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Top 15 Best TechChange Alternatives In 2022

Best Techchange alternatives will be described in this article. The cutting-edge platform, TechChange, enables you to create training programmes and courses for your company. It enables you to effectively host the event and interact with your audience. This platform’s reporting system, which gives you access to real-time data so you can fully comprehend trends, is its strongest feature. Additionally, it offers networking opportunities, peer-to-peer interactions, and relationship-building tools to help you grow your audience.

All facets of the website and community construction, including marketing, design, production, facilitation, support, and platform, are handled by this platform. You can host a hybrid event using TechChange that enables you to concurrently serve a local and an international audience. It’s simple to arrange events in advance, and it automatically notifies the audience via email. This platform assists you by offering direction and full customer assistance in every circumstance.

Top 15 Best TechChange Alternatives In 2022

Top 15 Best TechChange Alternatives are explained here.

1. BuddyBoss


BuddyBoss is open-source software that allows you to create a WordPress website and provides you with training, educational opportunities, and a number of other programmes to learn about website creation. It is a versatile piece of software that lets you customise its capabilities to suit your particular business needs. With the help of this programme, you can have total control over how your website is developed. This is another techchange alternative. Also check Link Building tool

Its primary function is to help you connect with others by giving you access to services like member profiles, social groups, forum discussions, private messaging, events, albums, and media. By implementing subscriptions and memberships in your community, you may increase your sales and make a significant amount of money. Additionally, it enables you to sell your material to customers as a one-time payment. After administering quizzes and evaluation tests, you can quickly launch your online courses and issue certificates.

2. Chaordix Community Platform

Chaordix Community Platform

The Chaordix Community Platform is an online community-building tool that you can use to engage customers in your brand by launching various campaigns and challenges. It gives you a thorough understanding of customer behaviour and enables you to communicate with them successfully. You can access the activity feed on this platform to stay up to speed on all the most recent developments. You may efficiently retarget your clients by accessing their profiles. The platform helps you by offering 24/7 customer assistance and training sessions.

This is another techchange alternative. With the aid of statistical graphs, you can access previous data and comprehend marketing activity. To help you learn about the most recent trends, the platform provides you with articles, videos, and e-books. There are also problems, intelligent segmentation, discussions, insight and testing, innovation, customer and employee engagement, marketing, and innovation.



WPLMS is a cutting-edge learning management system that makes it easier for you to comprehend how WordPress functions so that you may effortlessly launch your educational community on an app or website. By working with additional mentors or instructors and creating excellent content, you may reach more students. You may create an app that unites all the relevant parties, including administrators, teachers, parents, and students, on a single platform.

Advanced features like SCORM and artificial intelligence enable this platform. The app you created on this platform is cross-platform compatible, so you can use a PC, a mobile phone, a tablet, etc. to access it. The platform is safe and secure, and it lets you implement multilayer limits to protect your data. It offers templates that you may modify to meet your needs and create an app that is suitable for both desktop and mobile devices.

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4. Memberships Vault

Memberships Vault

You can design, provide, and sell your services, courses, memberships, subscriptions, etc. using the adaptable platform known as MemberVault. The platform’s functionalities continue to expand in accordance with the needs of your company. It enables you to interact with your audience in novel ways in order to boost sales and generate a sizable quantity of money.

The platform provides you with the resources you need to learn about the behaviour of your audience and choose the best leads for your targeting strategy. With the aid of this forum, you may create solid, long-lasting relationships with your audiences. With the gaming and reward capabilities that MemberVault provides, you can create challenges to draw in additional consumers and reward them. Additionally, it gives you statistical data on precise client insights that enable you to thoroughly research your customers.

5. Miestro

all-in-one platform that is used to develop and sell online training

The all-in-one platform known as Miestro is used to create and market online courses, master classes, and training. Using this platform, you can create interactive masterclasses that will captivate the audience. With the help of your website, emails, online resources, games, quizzes, and video lessons, you can give your audience a comprehensive experience thanks to its completely integrated sophisticated features. The platform provides you with editable templates so you may create a useful service and quickly incorporate enjoyable activities into it. This is another techchange alternative.

Miestro provides you with the marketing resources you need to grow your clientele, increase sales, and start generating more income. These tools assist you in creating an appealing landing page, automate your campaigns, and enable you to gauge consumer interaction. You may easily determine the membership costs, subscription fees, and trial periods for your audience as you choose.

6. e-Learning Commerce

e-Learning Commerce

The eLearnCommerce platform enables you to create compelling services that are prepared to serve clients. This platform gives you the tools to turn your idea into a polished product and assists you in creating highly customizable services. After learning about your business objectives, vision, and processes, the project managers of this platform will help you design a compelling and distinctive product. It fully supports you by offering immediate assistance via phone calls, emails, or zoom meetings. Also check Playbox Alternatives

Your requirements and troubles are always being attended to by their devoted admins. By taking care of all the technical and important components of your website and service, the talented engineers at eLearnCommerce free up your time so you can concentrate on the expansion of your business. By combining your services with enjoyable activities, you may effectively engage your audiences.

7. LearnDesk


A variety of learning materials pertaining to business, DIY, health, fitness, food, sports, personal development, academics, art & craft, acting, and other topics are available on the educational platform LearnDesk. Additionally, this platform enables you to reach a wider audience with the sales of your courses, eBooks, digital content, and educational resources. You can view the courses and materials that are well regarded and in demand by using the trending option. It offers you the analytics you need to comprehend customer behaviour.

