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Top 15 Best Radio4000 Alternatives in 2022

Best and popular Radio400 alternatives will be described in this article. A music discovery initiative called Radio4000 was started to collect and share a wide range of music for amusement, curiosity, and possibly a few laughs. It is a selection of songs that a group of friends put together using a straightforward mixtape website so they could share the music they were listening to. You can immediately begin listening to the carefully selected radio channels, and you can even load new radios. You can use the search characteristic to look up your favourite radio station and sort the results using criteria like as activity, age, alphabet, and more. The major goal of this task is to study music and cultural aspects by using the ecosystem of tools and services.

Top 15 Best Radio4000 Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Radio4000 Alternatives are explained here.


This is another radio4000 alternative. The command-line radio for geeks,, is a terrific resource for finding new music you might enjoy. will play songs by the musician you specify, from a range of genres and record companies to which the performer is signed. The service is also free, and anyone with a simple text file describing the songs or albums can add them to’s database. Simply enter the tab fm play command to begin listening. Whether you want to play electronic pop, Madonna, or anything else, it’s all here. Overall, offers a full-screen text-based interface that makes it simple to explore and play content, making it the ideal way to listen to your favourite podcasts on the command line. Also check keepsafe alternatives

2. Imported Digitally []

Imported Digitally []

The electronic music portal Digitally Imported [] was created to sate all of your listening needs. Each of the service’s more than 50 genre-based channels is programmed around a distinct mood or theme and is selected by actual people. You can listen to your favourite genre’s music all day long on, or you can discover new music every day. Whether you’re working on something exciting, partying with friends, or just hanging out with family and friends, it always makes you want to get up. It includes a sizable variety of carefully chosen genres and performers, as well as a lightning-fast music player and downloader. With the choice between 320 MP3 and 128K AAC choices, it offers you greater sound quality. The application gives you entry to a wide variety of music, including trance, EDM, dance, chill out, ambient, bass, and techno. Vocal, deep, timeless, and more. This is another radio4000 alternative.

3. Earbits


An unparalleled chance for musicians and record labels to regain control over their music on the internet is provided by the free music streaming software Earbits. It differs from other free music apps because it has a built-in monetization model that enables new artists and record labels to access royalties and maintain full ownership of their content while giving listeners the option to choose between free or premium streams and the ability to stream any song whenever and wherever they want. A free music streaming app with social media capability is called Earbits.

The first and only app that rewards users for listening to music with optional, limitless brand monetization. It sets out on a goal to leverage social media, playlists, and music to forge closer ties between people and brands. From rock to pop, electronic dance music to jazz, and everything in between, the programme has it all. You may find thousands of artists and brands with this app, listen on demand without a membership, and purchase their music. This is another radio4000 alternative.

4. Tunesnapper


The only browser extension that has the ability to identify a song from a picture of its cover art is TuneSnapper, which enables you to play the precise tune you’re looking for. The user interface is really easy to comprehend and use. Simply click it to be sent to the TuneSnapper search engine, where you may listen to full-length previews of the album or individual songs by the artist you were perusing. Depending on your subscription package, you can also download or purchase albums and singles in addition to listening to full music. Tunesnapper is a music discovery software with a stylish and intuitive user interface that also gives you rapid access to your personal music library and cloud storage accounts. This is another radio4000 alternative.

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5. Palco MP3

Palco MP3

This is another radio4000 alternative. Palco MP3 offers more than 1 million songs for you to listen to and download on your mobile device and is the largest Brazilian application for independent musicians. Each of the app’s several categories or genres includes a selection of music to listen to.

You may find new bands, make your own playlists with your favourite musicians, and listen to a variety of radio stations from a wide range of musical genres with the aid of this robust music app. Palco MP3 is also the greatest option for people with lovely voices who want to share their gift with others and receive immediate feedback.

You don’t have to register in order to listen to music streaming. On the other hand, you need to establish a profile with all the necessary details if you want to make your own playlist or share your tracks. Palco MP3 offers a variety of features, including daily updates with new songs, streaming and downloading of songs, an intuitive user interface, and the ability to sort by artist, category, or date, among other options.

6. Lark Player

Lark Player

Amazing music player Lark Player was created by Mobiuspace Tech Top Player. With the smallest weight, biggest YouTube music video library, player features, and most potent screen controls, it is one of the greatest music and video players. The software comes in a variety of versions, the most recent of which automatically supports all of the most widely utilized audio and video file types as well as supporting speedy searches for and playing of hot free MV on YouTube.

Almost all of the common music and video formats, including MKV, MP4, MOV, MP3, MIDI, and FLAC, are supported by the robust programme Lark Player. The fact that this music programme contains a potent Equalizer system with more than 10 pre-set settings, including normal, dance, Metal, and jazz, is one of its most appealing features. This application’s entire material is divided into several sections. It has a section with YouTube trending videos that is regularly updated with fresh choices.

For people who wish to enjoy their local videos and audio, Lark Player is the ideal option. You can play music by albums, artists, songs, etc. after a brief automatic scan of your device and SD card. It adds excellent music features that make the application more engaging. It enables you to send your friend a local or online audio file via Bluetooth or a social network. Lark Player is a great music app for people of all ages. Also check allmypps alternatives

7. Audiomack


One of the best and most popular music apps, Audiomack – Download New Music, enables you to stream and download the best songs, albums, mixtapes, playlists, etc. Hip-Hop, R&B, EDM, Rap, and many other genres are available to explore on the app for free.

You may use this app to download as many music as you like to listen to offline without using any data. The app puts the newest and trendiest tunes at your fingertips for listening and free download. With its trending section, you may download the latest content from across the globe and enjoy it when you don’t have access to the internet. This is another radio4000 alternative.

