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Top 15 Best Trackyserver Alternatives In 2022

Best and demanding Trackyserver alternatives will be described in this article. You can find the greatest private servers for games like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale on Trackyserver, along with source servers for games like Arma 3, Ark, Gmod, and Rust. It gives players the best resource for locating the ideal server for their requirements. It caters to all your needs, whether you’re searching for a powerful server for a large-scale multiplayer game or a more laid-back server for a game of solitaire.

The best place for gamers to locate their favourite games is Trackyserver, which also gives users access to a source server so they may create their own game from scratch. If you’re searching for some fierce competition, be sure to check out its top list of the best game servers available. It has all the most recent news and reviews on the finest game servers. It offers an intuitive server finder that makes it simple to discover the ideal server for your requirements. It also provides a wide range of tools for game developers, such as guides on how to set up gaming communities and your own game servers.

Top 15 Best Trackyserver Alternatives In 2022

Top 15 Best Trackyserver Alternatives In 2022 are explain here;

1. GameTracker


GameTracker is a social network for players that includes game server banners, server analytics, and plugins for gaming websites. It serves as a forum for gamers to interact with one another and discuss strategies and other insider information. In addition to the social network, a server stats function was also made available so you could follow your gaming progress wherever you are. In order for you to support your preferred game servers, it also developed game server banners. Also check secapps scanner alternatives

This is another Trackyserver alternative. It becomes a useful tool for you and your gaming community, and it is always open to suggestions and criticism. For players of various ages and interests, it offers a wide range of features. GameTracker has something for everyone, whether you’re a die-hard FPS player seeking for the most recent news and updates or you’re just here to find a great new game to play with your buddies. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the development team.


A unique tool for promoting gaming servers and search is Based on user reviews, it offers the finest server list that is currently accessible. It is committed to assisting players in locating the finest game servers out there. It developed a unique mechanism that enables service providers to advertise their servers and aids players in locating the optimal gaming environment. Please get in touch with if you have any queries or recommendations. We love to hear from you.

It guarantees that you always have access to the top gaming servers accessible and is the greatest resource for advertising game servers. This website is for you whether you’re seeking for a new server to play on or if you’re a game server administrator looking to advertise your game. It is the most trustworthy source of information for promoting game servers because it includes a server list. You can get in touch with the product’s developer team if you experience any issues while using it.

3. Obozrenie


A simple and open-source game server for Linux is called Obozrenie. It supports around 30 games, including well-known ones like Minecraft, Garry’s Mod, and Team Fortress 2, and its programming language is Python. Since its source code is currently accessible on GitHub, developers can quickly modify many other features. And if you enjoy playing video games, feel free to download it and get started. You can play your favourite games right out of the box because it is completely compatible with the Steam gaming platform. This is another Trackyserver alternative.

Obozrenie is dedicated to provide its users the finest gaming experience possible. It gives players a hassle-free gaming experience while allowing developers to benefit from its robust features and sophisticated programming language. You can now quickly install it and improve your gaming experience because it is readily available on the Play Store. Its UI is straightforward, user-friendly, and intuitive.

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4. PlayTracker


PlayTracker is a brand-new platform for social networking and server monitoring. It offers real-time information on server performance and uptime as well as community features like forums, chat rooms, and leaderboards, making it the ideal tool for both developers and gamers. Its primary goal is to give players the resources they need to engage with one another and strengthen the gaming community. It helps you to keep in touch with your friends and keep an eye on your servers. It offers an intuitive server monitoring solution that makes it simple for you to monitor your bandwidth and response time.

Additionally, it provides social networking tools that enable you to interact with friends and coworkers. Its objective is to serve as a one-stop shop for all of your networking and server monitoring requirements. Please feel free to give feedback or suggestions to the development team so they can continue to improve PlayTracker. It makes it simple for developers and system administrators to manage their servers and communicate with one another. Additionally, it has effective tools for managing projects, tracking and sharing code snippets, and more.

