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Top 15 Best OTT Streaming Services In 2022

Best OTT streaming services will be described in this article. The growing demand for VOD content & a greater rate of user payment are the main drivers of the rise in video streaming services as there is an increase in the dominance and penetration of smart devices like smartphones & smart TVs.

The use of OTT services has changed the face of New-Age OTT platform streaming thanks to the availability of numerous qualities such flexibility in packages, limited genre options, availability of a wider range of devices, reduced pricing, and penetration of high-speed internet facilities.

In western nations, more than 82 percent of users prefer OTT services to watch their favourite content.

The majority of content owners across a range of sectors choose OTT for their business primarily because of this.

Success And Presumption Of OTT Streaming Lies In The Flexibility Of The Content

The Flexibility Of The Content Is Key To Over The Top (OTT) Services Delivering Flexible And Compatible Content Across All Versions And Devices Is Key To Success And Presumption Of OTT Streaming.

Since more and more firms are using OTT platforms for their business objectives, its use is not just limited to movies or television.

OTT Is Becoming An Impending Phenomenon In The Everyday Life Of Consumers

In this pandemic, live streaming has propelled the masses to keep up their habits and stay connected to their communities.

Live streaming makes it possible for you to easily connect with any region of the field at your convenience.

Top 15 Best OTT Streaming Services In 2022

Top 15 Best OTT Streaming Servicesare explained here.

Although there are many providers of online video platforms on the market, only a select number stand out due to their specialised services and extensive array of OTT delivery options.

Right now, both OTT streaming and Video-on-Demand are in the spotlight.

Let’s study them in more detail by diving below.

1. OTT service: Netflix


Watch limitless movies, TV programmes, and other content. With more than 15,000 titles, it is simply referred to be one of the biggest on-demand streaming channels online. Netflix is without a doubt the top OTT provider in the United States and currently maintains a share of 35% of the global OTT streaming market. Also check Kasper movies alternative

There is a vast choice of programmes and films offered in cutting-edge video quality, ranging from original shows to Anime.

With the development of streaming technology, it is regarded as one of the first OTT streaming services, and Netflix offers three distinct monthly pricing tiers for exclusive, ad-free, and unlimited streaming.

Netflix has a vast library of original and on-demand video content, and a wide range of OTT devices are readily available.

You may also learn how profitable Netflix is.

High-End Video Quality Exclusive Anime Wide Content Library Accessibility on More OTT Devices Top-Notch Video Quality Exclusive Anime

OTT Service #2: Disney+


TV Shows, Movies, Specials, and Live Sports An online video streaming service run by the Walt Disney Company that offers Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, Disney, and National Geographic TV shows, films, and programmes.

It is well known for its endearing cartoons, and its streaming service provides more than 7500 different video content options, including animated and live-action films.

The premium, ad-free streaming service Disney+ allows unrestricted access to and may be combined with other streaming services like Hulu and others.

It has more than 116 million users worldwide and provides 100 shows in HD quality but lacks Live TV functionality.

  • A fantastic package with other streaming services
  • The Disney+ App is now accessible on a variety of devices.
  • A large selection of animated and family movies

OTT Service No. 3: Hulu


Get limitless entertainment, live sports, and your favourite series and films.

Hulu commands a third-place ranking among OTT services in the United States and accounts for 11% of the global market.

It is a flexible video streaming service featuring a Live TV package and a number of OTT pricing options.

Comedy programmes, dramas, blockbuster blockbusters, documentaries, and much more are all available to Hulu users.

Hulu and Netflix differ slightly in that new episodes are made available on Hulu one day after they air on Netflix.

It is a well-known OTT service with four different price tiers, numerous add-ons, and packaged offerings that grant viewers access to content libraries.

Ads are present in cheaper membership options, Ad-free programming is extra, and the Live TV bundle is rather expensive.

  • Free trial is available, and there is a great bundle deal with ESPN+ and Disney+
  • Market service that is flexible

Do you intend to launch an OTT platform for your service?

We’ll deal with it.

OTT Service#4: ESPN+


With ESPN+, up your streaming game.

The first OTT streaming service for sports is distinctive in that it focuses on live video streaming of sporting events.

The bundle includes a wide variety of live events, original programming, sports programmes, and streaming content related to sports.

The users have access to a wide variety of sports, including soccer, boxing, basketball, and many others.

You may get it with Disney+ for a low cost with an alluring package deal.

To make up for the non-sports-related content, ESPN+ Live broadcasts have a lot of advertising and a bundle with Hulu and Disney+.

  • Exclusive package offer for Hulu and Disney+
  • A variety of sports-related content

OTT Service#5: Amazon Prime Vedio

Amazon Prime Vedio

View the newest motion pictures, television programmes, and acclaimed Amazon Originals

A popular, devoted audience-supported OTT streaming service from Amazon that features 26,000 On-Demand videos across a variety of categories. This is another OTT Streaming Services.

