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Top 11 Best Ketchapp Summer Sports Alternatives in 2022

Summer Sports is a Ketchapp adventure, management, sports, and single-player video game. This is a game in which you can play a variety of games such as racing, soccer, hockey, badminton, tennis, and swimming, among others. Here you will discover all of the frolics from Olympic competitions in which you can begin your career as a layman and construct a dream of becoming a celebrity, choose a niche to enter, and begin working hard to achieve your life’s ambition.

While playing, challenge your friends online, take on the character of any athlete and become renowned, earn a lot of money, & collect dozens of citations.

There are several basic levels, as well as numerous mini-games such as long jump, javelin, and hurdle race, as well as numerous climbing and other activities.

Top 11 Best Ketchapp Summer Sports Alternatives in 2022

Top 11 Best Ketchapp Summer Sports Alternatives are explained here.

1. Olympic Gold Medalist

Olympic Gold Medalist

Sega designed and published Olympic Gold, a single-player and multiplayer Olympic video game. The gameplay is nearly identical to those of other comparable games in which the player must perform a variety of Olympic events in order to advance.

The game includes Olympic events such as the 100-meter dash, 200-meter freestyle swim, 110-meter hurdles, and hammer throw, among others.

Each one has multiple stages that the player must accomplish in order to become the best player in the world. It allows the user to practise his talents in practise mode.

#2 Beijing, 2008

Beijing, 2008

Beijing 2008 is a Sega-published official Olympic video game developed by Eurocom.

It’s a realistic sports simulation with over 30 major Olympic events and up to 32 national teams from Spain, the United States, Norway, Mexico, Australia, and Cuba. There are several game ways to choose from, including Career mode, Realistic mode, and Online mode, each with its own set of levels.

It allows the user to choose or create a character representing their country at the start of the game and then enter the virtual world to participate in all of the major Olympic Games. Each finished level will award the player with large sums of money, which they can use to unlock new levels and upgrade their equipment.

This is another ketchapp summer sports. The most intriguing aspect of this game is that it provides a real-time setting that completely immerses players in the fantastic gaming world.

Character customization, upgrades, different modes, locations, dynamic background music, improved game mechanics, and exquisite graphic details are all important features.

#3 Konami’s Arcade

Konami's Arcade

Sports, Single and Multiplayer Olympic video game Track and Field (also known as Hyper Olympic) is an Arcade, Sports, Single and Multiplayer Olympic video game.

It’s the best game like QWOP because it gives the player a similar goal.

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It allows the user to control his character with only two buttons, one for running and the other for jumping, similar to the QWOP. The player’s ultimate goal in this game is to complete all of the levels in order to earn the Olympic trophy.

There are six major events in the game: the 100-meter dash, high jump, 110-meter hurdles, javelin, long jump, and hammer throw.

#4 Mario and Sonic at the 2012 Olympic Games in London

Mario and Sonic at the 2012 Olympic Games in London

Sega Sports and Nintendo have released Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, which is a party, single-player, and multiplayer sports video game.

It is the third significant marker in the Mario and Sonic series, and it was released exclusively on the Nintendo platform in 2011. This is another ketchapp summer sports.

It features a range of events based on the Olympic Games, just like its prior releases.

The game has over fourteen different Mario franchise characters, and the player can enter the game world by selecting one of them. All playable characters are categorised into four groups: all-rounder, power, speed, and skill.

Football, badminton, table tennis, and cycling are all major Olympic events, as are the newly new Dream events, which are alternatives to various Olympic games. The game consists of a sequence of stages, each with more difficult gameplay than the one before it.

5. Summer Athletics

Summer Athletics

Summer Athletics: The Ultimate Challenge is the Xbox 360 version of Summer Athletics. It’s a new single-player and multiplayer sports video game from 49Games and DTP Entertainment.

It is the best of the Olympic games since it includes over 28 key Olympic events, such as swimming, athletics, diving, running, hammer throw, track cycling, and much more.

It has two entertaining modes: Arcade and Realistic, in which the player may choose from Amateur to Professional difficulty. To make the game more fun, it offers a character customization option that allows the player to build his own character with a name and gender.

This is another ketchapp summer sports. It, like other similar games, allows the player to fulfil numerous tasks in order to help his country win.

Summer Athletics has a number of notable characteristics that contribute to the game’s enjoyment, including good motion control, real-time gameplay, many background enhancements, play against friends, simple controls, gorgeous graphic details, great mechanics, and dynamic background music. Summer Athletics is a fantastic game for Olympic fans.

