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Top 15 Best Zoolz Alternatives In 2022

Best and official zoolz alternatives will be described in this article. Zoolz is a remote backup service that uses end-to-end encryption and better privacy protection because it doesn’t transmit or keep encryption keys on its servers. By implementing military-grade AES 256 bit encryption on data, this service offers fast throughput without sacrificing data security, which is a benefit. It makes use of its own proprietary AI algorithms to deliver further findings outlining how such an assault may be stopped in practical situations.

Regarding payments, they are safeguarded by the industry-leading 2Checkout security service. More to 100 TB of data may be backed up as part of your price plan, which is more than adequate for even very big enterprises. Overall, Zoolz is a fantastic tool that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

Top 15 Best Zoolz Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Zoolz Alternatives are explained here.

1. BoxCryptor


A freemium software programme called BoxCryptor makes it simple to encrypt your online storage for increased protection. For increased security, it incorporates end-to-end encryption technology. You may simply work together on documents with others while retaining your encryption and security with the aid of this software solution. Also check BitGapps 

BoxCryptor is a comprehensive software programme that functions on all types of gadgets, from smartphones and tablets to desktop PCs. The program’s ability to maintain privacy and security while keeping no records or information is the most intriguing feature of this software solution. This is another zoolz alternative.

You may enhance your features as a single user to gain unlimited devices, providers, and superior security with full file name encryption. Additionally ideal for teams, BoxCryptor offers a way to work together safely on files in the cloud while remaining in compliance with both internal and external rules. You may establish unique policies and control every user with this. Additionally, it has a number of essential components that set it apart from rivals.

2. Viivo


Viivo works flawlessly with Windows and Mac and automatically determines which cloud device is presented, making the setup simple. Viivo has an additional organiser that you can dump papers into. These encoded files are sent to an organiser in Dropbox by this device via its interface with Dropbox.

Viivo will display the original record name and add another document to the encoded information. The administration offers features called encrypted sharing, which permits flawless and secure material distribution to many consumers. Before they are synchronised to your Dropbox, Box, Drive, and OneDrive, Viivo protects your archives.

This is another zoolz alternative. Your information and your passphrase are never duplicated on our systems. Information security is in your hands, not that of the cloud provider. Viivo Security uses industry standards like RSA 2048 and AES-256 to collect data without regard for programmers, data snoopers, or mistakes.

3. Cloudfogger


A popular file encryption tool that is used to safeguard your data while it is immediately transmitted to the cloud is called Cloudfogger. It is a totally free programme that is ideal for the current generation’s privacy concerns.

As a result, it should be noted that it uses excellent 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption to secure data on both Mac and PC systems. As a result, you may scan your files thanks to the programme file reader that is required for IOS and even for Android.

Somehow, this programme uses encryption that is both transparent and automated. We would refer to it as being easy because it is a new, safe version of file-based software designed for Windows and compatible with a variety of cloud storage providers.

4. Wuala


A cloud storage platform called Wuala uses client-side encryption technologies. It uses SHA-256 for integrity checks, RSA 2048 for signatures, and RSA 2048 for key exchange when sharing folders. File synchronisation, backup and versioning, secure file sharing, and collaboration are some of its bells and whistles.

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There are better and more internet providers that offer free file storage. Few, however, provide us with Wuala’s level of desk integration. With the free multiplatform application Wuala, we can quickly share our data with our friends and family and keep it online. This is another zoolz alternative.

The Wuala UI is very user-friendly and provides a number of folders to organise your files by type, including documents, photographs, videos, and other types. The social aspect of Wuala is another characteristic. With the integrated browser, each user may choose whether to share their information with the community so that they are easily accessible. As a result, anyone may share a material that takes into account the interests of other Wuala users.

5. Tresorita


To give you safe, end-to-end encrypted protection and sharing of your files and all other personal data, Tresorita was developed as a cloud storage solution. It is also referred to as a complete file sharing solution, and you may use desktop and mobile devices to use its service.

