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Top 15 Best rTorrent Alternatives in 2022

Best and most efficient rtorrent alternatives will be described in this article. For distributing torrent files from the internet, rTorrent was a text-based BitTorrent client. It was built on the outdated Unix libraries ncurses and libTorrent.

Due to error-free coding, excellent performance was the intended goal. It had a non-graphical user interface, but as was already indicated, direct text-based commands could be delivered.

You do not receive a lot of features like IPv6 internet protocol, proxy server connection for secure downloads, seeding, web trackers, UPnP, and daemon tools integration because it is very old software that has been discontinued. There were no possibilities for sequential download.

Magnet link downloading, super seeding, selective downloading, and giving your particular files priority are some of the basic functions.

The programme was clean and bloatware-free since it lacked search engines, utilities, and other pointless features.

Only the Windows and Linux platforms supported rTorrent.

Top 15 Best rTorrent Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best rTorrent Alternatives are explained here.

1. qBittorrent


A cross-platform P2P BitTorrent client created in C++, qBittorrent is free and open-source software.

It serves as uTorrent’s substitute and has an extendable search engine that is seamlessly incorporated into the programme.

You can do several simultaneous searches and category-specific search requests with this BitTorrent client for a variety of different file and multimedia types.

The programme includes both the Qt4 and web user interfaces, enabling remote control for downloading search results.

It supports practically all of the BitTorrent extensions, such as peer exchange, DHT, and full encryption.

Additionally, qBittorrent offers advanced RSS support with download filters, IP filtering, and IPv6 compliance, as well as UPnP and NAT-PMP port forwarding compatibility.

It functions similarly to all the other top BitTorrent clients, but it has a tonne of innovative features that set it apart from the competition.

Among its key features are the ability to download many torrents at once, an integrated RSS feed reader and downloader, extreme portability, control over files, and tools for creating torrents.

2. Deluge


The best BitTorrent client for Windows, OS X, Linux, and Unix is called Deluge.

It is a solution with many features, using libtorrent as a backend, and provides a variety of user interfaces, including web and console. This is another rtorrent alternative.

This particular BitTorrent client was created utilising a client-server architecture, and it has a daemon process that manages all the main BitTorrent operations.

Deluge seeks to be a safe and compact client, and the majority of its capabilities are contained in plugin tools created by different developers.

The user interfaces can always connect remotely from any platform and the client is capable of running on headless machines.

Its other standout features include a large selection of plugins, simplicity, speed, and security; compatibility with many similar platforms, like GNOME, XFCE, KDE, etc.

Deluge is GNU General Public License-licensed software that is completely free.

3. Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager

A free download manager called Free Download Manager splits the files that are being downloaded first, then puts each divided component back together to complete the file.

It also has functions for starting, pausing, pausing again, and stopping.

The resume option allows users to pick up their file download from where they left off.

The fact that it functions as a file manager is its strongest feature.

This platform automatically uploads every file it downloads to the appropriate location.

A song might be added to the music folder, for instance. This is another rtorrent alternative.

Software will automatically go to the software folder, and video and movies will automatically go to the video folder.

Free Download Manager offers the options of complete, in progress, pause, and schedule while downloading numerous files so that users may choose the best time for their files to finish downloading or to arrange for downloading.

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4. Tixati


The peer-to-peer file-sharing application Tixati employs the BitTorrent protocol.

The protocol enables a huge file to be efficiently downloaded by a group of peers acting as a collective swarm.

The best feature of this software is how it uses sophisticated bandwidth registering for both overall and per-transfer traffic, with distinct catalogues for protocol and file bytes and many categories for outgoing traffic for seeding and trading.

It offers a tonne of cutting-edge features that set it apart from competing applications, much like other programmes of a same nature.

The fastest downloads, increased security, the ability to exchange magnet lists, stream audio-video files, and access private chat rooms are just a few of the features available. The interface is also free, straightforward, and user-friendly.

The software is only compatible with Linux and Windows operating systems.

5. PicoTorrent


Through a P2P connection and a user-friendly interface, PicoTorrent is a web-based tool that enables you to search for, locate, and download movies, games, and other items from the internet.

It is a simple solution that enables you to download magnet URLs and torrent files simultaneously.

