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Top 14 Best Taiga Bot Alternatives in 2022

Best taiga bot alternatives will be discussed in this article. Taiga is a feature-rich bot designed to make managing and operating your Discord server simple for you. It includes a wide variety of translations that the community has provided, and the list keeps growing. If there are any issues, you may get in touch with the support team directly through Twitter, live chat, email, and discord, and they will try their best to resolve them right away. It features a global economy, and you may actively do daily activities and communicate to earn the two currencies.

Anime character trading cards are available for purchase, and you may exchange them with other users while having fun. The bot has a Controlpanel that lets you control personal settings, trading cards, guild settings, currencies, and more using just a web browser. Last but not least is the system for plugins, which enables everyone to create their own plugins and activate them by submitting them for moderation.

Top 14 Best taiga Bot Alternatives in 2022

Top 14 Best taiga Bot Alternatives are explained here.

1. SlayBot


With the help of SlayBot, a highly effective and sophisticated Discord bot, you can expand your server with new features like anti-invite rules, humorous commands, and more. You may interact with the community via its robust economy system. Send personalised welcomes to new users that are tailored to your needs to welcome them. In addition, you may include greeting and parting remarks. The user has total control over the system and is free to design their own commands and add them without restriction to the server. This is another taiga bot alternative. Also check hugemoviesdb 

2. MEE6


MEE6 is a platform that enables you to create your own Discord server and tailor it to your needs. It offers a clever and user-friendly interface where you can adjust Twitch notifications, moderation, levels, and other features. More than 12 million users trust it, and it makes their life simpler by providing them with the tools they need to administer various elements of their Discord server. You may use the Welcome message to educate new members of crucial details such as goings-on, server policies, or subjects.

The options provided can be used to construct the welcome card. You have the flexibility to design the desired command on the platform. The commands may be used for sending messages, designating and deleting roles, and other things. Send server alerts about an upcoming broadcast that you or another content provider will be hosting to ensure maximum presence. Permit users to choose their roles by replying. They may use just responses to enter various areas of the Discord server, make themselves known, and receive pings for new announcements. Voice recording, a custom bot, music for your server, and a secure and hygienic server are other features.

3. Dyno Bot

Dyno Bot

You can easily administer your Discord server with the help of the multi-featured Dyno bot. You may freely alter it to match your needs because it is completely adaptable. It comes with a clever and user-friendly online dashboard that offers a comprehensive view of all information. You may handle several modules from the dashboard, including Custom Commands, Auto Message, Autoroles, Auto Purge, Automod, Autoresponder, and many others. Dashboard, Moderation, and other tools are included. By offering a number of essential capabilities including completely customised mod logs, timed bans, and mutes, it streamlines moderation.

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4. BotGhost


BotGhost is a web application that allows anybody with an internet connection to make bots for nothing and without writing any code. The platform provides users with access to hundreds of commands that let them delegate a variety of jobs to bots, including monitoring social media, alerts, and music libraries as well as serving as a translator and server moderator, among other things.

This is another taiga bot alternative. Even more customization is possible by including news instructions in the command area of your bots. To adapt to changing conditions, some instructions can be activated and disabled at any moment. These bots may be used to automatically alert users on your server or in your social media followings. The user’s needs may always be taken into account while creating these messages. Even the gaming data from your favourite games, like Fortnite and Apex Legends, may be shown using it. Some of its key features are a personal profile, email registration, QR scan, graphical user interface, straightforward user design, and economic system.

5. PenguinBots


A free discord bot hosting service is available online at PenguinBots. In addition, when you sign up, you receive a free bot from the platform that you can download and use again whenever you like. Although there is also a premium plan available that offers improved capabilities including increased speed and the capacity to host more bots at once, among other things. The Pterodactyl Panel interface makes it simple for the user to control the server and carry out additional tasks like uploading files and turning on/off bots. Personal accounts, password security, email registration, a simple user interface, and a graphical user interface are some additional features.

6 Discord Bot Studio

Discord Bot Studio

With the help of this programme, you can easily construct bots that do time-consuming and repetitive operations like sending text instructions, displaying welcome messages on the server, and more. The software’s flowchart editor modal and simple graphical interface make it simple to use. With a little drag and drop, tasks may be reorganised.

Bots may be given new orders, and any bot can be activated or deactivated depending on the situation. For enhanced functionality, you may even apply third-party modifications to your bots. Community forums, preview support, the dice roll command, the share option, the ability to download the bot code, and the ability to customise the rules are some of its notable features.

7. Bot Designer Discord

Bot Designer Discord

An application called Bot Designer For Discord enables users to create custom bots without any programming knowledge. On this platform, you may construct any kind of bot, from a straightforward single-purpose bot to a sophisticated multipurpose one. Simple typing in the command creator tab’s designated parts for the command name, the command, and the reply text allows novice users to add commands. Advanced users can instead add instructions using BDScript or JavaScript.

