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Top 15 Playbox Alternatives In 2022

Best and most efficient Playbox Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Playbox is an entertainment software created by Rachid Bogos that offers a large selection of well-known Hollywood and Bollywood films. Its user interface has a side panel with a number of options to access video material including shows, movies, and cartoons, among other things. All of your downloaded movies are accessible from the downloaded folder with just one tap.

The app has a section called Discover that lists movies based on recent releases and top films. By typing the complete name and/or keywords into the search field, users can look up the movies they want to watch. You can add selected movies to a favourite folder in the Playbox app to share them with other users via social media sites. It is a completely free app with no in-app purchases or advertisements. Using the app, you may watch every recently published and well-liked anime film.

Top 15 Playbox Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Playbox Alternatives in 2022 are explained here.

1. Movie Diary

Movie Diary

This is another playbox alternative. Users of the Movie Diary app can look for recently released and well-liked movies, TV series, and other video content. To keep track of the premiere dates of your preferred forthcoming films, you can make a personal calendar. The viewers can download movies to watch them offline after watching them online. You can add movies to your watchlist that you want to watch. Also check  NWanime alternative

The discover, upcoming, watchlist, and profile areas can be accessed via buttons on the main screen. The app has a section called Discover that lists movies and TV shows based on filters like top weekly, recently released, featured, etc. The features in the Movie Diary app let you keep track of your Watchlist so you can schedule time to view your favourite films or TV episodes. It provides a summary of the films, including their release date, television airtime, star information, etc.

2. My Movie Collection HD

My Movie Collection HD

With the help of the entertainment software My Movie Collection HD, you can easily keep track of your favourite movies. The user may quickly examine their movie library and customise it with text, photographs, and other elements to make it more useful. For a better understanding, you can view numerous details about movies, including their release date, biographies, and filmographies, as well as their trailers and overview videos.

By using the actor, director, and movie titles as search criteria, viewers can find the movies they want to watch. Additionally, you can narrow down your searches using a variety of criteria, including format, genres, rating, reviews, decade, and others.

This is another playbox alternative. The actor menu in the My Movie Collection HD app displays the actor’s birthdate, place of birth, most recent film, future film, and top films. From the settings menu, you may choose and modify format, status, input, and view. For access to an unlimited amount of movies directly on their smartphone, the user can purchase a premium version.

3. Dejavu Movies Discovery

Dejavu Movies Discovery

You may quickly find your desired movies using the Dejavu Movies Discovery app. To sync your data with the cloud server and to search for movies while browsing as a guest, you can log into the app. You can add different criteria to your searches using the dynamic search filters provided by the app.

Additionally, the app offers high-quality screenshots and a movie trailer that you may view to help you decide. The customer has the option to rent or pre-order movies in addition to purchasing them through the iTunes store. To watch your favourite movies with friends and family, you may also share them on various social media networks.

Users of the Dejavu Movies Discovery app can perform keyword searches to find movies and actors. Both the complete list of films and actors, as well as the total number of films and actors with the same name, are displayed. Before purchasing a movie, you can discover more about it by researching the cast, genre, and plot.

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4. Flixster


A community-based entertainment website called Flixster lets you find fresh content for amusement. You may find movies using the app, go through reviews, and watch television series for free. It is merely the neighbourhood of entertainment aficionados where they may express their opinions on any TV show or movie.

It not only lets you see new movie trailers, but it also tells you when the film will be released. A web-based system for purchasing tickets is provided by Flixster so you can watch them anytime you wish.

One of the greatest places to rent movies or buy them outright is through the on-demand movie service platform Flixster. This platform’s ability to produce high-quality trailers for forthcoming films is one of its strongest features.

5. Kanopy


Finding and streaming relevant movies is simple with Kanopy, a wonderful option. One of the most well-known streaming apps was created especially for people who wish to watch new movies every day. Its thousands of book selections include festival favourites and well-liked picks picked for their understanding of the viewpoint, culture, and beliefs of others.

You may find the movies that appeal to you on Kanopy by taking advantage of the new titles that are added each month. You can also obtain staff selections and personalised suggestions. It provides kid-friendly programming, and parents can quickly explore entertaining and informative films for kids of all ages.