Since this solution is a portal, you can quickly decompress it in any spot on your hard drive and it doesn’t require any setup.

There is no setting necessary, but you should be aware that the output directory is assigned to a drive with enough free space.

When you first open the software, you will find a straightforward interface where you can examine the list of torrents as well as other helpful information, such as the size, status, anticipated download time, and peer for each file from the main windows. This is another rtorrent alternative.

It is considerably more powerful than all the other platforms that are comparable to it, and you can add its torrent files from the file menu to quickly download them.

Additionally, there is a powerful suggestion engine that makes all the best shows, movies, or programmes based on your interests.

Basic features like a straightforward user interface, daily updates with new connects, explore categories and search boxes, etc. are also included in PicoTorrent.

6. BitTorrent


A popular torrent client for distributing content using the BitTorrent protocol is BitTorrent.

Users can browse, share, download, and upload a variety of media, including movies, music, software, documents, and more.

The programme allows users to download several files simultaneously from various peers.

The interface displays information such as upload and download speed, file name, size, speed, and progress for each upload and download. This is another rtorrent alternative.

Both tabular and graphical views can be used to check overall utilisation.

A torrent site or BitTorrent can be used to add new torrent and magnet files.

It provides an easy-to-use interface and a tonne of other options, including scheduling to enable various bandwidth limitations throughout the day and remote control.

The bandwidth limiter, data transfer quote limiter, download scheduler, IP blocklist, proxy support, etc. are some of its most sophisticated features.

7. CuteTorrent


To transfer torrent files, one uses the BitTorrent client called CuteTorrent.

On pirate websites like 1337x and ThePirateBay, downloading and uploading any material is simple.

It has the BitTorrent core library even though it appears to be a pretty standard torrent client.

Custom Proxy support for anonymity, speed limitations for certain or all torrent files in the queue, and IPv6 support are some of CuteTorrent’s standout features.

In order to mount the disc and.iso files on the virtual disc when downloading a file from CuteTorrent, it includes direct integration with the Daemon tool. Also check  torrentzeta alternatives

Since CuteTorrent is open-source software, developers can access its source code and alter it however they see fit.

For people who want to learn how to code, the open-source platform can also be utilised for educational reasons.

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8. BiglyBT


A free BitTorrent client called BiglyBT allows users to download and upload torrent files.

Although open-source, the software has several features.

This is the finest torrent programme if you want ad-free browsing.

The BiglyBT Android app offers the same complete capabilities and an ad-free interface as the PC version.

With Android TV compatibility, you may immediately download movies and music onto your TV. It functions as a remote control software for your phone, tablet, and Chromebook.

The primary function of this software is to combine all the seeders into one swarm so that you may download files more quickly.

Clean timeline elements like labelling and organising torrent files are included.

It includes every essential component of a torrent client, including Mainline DHT, Vuze DHT, UPnP, uTP, PEX, UDP Tracker, and end-to-end file encryption.

9. Nicotine+


To share torrent files through a peer-to-peer file exchange network, utilise the Nicotine+ torrent client for Soulseek.

It serves as a substitute for Complex Soulseek, which tries to be plainer and simpler while still offering strong functionality for file sharing. This is another rtorrent alternative.

Users can share other kinds of media as well, while initially it was just for music sharing.

It has all the necessary navigational tools and functions, such as a search bar, downloads area, and uploads.

Additionally, it offers services like private chat, chat rooms, and buddy lists that are uncommon in other P2P file-sharing apps.

It displays all pertinent information about current downloads, including IP address, region, and Download and Upload speeds.

Anyone can obtain the source code because Nicotine+ is an open-source software.

Nicotine+ does not itself collect any user data, which is a disadvantage of open source software; but, third-party servers may do so without the user’s consent.

Both the Windows and macOS operating systems support the software.

10. Libtorrent


A P2P connection can be used to exchange torrent files using the BitTorrent client Libtorrent.

It is a straightforward, bloatware-free version of BitTorrent with a basic graphical user interface that prioritises speed and stability.

Even though the software is straightforward, it yet includes all the essential and sophisticated capabilities for P2P and torrent exchange.

This software’s primary objectives are simplicity of use, low CPU and memory utilisation.

Since Libtorrent is licenced software, you can use its library in your projects without obtaining a licence, but you must give the author credit.

