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Top 14 Best Skypatrol Alternatives In 2022

Best and demanding skypatrol alternatives will be described in this article. A software firm called Skypatrol offers a variety of Tracking Solutions so you can keep an eye on, safeguard, and improve your fleets and equipment. Defender GPS, Skyoneclock, and Fleet Management Solution are among the goods that can be purchased. The fleet management solution is designed for small to medium fleets and has a robust interface that makes it simple for you to collect and organise vast amounts of data so you can make informed fleet decisions for better future outcomes.

Due to its high accessibility, you can complete work at any time and from any location. Its capability to track and monitor location for the best response is one of its characteristics. Fleet Managers may monitor and keep an eye on their whole fleet and analyse key performance data using the Fleet Command’s user-friendly and intuitive UI. Fleet Command offers specialised reports, thorough mapping, and up-to-date vehicle information, enabling quick data analysis.

Another benefit of GPS vehicle tracking is the improvement in diver behaviour. Here, fleet managers can make use of GPS tracking technology to reduce fuel consumption when cars are in standby, specify speed limits, and identify the cause of drivers’ tardiness. Businesses can enforce rules when cars are used for personal errands thanks to GPS tracking. The alarm system tells management if the cars are operated after hours, and the vehicles themselves can issue an alert if they over a line. In addition to features, the Fleet management software has a number of advantages, including the capacity to improve judgments, save money on fuel, guarantee adequate vehicle maintenance, and pick the best routes.

Top 14 Best Skypatrol Alternatives In 2022

Top 14 Best Skypatrol Alternatives In 2022 are explained here.

1. TranWare


With the help of TranWare, several industries, including shuttle, taxi, paratransit, and other ground transportation fleets, can easily manage their maintenance, scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing operations. Automated call handling, payment processing, driver cashiering, vehicle tracking, customer account billing, scheduling and dispatching, mobile applications, and route optimization are some of the services offered. Also check video editor software

The business also provides a variety of add-on modules to personalise and enhance the operation of the system. As a result, TranWare Enterprise Cloud is one of the most adaptable SaaS products available. Additionally, you can request custom backend solutions for every circumstance. Using the API that allows for the real-time addition, modification, and cancellation of trips, businesses can combine the service with other systems. Modern APIs will notify third-party systems the moment an update occurs in the case of active trips. Trip Importers and Exporters, Hours of Service Tracking, Custom Reporting, and Airport Location Queue Management are further features in the Custom Solution category.

2. Odessa Platform

Odessa Platform

Popular leasing platform Odessa Platform makes full use of the cross-platform process made possible by APIs and interfaces. Many asset finance customers throughout the world use this single unified platform solution. To improve performance, it brings together extensibility, asset-based functionality, and data intelligence in one location.

This is another skypatrol alternative. With its aid, you can effortlessly automate all business operations, create the greatest partner experiences from anywhere at any time, gain analytical insights into your lease operations and other areas of the company, and add, build, and test features using developer tools. Odessa Platform was created with the idea of being deployed in the cloud in mind, making it excellent for hosting on servers as well. Additionally, you may link the Platform to crucial business applications to facilitate cross-platform workflow. These tools include Vertex, Salesforce, DocuSign, and GreatPlains.

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3. AdvantageTMS


AdvantageTMS is a powerful transportation management system that includes a variety of capabilities to make it easier for small and mid-sized manufacturing businesses and wholesale distributors to manage their business operations. It offers functions for selecting vendors, distribution management, industry benchmarking, full and less than truckload shipments, and reporting. It is cloud-based.

Both domestic and international shipments are supported by the vendor freight management service. It makes it possible for everyone to combine the present ERP system with mode and route management systems. You can look up and pick the least expensive carrier and the best routes to handle LTL shipments from different partners. The best feature is optimised benchmark analysis, which enables service providers to quickly assess their position in the market and compare their performance to that of their rivals.

