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4 Methods How to Upload to Google Drive

Methods to upload file to Google drive will be explained in this post. A company that offers cloud storage is Google Drive.

On this site, users can store and retrieve their data without paying anything.

It is also available to you as a feature of the Google Workspace plan.

It quickly syncs all of the user’s connected devices (mobile, tablets, and PC) with all of the saved files, including documents, images, and videos.

This article is for you if you’re unsure how to upload to Google Drive.

Here, we’ll go over several ways to upload files to Google Drive using a computer or a mobile device.

Best 4 Methods How to Upload to Google Drive In 2022

Best 4 Methods How to Upload to Google Drive are explained here.

How to Upload files to Google Drive From a Computer?

How to Upload files to Google Drive From a Computer

Any online browser on your computer (Windows or Mac) may access Google Drive, and you can then easily begin uploading files to both private and shared folders.

To do that, take these actions:

If does not open your G Drive account, go to any web browser and log in.

Under the Drive logo on the left side of the page, there is a New button.

To upload one file, choose File Upload.

Select the file by navigating to its location on your computer.

Additionally, you have the option to pick multiple files at once.

The upload status for each new file may be noticed in the lower left junction of the screen.

How to Upload Folders to Google Drive?

How to Upload Folders to Google Drive

Additionally, Google Drive allows for batch uploads of entire folders. Also check window 10 update error 0x80003ee

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Follow these instructions to upload folders to G Drive.

From your computer, go to

In the top left corner, select the New button.

Decide on Folder Upload.

From its location, select the folder you want to upload.

You cannot upload several folders at once.

G Drive will question you if you’re uploading the folder’s many files from a reliable source because it contains several files.

The quantity of files in that folder will show you how the upload is progressing.

How to Upload to Google drive from Android

How to Upload to Google drive from Android

Here is the process for uploading files to Google Drive on an Android device.

On your phone, launch the Google Drive app. Also check fix error loading operating system

On the lower right, tap the Plus icon.

Locate and choose the files you wish to upload.

The files will be accessible in My Drive once they have been uploaded.

What If your Want to Upload Files With the Same Name

When you upload a file with the identical name, Google Drive often treats it as an updated version of the file that already exists there.

To split the two files:

The Google Drive application

Using the above procedure, upload a file from the computer.

Choose Keep as a separate file when requested.

Wrapping Up

After learning how to upload to Google Drive, keeping track of your key files and folders shouldn’t be too challenging. Also check ways to fix Memory Leak in windows

Use one of the aforementioned techniques to easily upload files or folders.

Remember that the size of the file & the speed of your internet connection both affect how long it takes to upload a file or folder to Google Drive.

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