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The Audiomack app requires registration, which includes verifying the email address and providing all other necessary details like a name and password, etc. You may also use it to follow your preferred musicians, DJs, and producers.

8. Musicolet music player

Musicolet music player

For iOS and Android smartphones, Krosbits has created and published the Musicolet Music Player app, which is a free music and audio player. It is designed specifically for those who want to enjoy local audio files with some intriguing features like an equaliser and an enhanced base. The music app is straightforward, lightweight, and equipped with all the necessary capabilities for playing music. While listing songs from one queue, the software also lets you build and manage another queue. You may build up to 20 queues, making it the only mobile application that allows multiple queues.

The UI of Musicolet Music Player is straightforward and user-friendly, and it provides quick and simple navigation. The main player, play Queue, playlists, and other essential app features are all conveniently located on the displays of your mobile device thanks to the app. The application also features a customization function that lets you add additional widgets and customise the look of the notifications. Additionally, it has essential features like a tag editor, sleep timer, lovely widgets, lock screen, unique playlist, and more.

9. is a comprehensive music streaming service that offers free, limitless access to Bollywood, Hindi, English, and all regional music from Pakistan. You may explore, listen to, and download free Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Saraki, Sindhi, and Baluchi music with this app, which is comparable to Saavn.

It adds a video streaming function that lets you watch an endless number of video songs and download and share the URL with your friends to make it more engaging.

This is another radio4000 alternative. You may effortlessly enjoy millions of hit songs thanks to its plethora of compilations, which range from the newest songs to an old classic, Bollywood, and Pakistani. You can create your own playlist with your favourite music with this app, much as other apps.

10. Bandcamp


Bandcamp is an Android and iOS music and audio software developed by Bandcamp Inc. You get immediate, unrestricted access to your Bandcamp purchase through the app. With its radio programme, it allows you to discover a vast collection of music created by musicians from all over the world.

It is designed specifically for music fans who want to keep up with their favourite performers and take advantage of unrestricted streaming. Bandcamp features a vast library of recordings that spans several genres, including pop, jazz, classical, and many others.

Each category has its own songs, which are updated frequently with fresh material. It also includes a list of the top musicians in the globe, making it simple to search and share the songs of your favourite artists.

11. Boom


Global Delight Technologies Pvt. has made a stunning music player software called Boom: Music Player & Equalizer. The programme lets you experience 3D surround sound and is available for iOS and Android smartphones. Based on a 3D Virtual Surround Audio Engine that has a patent application pending, it enables you to fully immerse yourself in the enchanted soundscape.

With regard to widgets and settings, there are two distinct themes, such as bright and dark. Boom: There is a number of essential elements that make Music Player and Equalizer more intriguing. This is another radio4000 alternative.

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The boom includes all the necessary equipment and services to provide comprehensive and exhilarating entertainment. The ability to access your music from Dropbox, Google Drive, and any other cloud storage services, in addition to the phone’s library, is one of the most intriguing and delightful features of this application.

12. Beat


For Android and iOS smartphones, Beat – Music Player is a gorgeous, straightforward, and simple music player. It has a variety of themes so you may have a blast while listening to your favourite music. You can easily navigate the application and feel your music thanks to its simple gestures. Also check  WFH alternatives

The beat is a top-notch music player app that also lets you share the music you’re playing on Facebook and Twitter. You can make a playlist with your favourite music, edit the settings, rename the file, and share it with others using the application.

The programme has a tonne of essential features, like user-friendly gestures, gorgeous themes, custom shaking gestures, custom lock screens, share what you listen, and much more, to make it more engaging.

13. Unlimited Songs Music lyrics

Unlimited Songs Music lyrics

Use the free mobile app Play and Listen to Mp3 Music Now with Music Player and Unlimited Songs. You will undoubtedly have a top-notch mobile music experience with this user-friendly and thoughtfully created music player. It provides millions of the best databases in the world, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your dreams.

No matter the hour or location, you are free to browse, search, and listen to your favourite music and bands. The application offers a variety of modes, including party, love, and romantic. There is music available for each setting. Additionally, it enables you to compose playlists of your music to spice it up.

This is another radio4000 alternative. A fantastic MP3 music player, Music Player and Unlimited Songs, can play a variety of audio files, including podcasts, audiobooks, and shows. Additionally, it adds a dynamic real-time audio visualizer to enhance your listening pleasure.

14. musixmatch Music Player Lyrics

musixmatch Music Player Lyrics

The most comprehensive lyrics database in the world, musixmatch Music Player Lyrics gives you synchronised song lyrics with translations in multiple languages for all of your music. In 2013, Musixmatch SRL released an app with the goal of making music more engaging.

When you stream your favourite songs and playlists with the Musixmatch app, you can sync the lyrics with your DEEZER, Spotify, or other music accounts. This is your all-in-one music solution.

Within a few minutes, the app provides complete lyrics for almost all songs. It has an effective search function that enables you to look up your favourite song by title, artist, or even just a single line of lyrics.

15. Musicloud


A music streaming programme called Musicloud was developed to provide you with a seamless experience listing, managing, and syncing music. It supports MP3 and FLAC files. One of the best theme apps out there makes it simple to listen to your favourite music on any device, including Android, iPhone, Windows, and more.

More than 3 million songs in various languages, including English, Spanish, Hindi, etc., are available on the app. You can enjoy the content you want by exploring the categories of each one. The programme, also known as a media player, provides almost all of the essential features that make listening more engaging. This is another radio4000 alternative.

You can create your own playlist with your preferred songs on Music Loud and share it with others using the playlist feature. The app includes features like a sleep timer, background music playback, fine scrubbing, and more than 20 realistic EQ presets.


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