5. 333networks MasterServer

333networks MasterServer

A server browser called 333networks MasterServer provides networking and multiplayer gaming features for network administrators and game developers, as well as network monitoring for companies and customers. It is the ideal platform for multiplayer game producers, online gaming communities, and companies who need to monitor their networks. If you want an easier way to play multiplayer games, this programme is the answer. It is available for a number of platforms, including PC, Mac, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii. Also check BitGapps alternatives

The 333networks MasterServer is a useful resource for corporations, developers, and gamers. Its major goal is to simplify and have fun with multiplayer gaming. To provide you the greatest gaming experience possible, it provides MasterServer service. Additionally, it offers several advantages like multiplayer gaming without the burden of port forwarding, decreased lag, enhanced game performance, and network monitoring and debugging. In order to allow you to try out our services before you buy, it also provides a free trial.

6. ServerBrowser


A crucial gaming server browser is You can look for servers using its user-friendly interface by game, player count, map, and other criteria. Even your favourite servers can be added to your favourites list for easy access. It has servers for all the popular games, including Team Fortress 2, Garry’s Mod, Unturned, and Minecraft. Therefore, this browser is the perfect choice for you whether you’re looking for a new server to join or just want to check out the newest mods.

This is another Trackyserver alternative. Using this brand-new website, it is simple to locate and connect to gaming servers located all around the world. It offers an excellent search function to help you locate the ideal server for your requirements. You may always be guaranteed that you’re playing on the greatest service possible because to the user-generated server rating system it has. Maps, modifications, and films are just a few examples of the user-generated content available on this website. It offers good graphics and a user-friendly design that is clear and uncomplicated.

7. aGSM


A different game server monitor, or aGSM, is available for several well-known online games. Users can interact with others in the real world thanks to this cutting-edge multiplayer and scanner app. It is the ideal application for gatherings of all kinds, including social and professional ones. You can quickly locate and connect with people in your region with it. You may scan any QR code or barcode with its scanner feature. Additionally, a map feature is available, showing both the user’s location and the locations of other users nearby.

With your friends, it is the finest way to enjoy multiplayer games and virtual reality experiences. It meets all of your demands, whether you’re trying out augmented reality or seeking for a new game to play. It lets you control your Internet server list choices, including how you want to handle dead servers, sort server lists, and play games. You have the option to turn on the pop-up notification feature, which displays the game server’s accessibility. For people who are used to single-click operation, it offers a web-style mode.

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8. BattleMetrics


BattleMetrics is a service for finding participants and server administrators in online multiplayer games. With its cutting-edge RCON tool, it enables you to remotely automate your server, making it simpler than ever to administer and enjoy your favourite online games. You can use it to connect with new people, find servers for your favourite games, and effectively organise your gaming time. The gaming community can only access this service through this platform. This is another Trackyserver alternative.

The best tool for multiplayer online gaming is BattleMetrics. Additionally, you can quickly and easily search for gamers and server admins. If a server goes offline or a player joins, you will receive a notification. It allows you to check how long players have been playing for and how many new gamers are joining. It provides you with the option to design banners for local advertising. It offers simple UI and high-resolution images. Also check 123apps alternatives

9. HLSW Fixes

HLSW Fixes

It is simple to administer your game servers, maintain track of server status, and communicate with other players thanks to the web-based game server administration tool called HLSW Fixes. You can easily administer your game servers with it, as well as check the condition of your servers. The user interface of HLSW Fixes is simple and intuitive. The new version of HLSW, which has been entirely reconstructed from the ground up, is quicker and more dependable. Web-based tools make it simple to find new games and friends while allowing you to administer your servers and keep an eye on users.

This programme recently received a fresh version from the development team that contains some significant bug fixes and performance improvements. You can download this update and explore the updated features and enhancements for free. Your Rcon that is not functioning for engine servers may be fixed. Additionally, it lets you add more than thirty games and instantly repairs any problems they may have.

10. Game Server Directory

Game Server Directory

A game server used to track and keep an eye on websites is called Game Server Directory. It gives you thorough, up-to-date details about gaming servers all across the world. It can monitor gaming servers for all well-known games, including Minecraft. You may use it to find the ideal game server for you because it is the best game server resource. It allows you to evaluate different game servers. It is a website devoted to following and keeping an eye on game servers all over the world. It has everything for you, regardless of whether you enjoy Minecraft or any other well-known games. Additionally, it grants access to several premium services including server statistics, maps, and mods.

