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Top 15 Best Video Editor Software For Creators In 2022

Best video editor software will be discussed in this article. Videos predominate in today’s digital world, as evidenced by the growth of social media behemoths like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Now, anyone with a cameraphone—including celebrities, corporations, and influencers—can make videos for their friends or followers.

You will first require a free video editing programme that suits your demands if you want to begin your video editing journey. Some merely give minimal functionality, certain are too buggy or clumsy, while others may even offer an experience that is superior than some paid competitors.

Thankfully, we’ve done all the research and assembled a list of the best options on the market right now.

Therefore, there is a free video editing package on this list that is appropriate for you whether you’re a newbie examining to try things out before funding in pricy software or you want to use studio-quality tools & effects without paying for expensive products like Premiere Pro.

Top 15 Best Video Editor Software For Creators In 2022

Top 15 Best video editor Software for Creators are explained here.

1. PowerDirector Essential – Best Overall

PowerDirector Essential

The greatest free video editing programme available is PowerDirector, which is made for both amateurs and experts. It’s simple to learn and has a tonne of effects, so you can quickly produce edits of studio-caliber. Detailed Evaluation >

We consider PowerDirector to be the best free video editing programme overall since it is a great option for editors of all experience levels. Its video-friendly interface and uncomplicated design make it simple for beginners to edit videos, yet its powerful advanced capabilities and hardware acceleration delight even the most seasoned editors.

Start using the tools, effects, transitions, and titles straight away without having to pay for more complicated capabilities or having any prior knowledge of video editing. PowerDirector’s free edition will meet all of your regular video editing requirements. Also check Pygobject alternatives

Techradar Pro gives PowerDirector a high rating and it has consistently won the renowned PC Magazine Editors’ Choice award. It has tools that are powered by professionals and artificial intelligence (AI) to make your films look like works of art.


  • User-friendly for all skill levels, from novice to expert
  • A variety of compositing tools (chroma key, masking, blending, etc.)
  • Numerous AI Tools (sky replacement, motion tracking, audio enhancement, etc.)
  • Plug-ins for creating video collages and recording the screen


  • Only a few free export file types
  • The free edition is unable to access the built-in libraries of Shutterstock and iStock.
  • Below, you can download our choice for the top free video editing programme:

2. Blender: Best for Animation


Key characteristics:

  • Masking equipment
  • Modern Motion Graphics
  • Sculpting and modelling
  • Audio adjusting instruments

An abundance of compositing, 3D, and animation tools are available in Blender, an open-source, free video editing programme. It has a variety of effects features like motion tracking, particle simulation, onion skinning, and 3D painting tools.

Because of its extensive functionality, Blender is a well-liked tool for intermediate and experienced video producers who might not want to spend the money on pricey software like After Effects.

To edit videos, Blender includes all the tools you might possibly need. Create stunning spirits, motion graphics, bespoke visual effects, & much more. The software is not recommended for inexperienced video editors because of its extremely steep learning curve.


  • Modifiable user interface
  • Supports all VFX types


  • Profound learning curve
  • Sluggish rendering

3. HitFilm Express – Best for VFX

HitFilm Express Best For VFX

Key characteristics:

  • The 4K Export
  • Motion Monitoring
  • 3-D simulations
  • Distortion and Displacement

HitFilm Express is one of the better solutions if you want to produce Hollywood-style visual effects, but it is not a professional-level video editor, therefore it won’t be used to edit the next Marvel film. This can be an perfect option for you if you’re an experienced hobbyist who enjoys visual effects. One of the largest free VFX toolkits available is included in the package. Color corrections, keying effects, lens flares, and light swords are all included in this free video editing software.

It provides all the fundamental capabilities that fans of video editing will need in free software. From $9 onward, you can pay per component if you like to add on more features. Be prepared to spend time learning the software as it is unfortunately between between DaVinci Resolve and Lightworks in terms of complexity. This is another video editor alternative.

HitFilm Express has some unexpected capabilities for a non-professional video editing programme, like a puppet tool and Unified 3D Space.


  • User interface that can be modified
  • Tools for professionals
  • Direct YouTube uploading


  • Complicated user interface that requires effort to master
  • Proficient yet insufficient for professionals

4. DaVinci Resolve: Best for Experts

DaVinci Resolve

Key characteristics:

  • Titles, Transitions, and Effects
  • A variety of import options
  • Multiple Camera Editing
  • Two Timelines

One of the most sophisticated pieces of free video editing software on this list is DaVinci Resolve. While it might be frightening and difficult for people without prior editing knowledge, Resolve is your best choice if you have a thorough understanding of video editing and need a strong programme. This is another video editor alternative.

