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Top 15 Best SportsLine Alternatives in 2022

Best and official sportsline alternatives will be discussed in this article. SportsLine is a wonderful mobile app that offers you professional picks and the best lineups for every game. The app gathers and integrates all the cutting-edge data with the expert analysis of sports analysts to determine the results of every game for every popular sports league worldwide. It has a computer simulator tool that examines all the data and gives you the finest options and daily fantasy lineups.

Opening lines, live scores, expert pick count, projected scores, line moves, match schedules, and many other pieces of information are all available at a single glance. Users can make a prediction for a game by following their preferred betting gurus. You can view all the details about a specific game and follow it on SportsLine App so you can find out when your favored expert predicts it. The app also enables communication with the expert so you may ask questions and receive advice before choosing.

Top 15 Best SportsLine Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best SportsLine Alternatives in 2022 are explained here.

1. Parlaytor 2 Lite

Parlaytor 2 Lite

The interactive mobile app Parlaytor 2 Lite App was created by Alex Elizondo and offers features to make parlay calculations easier for you. You can quickly convert between Moneyline, fractions, and decimals with the app. Basketball and football teaser points can be calculated automatically for up to twelve teams. The four-point teaser up to 16.5 point teaser, as well as the bet amount in fraction or decimal, can all be calculated using this software.

Users have access to current sports news as well as details on future occasions and team competitions. Traditional and dynamic options are included in Parlaytor 2, a quick and simple parlay calculator. Further, the software offers you the option to touch the background to conceal the keyboard. Before placing your wager, you can view data on team statistics and player injury updates. It assists you in betting on many games to increase your payout. This is another sportsline alternative.

2. Bet Advisor VIP

Bet Advisor VIP

One of the top mobile applications for daily soccer predictions and matchup suggestions with good odds and minimal risk is Bet Advisor VIP. You may get football betting advice and predictions from the app. It develops the statistical prediction feature, which forecasts match results based on prior match outcomes. Before placing a wager, you can get details on the weather during a soccer match, updates on injuries, team statistics, and other information.

The English Premier League, Spanish La Liga Sportsbook, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, French Ligue, and Dutch Eredivisie are just a few of the international sports for which users can receive predictions and advice. For each match each day, the Bet Advisor VIP App offers you three premium picks to help you keep winning. Also included in the app are premium features like no ads, premium forecasts, clean content, and soccer betting predictions. Also check sportsqwizz 



This is another sportsline alternative. You can follow your bets in real-time for all of your favourite sports all over the world with HEATR, one of the greatest mobile apps offered by Bettr Sports LLC. HEATR functions as a live sports bet tracker. You can use the app to remain informed about upcoming events and games. Before placing your wager, you can examine team statistics and player injury updates.

During matches, this software makes it simple to track and modify bets. On the app’s dashboard, users can check team progress, match schedules, match results, wagers, and bets. You may place and follow your bets on the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAAF, WNBA, and SOCCER, among other well-known leagues, using the HEATR App. Additionally, the app has an option for in-app purchases that includes premium features including a gambling simulator, an outcome predictor, premium advice, and many others.

4. Tennis Advice

Tennis Advice

TopTennisTips is an interactive smartphone app that provides odds and forecasts for every tennis match along with suggested strategies. The app has an artificial intelligence element that gathers information about upcoming matches, processes it, and makes predictions for the results of the matches. To increase your chances of winning, you can use this app’s set backtest tool and filter to obtain the daily and premium tennis tips that you specifically want. This is another sportsline alternative.

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For almost every professional tennis match in the ITF Men, WTA, ITF Women, ATP Challenger, and ATP competitions, it includes tennis probabilities and forecasts. In addition to match winner set handicap, game handicap, and total games under and over, TopTennisTips App also covers other markets. Additionally, the app offers a variety of ways for you to receive all forecasts and advice for forthcoming matches, including emails, push notifications, and the website. Additionally, the app makes it simple to bookmark or distribute tennis advice to your friends, family, and coworkers.

5. Golden Picks

Golden Picks

With the help of the fantastic mobile app Golden Picks, you can place wagers on well-known leagues and sports including Hockey, Football, Basketball, Soccer, and Baseball. To assist you in picking the best squad for your bets, the app provides information about future matches as well as player injury updates. You may see the team statistics, the upcoming matchups, and the squad’s performance in prior games. This software provides you with betting advice and forecasts to assist you in making the best decision possible.