This is another Trackyserver alternative. You have the option to check the server’s performance from any location at any time. The best resource for gamers worldwide is what the creators strive to create. You will always have access to the most recent server status information thanks to its real-time tracking technology. Its simple user interface makes it simple to look up servers by game, nation, or player name.

11. WindowsGSM


With the stroke of a button, server administrators may install, import, start, stop, restart, update, and automate many servers using WindowsGSM, a potent open-source programme for managing game servers. It maintains several servers using the same software and lacks messy server files. You may backup or restore server files with only one click thanks to the quick backup component.

When servers experience any unusual problems, users can receive alerts, and the auto-restart feature makes sure that the server can be saved from any crash. Game waitpeople can be scheduled to restart at any moment to ensure smooth operation, and auto-updates are provided every thirty minutes. Simple action, start, stop, and restart require no command understanding.

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12. Crafty Controller

Crafty Controller

Through Python compatibility with Windows (7, 8, 10) and Linux/Mac, Crafty Controller creates a Minecraft server in the background and displays a web interface for the admin to interact with their server. With Crafty, you get a lovely dashboard as well as a number of different views that give you information about the server’s performance and simplicity of maintenance. This is another Trackyserver alternative.

Users may simply download files from the web or backup servers, and the action mode shows information about the CPU, memory, and disc consumption as well as whether any players are online. A short command can be issued using the virtual terminal and promptly delivered to the server. A thorough log examination is ensured by the logs section, which also includes a section with line numbers for any faults or warnings and an easy-to-use search function. Crafty supports nearly any server out there that runs a jar, and it has simple configuration panels that make changing its settings a snap.

13. LinuxGSM


By reducing the challenging process of running a game server, the open-source command-line application LinuxGSM enables quick and simple deployment of various game servers. It includes thorough education on how to set up a server for each game and supports more than eighty different games. A gaming server may be set up quickly thanks to LinuxGSM, which also verifies prerequisites, downloads game server files, and loads preset configurations.

The users can receive alerts when gaming servers experience any unique problems, and the auto-restart mechanism assures that the server can be saved from any crash. Controlling a game server is as easy as instructing it to start or stop. A fast command may be sent to the server instantaneously through the virtual terminal, and if something goes wrong, debug can help you identify the problem.

14. TCAdmin


The game hosting control tool, TCAdmin, was created from the ground up with time and cost-saving requirements for game service providers. Users can acquire a dedicated gaming server without worrying about installing, setting, or managing the games thanks to the software’s “Total Control” over their game and voice servers for you and your clients.

A gaming server can be ready in minutes thanks to TCAdmin’s dependency checking, downloading of game server files, and loading of preset configurations. The users can receive alerts when gaming servers experience any unique problems, and the auto-restart mechanism assures that the server can be saved from any crash. Controlling a game server is as easy as instructing it to start or stop.

This is another Trackyserver alternative. You don’t need to be concerned about malicious command alerts because the monitor application running on the server understands which IPs it should accept requests from. It also logs processor, network, disc, and memory use for each game server. Numerous servers, a single login, an integrated FTP server, secure communication, integrated filtering, slots, resource usage, a web-based file manager, graphical configuration, automated setup, map packs, a template system, a repository for plugins, and many other features are among the key features.

15. PufferPanel


An open-source game server management tool called PufferPanel enables you to control numerous different gaming servers from a single central location. It supports Minecraft, Forge, Spigot, Sponge, Source dedicated servers, BungeeCord, PocketMine, and many other games and is simple to install and use. This is another Trackyserver alternative.

Users can grant other operators access to servers or their own servers, and it aims to foster a welcoming community. It offers a user-friendly interface and is an open-source platform that anyone may utilise, from small networks to enormous businesses. PufferPanel includes certain essential features, such as a single-line node installer, web-based file management, quick automatic installer, live server statistics, sub-users, SFTP, and SRCDS, among others.


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