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Top 8 Best BiTGApps Alternatives in 2022

Best and authentic BitGapps alternatives will be discussed in this article. BiTGApps is a collection of intelligently customised Google applications that includes a number of different parts and offers everything you could possibly need for modification. Depending on your preferences, BiTGApps can be installed via config, ARM64, or ARM.

When installing a new package, you have full control thanks to the clever custom Google applications package’s low installation requirements.

With its Add-ons, NikGapps is offering support that may be freely utilised with side gapps. These include both config and non-config add-ons. Additionally, the tool makes it easy for you to manage all of the programmes available through Google Play.

Top 8 Best BiTGApps Alternatives in 2022

Top 8 Best BiTGApps Alternatives are explained here.

1. Open Gapps

Open Gapps

A platform called Open Gapps gives you comprehensive information and pre-built packages for projects based on Open Gapps. More significantly, there is a wealth of information accessible for you to discover the project from the extensive library thanks to the platform’s ability to script the automated development of updated Google Apps packages. This is another bitgapps alternative.

Nearly all platforms and Android versions are supported by this application, and more often than not, DPI optimization support will be provided for all of the Google packages that are now accessible. Thanks to their extensive capabilities and numerous customization options, all installed packages may be altered to fit a user’s tastes. Regular Google programme updates, testing of device capabilities, a variety of package options, stock ROM installation mode, automated backup, and more are some of this platform’s standout features.

2. MindTheGapps


The software MindTheGapps, which is made for Android custom ROMs, includes a number of Google programmes and services. If you wish to utilise apps like Hangouts, Play Store, Gmail, and more, this programme enables Google applications to operate effectively on your Android smartphone and ensures that Google services are enabled in your device. MindTheGApps can be used as an alternative to OpengGapps because it offers full support for making Google-related items function on a custom ROM. This is another bitgapps alternative.

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3. MicroG


An all-in-one, open-source mobile operating system called microG is based on Linux and includes a number of different parts, including the service Core, the framework proxy, the unified network location provider, and the Maps API. The tool may be used on real devices in addition to virtual mobile architectures, and it can take the place of Google products in test emulators. Google’s exclusive Android user space application and libraries will be free to be resized thanks to microG.

This is another bitgapps alternative. Applications for Android can use modelled application programming interfaces (APIs) offered by Google Play Services thanks to MicroG. Additionally, users have the option to choose enable and disable various API functions, and MicroG does not track functionality to keep track of user activity on the system.

4. NikG Apps

NikG Apps

NikGApps is a sophisticated set of customised Google applications that offers everything you want. The programme offers the best support for Android and receives frequent upgrades. More significantly, the programme offers customisable installation, giving you total control over what you install and enabling you to install any package you like.

With its freeware Add-ons that may be utilised without restriction with side gaps, NikGapps offers help. Thanks to advanced features and configuration choices, you can now take advantage of flawless OTA updates and tailor the packages you install depending on preferences.

5. Ghost Commander

Ghost Commander

With a dual-panel file manager and full support for clients including drive, FTP, box, dropbox, webDav, SMB, and more, Ghost Commander is a totally legitimate file management programme. Having numerous clients ensures that you can adequately handle all of your data, either locally or remotely. Moving files from one spot to another panel is really easy with the help of this open-source software’s user-friendly interface.

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Ghost Commander connects Windows network shares, FTP and SFTP servers, as well as cloud storage services like Google Drive, BOX, and Dropbox. Additionally, you may work with encrypted ZIP archives the same way you would work with a conventional folder using the software’s ability to build and extract them. For expert users, there is a wealth of assistance available, including root mode, system tinkering, changing file characteristics and permissions, and more. File search by content, a text editor, emailing files, streaming audio, access to Google Drive, editing files, Zip archive support, customising colours, emailing files, and more are just a few of the extensive capabilities of this enormous piece of software. This is another bitgapps alternative.

6. FlameGApps


A free Google app installer software called FlameGApps gives you the best performance control when it comes to installing the necessary packages. The platform is providing constant assistance to deliver a tidy and streamlined Google application bundle that is resource-friendly.

This programme is available in two editions: the basic version and the complete edition. You may experience the Google Services Framework (GSF), Google Play Services (GMS), Google Play Store, and other foundational features in the first one. If you choose a complete edition, all the essential programmes, including Google Dialer, Messages, Contacts, and many more, are included in the bundle.

7. Beans Gapps

Beans Gapps

This is another bitgapps alternative. Beans Gapps is a clever tool that provides customers with a personalised Google apps bundle that includes all the programmes they require. With Beans Gapps, you have total control over the custom package you’re going to install and complete insight into the process of installing any application-specific packages.

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The platform is consistently supporting the delivery of a tidy, resource-friendly Google application bundle, and a number of add-ons are freely installable via side gaps. Overall, Beans Gapps is a useful tool that supports total customization and a variety of loaded programmes.

8. NanoDroid


An all-in-one functional installer for installing numerous open-source-related tools and applications is called NanoDroid. You have the flexibility to pick what to install thanks to this excellent utility’s configuration file-based fine-grained installation capability. With or without partition, NanoDroid supports direct or system instals, and it’s more likely that a Magisk mode for installation is also accessible. This is another bitgapps alternative.

Various tools, noises, scripts, advanced functionality, and an F-droid repository are also available for user assistance. The Gapps that were previously installed on your smartphone are all deleted by NanoDroid, which includes a customised version of the Google Play Store. Additionally, the most recent version comes with sophisticated capabilities like system de-bloating, init scripts, automated logic development, and more.


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