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Top 11 Best Bulk Email Providers In 2022

Best and most effective bulk email providers will be explained in this article. For salesmen, marketers, and business owners, email is still a very useful tool. Whatever industry you are in, this is true. In actuality, more than 3.9 billion people use email. And by 2023, that digit is projected to grow to 4.3 billion.

Therefore, you must be able to send a lot of emails as fast and effectively as possible if you want to have the best chance of reaching your prospects, potential workers, or audience. But picking a bulk email provider is trickier than it sounds.

In order to help you in making the best decision, we will examine the top 11 bulk email providers in 2022 in this post.

What Do You Mean by Bulk Email?

In contrast to a one-on-one email, a bulk email blast is less focused. In this situation, your goal is to send your message to as many subscribers as you can. By accomplishing so, you can increase your odds of achieving our marketing KPIs.

For instance, to promote more transactions, an e-commerce company would want to give a discount to their members. An info publisher would want to encourage clicks to their homepage, which features a sales video. Or a business may be going to introduce a new product and wants to inform its market. According to a recent study, 82% of businesses use email marketing technology in some capacity. That implies you’re already behind the times if you only use basic email services like Gmail or Outlook. However, you must be aware of what to seek for in the ideal instrument.

What Characterizes a Good Bulk Email Sender?

Sending bulk emails would, in an ideal world, be as simple as pressing a button on your regular software.

But sending out bulk emails has several drawbacks.

First of all, employing a standard email marketing platform can get expensive.

The second thing you must do is watch out for blacklisting of your domain.

Spam filters start to be activated when a standard domain is used to send a lot of emails.

Over time, this will cause your company’s domain to become so flagged that very few of your prospects will get your email.

So, in addition to that, here are some other things you should search for in your preferred tool:

Integrations of Contact Management Analytics with High Delivery Rate (and Reputation) Templates

Top 11 Best Bulk Email Providers In 2022

Top 11 Best Bulk Email Providers are explained here

1. Right Inbox

Right Inbox

You may quickly send a bulk email to your contact list with Right Inbox’s mail merging feature. Also check MngaDex alternatives

Get more out of your email with the help of the Right Inbox Gmail extension, which easily integrates into your Gmail inbox.

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You may reach a big number of individuals with your personalised personal message in only 5 easy steps.

Your mass email outreach will convert and receive responses if the mail merging tool is combined with automated email follow-ups and email templates. This is another bulk email providers.

Mail Merge has frequently proved challenging in Gmail, but our feature eliminates the extra stages.

Right Inbox is a clear winner for professionals just starting out with mass email outreach because to their incredibly competitive pricing.


Tracking Email Opens & Links

Templates for Email

Regular Emails

Email reminders

Email chaining

Price Levels:

Free tier with constrained options (bulk emails not included)

Personal Plan: monthly fee of $9.95 (billed annually)

Professional Plan: monthly cost of $19.95 (billed annually)

2. Mailshake


Because it enables you to automate cold email outreach, MailShake is among the top bulk email senders. This is another bulk email providers.

It’s a true all-in-one application that helps you and your team manage emails more effectively.

It claims an intuitive platform for tracking, sending emails, and integrations in particular.

It makes sense why it is a rising star in the email software industry.

Here are a few of the strong capabilities that this bulk email tool offers:


Phone calls split-tested for social integration and lead-catcher follow-up sequences

Price Levels:

Standard Plan: $59 per month

The Sales Engagement Plan is $99 per month.

3. MailerLite


For businesses with lesser lists, choose this bulk email provider.

MailerLite thus has some affordable prices.

Larger subscriber bases are not possible because you can only send 12,000 emails each month.

Although it aims to maintain its focus on being a simplified tool, it offers several fundamental elements for constructing complete campaigns.

With some of the other bulk email programmes on this list, you might be better served if you require a wide range of personalization choices and limitless campaign permutations.


Pricing Tiers for A/B Testing Send by Time Zone Built-In Campaign Builder:

$10 monthly

$15 monthly

$50 monthly

4. SendGrid


Sendgrid offers sophisticated features that let you personalise your emails.

On the platform, you may modify designs, scheduling, analytics, contacts, and more.

This guarantees that your marketing team gets everything they require for a successful process.

Another benefit is the capability of integration with other platforms.

This is another bulk email providers. Although it is not the most affordable bulk email sending solution, it might be helpful for individuals who like to customise every aspect of their emails.