With the aid of this software, you have a platform that guarantees the security of all your files, papers, and other sensitive information that you don’t want to store on your server and guards against data breaches and illegal access from other sources. Tresorit prevents hackers and law enforcement organisations from accessing your information, documents, music, photos, and more.

It offers you a cloud storage solution for all kinds of papers, including contracts, personal photos, and other similar items. It is specifically made for professionals. It’s simple to upload files to this platform; you don’t need to change your current folder structure or adjust security access.

6. Mega


Mega is a cloud-hosting and file-sharing service that is accessible via mobile and web browsers and that you may use from any location in the globe. Your data is secured and decrypted only by your client devices, in contrast to the majority of comparable service providers.

This is another zoolz alternative. This cloud storage platform’s user interface is really straightforward. You may upload files using a web browser, smartphone, or tablet, and then search for, save, watch, download, and delete files from anywhere at any time. Additionally, it enables you to instantly check your contacts’ changes and share folders with them. Also check timber 

You must keep your password in mind or you risk losing access to your saved information since the mega encryption procedure prevents it from accessing or remembering it. End-to-end user encryption is used. Mega video chat has been accessible through the web and offers complete anonymity.

7. Sync


A cloud storage system for small- to medium-sized organisations is called Sync. The platform is marketed as a quick and secure file-sharing solution that enables teams and enterprises to quickly store, share, and access their folders, documents, and files from any internet-enabled device at any time.

It serves as a platform for collaboration and lets users exchange files with clients and team members. The platform’s overarching goal is to boost the team’s productivity. They either work on projects in an office setting or remotely from anywhere in the world.

Sync also draws attention to its distinctive zero-knowledge storage design, which ensures users’ anonymity. The fact that this platform offers end-to-end encryption, which prohibits anyone besides users from viewing stored content, is one of its finest features.

8. TeamDrive


TeamDrive is a cutting-edge file synchronisation, collaboration, and sharing tool that rapidly and effortlessly maintains your data synchronised across many desktops and mobile devices.

Sharing any type of music, image, folder, or document with friends, family, or coworkers is really straightforward and easy when using an app. TeamDrive is a feature-rich programme that works with all common operating systems. This is another zoolz alternative.

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The best feature of this programme is that it enables you to quickly submit photographs straight from the camera app. Data may be successfully synchronised via its server even if one or more PCs or cellphones are not available. When the device regains internet connectivity, the data are immediately synced.

9. Cryptomator


You will be given complete authority by Cryptomator to decide whether to encrypt all of the data on your network of workstations, on top of any cloud services, or on any storage medium. It will be active when the virtual device is being created so that the encrypted material may be easily viewed through it.

Later, it may be enhanced and changed as well. Avoid taking into consideration the multiple user edit set of files on one platform if you’re thinking about employing this programme on any shared hardware. If you wish to handle data that is larger than the 4GB of windows storage space, you can make the most use of it.

The maximum size has to be approximately 4GB because you will be accessing it using Windows File Explorer. You may use any other tool in addition to it, such as WinSCP or even Cyberduck, to encrypt any file larger than 4GB in size. Both of them are installable via the software centre.

10. Nextcloud


This is another zoolz alternative. The free and open-source application Nextcloud has features that are comparable to those of Dropbox. It is a platform for hosting files that enables sharing of any uploaded files. They have the choice to use sophisticated privacy settings to share files and folders with friends or coworkers.

It has numerous levels of settings that may be applied to each individual folder to provide you a variety of options for the folder types you want. In contrast to the competition, it provides a welcoming and contemporary user experience that draws people from all over the world. Nextcloud accepts numerous accounts, enabling customers to enjoy the best service possible free of any restrictions.

It also has a tonne of notable features, like the ability to sync, access your important info without an internet connection, and effortlessly upload files, photographs, and videos for sharing.