With a monthly charge, Prime Video provides unrestricted access to a sizable video content management collection and makes more content available for rental.

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The primary benefit of Prime Video is the immediate access to newly released and currently playing movies.

Additional access to sporting events, live programming, well-known shows, and so forth is also possible.

The streaming is compatible with up to three devices and offers a great HD quality video streaming solution.

Anyone with access to their Amazon account can access Prime Video, which provides a fantastic all-around service and value.

  • Free trial is available; it is a part of Amazon Prime; there is a balance between live and original content in the library;

OTT Service#6:HBO Max


Blockbuster films, epic originals, and compelling series available for streaming

An over-the-top (OTT) tape streaming service that offers more than 2,550 renowned shows and Warner Media exclusives. Warner Media is the parent company of HBO.

  • You are granted access to the most well-known franchises, like The Big Bang Theory, Morty, and many others.
  • All of the newly liberated films will be accessible without any additional fees.
  • You may watch all the most current movies on the market with HBO Max.
  • There won’t be much sports programming, and live TV isn’t supported.
  • There are two adjustable pricing options available worldwide.
  • To access ad-free material and make downloads, viewers must pay additional fees.
  • HBO Max offers content delivery in HD and supports 4K streaming.
  • Free premieres of brand-new movies; a huge selection of original series and franchises;

OTT service#7: CBS All Access

CBS All Access

Primetime, daytime, late-night, and classic television programmes on the CBS TV Network

The OTT streaming service Paramount+ offers very low-cost, exclusive access to CBS content.

It has a large On-Demand collection of iconic shows including CSI, All Rise, Twin Peaks, and many others in addition to exclusive content.

You can watch a huge selection of shows from the large CBS On-Demand library as well as live programming on the CBS channel by purchasing a CBS All Access subscription.

As it supports many onplatforms, several CBS series have appealing rates and competitive pricing.

The main benefit of Paramount+ is that it is very reasonably priced and charges a small premium for access to material that is ad-free.

Live TV services, including international sports broadcasts, are included in the ad-free subscription.

The OTT app is available across a variety of devices and offers enticing discounts, HD quality, and offline downloading.

The ratio of On-Demand and Live video material is ideal.

  • The accessibility of a range of gadgets
  • Quite reasonably priced
  • An even distribution of on-demand and live sports content

OTT service#8: Pluto TV

Pluto TV

With over 120 additional channels and the finest location to buy or rent movies, Free TV

All aficionados of traditional cable television can get Pluto TV, one of the most dependable OTT services.

The fact that this platform is ad-supported and includes 190 exclusive streaming channels is a significant benefit that goes overlooked. Also check ANTmovies alternative

Pluto TV offers access to a wide variety of material, including more than 1,000 on-demand movies.

Additionally, it offers some of the most fun over-the-top shows that are original and rarely found on cable TV. This is another OTT Streaming Services.

Despite the lack of sporting material, choosing informational channels with supplementary programmes is a sure benefit you can use.

Pluto TV, on the other hand, is a go-getter & acceptable substitute for a large number of fans who are looking for these on traditional TV because of its accessibility with unlimited concurrent streams.

  • Watch Unrestricted Exclusive Shows
  • You may stream on any device, including Chromecast and Roku.
  • Next-best alternative to traditional sets for entertainment

OTT Service#9: Tubi


Leading HD streaming app for free movies and TV shows

A carrier-grade over-the-top streaming service with 20,000+ free movies and TV shows is available to you through Tubi.

Its wide filmography contains a number of well-known movies, including Karate Kid, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Legally Blonde, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Lion, and many others.

Since its inception in 2014, Tubi has been able to identify popular movies and TV episodes online.

Regardless of streaming in ultra HD, the Fox Corporation-owned American streaming service will continue to present vintage movies.

Another drawback is that because it uses an ad-based revenue approach, occasionally there may be commercial breaks for users.

  • Having access to movies, TV series, and Tubi Originals
  • No registration is necessary
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Sling TV, the top-tier online TV streaming service, offers excellent customization.

One of the best streaming services that started out as a television network is Sling TV.

It mixes traditional live television with an internet on-demand streaming service that is more attractive.

You may get local stations using its app-based TV subscription for a starting price of $35 per month.

OTT Service#10 : Sling TV

Sling TV

2015 saw the introduction of OTT providers to the entertainment industry.

Erik Carlson, President and COO of Dish Network, is in charge of the Sling TV service providers.

This virtual multi-channel distributor, one of the top OTT firms, wants to supplement cord-cutters’ use of services like subscription video on demand and to offer a wide variety of major cable channels OTT-produced content. This is another OTT Streaming Services.

