Best Offline Media Advertising In 2022

Top 15 Best Offline Media Advertising are explained here.

1. Digital Media Summit

Digital Media Summit

At the most recent 2021 Digital Media Summit, more than 500 CEOs and other top executives from the sector participated. It exemplifies the ideal networking setting in which each attendee speaks to the group. CEOs from Google, Yahoo, GroupM, Microsoft Advertising, TVision, Ampersand, and many other well-known companies as well as influential investors are scheduled to attend the conference. Additionally, attending this event gives you the chance to network with the biggest media acquirers. This is another offline media advertising. Also check project Management software

2. Programmatic i/o LV

Programmatic i/o LV

In Las Vegas, Adexchanger will host incisive talks and in-depth seminars with a focus on programmatic media and marketing. Brands, publishers, and marketing agencies can attend this two-day networking event with programmatic leaders from Disney, Paramount+, TikTok, Samsung Ads, Magnite, Inmobi, and other companies to participate in a fruitful panel discussion about CTV trends, privacy, cookie policies, measurement, data, platforms, and other important topics.

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3. Digiday Publishing Summit

Digiday Publishing Summit

This is another offline media advertising. Media firms may have some difficulty adhering to their business strategy in addition to new challenges. This summit was established especially for industry participants to assist them in providing analysis of the tools and methods used as well as discover other beneficial options to improve their organisation. They will also get the chance to learn how other media companies are creating and modifying their business models during the event.

4. Programmatic I/O NY

Programmatic I/O NY

During this innovative event, guests will engage in interactive discussions and receive exclusive information, tactics, and insights to boost their digital marketing campaigns. Three thematic seminars on the subjects of identification, CTV, and marketing techniques will be held over the course of two days. The buy & sell sides of programmatic media and marketing will be discussed by more than 30 subject matter experts.

5. Digiday Media Buying Summit

Digiday Media Buying Summit

Running a business presents both new challenges and responsibilities every year. To differentiate themselves on the market, media companies work to create precise targeting and offer suitable measurement tools. Maintaining an authentic voice also requires consideration of the strength of the team. The summit will cover these problems as well as others. This is another offline media advertising.

6. ATS Madrid 2022

ATS Madrid 2022

The necessity of boosting the value of consumer data and offering a high level of its security has been revealed by the most recent technological advancements in the advertising and marketing sectors (the metaverse, AI in promoting data privacy, targeting and reaching clients, etc.). Senior executives from the marketing, media, and commerce sectors come together for this one-day conference in Madrid, where they engage in insightful panel discussions, fireside chats, and other activities to present new tactics and techniques for advancing digital. Also check video editor software

7. Advertising Week European

Advertising Week European

This is another offline media advertising. London’s contribution to the worldwide creative environment is being honoured at this event. The regular phases, known as Creative Capital in Tech Lab, Innovation, Great Minds, Creativity, Marketplace, and Amazon advertisements studios, are open to all participants in the advertising sector. At each level, it will also be considered how the Creative Capital will develop in the future. A hybrid offline/online conference called Advertising Week Europe will stream information live and make it available on demand for 30 days.

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8. Programmatic Pioneers Summit

Programmatic Pioneers Summit

There will be one more Ad Tech event in London that brings together specialists in programmatic from the top brands, publishers, and agencies in the continent. They will discuss difficult issues affecting the media landscape during this conference. Attend to network with the best minds in the industry and gain priceless knowledge about enhancing consumer engagement across many channels, ad performance and management in a cookieless environment, maximising the potential of CTV, and other important topics.

9. Interact 2022

Interact 2022

Interact is back in person after two years of virtual hosting to bring together the top media owners, publishers, agencies, and advertisers from the major cities of Europe to exchange best practises and find inspiration. Insightful keynote addresses, worthwhile panel discussions, and other networking opportunities will all be offered at this two-day conference. The agenda also includes numerous themes aimed at revitalising the digital advertising environment.

10. “Affilate World Europe

“Affilate World Europe

Affiliate marketers and eCommerce business owners can network at the two-day conference event in charming Barcelona. Experts who have been invited to speak will offer useful suggestions for developing data-driven strategies and creative concepts for affiliate marketing and online commerce. Attracting 4000+ attendees from 110+ nations, the conference last year produced 150+ affiliate networks. This is another offline media advertising.


Media and marketing professionals should take advantage of DMEXCO (Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference). Together with early adopters of technology, they will participate in thoughtful debates and fireside chats. The main topics of discussion at this conference are ways to advance digital business and introduce innovations to advance it. It welcomed more than 20,000 guests in 2021.

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12. Dublin Tech Summit

Dublin Tech Summit

The Dublin Tech Summit (DTS) is a fantastic forum for tech specialists and corporate executives to interact. The 200 professionals in the high-tech industry present at this two-day conference will share their exclusive experiences and engage in fruitful discussions. Additionally, DTS fosters a welcoming environment for networking with potential clients and partners in the tech industry.

13. Advertising Week Asia

Advertising Week Asia

This is another offline media advertising. The world’s top minds in technology, business, brands, media, and creative agencies come together for Advertising Week Asia (AWAsia), a creative effort. A significant improvement over the previous two years is the hybrid structure used for this three-day conference, which will be held both offline and online. More than 300 speakers are anticipated to take part in more than 100 sessions and share their perspectives on how business is evolving while discussing innovations and the most notable trends of the day. Also check SEO audit software tools

14. Advertising Week APAC

Advertising Week APAC

On several continents, the business industry continues to expand in all of its varieties. Therefore, Advertising Week APAC (AWAPAC) was created with the express objective of bringing together Asia’s media, marketing, technology, and creative industries. Attendees can choose from about 80 seminars and workshops where more than 150 speakers will provide them with priceless insights. This conference will be held live and in person in Sydney’s Luna Park, a stunning location.

15. ATS Singapore 2022

ATS Singapore 2022

At the ATS 2022 conference in Singapore, attendees learn about interactive networking and original strategies for maintaining brand recognition and differentiating themselves from rivals in the advertising and marketing sectors. There will be discussions on a digit of topics, including the difficulties in adjusting to the cookieless advertising landscape and reaching new audiences on this landscape, new chances for buyers and sellers to take charge of their companies while enhancing the customer experience, and many other keynotes. Meet with the digital experts to advance the businesses in the APAC region. This is another offline media advertising.


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