4. DriveCam


The Driver Safety programme provided by Lytx, which enables you to save lives and reduce hazards, is powered by the top-notch technology known as DriveCam Event Recorder. Video is used by the company to help clients review past occurrences, manage their operations more effectively, and modify driver behaviour for better results in the future. This is another skypatrol alternative.

In addition to this, the organisation provides adaptable services and programmes for small, medium-sized, and large businesses. Millions of drivers throughout the world are to be connected and thousands of fleets are to be protected. The system may be set up by the user to provide a variety of features, including Live Streaming, which shows what is occurring to the cars in real-time, and Continual Video, which is capable of recording hundreds of hours of precise and continuous video.

5. MyGeotab


You can manage your fleet from a single platform with the help of MyGeotab, a robust fleet management and tracking system. Every customer who has a feature package subscription has access to it because it is web-based. Advanced reporting, Custom mapping, Open data integration, Robust engine data reporting, Engine health and maintenance, Route optimization, and Driver behaviour control are among the key features. You may access all of your driver and vehicle information in one location and use it to quickly and effectively decide how to proceed. Also check Tremhost alternatives

It is scalable, and fleet managers can tailor the service to meet their fleet’s needs by extending data value using the Software Development Kit. MyGeotab reduces complexity that results from data collection by transforming it into information that organisations can use. This can assist customers in comprehending a variety of issues, such as the time of day spent driving, how fuel consumption affects driving behaviour, and car model and manufacture. It is multilingual and supports seven distinct languages, including German, Polish, English, Japanese, French, and Portuguese.

This is another skypatrol alternative. The software has a strong emphasis on giving organisations high-quality fleet management data, and to this end, it makes use of rules features that can be tweaked and made immediately usable. Fleet managers can get started right away by selecting and setting up rules that will help them decide on events based on five main categories: safety, expandability, productivity, compliance, and fleet optimization. Managers can choose from a variety of contact options after selecting a rule, including popups, email, alarms, and in-vehicle coaching.

6. Spireon


One of the top firms in North America, Spireon offers technologies that provide viability and insight from connected vehicles to make it simple for businesses to run more intelligently, drive more safely, and raise customer happiness. It provides a variety of items for various industry kinds. Franchise Dealers may set themselves up for maximum efficiency, customer retention, and revenue with LoJack, the best stolen car recovery technology in the business.

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It is a platform that offers complete finance and IoT management and helps Franchise Dealers to increase revenue, reduce costs, and retain a customer for an extended period of time. Another Spireon tool, FleetLocate, helps asset managers and trailers defend themselves and gain real-time intelligence to make wiser decisions. This solution includes trackers and sensors that may be customised, as well as features that makes it simple to convert live data capture into useful business intelligence.

Fleet managers may also turn to FleetLocate to help them run their operations using real-time vehicle and driver intelligence. It is ideal for all fleets, regardless of their size or kind, including long-distance cargo operations and neighbourhood service enterprises. Gain access to the video, data, and intelligence needed to improve route efficiency, increase driver safety, and maintain compliance.

7. Teletrac


Teletrac offers an all-in-one fleet management system that enables you to improve fleet operations and lessen fleet management’s complications. It is appropriate for a variety of situations, such as running a high-volume, quickly growing fleet or travelling to isolated areas. A graphical user interface (UI) can provide you with insightful data that will help your organisation grow.

Fleet Visibility, Business Intelligence, Compliance, Maintenance and Fuel, and Safety are just a few of the functions offered by the solution. You can monitor each and every vehicle in the fleet in real-time with fleet visibility. GPS position tracking can be used to monitor maintenance records, analyse fuel consumption, track vehicles using drones, and locate both powered and non-powered assets, providing a complete understanding of the assets.

Businesses are able to continue expanding and operating while travelling thanks to the Maintenance and Fuel module. By utilising real-time engine diagnostics, idling data, and fuel usage monitoring, you may reduce costs and make savings. Geofencing, Driver Behavior and Safety, and Workflows are some of Teletrac Fleet Management Software’s more essential features. This is another skypatrol alternative.

