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Top 15 Best Communication Apps In 2022

Best communication app will be described in this article. The idea of businesses interacting with clients through communication apps would have appeared absurd in the early 2000s. But in 2022? That is customary.

Inquiries using social messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp increased by 36 percent last year, better than any different medium, according to the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2022. As more customers use their preferred messaging services to communicate with businesses, this trend is here to stay.

However, there are so many possibilities that it can be difficult to choose the best communication software. In order to assist you in choosing the appropriate tool for your organisation, we have broken down 15 different tools.

What to look for in communication apps for customer service

Find a communication software that is easy to use first and foremost. Customers and your support staff won’t want to use a complicated tool.

When choosing an app, keep the following important things in mind in addition to its usability:

  • Automation and AI. These capabilities in an app can streamline internal processes and eliminate manual labour, allowing your representatives to spend more time interacting with customers.
  • Popularity. Pick a communication app that is well-liked by your target demographic. If your target audience is devoted to a certain app, they will feel at ease utilising it to get assistance.
  • Onboarding and assistance. When utilising new technologies, a learning curve is always there. Choose a communication software that provides an onboarding programme, ongoing team assistance, and training to reduce this friction.
  • Integrations. Find a tool that combines with your current tech stack to centralise all of your customer information.
  • Goals. Choose an app that fits your company goals, whether you’re looking to expand your customer base or enhance your conversational customer service.

After you’ve made a short list of potential choices, think about joining up for a free trial or testing the app out with a select number of users. You can decide if the communication app is a suitable fit for you and your customers through the experience.

The top communication apps

  • Apps for mobile chat
  • Apps for social media messenger
  • Apps for voice and video communication
  • Apps for internal communication

Top mobile chat apps

With more features and capabilities than standard text messaging, these mobile communication apps elevate the customer support experience to a new level.

Top 15 Best communication apps in 2022

Top 15 Best communication apps in 2022 are explained here.

1. WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business

With more than 2 billion users, your audience is undoubtedly already familiar with WhatsApp Business. According to our data, the number of support tickets submitted via WhatsApp grew by 370 percent last year, meaning that more and more consumers are using it as a channel. Also check secapps scanner alternatives

The WhatsApp Business App and the WhatsApp API are the two solutions available to businesses wishing to interact with their clients.

Although the WhatsApp Business App has more functionality for small-business owners, it still has the same appearance as a personal account on the site. Reach out to many customers at once with fresh offers and critical information, and segment your audience to customise your communication. This is another communication apps alternative.

If your large company relies on a CRM, contact centre, or customer service software to interact with customers, choose the WhatsApp Business API. Midsize and large businesses can access their clients without the platform’s typical restrictions thanks to the WhatsApp Business API. Along with offering greater customizability, improved security, and tool integration, WhatsApp Business API. You can work with a developer and a WhatsApp Business Solution Partner to use the service, so you don’t have to calculate it out on your own.

Key Feature

  • Prompt responses. For quick and effective responses, save and repurpose messages that you frequently send to consumers.
  • Automated communications Instantly welcome your clients with pre-written letters that advise them of when to expect a response or where to discover further details.
  • Customized notifications. Utilizing the WhatsApp Business API, send customers customised appointment reminders, shipping updates, and more.

2. Apple Business Chat

Apple Business Chat

Your business may easily communicate with the 1.65 billion users of Apple devices thanks to Apple Business Chat. From Apple Maps, Safari, and Siri, your clients can locate your establishment and start a discussion with you.

Sending customers crucial documents, appointment reminders, location updates, order status updates, high-quality photos, and more is possible with Apple Business Chat. Apple Pay can be used by customers to pay you.

The adoption of Apple Business Chat by several well-known companies, such as Hilton, Home Depot, 1-800-Flowers, and Freshly, is a powerful strategy for connecting with their target audience.

Key Feature

  • Payments. Through Apple Pay, customers may transmit money in a safe manner.
  • Order monitoring in real-time. Inform clients of the progress of their orders without forcing them to leave the page or transfer platforms.
  • Autonomous responses Create an autoresponder and share information with consumers whenever you want.
  • Make reservations. Customers may schedule meetings and appointments without opening a different browser tab or app.