This is another playbox alternative. It encourages healthy social and emotional development and sparks young people’s creativity, making it superior to other activities. Additional fundamental advantages of Kanopy are its simplicity and ease of use, regular updates, recommendations, push notifications, variety of packages, ratings, place comments, and several categories. In comparison to other streaming apps, Kanopy is great.

6. Filmbox+


Users of Tayfun’s Filmbox+ app can make a to-do list for watching their favourite movies with this entertainment software. The app features shake control, which lets you shake your phone to move to the next or previous movie. You can also swipe with your fingers to switch between movies. The software can be used without an in-app account, but you can set one up to store your data on a cloud server.

The Filmbox Smart Movie Manager app features a watchlist to keep track of your viewing history as well as one-tap addition of movies or TV series. To watch or manage the watched movies, you can make lists for three distinct users. You can also create a folder to access the movies all at once. Also check AnimeShow.tv

Filmbox: TV show, movie, and trailer With the use of features like release date, rating, reviews, and name sorting, the Box app can help you find movies. The user has the option of managing movies alphabetically. It displays details about the movies, including their rating, runtime, year of release, cast, and synopsis. There are no in-app purchases or advertisements in the app, which is free to use.

7. My Movies by Blu-ray.com

My Movies by Blu-ray.com

You may easily download your movie library to your smartphone with the My Movies by Blu-ray.com app. Users have the option of creating new filters based on their specific requirements as well as filtering their chosen movies using a variety of parameters. You can use hashtags to search for movies in your collection.

The app includes features that allow you to rate recently seen movies so you can share your thoughts with others. By using the app, the user can obtain fantastic discounts on expensive movies. In order to ensure that you don’t miss any premieres, it also has a built-in calendar that shows you when each future film is scheduled for release. This is another playbox alternative.

You may watch movies in high definition on the My Movies by Blu-ray.com app and from a variety of online sources, including iTunes, Amazon Videos, and Ultra Violet, among others. Its user interface has a side panel with areas for offers, news, release calendar, and theatrical releases.

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8. RecordMovies Free

RecordMovies Free

Users of the RecordMovies Free app can make a virtual wish list of their favourite movies to watch in the future. The software will handle the rest after you add movies to the list. It keeps track of the movies on your list and notifies you when they are ready to watch.

Users can arrange movies by title, rating, cast, and release date so that you can access them from the tab section with only one click. Through social networking networks, you can add movies to a favourite folder and share them with others.

The free Record Movies app has a built-in calendar that users can use to add movie release dates and keep track of all the forthcoming releases. By choosing the date and turning on the calendar event options, you may add reminders. Then, you must hit the save button to save it.

9. Movie Genie

Movie Genie

Clive Skinner’s programme, Movie Genius, uses sophisticated recommendation tools to suggest movies based on themes, narratives, reviews, and user ratings. As you use the app, the recommendations get progressively more intelligent. The app may learn about your movie preferences thanks to its AI learning features.

It has pre-added movie lists, or you may make your own and add your favourite movies to it as well as any new ones you find. The app has a sophisticated filter that enables you to select movies based on their age ratings. You may enable or disable movie searches based on age in the options area.

This is another playbox alternative. The parental controls in the Movie Genius – Film Recommendations app allow you to set the app to only display films appropriate for a certain age range. The amount of movie recommendations from a particular category can be chosen by users. To share your recommendations with friends or other users, you can rank movies in star ratings.

10. TodoMovies 4

TodoMovies 4

You can keep track of the movies you’ve viewed and find new ones with the TodoMovies 4 app. To organise watched and unwatched movies, you can make different lists. It enables users to do movie searches using criteria for genres, release dates, and newly released titles.

The app provides movie ratings so you can rank movies you’ve seen or read reviews of your favourite films. Users can learn about the cast and director of movies on this website. To view all of an actor or director’s films, touch on their names. There are buttons on its user interface for the discover, lists, search, news, and settings sections. Your movies are displayed in the explore section in order of popularity, genre, just released, and forthcoming.

