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Top 15 Best Verifai Alternatives in 2022

Best and demanding verifai alternatives will be described in this article. Verifai is a software solution for identity verification that enables users to confirm a user’s identification using biometric and face recognition data. Face recognition technology, as opposed to other kinds of identification like passports or social security numbers, can quickly identify a person with simply a photo. This results in quick and easy verification. The programme swiftly ascertains whether or not an internet user is who they claim to be by analysing thousands of data points in milliseconds.

Businesses using Verifai flag 5 times fewer people than those using legacy systems for follow-up review, allowing them to focus more effort on the individuals who are most likely to be fraudsters. The company also uses a proprietary algorithm that quickens the process by determining if an account is not likely to be fraudulent on purpose based on new data. By giving the critical information to just individuals who have shown their identity, you will see a sharp decrease in fraud rates, an increase in consumer trust and retention, and improved security.

Top 15 Best Verifai Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Verifai Alternatives are explained here.

1. Verify Mitek Mobile

Verify Mitek Mobile

Mitek Mobile Verify is an identity verification tool that works with both iOS and Android devices to take identification documents and do fast verification. Additionally, it makes it possible for banks and retailers to sign up new clients by scanning their IDs with smartphones, doing away with the necessity for a house visit or in-store picture ID. By eliminating illegal activities like identity fraud, this can help transactions go more quickly and lower identity theft losses. Also check kechie 

This is another verifai alternative. By granting companies entire control over data gathering, including where the data is collected and kept, Mitek Mobile Verify offers total control over the identity verification process. It keeps consumers’ private data in encrypted, safe data centres. All payment terminals and POS software are compatible with Mitek Mobile Verify, which doesn’t need businesses to make any modifications to their current point-of-sale (POS) systems. It does away with the requirement that your consumers provide actual identification documents or stand in a bank line.

2. Jamf Connect

Jamf Connect

A Mac authentication tool is Jamf Connect. An identity management and streamlining tool that aids in managing Apple devices, authorising access, and streamlining the entire user experience. It is among the first sign-in systems that unite customers and merchandise on a single platform. By using mobile device management, it enables businesses to grow their Mac deployments, advance identity management, and enhance the Mac user experience. Jamf Connect offers customers a single, cutting-edge platform through which they can manage endpoints and users while streamlining administration and identity management.

Additionally, by using the solution, IT managers can focus more on providing proactive services and less on maintaining infrastructure. Jamf Connect is made for companies of all sizes, including those in the fields of education, healthcare, government, and small business, that have Apple devices installed in their infrastructure. Administrators can keep an eye on which devices are accessed, from where, and by whom, giving them piece of mind that both the devices and the company’s information are secure.

3. IDology


For financial institutions, banks, payment service providers, and merchants, the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process is streamlined by the real-time identity verification and fraud protection technology known as IDology. In charge to speed up the onboarding procedure, improve the customer experience, and save operational expenses related to regulatory compliance, it provides thorough and secure identity verification and fraud detection. This is another verifai alternative.

In order to swiftly and confidently verify and authenticate customers, IDology offers connectivity to numerous sources of identification by utilising cutting-edge biometric technologies and a proprietary Intelligent Identity Management platform. The largest financial services institutions, payment card issuers, merchants, and travel agencies from all around the world use this platform. The Velocity function of IDology may be used to escalate or halt several repetitive transaction attempts in order to prevent fraud by automatically detecting the pace at which identification attributes occur.

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4. Micro-strategy Usher’s

Micro-strategy Usher's

Microstrategy Usher is a platform for organisational digital identification that enables businesses to digitally identify their partners, clients, and workers. It has a number of features that vastly increase the chances of engaging with clients and business partners after logging in. The solution does away with the difficulties of single sign-on, password management, and federation by seamlessly combining authentication, authorization, and consent into a single straightforward service. With single sign-on, your customers can log in only once to access all of their business apps, transmitting their usernames and passwords across a safe and reliable channel.

Salesforce, Box, and NetSuite are just a few of the popular SAML 2.0 applications that have pre-built interfaces with Microstrategy Usher. Utilize biometrics or hardware token-based authentication to do away with the need for passwords. Additionally, by verifying your customer’s identity via three separate channels—web, mobile, or hardware token—its multi-factor authentication solution adds an extra layer of protection. Organizations can quickly onboard new users, gather and manage identity attributes in real-time, enforce security regulations, and guarantee the greatest degree of compliance with the help of Microstrategy Usher.

