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15 Best US Phone Book Alternatives In 2022

Best and demanding US book alternatives will be described in this article. As long as they are current, phone books are always an excellent source of information. Even though some things are simpler to search for online, phone books still contain some information that isn’t accessible online.

It’s possible that you didn’t have much success if you ever tried to locate a small local business online.

Despite the fact that phone books can be bulky, heavy, and time-consuming to browse, I still think everyone should own one.


A excellent directory and informational resource for local communities are phone books.

Additionally, you won’t ever want to use a standard Google search once you discover a contemporary online phonebook.

While US Phone Book is frequently thought of in connection with phone number searches, there are other options that can offer much more details if you at least know the person’s entire name.

Other US Phone book substitutes allow you much more flexibility, like the ability to look up a phone number in reverse, locate people and research their backgrounds, discover more communication channels, and locate people across the entire USA or simply in your neighbourhood.

For your convenience, I’ve compiled a list of the top 15 US Phone Book substitutes.

You’ll discover not only how contemporary book substitutes appear but also how they function and what advantages they have.

Alternatives to the US Phone Book

The majority of the alternatives listed below are comparable but vary in the characteristics they offer.

Each one might be a perfect fit, but I strongly advise choosing a phone book substitute that has tools that could make searching easier.

15 Best US Phone Book Alternatives In 2022

15 Best US Phone Book Alternatives are explained here.



In comparison to US Phone Book, Us OneSEARCH offers more options and places more of an emphasis on background checks and history. Also check vipbox alternatives

Given that US OneSEARCH has over 650 million US criminal records in its database, it is the most well-liked alternative.

Of course, you would require far more details than just the person’s complete name.

The whole name, birth date, SSN, and state are required.

However, armed with this knowledge, you can access a wealth of data that the US Phone Book is unable to provide.

Although not everyone has access to this information, US OneSEARCH is a fantastic option if you’re an employer or if someone is willing to provide it for your peace of mind.

You will also receive information about a person’s background, past addresses, and other things in addition to access to criminal and public data.

The use of US OneSEARCH is not gratis.

Each search is $23.95 in price.

2. PeopleLooker


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PeopleLooker is a fantastic substitute for the US Phone Book because it accomplishes the same task while incorporating features that facilitate your search.

Using PeopleLooker, you may look up individuals by name, contact information, or email address. You can even search for relatives by looking up individuals’ family trees.

The fact that you can conduct the search in various ways gives PeopleLooker the biggest edge over US Phone Book in this regard. This is another US Phone Book alternative.

When you locate a long-lost acquaintance or a distant relative using PeopleLooker, you can also access a background check option to learn more about them, including their location, contact details, and more.

The fact that PeopleLooker includes photographs of people (where possible), their ages, and social media profiles makes it simple to discover and contact the proper person.

In some circumstances, you might even be granted access to public data like criminal histories.

A $1 trial is offered for PeopleLooker, which may be used inside the browser.

The monthly subscription is $22.86 after the trial.

3. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate

One of the simplest and most effective alternatives to the US Phone Book is Instant Checkmate.

You can begin your search by looking for a person by their first and last name.

If you are familiar with the neighbourhood in where they reside, it will be advantageous for you to start your search there.

You can get social media accounts, images, public records, background checks, and all available contact information by simply typing in the name of the person you’re looking for.

You’ll enjoy using Instant Checkmate’s simple interface if you liked US Phone Book’s ease of use.

Instant Checkmate is ideal for finding people, but it’s also a useful tool for businesses and organisations who need to run background checks on possible candidates. This is another US Phone Book alternative.

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Even though Instant Checkmate could take some of your time, if you need results right away, you can upgrade for an instant search.

Another fantastic feature is that you can search for yourself, fill out your profile, and share your information with others, like a possible employer.

The cost of a 5-day trial is $1, while a monthly subscription is $22.86.

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4. PeopleWise


PeopleSmart is a very straightforward substitute for the US Phone Book that is jam-packed with contemporary features to aid anyone looking for an old acquaintance, a member of their family, or someone new in their lives.

Given that it works better for both people and businesses, PeopleSmart has a significant edge over US Phone Book.

Anyone may conduct research thanks to the user-friendly interface’s simplistic design, and you won’t have any trouble interpreting the findings.

While utilising the first and last name is an excellent place to start your search, you can also utilise the industry or profession in PeopleSmart to hunt up professionals.

You may focus your search and come much closer to the person you’re looking for with only these two capabilities.

When you locate the person you were looking for, you will be able to obtain all relevant contact details so you are aware of what you are entering into.

A seven-day $1 trial is available from PeopleSmart.

