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Top 15 Best 123apps Alternatives in 2022

Best and demanding 123apps alternatives will be described in this article. An all-in-one web video application called 123apps provides file converters, an audio cutter, a video recorder, and many other features. You can use the app for free and use practically all of the top web browsers to benefit from its service.

The solution’s file conversion capability is superior to others because it supports practically all formats, including video, audio, and photos, and is relatively simple to grasp.

Additionally, it features a batch processing capability that lets you convert multiple files at once.

The best video and audio editors, which let you combine several files, split videos into smaller pieces, record videos online, and do much more, can be found at 123apps.

The solution is superior than others because it also includes a tonne of PDF tools that let you produce and modify different types of PDF files.

Top 15 Best 123apps Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best 123apps Alternatives are explained here.

1. Bizdownloader


You may download videos from virtually all video hosting websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many others, using the free web-based video downloader known as Bizdownloader.

More than fifty languages are supported by the solution, and you can use it from any service in the world.

This site allows you to download the video in a variety of formats, including 4K, making it a one-stop shop. This is another 123apps alternative.

You can download files in audio and video formats and convert them using this online tool, which is also known as a video converter. Also check BitGapps 

You can also import files into your own collection and convert them for free thereafter.

You can easily share it with others via email and social media sites after completing the conversion feature.

You can use Bizdownloader on any web service for free, and it is a web application.

2. VideoDuke


VideoDuke is a quick and simple to use freemium online downloader.

It is a complete programme that enables you to download and convert files into a variety of formats, such as Mp4, FLV, and 3GP, among others.

You must type the URL into the search field, select the desired format, then press the convert button.

Your file is prepared in a split second and is immediately available for free saving to your collection or direct sharing with others.

More than 300 popular video hosting websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, and Instagram, are supported by the solution.

This solution’s ability to download videos in 4K and 5K formats, which make it superior to others, is one of its most intriguing features.

You can also handle hundreds of files simultaneously using the batch processing feature.

3. Transcoder


Any size of video can be converted with Transcoder, a free command-line-based video converter, into a variety of audio and video formats.

For quick conversion, the programme employs FFmpeg as a backend and GTK+ as a GUI frontend.

It lets you quickly select bitrate, codecs, resolution, and aspect before converting and is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

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This is another 123apps alternative. Almost all video and audio formats are supported, and you may convert multiple files simultaneously without compromising quality.

Transcoder is also referred to as a compressor because it enables you to greatly reduce the size of all types of media files before storing them on your device.

You can only use the software on Linux-based devices, and it is free to use.

4. Elegant Converter

Elegant Converter

With the native application Elegant Converter, you can effortlessly and rapidly convert a variety of video and music files to a variety of formats.

The solution is written in native language, offering a quick user experience and beautiful appearance.

You can drag and fall files onto the left panel, while the middle panel lets you select formats.

Using its batch feature, which saves a tonne of time and work, you may select to convert one or more files at once.

This solution’s ability to view conversion procedures and progress to ensure that you receive the correct file is one of its most intriguing features.

It is a complete video conversion solution because it supports practically all audio and video formats, including 4K.

5. ffWorks


A complete command-line programme used to convert media files across formats is called ffWorks.

It serves as a Wondershare UniConverter substitute and provides nearly all of the essential features and services to rank among the top file converters for Mac devices.

The software’s simplicity and innovative use of the optional FFmpeg to swiftly produce high-quality movies without sacrificing quality were its main focuses.

You may simply convert and compress an endless number of media files using this solution without any previous training. This is another 123apps alternative.

One of the greatest file converters, it supports all media types, including H265, HEVC, and animated GIFs.

With only one click, you may process a limitless number of files using its batch processing capability, which is extremely astounding.

6. MacX YouTube Downloader

MacX YouTube Downloader

One of the greatest online video converters and downloaders, YouTube Downloader makes it simple to download YouTube videos in a variety of formats.

You can only use it on Mac operating systems, and it was designed by a skilled team of developers.

The best part about this solution is that practically all audio and video formats are supported, and you may download and convert an unlimited number of videos for free.

The solution is a one-stop shop for online conversion and download because it supports a wide range of other video hosting platforms, including Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Instagram, among others.

It is an entirely safe site that provides a simple interface for downloading videos.

7. SMConverter


You may convert music and video files to a variety of other formats using the free Windows programme SMConverter.

The solution allows you to convert and handle an unlimited number of files without incurring any fees, and it supports nearly all popular file types.

By converting popular media file formats to the same number of output types, it enables you to put your fears to rest. Also check 9Apps 

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The solution’s user interface is pretty simple to understand, and you can easily import files by dragging and dropping the file or by using its browsing capability.

After selecting the file, you can choose the desired format and press the convert button.