3. Google Business messages

Google Business messages

Customers may message businesses directly using Google Business Messages from a number of Google products, including Maps and Search. Because Google controls 92 percent of the global search engine industry, this messaging app is an important channel for interacting with users. Additionally, you can use it to deliver top-notch customer service.

In difficult times, Google Business Messages assisted the garment company Levi Strauss in maintaining its consumer base. When the pandemic caused a 30% rise in off-hours buyers, the company required a strategy to engage its audience. Customers could contact the business via Google Business Message in lieu of the website, a physical location, or a phone call. As a result, there were 30 times more store-related queries answered and consumer satisfaction levels increased.

Key feature

  • Payments. Utilize Google Pay to securely accept consumer payments.
  • Timely updates. Directly through the app, provide customers with information on refunds, orders, and more.
  • Simple access to assistance. With the inspiration of a button, customers can contact a live agent for prompt, individualised assistance.



84 million individuals in Japan use the mobile messaging app LINE. By offering services like news, banking, healthcare, music, and more, LINE integrates itself into people’s life. Therefore, it seems sense that it would be a fantastic location to provide customer support.

Through calls and texts, support workers may deliver individualised and unique experiences thanks to the Customer Connect feature of the app. Customers may also receive notifications such as order confirmations and rescheduled appointment reminders.

Companies can now access Official accounts on LINE, which provide them the opportunity to interact with clients more directly, advertise events and activities, and post significant updates. Customers can search for you on the platform by typing in your company name if you have a Premium or Verified account. This is another communication apps alternative.

Key feature

  • Arrange your messages. To keep discussions organised so that agents may quickly get the consumer context they require, create notes and tag chats.
  • Plugins. You can showcase digital loyalty programme cards, menus, appointment options, and other customer services by adding plugins to your profile.
  • Autoresponders. No matter when a consumer contacts you, quickly respond and share information with them using automated greetings and replies.

5. KakaoTalk


The KakaoTalk app is South Korea’s most popular texting service, with 46 million users. Through the KakaoTalk Channel, users can engage in conversations with companies and start new ones.

Customers can communicate with you in a number of ways on KakaoTalk, including one-on-one conversations, group messaging, and chatbots. The software also includes highly desired services like navigation and shopping.

Key feature

  • Autonomous responses By programming automated responses based on frequently asked queries and requests, you may offer 24/7 customer service.
  • Updates to the homepage. Share important details and updates about discounts, events, and promotions directly from the messaging app’s Kakao home page. Customers can start a chat to learn more from that page.
  • To message, click. Customers may interact with you quickly thanks to direct links, QR codes, and website buttons that are available in the KakaoTalk Channel Manager.

6. WeChat


WeChat, founded in China, ranks sixth in terms of the number of users on social media and messaging apps and is a major participant in the communication tools market with more than 1 billion active monthly users. Also check OTT streaming services

Businesses can post updates and have direct messaging and phone conversations with customers on WeChat. Users often follow between 10 and 20 company WeChat accounts, giving businesses on this medium the chance to reach a large audience.

Key feature

  • Payments. Businesses can use the WeChat app to securely accept payments.
  • Automated communications With automatic welcome messages and responses, you can keep your clients informed and interested.
  • Interactions between parties. Businesses can interact with customers and learn more about them by using the Shake feature, which links you to someone else who shakes their phone simultaneously.

7. Viber


With around 1 billion registered users globally, Viber, also known as Rakuten Viber, is a cross-platform messaging service with a Japanese origin. It is perfect for reaching a worldwide audience because it is currently utilised in more than 190 countries.

This is another communication apps alternative. Businesses can engage with clients using the app by using chatbots, video calls, and messaging. Viber may be used by businesses to advertise, provide promotions, and initiate conversations with customers. Through its unique Sticker Pack promotion, Coca-Cola saw over 680,000 chatbot interactions on Viber, with 29,000 codes being used.

While using the app to chat with other Viber users is completely free, you must use Viber Out to get in touch with those who don’t use the service. The country, phone number, and type of plan you’re using all affect the rates.

Key feature

  • Message deletion and editing. Delete transmitted messages as soon as possible, and fix conversation problems like typos.
  • Communities. Establish and oversee public forums for brand evangelists and potential customers.
  • GIFS and stickers. With customisable stickers and GIFs, you can personalise and make customer encounters more enjoyable.

Communicating customer service best practises

Check out these eight message transformations for your support approach.

Visit the free manual now.