Although the TodoMovies 4 app is free to use, it does contain adverts that can be removed with in-app purchases. Users can export their lists so they can import them at a later time. To get a sense of what is trending, you can view films, videos, or images.

11. BIGSTAR Movies


You can watch movies and TV shows for free on the BIGSTAR Movies app for iOS and Android. It offers films in a variety of genres, including action, horror, science fiction, war-based, comedic, and fighting, among others. On this exquisite website, everyone may find and watch domestic and foreign cinema. This is another playbox alternative.

It places all available movies and TV series, both domestic and foreign, in the palm of your hands. Movie fans can watch new releases of foreign films, Indian films, documentaries, and much more on BIGSTAR Movies – Watch FREE Movies & TV Shows.

You can browse categories or use the search box to find movies after installation. The BIGSTAR Movies app also offers a premium service that entitles users to full HD streams, no commercials, and access to the entire BIGSTAR catalogue.

12. Movie Bucket

Movie Bucket

The Movie Bucket app, a leisure software from Aspyre, helps you keep track of all your favourite movies. A bucket list allows you to add movies and provides information on when they will be released. Users can learn about the movies that their friends are seeing thanks to it. You can rate the movies on the watched list after watching them. Through numerous social media networks, the user can provide their friends and family recommendations for good movies.

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By navigating through them with a single swipe, it makes it easier to add movies to a wish list. The app offers reminders for movies that you can set and alerts you when the movies are ready to watch. You may read in-depth information about your favourite movies, including reviews, ratings, genre descriptions, release dates, and director bios.

The interface of the Movie Bucket app has buttons for accessing menus like availability, unreleased, friends, and watchlist. To get a better understanding, you can also view a trailer or an overview video by clicking the information button. You can choose whether to use the reminder feature or simply keep the release date in mind.

13. JustWatch


This is another playbox alternative. One of the most compelling and tastefully created platforms for everyone who enjoys viewing movies and other entertainment content is JustWatch. If you’re seeking for an online platform where you can stream the newest movies, TV series, and channels endlessly, JustWatch is the best choice for you. Also check Animepahe¬†

It is an internet application that directs you through all of the top streaming services available worldwide, including Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. It enables users to view all recently released content, buy tickets, and check out all the latest movies in theatres.

You must choose the movie, the hour, and the desired quantity of tickets before you can buy a ticket. It has a big database that has up to 55,000 movies, TV series, and news stories.

14. MegaBox HD

MegaBox HD

Users of the MegaBox HD app may easily and quickly watch thousands of movies and TV series on their cellphones. You can choose from a variety of movies and TV shows to stream online or download for offline viewing. Users can quickly and simply access their preferred TV shows and movies with the drop-down menu.

This is another playbox alternative. You can use the app’s search box to look for the movies and TV shows you want to watch. To improve your search, you can use a variety of parameters, including popularity, the most recent releases, and reviews. Users can type keywords as well as the complete title of movies and TV series.

You can select the resolution of your preferred content using the MegaBox HD app from a list of different resolutions, including 320p, 720p, and 1080p. You may read information about the content you are looking for, such as the release year, rating, and genres.

15. Bobby Movie

Bobby Movie

With the help of the free Android software Bobby Movie, you can stream high-definition films, shows, and events from all over the world at any time. You can find your favourite material and enjoy excellent streaming without any restrictions thanks to the app’s straightforward and simple UI and UX. For all movie enthusiasts, Bobby Movie is a straightforward yet effective mobile streaming application.

The majority of video and movie streaming services lack sections like New Release, Trending, Most Watch, and Categories, but Bobby Movie does. Each of its parts contains options that are continuously updated with new content. Additionally, a sophisticated search bar is available to quickly locate your preferred content. The streaming app Bobby Movie does not require registration and is free to use. This is another playbox alternative.

On the other hand, you must register for the app using a confirmed email address if you want to stay up to date with the newest trends. Numerous categories, support for more than 225 languages, simple movie requests, compatibility for Chromecast with Airplay, a wide variety of original material, regular updates, etc. are just a few of the app’s standout features.


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