It notifies you when fresh betting picks and forecasts are available. The artificial intelligence function of the Golden Picks App analyses the team’s progress and gives you the most likely results of the matches. Similar to that, the app provides a section for in-app purchases that offers premium services like gold membership, premium advice, betting trends, and many others. Multiple languages, including English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and many more, are supported by the software.

6. Bettor’s Club

Bettor's Club

With the help of the interactive mobile app Bettors Club, you may obtain daily picks and forecasts for well-liked sports all over the world. For football, ice hockey, rugby, soccer, tennis, and baseball, the app offers picks, forecasts, and previews. Before placing your wager, you can use it to view the team statistics and prior performance. Without making any preparations, you can get access to information about upcoming games and team schedules.

This is another sportsline alternative. To assist you in placing winning bets, this app offers daily betting advice and match predictions. Impressive features like tipsters profit, tipsters yield, tipsters hit rate, and many more can be found in the Bettors Club – Betting Tips App. Additionally, the programme allows you to rank the tipsters by yield in a particular period, hit rate, and profit in a particular period to locate the finest tipsters. Users can check the outcomes, earnings, hit rate, and yield for each monthly tipster.

7. Robot Tipster

Robot Tipster

Robot Tipster is the greatest mobile software that offers betting predictions based on intricate statistical research. To help you place bets more accurately, the app gives you access to daily betting tips and predictions. You may get accurate basketball forecasts or tips as well as betting predictions for tennis, football, baseball, and other sports. The WTA, ITF Women, ITF Men, Ukraine U21, Japan J-League, Kenya National Super League, Armenia Premier League, ATP Challenger, and ATP are just a few of the international sports leagues for which you may get new bets and forecasts thanks to this programme. Also check sportsengine 

Users can get updates on player injuries, team data, match scheduling, and information about forthcoming events. Robot Tipster’s betting advice app offers VIP picks and predictions to increase your chances of winning. Additionally, the app is a fantastic resource for sports bettors who want to profit from their wagers on various leagues around the globe. The app offers a variety of premium services that may be purchased through the app store, including VIP betting advice and premium betting predictions.

8. A.I. LIVE


An incredible mobile software called LIVE A.I offers you picks and predictions for every National Football League game. Before placing bets, you can access all the betting information and team statistics via the app. You don’t require to make any effort to observe the most statistically significant plays from every game or the forthcoming team schedules. You can see projected money lines, spreads, combined totals, and real-time win probabilities using this app. This is another sportsline alternative.

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To examine all the crucial data regarding the National Football League, users may swiftly swipe across across all games. LIVE A.I App offers you superior betting advice and forecasts to help you master the game and place winning wagers. The app also gives you access to player injury reports, match scheduling, and team progress. The software has a feature called Impactful Plays Log that allows you to follow NFL live data without making any prior preparations.

9. Smart Bets

Smart Bets

One of the best mobile apps is SmartBets, which offers you betting advice and odds for all illustrious sports leagues worldwide. The software gathers and analyses all team statistics to identify the best wagers. Before you put your wager, you may access all the information on the teams, future games, player injury updates, and the team’s performance. With the benefit of this software, you can compare bets across bookies and betting markets as well as monitor live updates of renowned leagues.

You receive notifications on the leagues and clubs you follow. Fantastic features included in the SmartBets – Compare Odds/Offers App include a one-of-a-kind bespoke betting feed, premium betting tips, easy navigation, quick comparison of betting markets, and bookmarkers. Additionally, you can easily track the live scores of every game using the app. Several languages, including English, German, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, French, and Portuguese are supported by the app.

10. Free plays

Free plays

With the help of the interactive mobile app FreePlays, you can easily access the live scores and team statistics of renowned sports leagues. Before placing bets, you can use the app to monitor previous line movements and check the consensus. You can browse progress charts to see how your team is doing as well as the calendar of forthcoming team games. You may simply win bets by using the football information and predictions provided in this app.

This is another sportsline alternative. The National Football League, Soccer, NBA, NCCA Basketball, NCCAB, and many other leagues’ odds and standings are available for users to view. To assist you in placing winning bets, the FreePlays App offers you daily betting advice and prognostications. Additionally, the app has a parlay calculator option that allows you to determine the payout on your wagers. To increase your chances of winning a bet, you can obtain free picks, scores, live headlines, and sports lines.