Overall, DaVinci Resolve is a well-designed, simple-to-use tool that makes you forget it’s free. It includes a wide range of cutting-edge capabilities, including clever color-correction tools that enable you to instantly change lip, eye, and skin tones. Additionally, it gives the capacity to create top-notch visual effects and audio editing abilities.

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There is virtually no justification for choosing the free video editor DaVinci Resolve over more expensive programmes like Adobe Premiere Pro or Avid whether you’re doing a feature documentary, narrative film, TV commercial, or show. However, if all you like to do is edit straightforward home movies, this is not the editor for you.


  • Skilled non-linear editing
  • AI-powered magic mask
  • 2,000 songs of support for the audio engine
  • Motion graphics and visual effects at broadcast standards


  • Requires expertise and knowledge at the expert level
  • Needs a strong machine to function properly.

5. VideoProc Vlogger – Best for Action Cam Footage

VideoProc Vlogger

Key characteristics:

  • Sound Extractor
  • Eliminate noise/grain
  • Expert Color Correction
  • Fisheye Reduction

For editing action camera or GoPro footage, we recommend the free video editing programme VideoProc Vlogger. It includes more than 20 speed presets and sophisticated speed adjusting tools. Along with tilt, roll, and dolly effects, it also has a video stabiliser, time-lapse capabilities, and motion simulation.

Although it includes some rather sophisticated effects, this free video editing programme is user-friendly for beginners. Additionally, it has a learning centre with useful blogs and user manuals as well as a support centre for any queries. This is another video editor alternative.

Beginners, enthusiasts, and content producers who require sophisticated capabilities for motion and speed effects are the target audience for VideoProc Vlogger. It slips to number 5 on our ranking because pros will find it lacking in general video editing features.


  • Low hardware requirements
  • No watermarks or advertisements


  • Sluggish rendering
  • Lacks a few cutting-edge features

6. Windows video Editor – Best of slide shows

Windows video Editor

Key characteristics:

  • 3.0 Effects
  • Auto Movie Preferences
  • Fade Results
  • Editable Titles

On computers running Windows 10 or later, there is free video editing software included called Windows Video Editor (formerly known as Windows Movie Maker). Although it is not very robust, you can find it in the Windows Photographs programme. It has all the tools you need to create an entertaining slideshow out of your photos. You may give still images motion, and you can time your display to the beat of the music in the background. Also check Radio400 alternatives

It includes pre-made energies, a vast library of filters and themes, & the option to use music in your projects. All of the fundamental track editing capabilities, including splitting, trimming, adding text, and altering audio, are included in the Video Editor.

For Windows users who repeatedly use the built-in photo app, this free video editing programme provides a quick and simple way to edit films and photos. Although Windows Video Editor is relatively easy to use, it lacks state-of-the-art functionality and is only suitable for temporary, straightforward video or photo slideshows. For this reason, we placed it behind some of our top picks, such as PowerDirector Essential.


  • Included on devices running Windows 10 and later
  • An intuitive interface


  • Only a few features
  • No layers, linear editing

7. Movie Maker Online – Best for Online Use

Movie Maker Online

Key characteristics:

  • Speed Modification and Reverse Impact
  • Chromatic Key
  • Blurry Tool

According to our assessment, the easiest tool for free online video editing is Movie Maker Online. Since it can’t be as feature-rich or quick as the greatest free video editing software installed on a PC, no online video editor will be able to compete with it. However, if you only require simple changes and don’t require any sophisticated capabilities, an online tool can be the best choice.

If you want to easily edit a video without downloading any software, Movie Maker Online is immensely helpful. Directly upload your videos to the video, edit them as you see fit, and receive the result.

Due to its lack of RAM requirements and need for a specific operating system, Movie Maker is also the most useful free video editor for laptops with low processing power. Due to its complete lack of complex editing, free Movie Maker Online falls exactly in the middle of our list of the best video editors, which is a significant drawback.


  • A free music library
  • Free stock images
  • Slideshow creator


  • Lacks sophisticated editing
  • Unable to edit offline

8. Lightworks: Best for Professionals


Key characteristics:

  • Quick Autosave
  • Processing in the background
  • Motion Pictures
  • LUTs and filters

For experts, we discovered Lightworks to be the best approachable free video editing programme. For intermediate users, DaVinci might be frightening, but Lightworks is friendlier. So there is no requirement to look any farther if you want to start editing professionally. This is another video editor alternative.

The professional edition, which has been around for a while, was used to edit popular movies including Pulp Fiction, 28 Days Later, and Congo. It’s a terrific option if you’re prepared to put in the effort to learn how to use this free video editing programme.