5. AU10TIX


A fraud prevention tool for online and mobile consumers, AU10TIX uses artificial intelligence to provide customised forecasts and spot irregularities that are still hidden from view. Online and mobile users may utilise this platform with confidence that their identities won’t be stolen or compromised. One of the most difficult issues organisations are now facing has a solution thanks to AU10TIX’s rapid access, high accuracy, and ability to start real-time transactions.

This is another verifai alternative. You may abide by identity verification laws, rules, and industry standards by confirming users’ identities. It provides financial institutions with an automated background check, aids workers in presenting employment documentation to benefit or pension providers, enables individuals to demonstrate their identity when applying for a passport or driver’s licence, can be used by charities to stop money laundering and the financing of terrorism, and provides a trusted network of individuals who can directly attest to a person’s identity.

6. Veriff


Veriff is software that allows users to verify their identities and personal information and do credit checks, social security and background checks, and other tasks. Users have access to the most sophisticated biometrics, liveness detection, and machine learning capabilities available thanks to Verification Intelligence, a proprietary technology. Federal, state, and municipal government organisations, e-commerce companies, and accounting firms may now verify identities more quickly and effectively than ever before thanks to Veriff’s I.D. verification technology.

By offering businesses access to the wealthiest consumer base and allowing customers unparalleled access to worthwhile offers without disclosing their personal information, the intention is to create a more equitable market. Veriff makes it simpler to transact business with strangers by confirming their identification and enhancing the information they supply. In other words, it builds confidence between you and your clients or unknown firms by employing cutting-edge machine learning to quickly and cheaply confirm a user’s identity.

7. Acuant


Acuant is a platform for document authentication, identity fraud prevention, and identity verification that assists organisations in confirming an applicant’s identity and ensuring that their work is accurate. The business uses biometric, geolocation, and document fingerprinting technology. Its offerings include SMS message-based warnings for card fraud, quick passport checks for foreign nationals, identity verification for international money transfers, and risk management solutions. This is another verifai alternative. Also check Daddylive

Acuant has created a platform that enables its users to add trust and transparency to any business or application via the use of AI, machine learning, and multi-factor authentication. Customers have improved accuracy and decreased friction across their entire customer lifetime, whether they are using the largest bank in the world or an internet lending platform. Acuant’s solutions are essential for detecting, mitigating, and preventing fraud anywhere identification is in doubt.

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8. CloudApper EMR Link

CloudApper EMR Link

All authorised healthcare personnel may easily and transparently access patient healthcare records thanks to CloudApper EMR Link, a patient identity management application, from any place. Access is restricted via verified logins, and all records are kept in the cloud. The online or mobile applications allow users to check in from any device and access their patient’s demographic data and medical occurrences. Only enabling authorised healthcare workers to access patients’ information, CloudApper EMR Link completely protects the confidentiality of patient health information.

All patient data is secured while in transit and kept in the cloud. On a local hard drive or server, the programme does not keep any of the user’s private health information. With the EMR system, you may do rid of the age-old issue of information fatigue and retrieve the information you need using the dynamic search bar. In conclusion, CloudApper EMR Link is a fantastic platform that you should take into account as one of your options.

9. Yoti


Yoti is a digital identification platform that offers seamless interactions by safely linking users to internet resources. It combines approved government-verified identification documents with in-the-moment attribute verification, enabling users to demonstrate their identity using a smartphone or computer. Users will eventually save time and money because to the alternative it provides to passwords and pins that builds confidence in mobile and e-commerce applications. To help people own their digital identities and share only the information that important to them, the solution includes online authentication, identity checks, privacy controls, and data security.

This is another verifai alternative. This may be used for a variety of purposes, such as establishing your identification for work purposes, demonstrating your eligibility to join up for a new online service, or establishing your age on social media. By affixing Yoti to an existing card or driver’s licence, you may also use Yoti for far more private purposes, such as giving your loved ones more peace of mind and adding an additional layer of security and safety while making purchases or booking flights.


The top business identity verification tool,, makes it possible for developers to reliably confirm clients’ identities while also making it simpler for the users. It adds behavioural biometric characteristics like typing cadence, mouse speed, and mouse movements across the screen to the conventional methods of user name, password, and date of birth verification to provide a more secure I.D. The resolution uses AI and machine learning to give businesses a sophisticated identity verification tool for a tenth of the price of more conventional ones.