After that, you can subscribe to a $29.99 monthly subscription plan. Also check sportsurge alternatives

5. Ekata


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Whitepages Pro was formerly known as Ekata, an upgraded version that contributes to more accurate identity verification.

The closed-source, proprietary Ekata Identity Engine, on which the entire search engine is built, lowers the risk of payment fraud, phoney accounts, and transaction fraud while giving users a rapid and simple search experience.

Ekata has such a strong engine that, while you can use it to find anyone in your life or someone you used to know, it is a very important tool to organisations attempting to increase their security.

This is a fantastic substitute for US Phone Book because it is a vast improvement.

This is another US Phone Book alternative. You can begin your search with just your entire name, but the more details you have, the better.

While Whitepages can still be used to get basic information using a phone number or full name, Ekata is a considerably more potent update than Whitepages Pro.

You can use Ekata to identify anyone you do business with and discover all of the information in the subject’s public record.

6. BackgroundChecks


Anyone looking to learn more about those around them and potential contacts should use BackgroundChecks as an ideal substitute for the US Phone Book.

Although the background checks are one of the key advantages of this service, you may still use BackgroundChecks to identify potential candidates.

It’s an excellent service that enables you to perform all required checks prior to hiring someone, but it can also be a wonderful service to make sure your information is available to increase your chances of getting employed.

Even if you had someone’s phone number, you couldn’t learn much about them because the US Phone Book solely uses phone numbers.

Because of this, BackgroundChecks is a far superior option to receive a lot of information in a single report.

The best part of BackgroundChecks is that you can make a list of all your applicants, and the software will assess their backgrounds and even assist you in making a decision.

All forms of screening can be done at BackgroundChecks, which has three cost tiers that range from $29.59 to $64.95.

7. FindOutTheTruth


FindOutTheTruth is a fantastic option if you’re seeking for a phone book substitute that is so effective that private investigators use it. This is another US Phone Book alternative.

It’s a fantastic platform for finding people, plus it mixes contact and personal information with background checks and even offers investigator-assisted background checks.

This covers criminal histories, employment histories, and pretty much every other publicly accessible record that you can obtain.

By using all of this information, you can find someone, hire someone, or simply track them down with less risk thanks to your due diligence.

In contrast to US Phone Book, you don’t need a phone number to get considerably more information; all you need is your entire name.

I prefer FindOutTheTruth best because there is no subscription fee and you only pay for searches.

Accordingly, the price of a single search might range from $9.95 to $299.95, depending on the information you need.

8. eVerify


eVerify is a terrific option if you’re seeking for the most reliable and accurate US Phone Book substitute to find out more about your personnel.

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It is a platform made possible by the US Department of Homeland Security that enables businesses to learn everything there is to know about a potential customer or employee.

This is eVerify’s major benefit over US Phone Book since you obtain the most up-to-date information possible because it is run by the government.

By using the self-check feature, you can also locate your information, improving your profile and raising your chances of getting employed by other parties.

Employers can use eVerify to verify the data submitted by candidates for employment.

It functions by electronically verifying the data and relaying it to the employer.

Although you can use this platform for free, you can only use it to verify the backgrounds of your staff.

9. USA People Search

USA People Search


This is another US Phone Book alternative. USA People Search is a fantastic choice to take into consideration if you’re seeking for a quick yet dependable substitute for the US Phone Book that appears more like a search engine. Also check streameastlive alternatives

A clever algorithm-powered search engine called USA People Search offers you a lot more information than a standard search engine can.

With stronger search capabilities than US Phone Book, USA People Search can help you find people more quickly and learn more information.

It primarily serves as an alternative to the phone book for anyone who wishes to locate others, learn more about those who are close to them, locate family members, or locate distant relatives.

Additionally, USA People Search allows you to search through criminal and public data.

If you know someone’s entire name, you can find out information about them regardless of where they reside in the United States.

You may find the address, phone number, and other information from there.

A reverse phone lookup is another fantastic function that enables you to find out who phoned your cell phone without even picking up the phone.

10. WhoEasy


WhoEasy is a fantastic US Phone Book substitute you should try if you are having trouble learning more about someone and you don’t have their entire name.

WhoEasy is a directory built on a clever search engine that enables you to track and locate additional information using only a phone number.

You can find out who owns the phone, the address, other contact details, and even more using the phone number.

WhoEasy works with landlines and cellphones, which is something I enjoy, but it may also save you many hours of searching through phone books to learn more about the number.

Although WhoEasy and US Phone Book are fairly comparable, I’ve found that because WhoEasy employs a more modern search algorithm technology, finding a landline number is much easier.

However, you can carry out extremely precise searches if you have the name, address, and phone number.