8. FleetMatics GPS tracking

FleetMatics GPS tracking

A special piece of software called FleetMatics GPS Tracking offers you the best features and services available. It enables businesses to monitor their fleets of vehicles, guarantee compliance, and increase operational effectiveness. You can select from a variety of plans based on your needs. The first option is Fleetmatics Now, one of the versions available to anyone looking to discover the current and previous whereabouts of their automobiles or trucks.

The second plan, Fleetmatics Reveal, includes a number of sophisticated features like driver ID, personalised alerting, and geo-fencing. For small enterprises who require access to only specific features, this plan is advised. While Fleetmatics Reveal’s interface appears the same, it will take some time for you to get used to it. Fleetmatics Now’s user interface is straightforward but user-friendly. Fleetmatics Reveal’s user interface is unquestionably simpler to use than Navixy and Networkfleet.

9. Viamente Route planner

Viamente Route planner

A sophisticated and user-friendly multi-mode management tool, Viamente Route Planner is ideal for service, retail, and transportation organisations. Fleet management, scheduling and routing improvements for field and transport services, and an increase in workforce productivity with minimal stress and less fuel and effort are some of the highlights.

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This is another skypatrol alternative. With a few clicks, individual drivers can save time and money while easing global burdens. They may increase order fulfilment, upload routes to GPS, manage load capacity, and complete their work ahead of schedule by using the built-in features. The solution can be used by Field Services to enhance the mobile workforce, increase service quality, and enhance customer satisfaction. Workload balancing, dispatch technicians, skill-based assignments, optimised routes, and scheduled service times are among the functions in this module. Field Services are likewise covered under the aforementioned sentences.

10. GPS Commander

GPS Commander

To improve employee safety, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency, GPS Commander helps the company manage its pricey equipment and staff. Utilize its cloud-based dashboard to keep a close eye on the state of your vehicles, staff, or assets, or utilise your smartphone or tablet in its place. Due to the lack of training expenses, contracts, setup fees, and hidden charges, the solution simplifies fleet management at a reasonable cost. You can speak with the knowledgeable support staff to effectively fix any issue. Also check customer service software

11. EDULOG FleetPro


Education Logistics created and owns the solution known as EDULOG FleetPro. Companies all over the world utilise this robust and extremely practical fleet management software. Due to its numerous features, including personnel management, driver management, GPS tracking, tyre management, work order management, incident reporting, tool tracking, and VIN search, it is recognised as one of the top options. You can deploy the solution on the Windows System or as a SaaS, depending on what is most convenient for you. This is another skypatrol alternative.

12. FleetLynx


This is another skypatrol alternative. Vecima Networks created FleetLynx, a multi-featured fleet-management solution that complies with EOBR and aims to increase productivity and safety while lowering fleet costs. It is appropriate for businesses with fleets of vehicles and fleet managers, enabling them to easily follow and maintain their fleet with the help of the built-in tools. VIN Lookup, Employee Management, Mileage Tracking, Fuel Management, GPS, and Inspection Management are among the features. You may check all the statistics pertaining to vehicle tracking, persons, fleets, and vehicles using its straightforward user interface.



TomTom WEBFLEET is a comprehensive and user-friendly fleet management tool that enables you to find the precise, mapped location of your drivers and decide whether they are driving or parked. You may easily make sure that the working-time restrictions are followed thanks to this capability. With a fully comprehensive map displaying cars, positions, and status, the software has an easy-to-use user interface (UI). By using the slider on the User Interface’s left side, you can zoom in and out.

14. Telogis


Telogis was a US-based business that offered clients location-based software for managing mobile resources. Location data for fleet owners’ convenience and geospatial software development toolkits for help with various issues were both included in the software that could be purchased on a SaaS basis. The software collected location-based data from installed and embedded hardware on cars as well as from mobile devices. This is another skypatrol alternative.

It was able to run on a variety of hardware platforms controlled by many manufacturers and it gathered significant amounts of data. To enable users to create location-based desktop and mobile applications, Telogis offered a software development kit. The hours of service activity logs of drivers were obtained by the US Federal Government via Telogis.


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