Real-time analytics with flexible API bounce and spam reports

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Pricing tiers for customised landing pages:

$15 monthly

$90 monthly

5. Mail Gun

Mail Gun

In a matter of seconds, Mail Gun can send bulk emails to thousands of subscribers.

It enables you to eliminate useless emails, maintaining a good deliverability.

It also provides API tools to interface with different programmes and keep your team’s email marketing headquarters simple. Also check US book alternatives

Developers were considered when creating the app.

This indicates that using APIs is a key component of the service rather than just an afterthought.

Additionally, the availability of 24-hour customer service guarantees that any problems may be rectified swiftly, preventing your emails from needlessly waiting to be sent.

Let’s examine its specifications and cost:


Predictive Integration of API

Burst Sending Email Validation Inbox Deliverability Pricing Tiers:

$35 monthly

$80.00 a month

$90 monthly

6. Elastic Email

Elastic Email

Popular email blast sender Elastic Email has a pricing structure that lets you select between monthly or pay-as-you-go.

This might be a useful addition to an email marketing toolkit for businesses operating on a really tight budget.

With distinct parameters for each campaign, you can schedule all of your campaigns at once using the bulk sender tool.

You can recognise messages that have already been sent thanks to advanced AI.

This helps prevent duplications and irritates your subscribers.

You can visit which emails have served the best by using the app’s email tracking feature.

View who clicked, opened, and even bought something after receiving your blast.

And each month, you send tens of millions of emails. This is another bulk email providers.

Features of it include:


Testing A/B

Drop and Drag

Tracking Email Builder Links

Cost-effective Template Management:

$15 monthly

$30 monthly

Per 1,000 emails, $0.09 (pay as you go)

7. SendinBlue


One of the most sophisticated bulk email programmes for 2022 is SendinBlue.

Its customization features, which let customers build custom templates from scratch, give it an advantage over rivals.

SendinBlue charges in a special method when it comes to pricing.

This platform solely determines costs based on the volume of emails you will be sending, rather than offering a fixed fee.

Even 300 emails every day are free to send.

Their plans all provide unlimited contact storage, and their pricing is really competitive.


Templates with Unlimited Contact Storage at Various Price Levels

$400 per month for free

$1,000 monthly

8. ConvertKit


An expert mass email sender is ConvertKit.

It concentrates on providing services to the creative niche, including writers and bloggers.

The features are incredibly basic. Also check  vipbox alternatives

It does not offer predictive sending or A/B testing, for example.

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However, it can be effective for information publishers that require a speedy means to send emails.

It achieves the majority of what other email applications can do without requiring complicated settings.

This is another bulk email providers. One-man businesses who seek an easy way to send email blasts to their subscribers may consider it if they don’t have a marketing crew.


Toggle and Drop

Pricing tiers: Editor Bulk Sending Reasonable Support Wait Times

Free $29 a month

Each month, $59

9. Mail Marketer

Mail Marketer

A useful bulk email tool to keep in mind when marketing to the Indian market is Mail Marketer.

You can simultaneously send bulk emails to everyone on your list.

Users can use built-in suggestions from Mail Marketer or upload email templates.

Your marketing team may monitor performance with real-time reporting and boost email-generated revenue as well. This is another bulk email providers.

Here are some of its main attributes and available pricing options:


Email Open Tracking Link Click Tracking Credits for integrating Google Analytics

Tiers of Don’t Expire Pricing

Monthly cost: $39

Each month, $299

Monthly cost: $499

10. ActiveCampaign


For 2022, ActiveCampaign has been one of the most effective email marketing systems.

More than 90,000 small businesses use their services, according to statistics.

This is another bulk email providers. Imagine sending mass emails to that many prospective customers.

One of the top systems for email marketing in use today is ActiveCampaign.

Additionally, email customization enables you to add distinctive names and other client details to your emails to give them a customised touch.


Countless Emails

Testing with advanced analytics

Tiers of Premium Support Pricing:

Each month, $111

$399 monthly

11. Moosend


Moosend is a fantastic alternative to think about if you are new to bulk email marketing or are still learning it. This is another bulk email providers.

Even if their features might not be on par with those of MailShake or some of the others, they might serve as a good starting point.

It might be the best option for tiny, one-person businesses that need to send out mass emails to a large number of recipients.


Countless Emails

Supportive Services

Simple for Novice Price:


It’s not always simple to find the best bulk email provider.

Each offers a distinct set of features and prices.

Review the list above and consider the particular requirements of your company.

By using the technology that best suits your demands, you may thereby reach your customers on a large scale.

These programmes have made it much simpler to email several people while maintaining a personal touch.


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