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How To Type Fractions In Word In 2022

Best guide to type fractions in word will be described in this article. To write fractions in Word, you don’t require Excel because you can do it manually. This manual will show you how. You might assume that in order to type equations and fractions, specialised software such as Excel or Google Sheets would be required.

How To Type Fractions In Word In 2022

In this article, you can know about type fractions in word here are the details below;

You’d be wrong—no additional software is needed to type fractions in Word. You can input special characters or use Word’s automatic formatting, among other options.

The methods below can help you if you’re not sure how to type fractions in Word.

Using Autho Formatting to Type Fractions in Word

Using Autho Formatting to Type Fractions in Word

There are several tools in Microsoft Word that are intended to aid you in your typing.

The most practical is auto formatting. Also check wordle alternatives

When you type specific words or phrases, Word will automatically make them correct.

If you type a fraction, auto formatting will also correct you by changing it to the appropriate special character.

This makes entering a fraction into Word really simple.

You can add a fraction to Word’s auto formatting list if the one you wish to use isn’t already on there.

Open a Word document, type the fraction using a forward slash, and then push the spacebar to complete the procedure.

Word will immediately convert to the appropriate special character, for instance, if you type 1/2.

Word automatically corrects fractions

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You will need to modify your auto formatting (auto correct) dictionary to match the fraction you type (for example, 1/2) to the special character for the fraction it represents if it doesn’t change automatically.

Using Special Characters to Insert Fractions

Using Special Characters to Insert Fractions

You can directly input special characters if Word’s auto formatting function fails to convert fractions for you.

You may then type fractions in Word without worrying.

To add a special texture to a document using Microsoft Word:

Launch the Word document on your computer.

The location where you wish to insert the fraction symbol should have your flashing cursor.

Press Insert > Symbol > More Symbol on the ribbon bar.

Open Word’s Symbols menu.

Choose Number Forms from the Subset drop-down option in the Symbols box.

Find the desired fraction value from the list of symbols by using the search bar.

Double-click the desired fraction to add it to the document after finding it.

As an alternative, pick the symbol and then click Insert.

Typing Fractions in Word Easily

Typing Fractions in Word Easily

To finish, close the Symbols menu.

For any more fraction symbols, follow the same procedure, being sure to place your blinking cursor in a new location before you start each time.

In Windows 11, you may also type and copy special characters and then directly insert them into your document if you’d like. Also check online learning platform

Fractions are Simple to Type in Word

You can quickly type fractions in a Microsoft Word document by following the preceding instructions.

As long as the values are first structured appropriately to appear as fractions, you can even copy fractions from other programmes (like Excel) if you wish to.

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Word new to you?

You should be familiar with a lot of Word tips and techniques.

Did you realise, for instance, that you could sketch directly in Microsoft Word without the need for additional software?

The same sketching tools can be used in Word to alter photos as well.

You want to include additional types of material in your Word document.

Text and image files can be simply inserted into a Word document.


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