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Top 15 Best TikTok Tools to Grow Your Followers In 2022

Best tiktok tools for increasing followers will be described in this article. Would you like to drown out the noise on TikTok? Next, you need spend money on the appropriate TikTok tools.

According to statistics, there are well over a billion monthly active TikTok users. Naturally, this results in a daily upload of a huge, unending stream of videos. Learn the best tools for the job if you want to know how to blow up on TikTok.

Top 15 Best TikTok Tools to Grow Your Followers In 2022

Top 15 Best TikTok Tools to Grow Your Followers are explained here.

The foundation for TikTok’s sustained organic growth approach is a social media campaign management platform. To monitor the effectiveness of your campaign, you also need a strong analytics solution.

1. Vista Social

Vista Social

  • After planning
  • Engagement tracking on TikTok
  • Content administration
  • Reports (for agencies)

Vista Social is a platform for managing social media that serves as a “one-stop-shop.”

You may use it to create a publication calendar, schedule posts automatically, keep an eye on conversations, measure engagement, and more.

You can use Vista Social as a TikTok tool to instantly upload videos from your device. You can arrange numerous TikTok videos in advance by bulk uploading content to your cloud-based media library.

Vista Social can also give you access to sophisticated analytics and reporting tools so you can keep track of your TikTok account over time. Learn which forms of material are most popular to determine how to post content on TikTok that will receive more views.

When you run out of TikTok video ideas, Vista Social can hunt for encouraging client testimonials that you can highlight. This will demonstrate to your TikTok followers that your brand produces actual, verifiable results through your goods or services.

Last but not least, the advanced report builder tool will provide you with a thorough analysis of the performance of your content on all social media networks. Vista Social is one of the best TikTok solutions for fully managed creative campaigns because to all these capabilities. This is another tiktok tools.

The Vista Social Pros

  • Automated posting schedule: New posts can be easily added to your queue after setting up your publishing schedule. When a certain publishing window opens up, these posts will be automatically uploaded.
  • Integrated social media listening: Learn what others are saying about you on other social media sites besides TikTok. Utilize helpful criticism to identify areas for growth and pleasant comments as social proof.
  • Amazingly affordable: Vista Social is more than just a TikTok tool, but it won’t break the bank. In actuality, you can utilise the site for nothing and still take advantage of its essential functions. Also check OBS alternatives


TikTok competitor analysis

  • Hashtag research

Analytics for TikTok

You can learn what it takes to succeed by keeping up with the most recent TikTok trending videos, tactics, and rising stars. is a simple tool made to assist you in learning about tried-and-true tactics that competing brands are utilising. For an in-depth report, just input a competitor’s profile or a pertinent hashtag.

Analisa can quickly retrieve data on follower count, total views, like rate, share rate, and many other things. Additionally, it will show off tactical components like their most used captions, trending hashtags, and posting frequency.

Because of this, it’s an excellent TikTok tool for users who want to make data-driven choices to improve their engagement approach. Benefits

  • Extensive visual reports with data visualisations: creates detailed reports with data visuals for easier reading. Identify patterns about your audience, engagement, and more in a glance.
  • Competitor analysis: Discover how rivals increase their engagement rate and the number of followers they have. Adopt their tactics or create something superior to dominate TikTok.
  • Analyze hashtags: Monitor the performance of your tracked hashtags, such as a branded hashtag, in real time. Export hashtag reports in a jiffy to a PDF or CSV file.

3. Pentos


  • Investigating rival TikTok apps
  • Examining TikTok problems, trends, profiles, artists, and videos

Brands must continually incorporate data-driven decisions into their social media strategy if they want to see sustainable TikTok development.

Pentos is thus unquestionably a reliable addition to any brand’s TikTok tool selection.

Brands may get useful, current information from Pentos about your TikTok account, your competitors, and everyone else. Data about songs, trends, hashtags, challenges, artists, and particular videos are included. This is another tiktok tools.

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Despite the enormous quantity of knowledge Pentos can provide, they were able to make them available through a straightforward interface. In other words, you can use data to grow TikTok while avoiding analytical paralysis.

Pros of Pentos

  • Gain a 360-degree perspective of TikTok profiles: Use Pentos to assess the effectiveness of rival users on the app. Utilize their data as a benchmark to improve your plan of action.
  • Keep up with trends: Pentos enables you to keep an eye on material and create real-time notifications when it starts to get viral. The virality level threshold can be changed to suit the visibility objectives for your brand.

The Best TikTok Apps for Researching Hashtags

Your TikTok account and postings will be much more visible if you use the proper hashtags. The ideal TikTok hashtags utilised in timely and popular content can be found with the correct hashtag search tool.

Some of your top choices are listed below:

4. HashtagsForLikes


  • TikTok hashtag research
  • Competitor hashtag search

Similar to Instagram, hashtags can improve your TikTok videos’ searchability and relevance. They can assist you in thinking of popular TikTok queries, concepts, and possible collaborators.

The top hashtags for your brand can be found on the hashtag research platform HashtagsForLikes. Results include competitor data, difficulty ratings, and real-time hashtag statistics.