8. Your own website or mobile app (live chat)

Your own website or mobile app (live chat)

Integrate messaging into your website or mobile app to enable customers to get support right away as they communicate with you.

It’s simple to connect messaging across your channels by using a tool like Zendesk’s messaging software. For a smooth and effective messaging experience, you’ll get easy access to customer data and conversation history, an unified workspace, and useful third-party connections.

Key feature

  • The Answer Bot Your first line of defence is our AI-powered chatbot, which is always on duty. Common client inquiries can be automatically addressed, simple difficulties can be fixed, and when necessary, issues can be escalated to an agent.

Intelligence and planning. Faster resolutions result from advanced routing and intelligence capabilities that guarantee client tickets are delivered to the person with the appropriate knowledge and skill set.

  • Integrations. Give your customers more power by integrating live location sharing and rich messaging tools.

The top social media messaging apps

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are just a few of the social media sites that have firmly established themselves in our daily lives. These social messaging apps are perfect for customer service because of their widespread use.

9. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the only messaging tool you need if you want to give your consumers a quick and simple way to get in touch with you. This app is a great choice for customer assistance because it has over 2.9 billion monthly active users.

There are several different messaging possibilities on the platform. Smaller companies and organisations should use Facebook Page Inbox, Inbox in Facebook Business Suite, and Business Inbox on Messenger. They all make it straightforward to swiftly sift, monitor, and respond to messages despite having significantly different capabilities. This is another communication apps alternative.

The Messenger Platform API is aimed for corporations. This solution allows major businesses more flexibility to personalise their features and workflows, similar to the WhatsApp Business API.

Key feature

  • Autonomous responses Even when your representatives aren’t on duty, you can still greet and engage with your consumers right away.
  • Clear messages. Within the platform, you can give users responsibility for managing messages, completing tasks, or flagging conversations for further investigation. Or, for a tailored workflow, combine the communication app with your customer service software.
  • Analytics. Utilize the Message Insights API to monitor messaging performance, including how many individuals blocked you and how many chats you had.

10. Instagram Direct

Instagram Direct

90% of Instagram users follow a business account, making it one of the best platforms for brands to connect with consumers, foster loyalty, and boost sales. An effective customer care tool is Instagram Direct, an inbox where you can send and receive private messages.

Customers can quickly click to message you as they browse your Instagram photographs, reels, and stories to get more information or ask questions. Additionally, businesses can utilise advertisements to nudge customers to message them for tailored promotions. Starbucks Indonesia ran advertisements that linked to Instagram Direct, which allowed it to get a 6x return on investment.

It costs zero to set up an Instagram Business account. Businesses may utilise the Messenger API for Instagram to manage client communications at scale, much like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Key Feature

  • Options for quick contact. To create it easy for clients to contact you on Instagram, provide a “message” button on your IG business profile (or use an link on your website).
  • Messaging between WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. You can now view messages from both Facebook and Instagram in a single location thanks to the integration of their messaging systems.
  • Autonomous responses Create a chatbot to provide information about opening hours and wait times, respond to frequently asked questions, and greet visitors.

11. Direct Messages Twitter

Direct Messages Twitter

This is another communication apps alternative. Twitter is the ideal venue for providing customer service because of its quick-fire, conversational style. You can respond to a customer’s tweet, effortlessly switch between public and private inboxes, and provide your audience with useful information.

Customers like utilising Twitter to communicate with businesses. Two out of three people choose Twitter over other social networks for customer service, per a survey by Twitter and Sprinklr.

Key Feature

  • Quickly switch from a public Tweet to a private conversation. For effective customer service, include a “send a private message” option in your tweet.
  • Request client feedback. Utilize Twitter’s Request Customer Feedback function to gather feedback on the support process.
  • Encourage clients to strike up dialogues. Use the Conversation Buttons feature, which may be combined with video or image adverts, to communicate with your audience. Customers can contact you in a simple and convenient way because of this.

Best apps for voice and video conferencing

The best method to deliver first-rate customer support is occasionally to conduct a video or voice chat to work through a problem. Although many of the other apps on our list offer video apps, these stand out because of their audio-visual emphasis.