The access to the BitTorrent library, DHT protocol, IPv6 support, peer exchange, HTTP seeding, tracker addition, and local peer finding are some of the software’s standout features.

You can also download unlisted torrents.

11. LIII BitTorrent Client

LIII BitTorrent Client

Open-source software called LIII BitTorrent Client is used to share files via torrent.

The goal of this straightforward software is to utilise the fewest CPU and RAM cycles while using the most effective downloading and uploading technique.

Because of its simplicity, intuitive user interface, and easily available choices, you may prefer this software to other torrent solutions.

With just one click, the file is added to the download queue using the functionality for magnet URL fetching.

Although this software’s graphical user interface may be old, it nevertheless has several advantages for PC performance. This is another rtorrent alternative.

The programme was written in C++, therefore it might not be as robust as some of its rivals like BitTorrent or its clients, but it still provides a positive user experience when performing Peer-to-Peer exchange chores.

12. Vuze


A free BitTorrent client called Vuze (sometimes called Azureus) is used to share files using the BitTorrent protocol.

It makes use of the Azureus Engine and is developed in Java.

Users can browse, publish, and exchange original DVDs and high-quality video material on the site in addition to BitTorrent.

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Different channels and categories are used to present each piece of content.

The site also enables users to publish content they have developed themselves in order to monetize it.

You can use this straightforward programme from anywhere in the world at any time.

Decentralized chat, content search, friend chat, torrent sharing, browsing and downloading of high-quality information, publishing of one’s own content, and exporting of media directories to external devices are just a few examples.

Only Vuze has a plugin that connects to the I2P network and makes torrents accessible on P2P and vice versa.

By using this platform, you may protect your downloads with antivirus software, stream playable video games, and avoid annoying adverts.

Music videos, movies, TV shows, and video games are some of the most popular types.

13. FrostWire


The most sophisticated free and open-source BitTorrent client, FrostWire, was introduced in September 2004.

With some new tools that make it superior to others, it is comparable to LimeWire and provides all the essential functionality. Also check YIFY Torrent

For example, a precise built-in torrent search, a sophisticated download manager, a music player, a media library, etc.

You can find what you love quickly, download movies, music, and videos directly to your smartphone swiftly and without size or speed restrictions thanks to the integration of all these functions into one free application.

You can make playlists to listen to your music without an internet connection when you’re offline.

The key feature of this approach is its lightning-quick download speed via the decentralised P2P file-sharing torrent network.

by dividing the files into multiple chunks and simultaneously downloading from a large number of sources. This is another rtorrent alternative.

You can use it to download any size of media file, including full albums of music or high-quality tracks.

Despite being primarily designed with audio and video in mind, it allows you to download various types of data, unlike most comparable torrent solutions.

Additionally, FrostWire comes with standard features like a media browser, built-in torrent search, simple one-tap downloading, and several file storage options.

FrostWire is a top-notch open-source BitTorrent client that can be used on both desktop and mobile devices.

14. Halite


Based on the well-known libtorrent library, Halite is one of the best and most cost-free BitTorrent clients.

The C++-based programme depends on the performance of the Boost libraries, portable C++ source libraries.

The website is designed specifically for customers who want to download various types of data, including audio, video, and photos.

It is a simplistic yet practical BitTorrent client that uses little memory and has an intuitive user interface.

The apps’ key capabilities include managed torrent queues, support for magnet URIs, full Unicode support, the ability to generate torrent files, edit trackers, and file selection.

It offers communication choices just like other platforms of a similar kind, but with some novel features that make it superior to others.

15. KTorrent


Using the BitTorrent protocol, you may download any sort of file using KTorrent, the most popular BitTorrent programme from KDE.

It has extra capabilities that make it a feature-rich BitTorrent client and enables you to run many torrents at once.

It functions similarly to all the other BitTorrent software, but it has a new UI and a tonne of unique features that set it apart from the competition.

The most notable feature of KTorrent includes global and per-torrent speed limitations, previewing particular file types, importing partially or fully downloaded files, and selective downloading for multi-file torrents. It also supports UDP trackers and has many more features. This is another rtorrent alternative. Also check FPG Torrents alternatives

KTorrent offers some plugins in addition to built-in features that set it apart from competing programmes.


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