Pros of HashtagsForLikes

  • Advanced hashtag research: One of the very few TikTok tools with a hashtag difficulty rating system is HashtagsForLikes. This aids businesses in deciding whether or not to target a hashtag for their TikTok marketing.
  • Live statistics for TikTok and Instagram: In addition to researching hashtags, HashtagsForLikes will assist you in keeping track of the outcomes of your TikTok advertising campaign in real-time. The app also integrates with Instagram, which is ideal for businesses who utilise both services to advertise visual material.

5. Tik Hashtags

Tik Hashtags

  • Look for popular hashtags to increase your TikTok presence.
  • Add followers using the app itself

A mobile TikTok tool called Tik Hashtags makes it simple to find hundreds of hashtag concepts. Suggestions are arranged in a variety of categories to make it easier for you to identify the ideal hashtags for your business.

“Streak Wall” is another TikTok-related feature in Tik Hashtags that enables users to find and follow other TikTok accounts directly from the app.

To get folks to follow your account, all you need to do is log in, add your TikTok username to the Streak Wall, and wait.

Pros of Tik Hashtags

  • Totally free to use: As long as your smartphone is supported, Tik Hashtags will provide you access to all of its features without charging you a dime. To access all the beneficial features of the software for hashtag research, you don’t have to pay a single dime.

Influencer marketing’s top TikTok tools

Influencers have the authority and reach to promote products on TkTok. It’s crucial to choose the top influencers to work with if you want to guarantee that your growth goals are met.

Check out the most useful tools here:

6. Upfluence


  • Tracking down TikTok influencers
  • Management of influencers
  • Analytics for influencer marketing

All of the main social networks use the reputable influencer marketing tool Upfluence. This is another tiktok tools.

It can assist brands in finding and interacting with talented creators. They can then take use of the influencer’s popularity, originality, and reach to increase brand recognition and get additional TikTok followers.

You can start with influencers who already support your brand while looking for influencers on Upfluence. The sophisticated search tool can also be used to locate influencers based on a variety of keywords.

Pros of Upfluence

  • Trusted influencer network: Upfluence thoroughly screens each influencer before adding them to their network. Every influencer you find on the platform has the potential to make you famous on TikTok.
  • Integrate Upfluence with other products you use: Upfluence enables integrations with the CRM, branding, and marketing programmes you use often. Zapier, Magento, Shopify, Outlook, and Salesforce are among these.

7. Fanbytes


  • Locating and getting in touch with Gen Z influencers
  • Using social listening and trendspotting to boost TikTok growth
  • Creating social media posts more quickly
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Fanbytes is a TikTok growth platform that focuses on social listening and influencer marketing. Also check Essential management tools

Your TikTok account can be promoted by using an influencer marketing strategy, and the business can direct you via every step of the approach.

To speed up the influencer search process, Fanbytes created a sizable influencer network. To ensure that your brand’s message is received clearly, they also collaborate closely with Gen Z content producers.

Bytesights, a platform for trend-spotting, social listening, and creator identification, is another aspect of Fanbytes.

Pros at Fanbytes

Fanbytes has experience working with some of the most well-known businesses that target the younger demographic. Burger King, Sony Music, Samsung, and Universal Music Group are included in this.

The Best TikTok Apps to Grow Your Following

You can actually buy TikTok followers without breaking the platform’s rules if you use a reliable one. Just be cautious not to exaggerate it and let your TikTok profile gradually gain followers through organic means.

8. TokUpgrade


  • Automating natural follower expansion

A tried-and-true method for increasing your own follower count on social media is to follow and interact with other accounts. But unless you use automation to speed up the process, it can also take a long time.

TokUpgrade, a TikTok product created specifically for TikTok, is used by agencies and marketers for this reason.

It is a fully managed solution that boosts your TikTok engagement and following using cutting-edge targeting and automation. Everything else will run automatically if you only target the places, hashtags, and usernames of your ideal follower.

Use the interaction features on TokUpgrade as well to get the most out of it. To increase the effectiveness of your campaign on this social media site, you can import TikTok profiles to either your whitelist or blacklist. This is another tiktok tools.

Pros of TokUpgrade

  • Fully managed service: TokUpgrade offers customers a personal account manager to scale the development of their profiles. Should you have inquiries concerning their service, they can also help.
  • Choose your target areas, demographics, and hashtags carefully to attract your ideal followers. Leave no tolerance for fake followers who hardly ever use the internet to see TikTok content.

9. Fueltok


  • Automating natural follower expansion

Another automated TikTok application that will assist you in building an organic following is called Fueltok.

Fueltok, on the other hand, is entirely dependent on bots, unlike TokUpgrade, which has account managers.

It independently tracks progress, likes their material, and follows your target accounts.

Your TikTok automation campaign can yield results more quickly with a bot. However, true account managers are aware of the subtleties of TikTok marketing and are capable of achieving outcomes that are consistent with your brand’s objectives.

You are free to choose between giving follower quality and follower quantity more importance. In either case, you’ll get some interest in your TikTok profile.