Additionally, AuthID.AI offers online and mobile application developers a user verification solution that is simple to incorporate and offers an enterprise-level degree of protection. Additionally, you receive a technology that is safe yet simple to use and provides verified identification information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, and social network accounts. Google and Facebook presently have the API validated for use in production.

11. PXL Vision

PXL Vision

PXL Vision is a platform for digital identity verification that enables businesses to immediately and affordably digitally confirm a person’s identification without asking consumers to download any extra software or hardware. A unique cloud-based video analysis platform with cutting-edge computer vision technology powers PXL. The answer is supported by video recordings of the interview that have been subjected to sophisticated algorithms and biometric identification systems. User experience, data preservation, and other requirements may all be catered for in the solutions. This is another verifai alternative.

This technologically driven approach improves productivity and customer happiness while enhancing security and reducing fraud. It achieves this by creating sophisticated algorithms to match a person’s digital identity using their biometrics. Its SDKs and APIs provide a straightforward, standardised interface for rapid integration. Without the need for several connectors, the dynamic workflows automatically adjust to your business process and use case.

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12. Alice Biometrics

Alice Biometrics

A proprietary, cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithm is used by Alice Biometrics, an online identity verification service, to confirm a person’s identification on any digital media platform, including mobile and desktop, in only minutes. The platform is compatible with any smartphone and enables users to take a photo or video of their face, which is then checked against a database and quickly produces identification documentation. Also check taiga bot 

The application was created to comply with all applicable local, state, federal, and international laws. The security of the personal information being gathered is improved by the addition of biometric data to the identification process. With Alice Biometrics, identity theft may be lessened and access to e-government services is made simpler. Alice Biometrics offers a new way to register and verify one’s identity fast, conveniently, and securely. Overall, Alice Biometrics is a fantastic platform that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

13. EMDYN BioTrace

EMDYN BioTrace

EMDYN Enterprises can identify sophisticated cyberattacks early on and proactively manage risk using BioTrace, an online identity detection and validation technology, before there is a tangible damage or legal repercussions. Small, medium, and big businesses across a variety of sectors can use the service. You may examine any danger or potential event using this platform. For a more accurate data set based on AI, the data is gathered from numerous sources.

This is another verifai alternative. Biometric scans and object identification are made possible by its high-quality geolocation data, visualisation tool, and deep search exploration tool, all of which give you a thorough understanding of the data that has been processed. Using a number of modules, it provides a set of features to assist you in making more informed judgments. The procedure involves three steps: first, locating the crucial information pertinent to the problem from as many different sources as possible; second, forensically analysing it; and third, choosing a plan of action.

14. iProov


A biometric identity authentication technology called iProov uses voice, finger, and facial biometrics to authenticate evidence of identity at several touchpoints. For users of digital financial services and eCommerce, it serves as a safe digital passport. It may be utilised in high-end applications including email providers, private social networks, lending and online payments, government enrollment, education, and digital certification. With iProov, users can simply swipe their fingers, take a photo of their face, talk into the app, or utilise other machine-learned characteristics to confirm their identity.

Users don’t need to download an app, remember a password, or complete out forms. It allows for quick, safe step-up authentication to add further security to transactions with higher risk or value. Technology has completely changed how people apply for visas and other immigration documents. Governments may now safely and quickly automate administration by confirming the physical presence of distant applicants using iProov.

15. Oracle Identity Governance

Oracle Identity Governance

Oracle Identity is a web-based governance solution that enables full access to governance and thorough identity optimization for useful insights and quick compliance. This programme offers privilege management, identity intelligence, and user administration in addition to providing rich analytics-powered adaptable actionable information. This software includes automatic controls, analytics based on risk, and useful dashboards that facilitate quick corporate risk. This is another verifai alternative.

In addition to offering various comprehensive audit trails that guarantee comprehensive security and compliance for sensitive systems, cloud application services offer free account management and administration services that help you get full access from shared accounts.

Oracle Identity Governance offers drag-and-drop and self-catalog services, among other things, and allows for an undefined user experience. It allows for the creation of an excellent integrated system with enhanced security, reduced TCO, and automated optimization that recognises high-risk users.


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