11. is a fantastic substitute for the US Phone Book when looking for someone in the US.

The improved search engine makes it simple to search the public record database.

You may search for someone on using their name, phone number, or even address. This is another US Phone Book alternative.

While the procedure searches through the public directory after you provide the necessary information, it also poses questions to you that you can respond to in order to assist focus the search and produce results more quickly.

You will observe that the progress metre begins to accelerate as it approaches your results after you have responded to a few questions.

As an excellent substitute for the US Phone Book, offers three different methods for finding people.

Another amazing thing about this is that there won’t be many probable hits, but you’ll only find one or two matches for the information you gave.

You can find out a lot of things about a person, including their history, past addresses and jobs, social media profiles, and much more.

12. Inteligator


Inteligator is a fantastic US Phone Book substitute you may use if you feel the urge to do some research and learn as much as you can about someone, just like detectives do.

Using Inteligator’s sophisticated search engine, which can locate criminal histories, arrests, marriages, legal papers, contact details, court records, and much more, you can look into anyone. his is another US Phone Book alternative.

Just their full name and location are required.

After that, Inteligator handles the rest while you wait.

I like Inteligator because you can choose the United States and still conduct a full-name only search without having to know the state.

This is a wonderful US Phone Book substitute if you don’t have a phone number and only know someone’s entire name because you can find out a tonne of information with just that.

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Inteligator can assist you in learning more about about 95% of the people in the United States because it is also based on a few databases and public records.

Inteligator has your back whether you’re looking for a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while or you’re trying to be cautious and research your new friends.

13. Spokeo


Consider Spokeo to be an all-in-one directory with everything organised and ready for you.

All you ought to begin your search is the person’s entire name because there is so much information available.

For each search, Spokeo aggregates white page listings, social media accounts, phone numbers, and public records to identify and gather all relevant data into a single report.

The goal of Spokeo is to make it easy, quick, and efficient for you to obtain any information you could need to get in touch with someone or learn more about a new acquaintance in your life.

I appreciate Spokeo since it also offers a mobile app that facilitates information discovery.

While both Spokeo and US Phone Book allow you to search for phone numbers, Spokeo’s main benefit over US Phone Book is the ability to search for people by email address, which is a terrific tool that’s rare to find.

Nowadays, phone book alternatives come with a reverse phone number lookup as a basic feature.

However, Spokeo goes above and beyond most such systems by enabling consumers to report telemarketers or suspect numbers.

14. Pipl


Pipl is a fantastic option and a suitable phone book substitute if you are having trouble finding someone anywhere in the world.

Consider Pipl to be a global phone book that enables you to learn more about anyone, wherever in the globe.

his is another US Phone Book alternative. Pipl was created as a tool to help companies increase their security by learning more about the identities of the people conducting business with them.

Pipl, one of the few international alternatives to the phone book, quickly rose to prominence as a tool for finding old friends who may have moved away from the United States to live abroad.

Pipl is a much better option than US Phone Book if you are unsure whether an old buddy still resides in the United States because it can search databases around the world.

As a result, you can select between information for individuals or information for organisations.

From there, you may put the extremely powerful engine—connected to hundreds of global databases—to the test.

Even though you only need to enter your full name and country of residence to begin your search, the more details you have, the more accurate and timely the results will be.

15. Infotracer


Infotracer is a comprehensive alternative to the US Phone Book that is ideal for those looking to delve a little deeper and discover a lot more information than just contact details. This is another US Phone Book alternative.

You may search and learn practically everything about anyone in the United States that is listed in the public record using this alternative to the US Phone Book.

Using the entire name or a phone number will allow you to launch your search quickly using Infotracer.

You’ll receive information about at least a few results that might be pertinent to your search in return.

Each report will include a variety of information, such as basic contact information and information about each person’s assets, criminal history, specifics about police reports, information about their probation, and much more.

With its capabilities, Infotracer is a superb substitute for US Phone Book that is more modern.

Infotracer has to be as authentic as attainable because it provides so much data, which is a huge benefit for anyone conducting in-depth study on a person they know or don’t know.


Modern phone book alternatives are a lot better option than traditional phone books, which were formerly fantastic for combing through the pages and getting excited when you found what you were looking for.

Although there are several choices, they all incorporate multiple features and let you expedite your search.

Additionally, you can obtain a lot more information than you can in a single phone book.

Depending on your requirements, I advise you to pick an alternative to the phone book that will provide you with all the information you require without using an excessive amount of your time.

Remember that most phone book substitutes gather data from several databases before combining it into a single report, so occasionally patience is required.

Enjoy perusing the contemporary “phone books.”


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