Log, edit, VFX, & audio are the four main tabs that make up the workspace. One item to keep in mind is that while Lightworks’ Pro edition can export films in a wider variety of formats and resolutions, the free version can only export videos in up to 720p. Pro also comes with a few additional tools and plug-ins.

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  • Reputation built over a 30-year period
  • Used in the production of Hollywood feature films
  • QC automatically


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Is missing effect tools

9. Shotcut: Best for Intermediate Users


Key characteristics:

  • Support for Wide Format
  • Audio blending
  • Color Adjustment and Grading
  • Filters for 360-degree video

Shotcut is a great choice if you’re not a professional but want to progress beyond iMovie and other simple free video editing tools. Any video editor with any expertise should find it simple to use because it has a standard drag and drop audio and video file manager and the ability to export 4k video. This is another video editor alternative.

If you have advanced beyond basic free video editing tools like Movie Maker Online, it is a great next step. It is the perfect choice for intermediate users who aren’t quite ready to move up to professional-level video editing software.

Since this application is open source, you can download it, access all of its functions, and change the interface however you like. Once you’re up and going, the time it may take to get started will be worth it.

Additionally, Shotcut provides sophisticated filters and effects that enable you to create a high-quality video for no cost.


  • An open-source, adaptable editor
  • Includes cutting-edge effects
  • Pitch correction for variations in video speed


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Complicated UI that requires some learning

10. Avid Media Composer First:  Best for Budding Professionals

Avid Media Composer First

Key characteristics:

  • The stabilisation of video
  • Time Code Instrument
  • Bulk Editing
  • Multiple Camera Editing

The free edition of Avid Media Composer First is remarkably feature-rich for video editing software because it includes several capabilities that are only available in the commercial versions. It is Avid Media Composer’s free edition, a well-liked Hollywood-industry editing application. Before upgrading to professional software, aspiring professionals would be well advised to gain experience using this free, condensed version. This is another video editor alternative.

You can cleanse up to 4 video tracks & 8 audio tracks with 5 bins per project using this free video editing programme. It offers numerous color-correction options and direct uploads to Vimeo and YouTube.

The issue with Avid Media Composer First is that experts will find it to be too constrained and novices will find it to be too tough. Because of this, we believe it’s ideal for aspiring video professionals who wish to master Avid. Due to these factors, it comes in at number six on our list.


  • Provides a lot of cutting-edge features
  • Wide support for video formats


  • Limiting output to 1080p
  • There is a very steep learning curve.

11. Adobe Premiere Elements : Best for organizing media

Adobe Premiere Elements

Key characteristics:

  • Automatic Reframe
  • The stabilisation of video
  • Noise Reduction Instrument
  • The “Video-to-Photo” tool

Video editing software that is free and simple to use is called Adobe Premiere Elements. It includes Organizer, a separate programme that automatically tags your files with facial recognition. You can choose and arrange the clips you wish to edit with the aid of this software. This is another video editor alternative.

It is a simplified but beginner-friendly version of Premiere Pro, the programme used to edit Hollywood movies. There are three operating modes for Premiere Elements: Quick, Guided, and Expert (albeit “Expert” is still not intended for professionals, but rather for consumers who have completed the Guided module). Also check Torrent2DDL Alternatives

Although Premiere Elements works well for home movies, it lacks the cutting-edge features required for any significant production. Premiere Elements is comparable to Avid Media Composer First for novices who wish to become familiar with an Adobe programme before upgrading to Premiere Pro.


  • Tools for organising media well
  • A clear and uncomplicated user interface


  • Consumes plenty of CPU
  • Extended rendering times

12. VSDC : Best for presentations


Key characteristics:

  • Motion Monitoring
  • The stabilisation of video
  • Chromatic Key
  • Vocal Over

VSDC is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a good way to make business presentations. It is a software that is comparatively simple to use and has all the fundamental features you will need to produce interesting video material. Additionally, it makes it simple to generate videos for particular multimedia devices and work with charts. This is another video editor alternative.

This tool includes sophisticated editing features that you wouldn’t anticipate from a free video editing programme of its kind, like colour blending and masking effects.

Although VSDC is better suited for making presentations, a novice video editor will find its features adequate to produce entertaining videos. This includes enjoyable initiatives like family video holiday cards.


  • Simple export to social media
  • Subpixel precision
  • Low hardware requirements


  • A rough interface
  • There are too many features tucked away in submenus.