11. BetQL


With the help of the fantastic mobile app BetQL, you can effortlessly keep track of all the public betting percentages, expert picks, line changes, and odds. You can use the app to build personalised betting dashboards based on your interests and save them for later. You can effortlessly keep track of your wins and losses when betting on well-known sports leagues around the world. With the benefit of this app, you can learn more about William Hill, FanDuel, BetStars, MGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel Sportsbook.

Users don’t need to make any preparations to obtain the live updated lines, totals, scores, and odds. You can find football picks, baseball odds, hockey totals, basketball picks, and line changes for both professional and collegiate football games on the BetQL App. Additionally, the app enables you to track the most significant line adjustments at a glance and view the public betting patterns in real-time.

12. Betsperts


One of the biggest sports betting services, Betsperts, lets you search for betting specialists in well-known sports leagues all around the world. Before placing bets, you can use the app to see how your team performed in prior games. You don’t need to make any prior practices to get new trends, odds, pro pages, and picks from Betsperts. You can easily view match schedules and live scores for forthcoming leagues and events using this app. This is another sportsline alternative.

Users can view odds and line movements in their profile as well as follow their past results. You can use it to find users to follow or fade on leaders. To get betting advice and predictions, use the Betsperts App to interact with the betting experts on the feed. Additionally, the app offers VIP betting advice and forecasts to assist you in taking home the biggest payout. The app offers in-app purchases for a number of premium services, including Betsperts pro pages, premium betting suggestions, and others.

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13. Shark Pick

Shark Pick

Shark Pick is a fantastic smartphone app provided by Pumpkin Patch Ventures that enables you to place fictitious wagers on actual events taking place around the globe. The app gives you details about forthcoming activities, sporting competitions, and team matchups. The National Football League, National Hockey League, NBA, MLB, CFL, NCAAF, NCAAB, UFC, and many other well-known sports leagues are just a few of the ones on which you can wager.

Users may easily see the line movements and access live scores. On the app leaderboard, it enables you to compete against top bettors. You may find the champions of sports leagues and unlock the top picks for free with this programme. You can use the Shark Pick – Sports Picks App to uncover wins by collecting free chips every day. Additionally, the app provides you with betting tactics and recommendations to help you win more bets and develop into a betting pro.

14. Parlay It!

Parlay It!

Using fractional odds, Moneyline, and decimal, the Parlay It! app’s betting accumulator calculator allows you to calculate up to a twelvefold parlay. The software includes a Dutching calculator and allows you to instantly buy an overround calculator. You can easily calculate anything from a single wager to a complete twelve-fold parlay.

This is another sportsline alternative. You can use this programme to determine the deduction a betting exchange will take from your winnings. Users can enter the odds information to compute earnings and returns. The Parlay It App advises you to focus on making winning predictions rather than fretting about the point spread. The app also gives you betting techniques and advice to help you win more bets and gather reliable predictions to increase your profits. To assist you in determining the worth in a specific market, the app offers an overround calculator for purchase in the app store. Also check draft day sport

15. SportsPlays


One of the top mobile applications released by Gridline Sports LLC, SportsPlays, allows you to select the winners and add your name to the leaderboards. You can use the app to test your prediction abilities in a variety of international sports leagues, such as the National Football League, WNBA, MLB, MMA, Soccer, Tennis, and NHL. Before making your predictions, you can check out the team’s performance, the match schedules, and player injury updates.

To demonstrate their prowess in making predictions, users can place straight picks, teasers, and money lines. You can view live scores for every game on this app, and it also allows you to make predictions for the first half or quarter of the game. You may track your performance and predict the winners of the games using the SportsPlays App. Additionally, the programme enables you to show off your prediction abilities to friends by sharing your performance with them.

16. Stats24


An interactive smartphone app called Stats24 offers detailed statistics and forecasts for basketball, tennis, football, and many more international sports leagues. Numerous odds, forecasts, accumulator advice, and the most recent information about your favourite teams are all easily accessible. With the aid of this software, you may locate the top leagues and contests throughout the world as well as the bets with the highest odds. This is another sportsline alternative.

Users can track all the details about a specific team or game and make bets to their slips. You may check the most lucrative in-play bets and the most thorough stats available with the Stats24 App. You may quickly check league tables, trends, past match results, and head-to-head statistics with the app. You may obtain odds on a variety of markets and compare odds from different bookmakers with this app.


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