Apps, smart TVs, digital media players, etc. all support streaming.

  • Free programming options; access ad-supported content on compatible devices without having to register.

OTT Service#11: Fubo TV

Fubo TV

Watch and record live sporting events on other premium networks like ESPN, FOX, and NBC.

Customers of Fubo TV are served via its premium over-the-top streaming services, which are made available in nations like the United States, Canada, & Spain.

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When Fubo TV first debuted in 2015, it offered a streaming service for soccer.

Later, it became an all-sports platform service provider with a multi-compatible OTT video distributor that separates material by nation and offers access to popular films, network television shows, and news.

The best thing that stands out is that they include simultaneous streams in their subscription levels.

For $69.99 per month, their base package includes a 1000-hour DVR, family sharing, and an unlimited number of screens.

  • Integrated into the TV app for Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone
  • Cloud storage with unpausing and pausing of live broadcasts
  • A lookback at previously aired programmes almost for 72 hours

OTT Service #12: Peacock TV

Peacock TV

The greatest free OTT video streaming services are available with Binge-worthy originals

Peacock TV, an over-the-top streaming service from NBC Universal’s Peacock that debuted on July 15, 2020, highlights some of the most important benefits that are indisputable.

Nothing more than receiving 13,000 hours of free programming in addition to more premium content, such as live sports or movies, after you pay.

This US-based streaming app can assist you in getting a premium upgrade for roughly $5 per month, which is inclusive of advertisements.

You may also pay $10 per month for premium plus if you want to access more content without any adverts.

This includes every episode of popular original TV shows including Dr. Dearth and MacGruber, as well as soccer and WEE events.

  • After 45 days of theatrical releases, new film premieres

Peacock will stream games for both paid and premium tiers. Sign up for the Free version and try it out.

OTT Service#13: Vudu TV

Vudu TV

Vudu offers the best OTT prices on all of your preferred digital viewing devices.

The most popular OTT video services offered by Vudu were first introduced as a set-top box in 2007 under the name Vudu box. This is another OTT Streaming Services.

The digital movies in HD were available on the online video platform, which became highly popular.

Their main approach to customer happiness is bringing the home streaming experience to life, which was aimed even higher than the theatre one.

They have more than 200,000 new titles available, including a large selection of 4K UHD films and a database of classic movies and TV episodes that can be rented or purchased.

Vudu serves across Smart TVs, Connected Devices, Mobile, & Online since it is accessible in 75+ Million households.

  • Co-founder of Movies Anywhere, which transforms physical CDs into digital
  • 1000 movies that may be watched for free without a subscription.
  • The best OTT entertainment streaming network for big displays, the home, and mobile devices

OTT  Service#14: Crackle TV

Crackle TV

A multi-platform OTT video entertainment network and studio, is service number 14.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment holds Crackle, one of the top video streaming services.

On mobile, tablet, smart TV, web, gaming console, and connected devices in 21 countries, they provide their services.

The Oath, Safe Haven, and more originals are available on Crackle.

Each month, new titles are added to their catalogue of content, while others are removed.

Additionally, the business was formerly known as Grouper, and Sony Pictures acquired its services in that year. Also check cotomovies alternatives

In July 2007, it was renamed Crackle.

In-flight entertainment is now made possible by Crackle, which includes several hotel brands.

  • Utilizes an ad-supported business strategy.
  • Free advertising is present when you first subscribe.

OTT service#15: Kanopy TV

Kanopy TV

The top OTT websites for watching ad-free video services One of the many OTT services that strives for quality and intelligent entertainment is Kanopy. This is another OTT Streaming Services.

This on-demand streaming platform offers content delivery for public libraries & university chains in addition to over-the-top films, documentaries, and vintage cinema.

Kanopy service providers offers instructional video streaming services with ad-free broadcasts that may be enjoyed on your TV, mobile devices, tablets, etc., especially for children.

In 2008, Olivia Humphrey started it in Western Australia.

Additionally, he thought of the possibility of using Kanopy as a tool for educational purposes.

  • Provides per public library with a customizable website to stream films
  • The service enables users to share movies and create playlists, clips, and captions.
  • Institutions pay for movies that faculty and students watch on a per-view basis.

Many OTT Streaming Opportunities

The OTT market is increasing as technology takes over as the primary method of video consumption.

The revenue has increased exponentially over the past several years as OTT has experienced rapid growth, rising from 6.1 dollars in 2010 to a significant increase in numbers in 2021.

Do you intend to create an OTT platform for your company?

By 2024, “OTT media income is predicted to reach 159 billion”

By the back of 2025, there will be more OTT channels with an additional five million members, making the US SVOD market the largest in the world.

Big businesses like Netflix and Amazon Prime will see their expansion hampered by the fierce competition from new OTT providers.

Did you realise?