This is another techchange alternative. You have the option to schedule your online classes with LearnDesk, and you can also record your session and customise it to your needs. The platform’s other noteworthy features include online teaching, class creation, scheduling, live and recorded videos, bundles, orders, coupons, etc. Using marketing tools will also increase your sales.

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8. Opentute


Opentute is the platform that acts as an open institute and helps you to engage large audiences by offering them engaging courses, online classes, and other learning material. You can develop your courses by using the simple course builder which is integrated with Stripe and Zapier. It enables you to create an app that works with iOS and Android smartphones in order to give your audience a comprehensive and simple learning experience.

With the help of Opentute, you can encourage your audience to learn more by using features like the mobile app, tags, channels, group projects, chat-based evaluations, customised profiles, etc. By offering specialised customer services and resolving any issues you are having, the platform supports and aids you. The white label learning network, micro-learning on apps, channels, and groups, analytics, and reporting are other outstanding features.

9. Ruzuku


The online course and other instructional resources that you create and sell can be found on Ruzuku. The platform gives you access to a big client base, enabling you to post your educational materials and increase sales. It is supported by the largest, most recent payment services, including Stripe and PayPal, which make it simple for you to accept money from your clients. You may easily add or delete students from your course after you’ve created it for free. This is another techchange alternative.

When you go live, you can choose to immediately send your audience an email. You can stream and host online classes, webinars, and seminars with the help of Ruzuku. The other Word, Excel, and PPT files, as well as PDF files, can be displayed in your courses with ease. The platform is supported by the reliable backup that contains your stuff. Additionally, it informs by notifying the user whenever a pupil asks a question.

10. Glue Up

Glue Up

The software called Glue Up offers online resources like event memberships to help you develop and expand your following. It provides you with the tools you require to comprehend the requirements and behaviours of any audience. Your events can be planned, carried out, promoted, evaluated, and analysed with the aid of its event management suite. You have choices to interact with your consumers and recruit more members thanks to the membership management suite.

You may improve engagement in Glue Up’s community management suite in a unique way. This software’s webinar management package can help you monetize and grow your online events and webinars. The capabilities included in the training management suite make it simple to develop, promote, target, sell, and comprehend client behaviour. You receive total customer service from Glue Up, who also helps you with all of your needs and difficulties.

11. Simpliv Learning

Simpliv Learning

Simpliv Learning is a platform for learning that enables you to both buy and sell online courses. It gives you the choice of a live virtual classroom instruction for a hands-on learning experience. You may quickly browse the platform’s more than a million videos to pick up new skills. After you finish a particular course, it gives you an official and legitimate certificate. You can easily complete the modules at your own pace and enrol in the courses based on your interests. Also check Crypto wallets

This is another techchange alternative. Simpliv Learning offers the ability to find the hottest topics in a range of categories, including databases, IT & software systems, health & fitness, self-improvement, marketing, and language. Both as an instructor and a student, you can participate in live virtual classes. With the aid of this platform, you can create engaging interactive courses that generate large profit margins for you.

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12. Heights


The software called Heights gives you the tools you need to make online courses and other related goods. It enables you to make money off the courses while assisting your community in picking up cutting-edge knowledge. This software gives you the tools to create a dynamic landing page with integrated payment methods. With the aid of the marketing tools it provides, you may reach a sizable audience while also learning about consumer behaviour to better develop services that will meet their demands.

Height’s services include money processing, content management, email marketing, white-label branding, first-rate support, student analytics, world-class hosting, customizable landing pages, and lead tracking support. Heights also covers all facets of internet company. It provides you with round-the-clock customer assistance and assists you in every facet of your journey. It is a simple-to-use piece of software that doesn’t require any coding or programming knowledge.

13. OpenWeb


With the support of OpenWeb, you may grow your community by involving your viewers and readers. After examining the first-party data, it increases your registrations even more and retargets the audience. A higher level of audience involvement makes your business more lucrative. The discussion is the key component of OpenWeb since it is supported by AI and machine learning, which improves the conservation ratio.

You can use its live blogging and event features to communicate with your community in real time. When you upload a subject, your community members can choose to be notified by using the topic tracker option. Other features include community-favorite questions and responses, customised notifications, and social reviews. Additionally, it gives your community members or audience the chance to express their sentiments, ideas, and opinions by leaving comments beneath your articles. This is another techchange alternative.

14. Devada AnswerHub

Devada AnswerHub

The Devada AnswerHub platform allows technical teams and developers to provide large enterprises with their team collaboration, knowledge capture, and operational efficiency services. This technology enables your business to fully utilise and develop a distributed expert network. After examining the team’s performance, it offers you recommendations for enhancing team productivity and offers you a speedy resolution to all of your difficulties and challenges. Additionally, it helps you in every step of your quest to strengthen your developer community.

This is another techchange alternative. By giving your community rewards and incentives like points, badges, etc., you may raise their interest in and involvement with your community. Additionally, it gives you in-depth analytical reports so you can comprehend how each community member behaves. Role-based permissions, extensibility, an expert identification engine, enhanced moderation, etc. are some of this platform’s additional features.

15. Learnie


The community-based microlearning platform known as Learnie enables you to create engaging learning materials for your neighbourhood. It enables you to instantly impart your knowledge and experiences to your community in a thirty-second learning burst. Being an app-based platform, it enables you to access the platform and make a video burst for your audience from any location. This is another techchange alternative.

By giving you options that are pretty straightforward and uncomplicated, it helps you save a lot of resources like time and money. This platform maintains community retention, and each video can include cognitive pauses. Your community may effortlessly share your movies, which will grow your audience. This platform for bottom-up learning captivates viewers with its fun video elements. It is a straightforward platform, and creating a course doesn’t call for any special expertise.


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