6. Capcom Sports Club is ranked

Capcom Sports Club is ranked

Capcom Sports Club is a video game developed by Capcom that includes Arcade, Sports Simulation, Team-Based, Single-player, and Multiplayer modes.

In this version, you’ll be able to play a variety of games such as football, hockey, and racing, as well as meet and compete against famous players. There are a variety of challenges, including Olympic tournaments, as well as hundreds of other sports like as squash, tennis, badminton, and other indoor games.

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Choose a country, be sure to pick a player, and try out the difficult combatants. You can also play with online players and defeat them in the game, or try your luck against the AI.

Additional innovative features include 2-dimensional graphics, an isometric front view camera viewpoint, a colourful world, and collected points, as well as time management games.

#7 Sydney in the year 2000

Sydney in the year 2000

Attention to Detail created Sydney 2000, which was published by Capcom. It’s another game that adds a slew of additional Olympic events and features to make the experience even better. This is another ketchapp summer sports.

The gameplay is analogous to that of the previous instalments. Only two buttons let the player to manage his character: one for controlling speed and the other for executing specific actions such as jumping, passing hurdles, and releasing the hammer.

More than 32 worldwide teams compete in this game, which includes up to 12 main events such as Kayak K1 Slalom, Triple Jump, Javelin, Hammer and Chase Cycling, and more.

Arcade mode, Career mode, Training mode, Olympic mode, and other modes are available. Each game mode is more enjoyable to play than the previous one. The main distinction from the last instalment in the Olympic medal is that it is only available to competitors who have qualified for competitions.

Each game is divided into four levels, each of which has a variety of mini-games such as climbing a pole and jogging on the treadmill. Sydney 2000 has excellent gaming controls and upgraded mechanics, as well as excellent graphics.

#8 London 2012

London 2012

London 2012 is a Sega-developed and distributed official Olympic video game for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

This is another ketchapp summer sports. All of the key Olympic events and international teams are more enjoyable to play in this game. It permits the participant to determine his character at the start of the game and enter a hard gaming environment where the player’s only goal is to win the gold medal for his country.

To make the game more engaging, it includes a completely new online mode that allows players to play with their friends as well as other online players from across the world.

If you’re a true fan of the Olympic Games, this game is tailor-made for you. It is the first Olympic video game to feature cooperative events in a local multiplayer mode with many players.

The game’s most notable features include unlocking new events, upgrades, actual characters, a wonderful game atmosphere, and up to 40 distinct worldwide locations.

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#9 2004 Athens

2004 Athens

Athens 2004 is an Olympic video game created by Eurocom and distributed by Eidos Interactive. It is public in single player and multiplayer modes. It is the official game of the 2004 Summer Olympics, in which all of the events and international teams are introduced.

Track and field, swimming, gymnastics, shooting, and weightlifting are among the events. All games include numerous stages that the player must complete in order to move to the next event.

It has a variety of modes, such as training mode, career mode, and arcade mode, similar to past Olympic Games.

Each one has numerous levels, and at the start, the player can choose from one of 64 international characters to enter the dazzling gaming world and prove himself the greatest.

In the real world, the player’s ultimate goal is to win the trophy for his country. Athens 2004 comes with a slew of notable features, like unlocked achievements, simple controls, multiple game modes, 64 interactive countries, and more. This is another ketchapp summer sports.

Athens 2004 is a terrific game to play and enjoy, with addictive gameplay, fantastic game mechanics, and beautiful graphic features.

#10 Asterix


Asterix at the Olympic Games is a very addictive Olympic, Platform, Sports, Single-Player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Etranges Libellules and distributed by Atari.

It is based on the same-named lively comedic film. At the start of the game, the player can choose from a variety of characters.

This is another ketchapp summer sports. The game’s plot centres around two characters named Obelix and Asterix, whose goal is to compete in Olympic games in order to marry Princess Irina.

The game is separated into several phases, each of which offers more complex gameplay than the preceding one.

It hosts a number of Olympic events, including long jump, sprinting, boxing, javelin, and hammer throw, among others. Each one must be won by the player achieving his or her game objective. It has a multiplayer option where both players can compete against one another.

#11 Champions in Sports

Champions in Sports

San Diego Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment released Sports Champions, a compilation of current and mediaeval sports video games.

The user can participate in six different sports games in this collection, including Archery, Disc Golf, Table Tennis, Gladiator, Bocce, and Beach Volleyball. There are three different gaming modes in the game: Free to Play, Challenging Mode, and Champion Mode. This is another ketchapp summer sports.

The player can play tutorials for all of the titles in free-to-play mode, while in the hard game, the player can compete in a range of events. The champion mode allows players to compete in Olympic or other popular events against other gamers.


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