Fueltok Benefits

  • Fully automated: Fueltok fully utilises automation to promote the explosive growth of your brand on the TikTok app. By using a bot to automate everything, you also reduce the possibility of human error.

10. SidesMedia


  • Immediate, natural engagement on your TikTok account.
  • Using TikTok to establish genuine interactions with your target clientele

Why not buy actual TikTok engagement if you’re short on time to see immediate growth?

You may get TikTok views, likes, and followers by using SidesMedia’s organic TikTok growth service. It automates genuine TikTok engagement to assist you in gaining loyal TikTok users.

Use SidesMedia’s services to increase the number of video views and likes on your TikTok profile in addition to followers.

Pros at SidesMedia

  • Flexible packages: To increase your TikTok visibility, only pay for likes, views, and followers. You should not bother about paying too much because different packages have varied prices.

11. Fire Liker

Fire Liker


  • Send likes or views to your posts on TikTok automatically

A guaranteed strategy to increase your own engagement on social media sites is to interact other people. However, the following programme provides a helpful shortcut.

An easy-to-use TikTok programme called Fire Liker can automatically like or view postings. Simply enter the username for your brand’s TikTok profile, choose whether you want likes or views, and wait for the results to arrive.

It’s important to point out that Fire Liker is a downloaded Android app. Users of iOS can still use a web browser to use Fire Liker’s features. This is another tiktok tools.

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Pros of Fire Liker

  • Free to use: Fire Liker is a completely free TikTok application that will help you quickly increase your engagement rates. This holds true for both the web-based and mobile app versions.

12. Trollishly


  • Acquiring real fans, shares, comments, likes, views, and brand mentions.

Trollishly is a reputable tool for increasing engagement on various social media sites.

Trollishly offers likes, views, followers, comments, shares, and even brand mentions for TikTok. All of this will improve the functionality of your TikTok account, which raises visibility.

Pros snarkily

Why Attract worthwhile followers: Trollishly ensures that all of its users are really interested in the stuff you publish. This indicates that over time, the followers you acquire will reward you with engagement.

13. Media Mister

Media Mister

  • Acquire followers, views, comments, likes, and comments on TikTok.
  • Obtain genuine user participation from a target nation.

Media Mister is a fantastic TikTok tool to have if you need to quickly reach your target audience. This is another tiktok tools.

Your TikTok profile can be bolstered by Media Mister with actual, genuine user involvement. You can choose a “target country” when placing your order to guarantee that you receive engagement from pertinent accounts.

You may gain immediate likes, views, shares, comments, and follows with Media Mister, and every single one of them is from real profiles. By doing this, you’ll be able to develop a robust social media profile and keep TikTok’s growth consistent.

Pros at Media Mister

  • Pay only for what you use: Media Mister offers a wide range of scalable solutions for social media expansion. You can select the level of attention you desire and the delivery window after selecting your target country.

The best TikTok tools for editing videos

It’s true that TikTok already includes a functional video editing tool. However, you need something that will advance video creation if you want to stand out.

14. Zoomerang


  • Using video lessons to create content for TikTok
  • Including visual effects
  • Trimming, chopping, and assembling video clips

An easy-to-use, adaptable, and feature-rich video editing tool is already included with TikTok. Also check logo maker

Accepting things that everyone else has is not an option for brands who want to go above and beyond. This is another tiktok tools.

To differentiate themselves from the competition, TikTok marketers use cutting-edge video editing tools like Zoomerang.

With stickers, GIFs, overlays, and effects that you won’t find on TikTok, Zoomerang can help liven up videos. You may also reverse, cut, and piece together your storyboard using the sophisticated video editor.

Pros of Zoomerang

  • Gain knowledge from seasoned users: Zoomerang offers a sizable collection of video tutorials posted by knowledgeable authors. This can give new TikTok marketers shooting and editing skills that will help them trend.

15. VEED


  • TikTok video subtitle addition
  • Adding voiceovers and sound effects
  • Using different video effects

Another video editing tool you can add to your TikTok video production toolbox is VEED.

To make eye-catching videos, you can add text, filters, subtitles, voiceovers, custom soundtracks, and a variety of other effects. This is another tiktok tools.

The fact that VEED is a cloud-based platform for desktop browsers sets it apart from Zoomerang. Users may have more control and flexibility over their video editing workflows as a result.

VED Experts

  • Auto-subtitle generation: VEED can produce auto-subtitles for up to 6 hours’ worth of video each month. If you choose their most expensive plan, this restriction is entirely eliminated.
  • Branding resources: Create reusable brand materials that are simple to incorporate into new projects. By doing this, you’ll improve the consistency and recognizability of your brand across all of your videos.

Utilize the top TikTok resources to expand your brand.

Are you prepared to gain influence on TikTok and stand out in the crowded TikToksphere?

The first thing you need is a platform that can serve as the focal point for all of your social media marketing initiatives.

You may use Vista Social to manage your campaigns on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and a few more well-known social media platforms. You may manage dialogues with your audience, check metrics, and create an effective posting plan with its assistance.


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