11. DropBox


Dropbox is a file hosting application that was created specifically to eliminate busywork, gather all of your files in one location that is essential, and securely sync them across all of your devices so you can access them from anywhere at any time. Since its 2007 start, it has rapidly increased the scope of its offerings. Also check kechie 

Dropbox has a variety of special capabilities that make it possible to transmit, receive, and share data securely. The ability to create various folders with unique names to save particular files is the nicest feature of this programme. It’s also the greatest option for individuals who distribute big files to others without Dropbox accounts. This is another zoolz alternative.

It can be downloaded and utilized for free on Android, iOS, and Windows phones, but you must pay if you want to utilise the additional capabilities. Almost all types of material may be stored on Dropbox, including photographs, videos, word documents, PDF files, and many more.

12. Google Drive

Google Drive

A file storage programme called Google Drive was created by the company and debuted on April 24, 2012. It synchronises data across many devices, lets users save any type of file in the cloud, and lets users share their data with others. With optionally purchased plans, Google Drive offers more than 15GB of free storage in addition to 100GB, 1TB, 10TB, and 30TB of storage.

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It includes the office suite Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets, which enables group editing of documents, drawings, and other types of forms. The biggest and most intriguing feature of this programme is that it enables users to back up their mobile devices to Google Drive and share those backups with others.

It features a sophisticated search function that enables users to view their Google Photographs photos and videos as well as discover your date by folder name and content. Numerous other essential characteristics of Google Drive include the ability to scan documents using a mobile device’s camera, the ability to read files offline, the ability to retrieve current data fast, a simple user interface, a simple file and folder choice, etc.

13. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

A file-hosting application run by Microsoft is called OneDrive. The user may save documents, images, and movies and access them from any location, on any device. Greater than 5 GB of storage space is provided without charge, and users may also subscribe to other Microsoft services to obtain access to more storage.

It’s one of the greatest applications for using the Office mobile apps to collaborate and stay creative wherever you are. All mobile platforms, including Android, Windows Phone, and Apple Phones, support the OneDrive app. Office applications like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel, among others, let you open and save files rapidly.

This is another zoolz alternative. Users of this and comparable software may see your files without an internet connection. The most notable features of OneDrive are notifications, sharing of albums, an intuitive user interface, the ability to store various sorts of material, and automated tagging.

14. 100 GB Free Cloud Drive from Degoo

100 GB Free Cloud Drive from Degoo

You may back up your data right from your mobile device with the 100 GB Free Cloud Drive from Degoo mobile application. It supports all types of data, such as documents, movies, and images. It stores everything in Diego’s cloud drive safely.

You can carry all of your belongings with you everywhere you go with Degoo, and you can save and share your files for all time. It is superior to others for a variety of factors, including Zero-knowledge encryption, dependable automatic syncing, support for streaming, the ability to easily earn additional free space, etc.

When you select it, it utilises artificial intelligence to select the photos that are most important to you, and you’ll discover a fresh collection you haven’t seen in a while. Degoo stores all of your data in the cloud, allowing you to immediately access it from any device and rapidly access all of your office documents.

15. Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive

On iOS and Android devices, Amazon Cloud Drive is a cloud storage mobile application that may be used. The platform provides safe cloud storage, file sharing, document backup, and many other features.

Additionally, it enables users to modify or manage their files and folders across a variety of platforms, including mobile and tablet devices, using an Amazon account. You may quickly and easily retrieve the files, pictures, and music you’ve placed on your disc using Amazon Drive. Store your vital items without any restrictions at any time, anywhere in the world. This is another zoolz alternative.

Like other comparable services, it gives its customers access to hundreds of free advanced tools and lets them edit their files immediately on Amazon Cloud Drive. The application’s most notable capabilities are the ability to download files, view all material, upload anything, share files, links, and folders, provide powerful search options, and create an endless number of folders.


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