According to Research Dive, the global OTT industry was valued at 110 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach 439 billion in 2026.

How To Start Your Own OTT Streaming Services?

With the help of CONTUS VPlayed, developing an OTT platform will allow businesses to take advantage of opportunities and prospects to directly engage with audiences around the world.

With the use of very advanced technology, you may customise your unified streaming channel so that it can be accessed on a range of devices.

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With CONTUS VPlayed, you can choose the ideal streaming income model and fully control the content of your own OTT streaming channel.

The methods for launching your own OTT services are listed below.

1. Choosing an enviable niche

It is essential to choose a market niche before launching an OTT business. Sports, fitness, entertainment, e-learning, and lifestyle are a few of the well-known and in-demand ones.

The targeted specialty you choose will determine your OTT’s chances for financial success.

2. Building content for OTT site

Business owners should concentrate on content planning and have a successful content-building strategy to engage the target audience.

This makes it crystal apparent to viewers what they may anticipate from your OTT service.

3. Find your Target audience

Delivering a superior streaming experience that meets the needs of the target audience, ensures client retention, and generates more money for business expansion is the ultimate objective.

4. Prominent attributes of OTT streaming

The necessary components for creating an OTT business plan are the features and functionality.

The fundamental and cutting-edge technology capabilities required for VOD platform providers are listed below.

  • Sign-in and Registration – In order to grant users access to your OTT content, verified accounts and log-ins utilising phone numbers, emails, and other methods must be properly created.
  • User Profile – Users may navigate easily and gain valuable insights thanks to virtual dashboards.
  • Make sure your users can control their material and have various profiles.
  • Best UI experience: For effective streaming, OTT streaming providers must consider UI and UX as two key factors.
  • To provide a superior viewing experience, you must customise your OTT services.
  • Search – To cater to the interests of your audience, the Search option needs to be accessible to a range of age groups, and you must make sure that the drop-down menu includes a variety of genres.
  • Watch List – Users most frequently request the watch list functionality as a top feature.
  • With this tool, users can add videos for later viewing.
  • Screen Mirroring: By including the screen mirroring capability, users will have access to numerous displays and devices.
  • Integration of payments and in-app purchases – By including this feature into your streaming service, consumers will be able to make gains or purchases without leaving the OTT app because secure payment gateways will provide quick and easy money transfers.
  • Video Player – Integrate analytics reporting capabilities into the video player to gain insights into how well your content is performing.
  • Produce and Manage Video – For simple access to the content, there must be proper administration of the video collection.
  • Make it simple for content providers to upload, arrange, develop, and modify the information.
  • Discount and promotion coupons – To draw in more customers, you must develop the discount coupons and promos in a professional manner.
  • Analytics – With the addition of powerful analytics features and tools to gauge user performance and engagement.

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5. Creation of the Right OTT App

For your firm to expand, you must adjust and base your decisions on your streaming services or films.

You can choose from OTT apps like Apple TV, Android TV, Apple iOS, iPad, iPhone, Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, LG TV, and more depending on the streaming content you plan to watch.

6. Choose your Business Model

The success of your OTT business will be greatly influenced by the choice of your business model, which is necessary for efficient video monetization.

With the specialised video monetization models of CONTUS VPlayed, material will be more widely distributed and income will be maximised.

They provide specially created multi-subscription models that are intended to boost sales and unlock the full potential of content across all platforms.

What is TVOD? • Transactional Model

Users can sign up for an OTT service for free, but they must pay to access the content.

It is often similar to a pay-per-view model in that it requires a one-time purchase, customers can own or download content, and it enables quick profit maximisation.

  • Subscription-based model – Users pay a set subscription cost to access the material.

The ideal substitute for a workable revenue strategy will be this model.

OTT behemoths like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime operate using this strategy.

  • Advertising video on demand (AVOD) is the most popular business model for OTT monetization. What does AVOD stand for?

The most lucrative form of cash is advertising, and it works best when you have a large audience.

When the target viewers are less inclined to routinely pay for the information, this strategy will work well.

  • Hybrid Model – This model creates a new pattern by fusing the transactional, advertising, and subscription-based businesses.

It assists in generating revenue from content while also gratifying viewers’ desires.


Launching your own streaming platform will increase your business prospects because more companies are using OTT video services to produce high-quality content and draw bigger audiences.

Get the assistance of CONTUS V’s professionals. To ensure a flawless viewing experience for every business requirement, played for enhanced ROIs, progressive streaming, and technological intricacies.

Questions and Answers (FAQ)

How Do OTT Services Work?

Through independent OTT platforms, over-the-top media services are dynamically made available to any audience across a variety of genres.

They frequently connect to live streaming and video-on-demand streaming, allowing for virtually unlimited revenue generation.

End users can leisurely access all of these services via an internet connection or through mobile apps.


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