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Top 15 Best Allmyapps Alternatives in 2022

Best and most popular allmypps alternatives will be discussed in this article. One of the biggest repositories for PC and mobile apps is called Allmyapps. It enables customers to update every component of their PC and, in most cases, even mobile apps.

It can be referred to as the manager for PC and mobile apps. The Allmyapps software has three major capabilities that keep the device safe and secure. There is a large selection of applications available, and you may accurately install and re-install your favourite apps with only one click.

The app offers three essential services: a simple software installer, a free software updater, and dependable mobile and PC apps. You may upgrade all of the apps with a single click using Allmyapps’ free software updater. The finest part of Allmyapps is that each app will receive a daily update from its team of professionals.

It provides updates for more than 5,000 apps. Additionally, it’s simple to install and re-install the programmes with just one click. Forget about the laborious process of installing and downloading the software right now. This distinguishing feature of Allmyapps automates the entire procedure and makes the update process very straightforward.

Top 15 Best Allmyapps Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Allmyapps Alternatives are explained here.

1. Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart Alpha

On your Android smartphones and tablets, Blackmart Alpha is an excellent tool that enables you to obtain free applications.

It is one of the most often utilised alternatives to Google Play Store and has one of the largest selections of apps for Android users. This is another allmyapps alternative.

Blackmart Alpha operates differently from the majority of Android app developers.

Blackmart Alpha is a classy programme that allows users to easily download the apps they want from within the Blackmart Alpha app.

Users are not permitted to utilise its replacement tools in certain countries due to certain restrictions.

2. Google Play Store

Google Play Store

The official and most popular app store for Android smartphones to download apps and games is Google Play Store. For Android smartphones and tablets, the Google Play Store currently offers millions of apps and games. Also check Erbix alternatives

There are two methods to access the Google Play Store services: either by going to the Google Play Store’s official website or by downloading and installing the Google Play Store app.

The Google Play Store app is now pre-installed on practically all Android handsets. The Google Play Store offers a variety of paid and free games and apps in numerous categories. The Google Play Store also sells games in addition to apps.

3. 1Mobile Industry

1Mobile Industry

One of the most recent locations to obtain the exclusive download of games and programmes is 1Mobile Market. This is another allmyapps alternative.

At 1Mobile Market, you’ll find a wide variety of apps and games, and downloading them is, by comparison, a piece of cake and extremely quick.

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Two categories of apps are offered by 1Mobile Market.

The official Google Play Store for Android hosts some of the apps, and the 1Mobile Market’s in-house Android apps are another option.

The key concepts of browsing and downloading form the basis of the simple and easy to use 1Mobile Market process.

4. Amazon App Store

Amazon App Store

The app shop for Kindle and Android devices that is run and provided by Amazon is called Amazon App Store.

The Amazon App Store focuses exclusively on offering its own produced apps, not include apps from other Android app markets like the Google Play Store.

The creator of Kindle is Amazon App Store, and for the same reasons.

On the other side, the majority of customers believe that the Amazon App Store just sells data and software for Kindle devices.

But the Amazon App Store for Android devices really has a much bigger quantity of apps than the Kindle does.

The Amazon App Store provides a dedicated area for app developers in addition to ordinary consumers.

5. AndroidPIT


The independent and tastefully designed app store for Android devices, such as smartphones and tablets, is called AndroidPIT.

It is the independent app shop that offers its own created programmes for Android users in addition to offering the majority of Google Play Store apps.

AndroidPIT is not just a site for downloading apps.

Additionally, it offers up-to-date information on Android, freshly released apps, hardware issues and fixes, tips, reviews, and a number of other services related to Android devices.

AndroidPIT offers a number of games for Android smartphones in addition to only dealing with apps.

6. SlideME


For Android smartphones and tablets, there is an independent app store called SlideME.

With its slick searching, the app enables you to quickly identify the appropriate number of programmes that are even difficult to investigate at the enormous Google Play Store.

It is a top-notch Android app store with a wide selection of free games and apps from practically all popular app categories. This is another allmyapps alternative.

For Android devices, SlideME offers both free and paid apps for download.

The app has a committed community that may rate apps and is closely watched and updated so that the availability of the finest apps can be guaranteed.

Additionally, you may filter the apps based on their features, popularity, best ratings, cost, and Android OS versions.

7. AppBrain


One of the top online directories for Android apps, AppBrain is useful for all of the planet’s Android users. This is another allmyapps alternative.

A widely utilised portal called App Brain offers millions of apps for download at any time. AppBrain also deals with app administration in addition to app provision.

