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Top 10 Best KeepSafe Alternatives in 2022

Best and demanding keepsafe alternatives will be described in this article. KeepSafe is a collection of privacy apps that allows you secure your private information on your Android device and never lose it by backing it up safely in the cloud.

The apps for iPhone and Android encrypt text messages, images, contacts, and other private information with military-grade encryption. Hide and secure personal items. Backup photographs with cloud storage. Save space on your phone. Invite friends to protected, shared albums.

This tool comes with a photo vault with a manipulated app icon and the same privacy and security features. Hide private photographs so they won’t be exposed in your photo gallery.

Keepsafe’s picture lockers give photo backup with cloud storage. The private vaults are also the greatest way to share images with chosen friends & family.

No matter how personal your photos and videos are, keep your private moments secure and in your control with Keepsafe’s secret photo vaults.

Top 10 Best KeepSafe Alternatives in 2022

Top 10 Best KeepSafe Alternatives are explained here.

1. Saint Paint Studio

Saint Paint Studio

Saint Paint Studio is a smart graphics control platform that is used to edit or create a combination of various colours, 256 colours, or True Colour, & a combination of various modes.

It is an excellent mode for displaying the websites’ layout colours, and images can be edited with unique effects as well. Also check BitGapps 

Multiple combinations of colours have been compiled for creating unique graphics or interfaces; that’s why it has been the most prior option for programmers or artists.

The platform supports various forms, such as BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, CUR, AVI, PNG, PCX, TIF/TIFF, TGA, WBMP, SPS, and ICO, etc.

This is another keepsafe alternative. Users don’t need to set the customised settings every time they edit a photo or layout because custom editing is still done internally and can be used for future innovations and creating more refined experiences.

Its features include: daily colour usage of graphics tools; compatibility with GIF or JPG file types; removal of red-eye from photographs; sharpening or contrasting for excellent results; printing support or effectiveness for paper publishing; device-independent (DIBs) compatibility; layer & alpha channel editor; adjustable viewing grids; simple-to-use brushes; changing dimensions layouts; & production of cyclic or tiled patterns, among others.

2. Sagelight


Sagelight is an all-encompassing editing tool that enables adding various features to the images by enhancing, retouching, and changing the selected photos with top-notch work.

It has a thorough or simple user interface that works with managing the size of big file formats in an intelligent way. This is another keepsafe alternative.

Its characteristics are similar to those of Adobe Photoshop or Gimp because it offers a wide range of intelligent photo editing tools, including noise reduction, layers, clone stamps, filters, swatches, filters, effects, and masks. It also offers options for going back from the edited photo to the original, robust, or high-resolution supporting efficiency.

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3. is a premium pixel management platform that enables online commands or a variety of options with in-the-moment effects or filters for image editing.

Drag out the images you want to edit to the main interface, and then use the layer lock options to lock them so that you can only edit that one part of the image.

Numerous default filters, including blur, contrast, clarity, cold, desaturate, edge, emboss, exposure, false HDR, gamma, grey, HSL, Lux, noise, palette, sepia, stain, warm, and vignette, are embedded in it.

Additionally, it offers an online test option to show which file formats are supported by this platform.

The colour red denotes that the product is useless for use, green denotes that there is absolutely no issue, and beige denotes that only partial functions are permitted.

It makes use of excellent techniques to effectively and cleverly work to highlight the dimensions of the images, and a combination of various colours can be combined for RGB or custom swatches.

The platform includes strong tools for editing photos, including the ability to take pictures, create new layouts, load or save images, import or export photos from a gallery or any album, use copy and paste, undo or redo actions, use vector tools, change the view, clone, blur, or sharpen images, and use gradient, scale, eraser, and scale tools.

4. ImageForge


Using multiple effects like colour effects, contrast, sharpening, alterations of dimensions, brightness, and colours, among others, with high-quality resolution results, ImageForge is a fantastic graphics management programme.

Drag the images from the main gallery to the main interface where you can edit them effectively with your own changes.

This is another keepsafe alternative. The programme makes use of excellent techniques to accurately and effectively highlight the dimensions of the images, and it allows you to mix various colours for RGB or create custom swatches for one-of-a-kind products.

It includes a number of strong commands and tools, including an eraser, brushes, colour swatches, zooming options, find navigation mode, scales, gradients, and the ability to magnify objects as well as formatting stylistics with the choice of colourful or custom fonts and pane selection.

5. AliveColors


AliveColors is a top-notch image editing programme that enables digital management with top-of-the-line painting tools through the use of cunning methods.

It is a fantastic and comprehensive platform with video tutorials for managing the custom settings or tools to organise and edit photos. Also check allmypps

It has been designed to achieve an artistic look and comes with adjustment tools or plugins for making graphics with a professional appearance.

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For mounting the image with separate layers so that the front view or background can be improved, there is a vast selection of templates or customised options.