Your file will be prepared in a split second and you can immediately add it to your collection.

8. Prism Video File Converter

Prism Video File Converter

One of the top cross-platform programmes, Prism Video File Converter, enables you to batch convert and compress video files.

The software allows DVD and Blue-ray converting in addition to supporting nearly all popular formats.

It is very user-friendly and straightforward, and it converts files rapidly and in bulk without compromising quality.

The software can also add files with a straightforward drag-and-drop interface or a conventional file browsing system.

Additionally, you can do a one-click conversion of multiple files that you add at once.

Additionally, there is the choice to import many video format types, convert them, and export them in a single format, which saves a tonne of time and work.

9. FF Multi Converter

FF Multi Converter

You may instantly convert video, audio, pictures, and documents between nearly all major formats with the help of the free and open-source graphical programme FF Multi Converter on Linux-based devices.

It is a sophisticated solution designed for people who need to convert and compress their files rapidly without sacrificing quality.

It is a command-line programme that facilitates a variety of command tools to make it simple to use.

The software uses ImageMagick for pictures, FFmpeg for video and audio files, and unoconv for document formats. This is another 123apps alternative.

Similar to other similar solutions, it has a batch processing option that enables you to quickly and easily compress hundreds of files at once.

10. Internet-friendly media encoder

Internet-friendly media encoder

Using batch conversion and the H.265 standard, Internet Friendly Media Encoder is a simple to use programme that enables you to swiftly convert videos while maintaining playing quality.

The software has thousands of users worldwide who can use it to convert their films into a variety of top formats. It begins out at a basic level.

It is a dependable video conversion solution that depends on the next-generation video compression standard that promises great compression rates, in contrast to all other comparable solutions.

The solution also offers batch processing, which enables you to simultaneously compress an unlimited number of files without sacrificing quality.

11. VidCoder


You can convert video files to the mp4 and MKV file formats with VidCoder, a flexible, quick, and simple video converter.

It contains practically all of the top tools and features, making it one of the finest video converters for Windows devices, and serves as a Wondershare UniConvertor substitute.

This is another 123apps alternative. Users can add clips to the list using the drag and drop interface or built-in browser button thanks to its clear and uncomplicated interface.

One of the most intriguing features of this solution is its batch processing capability, which enables you to import and convert multiple files simultaneously without compromising quality.

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12. MediaCoder


A freeware Windows-based video converter that can convert between several formats is called MediaCoder.

It is referred regarded as a universal encoder since it includes a wide variety of well-known media codecs and capabilities in a single straightforward interface.

There are numerous versions of the software that can be used, and every new version adds a tonne of powerful new tools and capabilities.

You can upload files in both audio and video forms using this software, which works with practically all popular formats.

It is rather simple to understand compared to other things.

Simply select the source file you want to convert, the format you want to convert it to, and click the convert button.

Your file is prepared to be saved and shared with others in less than a second.

13. WonderShare UniConverte

WonderShare UniConverte

With features for creating iOS devices and DVD burning, WonderShare UniConverter is an all-in-one media converter that provides nearly all of the top converting tools.

It is extremely adaptable software that supports modification, conversion, and transmission of multimedia files in any practical way.

An specialist developed the solution for Mac and Windows computers.

With the ability to swiftly convert audio, video, and photos into thousands of formats, the software serves as a one-stop shop for all your media conversion requirements.

With the help of its sophisticated engine, which can convert media files 30 times faster than its rivals without sacrificing quality, it accomplishes this.

The most intriguing feature of WonderShare UniConverter is its integrated video producer and editor, which lets you edit, trim, and otherwise improve your films.

14. Adobe Media Encoder CC

Adobe Media Encoder CC

This is another 123apps alternative. Adobe Media Encoder CC is a feature-rich programme that efficiently encodes your films utilising contemporary Adobe codecs for the potent yet undetectable conversion of any video format.

With a contemporary interface, the programme provides nearly all of the essential services and capabilities as a WonderShare UniConvertor substitute.

The integration with other Adobe products, like Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, which expands its capabilities and functionality, is this solution’s strongest feature.

Due to its robust capabilities, this solution enables you to export your project and turn it into playable content for whatever screen you can imagine.

15. MeGUI


MeGUI is a straightforward yet effective programme that you may use to batch encode films on your PC. Also check appsflyer 

With only one click, you may use this comprehensive solution to convert your files into audio and video formats. This is another 123apps alternative.

The solution’s user interface is pretty intuitive, and you can easily import files by dragging and dropping or by utilising the browser capability.

It offers a wide range of additional video features, including DVD ripping, converting activities, and a built-in player, making it a comprehensive alternative to other similar solutions.

The solution’s batch processing is very outstanding because it enables you to trim, resize, rename, and even convert hundreds of files simultaneously without compromising quality.


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