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Top 15 Best Sites Like In 2022

Best sites like will be described in this article. This page discusses websites that are similar to or that are alternatives. A website called is devoted to strange, unsettling, and intriguing material. It was started in 1996 by writers and artists who were fascinated by the ominous aspect of deteriorating art and culture.

It concentrates on information that is difficult to locate on any search engine’s front page or even in the mainstream media. Although it’s hard to think how much simpler it could be, can make it happen. The articles on Rotten go beyond the surface-level characteristics of the most evil individuals and events in history.

Finally, if you’re looking for an alternative, is a terrific website. The light and dark modes, the lack of a login requirement, the regular updates, the range of categories to explore, and the fact that it is free for all users are its most significant advantages.

What Does It Mean to You. is a scary or gory website devoted to odd and unpleasant frights, including pictures of violent crimes, sexually explicit behaviours, bizarre or misanthropic fantasies, and more.

With a huge selection of gory videos and images, it is regarded as one of the top gore websites.

The website had a very simple layout when it first launched, but it has since expanded to include hundreds of videos and photographs.

You can browse through the films and photographs in each of the several categories that have been created.

A recommendation system on provides videos depending on your preferences.


Modes of Dark and Light

Without Login Daily Update

Numerous Categories to Explore, Free for All

Top 15 Best Sites Like In 2022

Top 15 Best Sites Like are explained here.

1. Deadhouse


You may see extreme videos that individuals have posted on the website

Its user-friendly layout and effective search function make it simple to find the videos you’re looking for.

In a dimly lit environment, videos, news, and other material can blow your mind.

Additionally, a variety of categories are employed to help people locate the content that is relevant to them.

Users can observe a variety of settings, including full-screen Quality, full-screen Volume Control, and many others.

Although there are many films available, many new ones are added every day.

Make sure you are at least 18 years old before viewing the website; if not, you won’t be able to use it.

2. Daily Mail

Daily Mail’s replacement, Daily Mail Online, is far superior.

The user interface is simple.

It lacks the design and layout of and is less sophisticated.

However, there is a tonne of video stuff on the website.

You can access a range of video content when you click on a video, including news, sports, and other popular videos.

It’s not the finest substitute.

But it’s definitely worth a shot.

3. AOL Videos

AOL Videos

AOL is less well-known than since it lacks visual material.

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It’s a straightforward video streaming website like YouTube.

All types of users like the original content that AOL offers in its collection.

It has an easy-to-use UI that is fashionable. This is another sites like rotten.

AOL is a great substitute because it offers a large variety of interesting stuff that you can constantly appreciate.



Theync ranks second on our list of the best sites like

It is an online platform that features graphic video content.

Anyone can register for an account and post videos on this shared video network.

The graphic recordings feature footage of murder, torture, wounds, and injuries, among other things.

Each video also contains a title and an image.

They can be shared on third-party networks and rated favourably or negatively.

In the comments section, viewers can express their opinions about the video and give it a rating of up to five stars.

The videos’ length, rating, number of views, and uniqueness are just a few of the numerous factors that can be used to sort the results.

Additionally, a search engine is accessible for people who want to find particular videos.

A personal account, log-in, user uploads, highlighted material, an active member display, and the unground mode are only a few of the special features.

5. Goregrish


One of the top websites like is goregrish.

It’s a website with all gore-related content in one location.

It includes images and videos of dead people, accidents, suicide attempts, murders, beatings, and necrophilia, among other things.

These films and images can be uploaded by anybody with a user account.

They might even be obtained and distributed through unofficial websites.

This is another sites like rotten. Every film or photograph has a number, a title, and a date of upload, and anyone can see them for free.

Additionally, viewers can express their love or disdain for these videos by leaving comments on them.

You may use the search engine to help you locate specific movies, users, or images.

You can use a different search engine for each of these.

Playlists, a category tab viewing history, recommendations, a page of the most popular videos, and discussion boards are some of its most well-known features.

the ability to show the full picture, modify the speed at which video snippets play, and skip individual clips.

6. Hoodsite


One of the top websites like is Hoodsite.

All gore-related videos can be found on the website hoodsite.

This comprises films of self-harm, torture, and murder.

On this website, you can view videos that aren’t as bloody as fights.

Through the main tab, which features both the most recent and highlighted material, users can view the platform’s videos.

Each film has a captivating visual, a title, and a brief description.

Users are given the opportunity to choose the video they want to watch.

Users have the option to leave comments on these videos if they so choose. These videos are likely to be liked or disapproved of. This is another sites like rotten.