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Then, these instructions can be stored in any folder on the computer. If users are just interested in adding standard commands, they can do so through the in-app command store. Copy text button, share commands feature, user assistance, material design graphics, automation, bot hosting, search bar, featured and popular commands, and commands editing and deleting are a few of its other features. This is another taiga bot alternative.

8. Bot Commander Discord

Bot Commander Discord

An tool called Bot Commander for Discord enables you to build your own Discord bots and give them orders without any programming knowledge. Users only need to access the command creator tab, select a command type, then enter the command name and description to create a command. To suit their demands, they can even tick acts and their magnitude. Also check sportsengine 

A number of tasks, including replying to clients, maintaining servers, assigning roles, and deleting or banning troublesome individuals, may be carried out by simple and multi-purpose bots. On the site, bots can even be welcomed and hosted at any moment. Personal account, command editing and removal, user assistance, a graphical user interface, captivating dashboards, bot loading, keyword commands, bot status setting, and an integrated battery optimizer are some of the extra features of this software.

9. Discord Bot Builder Help

Discord Bot Builder Help

This is another taiga bot alternative. An application called Bot Builder Help serves as a tool to assist users in creating Discord bots. You may find the code you need for your bot here, whether you want to develop it from scratch or use pre-written instructions.

Users only need to type a code into the search field to find it. Before deciding to download the codes, customers may view the entire set. It is kid-friendly since even details like the age rating are provided. Bots may be made using a variety of programming languages, including Python, BCFD, BDFD, and Discord.JS. Simple navigation, a graphical user interface, dark mode, popularity rank display, cheap storage requirements, and quick response are some of its standout characteristics.

10. Discord for Scratch

Discord for Scratch

With the help of the web application Scratch for Discord, you can build chatbots without writing a single line of code. Simply choose from the several colour boxes in the website’s upper left corner, then enter text in the appropriate fields to utilise it. These boxes are used to modify how your chatbot reacts to various circumstances, including computations, logical scenarios, inquiries, and particular phrases. This is another taiga bot alternative.

You may also import files from your PC while doing this. This may be used to react to corporate clients, provide welcome messages to new server users, and post updates to social media. Simple user interface, drag and drop functionality, custom support, user assistance, bot hosting, file name, download option, undo/redo buttons, editing option, JavaScript Export, and the ability to handle many languages are just a few of its other features.

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11. Business Bots

Business Bots

With the aid of a web application called Business, you can build your own telegram bot that will assist you in managing your company by communicating with customers and reminding them of upcoming events. You may even import codes from Github while doing this.

Because the bots you build are cloud-based, they continue to work even when your system is off. Bots may be given orders by uploading data from Google Table, and JavaScript can be used to give the order some logic. These instructions are subject to revision or removal at any moment. Some of its key features include personal accounts, email registration, graphical user interfaces, user support from the developer team, in-app stores, bot installation, text highlighting, bot deactivation, and various packages.

12. BotHook


This is another taiga bot alternative. Chatbots may be used by businesses to handle discussions with their consumers thanks to the internet service BotHook. You must first contact them by making a profile before you can begin. The platform assigns you a developer who makes an effort to comprehend your needs and make ideas. In collaboration with the clients, the developer builds a prototype of the intended product. After then, it is put through a series of tests before being decided. Customers may still reserve its services to maintain and enhance their chatbots even after the finished product has been delivered. Its appealing characteristics include a Simple User interface and diagnostic tools.

13. Bot List Discord

Bot List Discord

A mobile app called Bot List for Discord offers you access to a library of discord bots from which you may select and use any bot in accordance with your needs. These Discord bots may be used for a variety of tasks, including managing music collections, servers, events, even video games and anime. A user is provided with comprehensive information on each bot, which may include a description and user ratings. By tapping the “Invite Bot” button, users may choose a certain bot. Its appealing features include a straightforward user interface and a search function.

14. Kreatebot


With the help of the software Kreatebot, people can make chatbots for their smartphones without knowing any programming. These bots may be used, among other things, to manage subscribers to your social media account and define default greeting texts, answers, and welcome messages. You only need to open the appropriate icon, put your desired text in the text box, and then submit it to set any of this. This is another taiga bot alternative. Also check animeglare 

Now, the bot will automatically reply to the appropriate circumstance with the text you provided. These responses also support media items including photos, videos, and audio. Depending on the situation, these bots can be enabled or disabled at any moment. Personal accounts, social network account syncing, alerts, sharing options, a unified dashboard, scheduled posting, the ability to check posting history, and configurable features are just a few of the standout features.


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