12. Zoom


One of the apps with the highest growth during the pandemic, according to Business of Apps, was Zoom, which saw a 2,900% increase in meeting attendees. Zoom is the best place to engage with customers because it is one of the most widely used video platforms. This is another communication apps alternative. Also check 9Apps alternatives

With Zoom, you can hold simultaneous voice or video conferences with a single customer or hundreds. Additionally, it is simple to communicate messages and links in the chat during the conference as well as to share your screen.

Zoom offers a variety of price options, from a free plan to enterprise-level plans costing $240 annually per licence. There are also a few other choices for audio conferencing and big gatherings.

Key Feature

  • Recording. Zoom enables you to record meetings and save them for later viewing by your clients. Additionally, you can distribute them to your support staff for internal training.
  • Sharing of screens. Customers and support staff can walk through solutions together while on a video call by sharing their screens.
  • Simple scheduling Using the Zoom desktop client, you may easily schedule and monitor meetings (or use scheduling tools like Google Calendar and Outlook). Additionally, Zoom and Zendesk are integrated, allowing you to schedule and start a meeting directly from a support issue.

13. Discord


This is another communication apps alternative. Discord is a platform that is becoming more popular with young audiences. It was initially created with streaming and gamers in mind. Additionally, it’s a fantastic location for customer service.

The software, which boasts 300 million registered members, enables companies to set up many servers (or channels) to divide talks by different clients, teams, or projects. It offers a variety of communication methods, including voice, video, text, file sharing, and more, allowing for flexible consumer engagement and communication.

Key Feature

  • Sharing of screens. Similar to Zoom, Discord makes it simple to show customers your screen. You can even multi-stream if necessary to observe multiple customers’ screens simultaneously. When attempting to resolve a complicated or organizational-wide problem affecting numerous users, this can be useful.
  • Rapid switcher. By using the CTRL+K or CMD+K keyboard shortcut, this tool enables you to switch between messages and servers so you can answer to clients with a single click.
  • Integrations. Twitch and YouTube are just two of Discord’s many integrations. You may add a chatbot to the Discord platform and use ticket forms to collect information using the Zendesk connection for Discord.

Apps for internal communication

The foundation of excellent customer service is effective internal communication. To give consumers with prompt responses, reps should be able to speak with internal specialists and other support agents rapidly. You can provide that prompt, effective service with the assistance of the following internal communication apps.

14. Slack


This communication tool is used everyday by more than 12 million individuals. Slack makes support teams stronger by providing a central location for agents to communicate and exchange knowledge. Teams can also designate channels for high-priority clients and receive alerts automatically when tickets are received. This is another communication apps alternative.

Businesses can externally create a Slack community where customers can ask inquiries and offer useful materials. Additionally, a public channel can be made to act as a customer knowledge base.

Key Feature

  • Automatization and bots. Utilize routines and automated replies to keep track of your workflow. To follow up on a ticket, for example, you may have a bot remind you to do so.
  • Integrations. Slack connects to hundreds of applications, including Zendesk. All of your tools can cooperate to shorten response and resolution times because of these integrations.
  • Channels. Within your workplace, create a variety of public or private channels. You may even share channels with people outside of your company using Slack Connect. You can quickly find information inside channels by using the search bar and filters in Slack.

15. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative online workspace, much to Slack. It provides a variety of tools, including as shared channels, instant messaging, and video conversations, to aid support employees in working together to resolve customer concerns. This is another communication apps alternative.

Microsoft Teams is another tool that salespeople can utilise to speak with clients directly. For instance, REI uses Teams to provide “virtual outfitting” sessions where they invite customers for an online shopping adventure. Support staff can similarly give clients individualised product training or use Teams to troubleshoot problems.

Key Feature

  • Integrations. By integrating Microsoft Teams with well-known apps like Zendesk, Trello, Asana, and more, you can save time and improve internal and external interactions.
  • Group channels. Create private areas so that your support staff can rapidly share documents, remarks from clients, and updates.
  • Simple ideation Use the Whiteboard app to promote teamwork and brainstorming, then record everyone’s thoughts.

Keep the conversation going

It’s a terrific start to pick the best corporate communication software. Once you’ve chosen a platform, it’s essential to use the efficiency and usability of these apps to offer quick support to your clients.

Would you like to continue? Connect your messaging application to a Zendesk-like customer support system. With our solution, you can arrange messages from numerous apps in a single workspace, track statistics to improve agent performance, and provide well-informed, carefully selected responses based on client data.


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