The programme includes built-in stylization effects, which are categorised into distinct thumbnail-based groups, including High Pass, Glitch Art, Brush Strokes, Two Keys, Blur, Distortion, Glamour, Noise, Channel Mixer, Page Curl, Pixelate, Drop Shadow, Shadow & Highlight, and Sharpen.

Color brushes, clone stamps, saturation, erasers, history brushes, gradient fills, sharpening, smudging, lightening, levels, curves, hue inversion, threshold adjustments, posterization, AirBrush, Enhancer, HDRFactory, MakeUp, Neon, SmartMask, NatureArt, and numerous effects are among the useful features.

6. ToolWiz Pretty Photo

ToolWiz Pretty Photo

ToolWiz Pretty Photo is a user-friendly editing programme with a straightforward interface that enables you to add a variety of effects to your photos, including blur, font size customization, stylistic effects, stickers, art filters, colour swatches, and adjustment options.

It is similar to Adobe Photoshop, which offers strong commands for managing the images with a polished touch.

By mounting images to the main interface and modifying them with specific layer of illustrations, images can be dragged from the gallery or any other album.

By adjusting the font styles or appearance, users can increase the opacity level or other shadow effects.

Drag the image from the gallery or album to begin adding with stroke thickness, stroke colour, filling options, adding objects, and many other custom settings for artistic or graphic changes. This is another keepsafe alternative.

The programme comes with a number of built-in features, including typography, shadow effects, reflection modes, layer merging, bring to front, scale enhancement, various trigonometric or geometric shapes, user-friendly functionality, and special filters.

7. Wondershare Fotophire

Wondershare Fotophire

With sophisticated editing tools like Fotophire Focus, Fotophire Maximizer, Fotophire Editing Toolkit, and numerous other filters for giving the images a fully artistic perspective, Fotophire is a complete solution for image editing.

By removing the background or adding colour effects as needed, users can make basic edits to the photos.

The programme includes a number of practical ways to edit precise photos by offering in-depth instructions or software use.

Users can greatly enlarge the images to aid in making important adjustments, and high-resolution enlargement offers useful features for printing or publications.

There are many built-in features for creating special effects, including ultra-zoom technology for precisely analysing the pixels, extensive design options, batch mode, colour correction, drag and drop, film grain, cut or crop, edges carving, personal or business purpose efficacy, adjustment tools, save or download options, photo retouching or transformation, and other creative tasks.

8. Picture Window Pro

Picture Window Pro

A clever editing programme called Picture Window Pro assists in organising and managing graphics with high-quality results in terms of resolution or clarity.

It is a small utility that enables thorough image configurations for managing high resolution pixels.

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By acting as a professional editor, pictures can be arranged with a variety of options that boost the creativity of the users, whether they are for personal use or commercial use.

This is another keepsafe alternative. Anyone can seek assistance or make inquiries to clear up any uncertainty or problem, and the expert team then offers a solution.

The platform now includes a variety of colour effects for enhancing the layers or graphic illustrations, including HD resolutions, fully large file support, and a compatible gallery for picture collections.

9. NPS Image Editor

NPS Image Editor

Specifically created for the Windows programme, NPS Image Editor is a smart and user-friendly interface-based management tool that enables adding the fundamental painting features to the images, such as pixel art, drawing, illustrations, or multi-layer customization.

Multiple formats are supported, making it an efficient way to make the desired changes to the graphics of various web layers or site designs.

The platform offers template-based methods for quickly adding objects to the images, and editing for small footprints or alpha transparency allows for seamless colour access.

With default swatches or saturations, such as red/green/blue as RGB, hue, whiteness, blackness, lightness, lab, chroma, CIE XYZ, Cyan Magenta, Yellow or Key, and YUV, etc., users can create a distinctive combination of colours for making eye-catching products.

There are built-in features that make it possible to draw, such as multiple selection tools for mounting images with simple drag-and-drop operations, a variety of brushes with different shapes, trigonometric or geometric shapes, and processing tools for black-and-white images, red-eye removal, warping text, and standard ancillary.

10. Foxit Studio Image

Foxit Studio Image

For handling creative tasks with a professional outlook, Foxit Studio Photo is a great editing platform that supports digital drawing with fundamental tools like adjust, brushes, painting, custom layers enlargement, and many more.

Images from the gallery or album can be dragged in order to use smart tools like custom layers, colour swatches, and dimension adjustment, among others.

It is possible to choose the shapes of custom choices using a step-by-step drawing canvas, and each modified file can be saved with predetermined name options.

The platform offers simple template-based methods for including objects in the images, and carving the illustrations is also covered in video tutorials.

The tool offers a practical method for setting the graphics of various web layers or site designs, and it supports multiple formats so that the desired changes can be made by saturating various colour swatches. This is another keepsafe alternative. Also check Erbix 

A few useful features include the ability to adjust files for any size or based on templates, the ability to save to the desired location, comprehensive picture organisation, compatibility with layers, colour palettes, and loaded images, among others.


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