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The videos might be posted on unofficial sites.

Users can also search for older articles by clicking the “Older Posts” tab at the top of the page, which also showcases all the most recent videos.

It stands out for its quick loading times, video upload progress displays, user-friendly interface, and reliable server connection.

7. Body Modification Ezine

Body Modification Ezine

On the website Ezine, you can view videos and pictures of bodily changes.

Some examples include tattoos, scarifications, and body piercings, including those in the ears, nose, genitalia, and elsewhere.

It might be a terrific platform for those who are interested in improving their looks and looking for motivation.

On the forum, users have the option of sharing their experiences, which enables interaction with other users.

All posted images and videos are open to likes, dislikes, comments, and sharing on other sites.

The website likewise features an online shop where you can find accessories and items for body alteration.

The site’s tabs each provide a different category for tattoos and body piercings.

To make things simpler for users, a search bar is provided.

The website additionally provides a personal account with email registration, a username, and password security.

In addition, it offers a free membership and an interface with graphics.

8. Documenting Reality

Documenting Reality

This is another sites like rotten. Uncensored images and videos of actual fatalities, as well as those of human anomalies, suicide, and other accidents, can be seen on the website Documenting Reality.

The content on this website is quite offensive.

You must be sure to avoid it if you’re under the age of 18.

Violence is not encouraged on this website.

As the name implies, it is merely a record of the reality of the world in which we live.

Naturally, there will occasionally be some violence.

However, the website does not support them.

This website merely serves as a record of these occurrences.

It is significant to highlight that CNN does not support the kind of violence they represent in stories or visuals, despite the fact that you may watch video footage of it online.

I like you to know the contrast, and the same holds true when you record reality.

This webpage is not defamatory.

You’re in the sinful spot if you’re looking for a forum to air your racist and homophobic views.

Place your rage somewhere else.

9. Damaged Corpse

Damaged Corpse

Damaged Corpse is the next choice on our list of the best substitutes.

You can watch uncensored stuff on this website, including movies, photos, and voice-over stories.

It is possible to see frightful content that would not be appropriate for broadcast media but ends up being published on websites like this.

The content consists of actual photographs of suicide, fatal accidents, human anomalies, and illnesses.

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In the end, Damaged Corpse is a great website that you should consider using as a substitute.

10. Veoh


Veoh is yet another excellent substitute. You may find anything you need to pass the time in the video section, which is divided into a number of categories like sports, news, and comedy. This is another sites like rotten.

Unfortunately, there isn’t as much visual stuff on the website as you would like, but you can try to locate anything with the most recent content.

11. Ebaum World

Ebaum World

This is a fantastic substitute if you enjoy funny videos. The amusing videos on Ebaum’s World come from all across the world.

Visit the video section to locate videos you’ll enjoy if you’re looking for stuff with violent themes and loads of violence.

12. DailyMotion


This is another sites like rotten. An excellent substitute for is DailyMotion. It is a great adversary even though it no longer exudes the same brilliance it once did.

It is a terrific way to pass the time while you catch up on your favourite shows because it has high-quality video and pictures.

13. MyVidster


MyVidster is the last option on our list of the best substitutes. It’s a great substitute for because it offers the same information and a user-friendly UI.

You can’t go wrong choosing this option.

You can follow users to receive a steady stream of videos that you find fascinating while keeping tabs on what videos are being added.

All of the videos from are available on this website.

Since is no longer in operation, MyVidster, which is a fierce competitor, may grow and achieve its deserved success.

14. The Blood Factory

The Blood Factory

A website and blog called Blood Factory provides high-quality horror movie films as well as made-up drama that is not subject to media censorship.

Each and every piece of content is uncensored, violent, and bloody.

The website has been scaring the audience with its in-depth reviews of hundreds of terrifying movies since it began airing its weekly horror film review show in 2010.

This is another sites like rotten. Additionally, Blood Factory features a blog area. Additionally, Blood Factory maintains a blog that is often updated with their top picks for various genres.

This blog is frequently updated with fresh content, including their most recent piece, which is meant to terrify you out.

In general, Blood Factory Ezine is a fantastic platform that could be thought of as an option.



Bestgore is a frightening website that features published opinions and user-generated content together with very violent news, photographs, and videos.

Mark Marek, the website’s creator, posts gruesome, actual-life images and videos of events like homicides, torture, suicides, accidents, and open surgery. This is another sites like rotten.

Children should not view the graphic violence and gore in the content.

Every day, Bestgore posts a brand-new video that was shot at random.


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