13. VideoPad: Best App for Beginners


Key characteristics:

  • More than 60 Video Formats Supported
  • 360-degree and 3D editing
  • Sound Effects
  • Chromatic Key

VideoPad is a wonderful choice if you’re just getting started with video editing and need a very simple video of free software. While PowerDirector has a tonne of features, VideoPad is far less feature-rich. Although it’s a terrific place to start, you might eventually wish to improve.

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Beginner video editors will be able to become accustomed to its editing capabilities without having to pay any money. It has a range of pre-made transitions and sound effects, as well as a few sophisticated features like tools for reducing camera wobble, all on a recognisable and simple-to-use platform. This is another video editor alternative.

The programme comes with everything you require to quickly and easily make a clear, straightforward video. It carries out the majority of the core tasks you might anticipate from free video editing software, although it doesn’t go all that far.

Please be aware that VideoPad is only accessible for non-commercial usage as a free video editing programme.


  • Basic platform
  • Built-in transitions
  • Exports immediately to social networking sites like YouTube


  • Limited cutting-edge features
  • UI appears to be a little antiquated.

14. Movavi Video Editor– Best for Vlogging

Movavi Video Editor

Key characteristics:

  • Rendering in the Background
  • The stabilisation of video
  • Fashionable filters
  • Vocal Over

A excellent option to edit videos for social media is with Movavi Video Editor, which is a free video editing programme. You may complete a project with this simple editor in 20 minutes. With pre-made intros, animated titles, transitions, sound effects, thematic stickers, and aspect ratios suitable for social media, it is simple to create YouTube videos.

Additionally, there are some sophisticated tools for editing videos, such as temporal effects, motion tracking, and chroma key. There is no learning curve, but Movavi still has a built-in training module to provide additional assistance. This is another video editor alternative.

Because it is so quick and simple to use, Movavi Video Editor loses several capabilities present in other editing software and lacks control over effects, which is why it ranks number 14 on this list.


  • No steep learning curve
  • An intuitive interface


  • No control over outcomes
  • Sluggish rendering

15. OpenShot : Best for Beginners with Advanced


Key characteristics:

  • Temporal Effects
  • 3D animated films
  • Editor Title
  • Background Elimination

Although Openshot is a little trickier than VideoPad, it’s still simple for novices. You will have access to more sophisticated video editing tools and a little more area for development with this free video editing programme. Because the application is open source, anyone can use it and modify it to suit their needs. This is another video editor alternative.

While intermediate users will value the endless layering options, beginners will benefit from the built-in templates, real-time previews, and complex timeline tools.

We wouldn’t advise professionals to use Openshot because we discovered some aspects don’t operate as intended, which may aggravate people with strict deadlines.


  • Multiple layers
  • Open-source
  • Attractive interface


  • Only a few video tutorials
  • Some features don’t functional, which makes editing difficult.
  • Comparison Table for the Best Free Video Editing Software
  • Video Editing on a Windows Computer

Next, we’ll demonstrate some fundamental editing techniques using PowerDirector, our top pick for the finest free video editing programme. You may follow along by downloading it for free below.

For iOS and Android, download from the App Store.

  1. Start by importing your media files by selecting Import Media Folder and selecting the appropriate desktop folder. Click Select Folder after that.
  2. Start assembling your video by adding images, videos, or music to the proper timeline once your resources have been added to the media library. Drag and drop a video file from the Media Library to the video timeline after choosing it in the library.
  3. The Video Timeline Slider lets you divide and crop clips. To split the clip, slide the slider in the desired direction, then select the cutter icon. Click here for a detailed look at splitting and cutting clips.
  4. Go to the Transition Room, then click and drag a transition to add it between clips.
  5. Click on the Title Room, then drag a template to the title track on the video timeline to add title text to your video. Enter the desired text after clicking the Designer button. To learn more about adding text and titles to your video, click here.
  6. Go to the Media Library Window, choose Media Content, and then Background Music to add music. Drag the relevant audio track onto the editing timeline’s audio track area. Here is a guide to adding and editing music.
  7. When you’ve finished editing, the video can be created and saved. To export your video, click Produce. Choose the output folder and the format in which you want the video file to be saved. Next, press Start.

The top free video editing programmes can be downloaded.

There are dozens of options for free video editing software available today, but not all of them provide the same capabilities and high-quality output. Hopefully, you were able to focus your search with the aid of this guide. You may test out all of the apps that best suit your goals and level of skill because they are all free.

If you’re still not sure which programme to test, you should download PowerDirector, our top choice for the finest editor overall. It is the only piece of free video editing software on this list that can be used by editors at all levels of experience. It’s the ideal course to start with and advance your knowledge in.


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