The biggest feature of the AppBrain is that it even enables users to recommend programmes they’ve downloaded to friends. Also check scores

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Through some third-party platforms, AppBrain is regarded as having the second-largest selection of Android games and apps after the Google Play Store.

8. GetJar


With additional information about applications and software for Android smartphones, GetJar is an independent app provider for several mobile operating systems.

GetJar is a platform that has been specifically designed to offer apps and games for Android smartphones and tablets.

To make it simple to access more items on one platform, GetJar also deals in themes, APKs, games, and a tonne of other things in addition to apps.

The GetJar app store currently offers approximately a million apps and games in a variety of categories.

9. Opera Store for Mobile

Opera Store for Mobile

A browser-based app store for Android mobile operating systems is called Opera Mobile Store. The Opera Mobile Store now offers apps for other mobile operating systems in addition to Android. Android apps are more numerous than those for other operating systems. The Opera Mobile Store was initially launched to offer third-party software.

However, it now has a network of its own developers who have been actively creating programmes for consumers to download.

The Open Mobile Store, which receives 60 million monthly visitors and offers 100,000 apps for download on all platforms, is a well-known substitute among Android users.

10. MoboRobo


One of the most well-known Android smartphone PC administrators is MoboRobo, which also offers a tonne of free apps.

There is a sizable market for Android applications on MoboRobo that differs significantly from the Android app market found in the Google Play Store.

This is another allmyapps alternative. There are a tonne of computer and laptop users using the app as well.

The fact that MoboRobo provides a proper independent platform for the Android applications is unknown to the users who use it to manage their Android device from a PC.

The MoboRobo apps can be accessed via an online portal or by downloading the MoboRobo official app, which is available for Android mobile operating systems.

11. MoboMarket


Everyone can enjoy downloading their desired Android apps and games that are offered for free on MoboMarket, a hugely popular marketplace.

In addition to downloading, one can easily click to share their preferred games or apps with friends, family, and other people.

The best feature of MoboMarket is that it offers consumers a method for backing up and restoring their apps whenever they desire.

MoboMarket exclusively provides safe and secure software for Android-based devices.

It provides its whole user base with hundreds of brand-new apps every day, all of them are free.

12. Aptoide


The greatest Google App Store substitute is Aptoide, which enables you to look for, browse, and download apps for your Android device.

It is a free, independent Android app store where you can quickly find and share popular programmes.

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The fact that this programme provides the best channels for distributing your Android games and applications is its biggest feature. This is another allmyapps alternative.

You may browse and download millions of games and software from it.

It offers many categories, just like the Play Store, and each one has its own apps and games for you to download and play.

Millions of Android consumers worldwide choose Aptoide as their preferred app store since it runs the app stores of the six biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world.

13. Fossdroid


For Android operating systems, Fossdroid offers free and open-source games and applications (cell phones or tablets).

Your Android handset can download some great apps from Fossdroid.

Because the F-Droid is funding it and the majority of the apps accessible here are a part of the F-Droid project, it is not an independent app store. Also check solid torrents alternatives

However, you will still have access to these exclusive Android apps that are difficult to discover in the official Android app store. This is another allmyapps alternative.

The management style of Fossdroid and the Google Play Store are very similar. It classifies and organises its apps in a manner similar to that of the Google Play Store. The Fossdroid app gives users the option to sort apps by ratings and popularity to make the best choice.

14. GetApk


GetApk is one of the top app shops for Android tablets, Android smartphones, and other devices running the Android operating system.

GetApk bases its operation on these two techniques. Either use the GetApk, which is also free, or access it from the official website. The GetApk users can directly browse and download apps from any hoster mentioned in the GetApk and install them on their devices after installing GetApk on their Android handset.

GetApk does not only offer apps for Android-based devices. It is an incredible platform that allows app developers to create their own apps and games as well.

15. Appzuma


The supplier of hand-selected Android apps is called Appzuma.

For Android users, Appzuma is a great app store with a tonne of free games and apps in all the popular categories.

It offers both free and paid apps, allowing you to choose exactly what you want.

It features a dedicated community that can rate apps and is closely supervised and maintained to guarantee the availability of the best apps. This is another allmyapps alternative.

Additionally, you may filter the apps based on their features, popularity, best ratings, cost, and Android OS versions.

It is the independent app shop that offers its own created programmes for Android users in addition to offering the majority of Google Play Store apps.

When it comes to a category, Appzuma has the most tasteful selection of apps in practically all of them.


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