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Top 10 Best AR Shopping Apps In 2022

Best AR shopping apps will be described in this article. Using a device’s camera and display, augmented reality (AR) technology allows users to combine real-world and virtual objects. Let’s define “AR shopping” in a few words before we start. AR gives users the freedom to view a virtual project demonstration in the most lifelike manner possible.

According to a Statista report, there will be more than 1.7 billion mobile devices with AR capabilities by 2024. It’s anticipated that there will only be 1.1 billion mobile devices equipped with AR by the end of 2022.

Our Favorites

Additionally, we have collected a index of some of the best augmented reality shopping apps in this blog.

You can use the cutting-edge AR features in these top shopping apps to get a realistic representation of the item you want to buy.

Here’s a brief example for you if you’re wondering “how is AR used in shopping?”

You can operate the camera on your smartphone to pan to the location where you want to put the sofa before making a purchase to determine the best options.

In other words, you can see how the product looks without bringing the actual thing.

Additionally, download links are provided for the iOS and Android platforms, allowing you to go straight to the download page for your chosen operating system.

Let’s get started with the list of these shopping apps for men and women without further ado.

Top 10 Best AR Shopping Apps Transforming the Shopping Experience

Top 10 Best AR Shopping Apps Transforming the Shopping Experience are explained here.

1. Houzz


This top interior design app makes the best use of augmented reality (AR) when conducting online shopping. This is another shopping apps. Also check cannabis delivery apps

The augmented reality (AR) online shopping app provides millions of product and interior design samples that you can test before making a decision.

You can also show your chosen designs to friends and ask them if they like them.

Simply pan the camera in the direction of the desired interior space, then choose the design you want to use.

This augmented reality shopping app’s features

Samples of realistic interior design

Demonstrations of products in real life

Shareable designs

There are countless options and strong community support.

Get one of the top augmented reality apps by downloading this.

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By providing a realistic representation of the products you can buy, this app makes the most of augmented reality in retail.

By fusing real-world and AR elements, IKEA, one of the best augmented reality apps known for its wide selection of furniture, enables you to test the appearance of your preferred products.

You can get a realistic idea of how the item might appear when it is delivered if you simply pan the camera in the direction where you will be placing the furniture.

Features of this augmented reality shopping app

Many millions of pieces of furniture

For all types of homes and offices, there are stylish designs available.

The ability to set filters for things like prices and materials

AR product representations that are realistic

Install this augmented reality shopping application.

3. Food Network Kitchen

Food Network Kitchen

Food Network Kitchen, one of the best recipe apps, is a friend that can teach you cooking and recipes in the most unusual way.

With a database of more than 80,000 cooking recipes from various cuisines, this top augmented reality app can assist you in creating apps that everyone will enjoy.

One of the best cooking apps also has a fun augmented reality feature that lets you do things like decorate cupcakes. This is another shopping apps. Also check Photo scanner apps

Features of this augmented reality cooking app

Free to download

A vast collection of recipes

Supports a variety of cuisines

Expertly crafted, in-depth cooking instructions

Use this augmented reality cooking app.

4. Wayfair


This augmented reality app for online shopping is a catalogue of goods for your house.

You can use AR to test out furniture, lights, and other items in the app.

Additionally, this app for saving money offers some incredible deals.

Among the best shopping apps features

Broad range of products

Cost-effective, customised offers

A variety of product categories, including lighting and furniture

Straightforward navigation

Install this augmented reality shopping app.


iOS app download link for Wayfair

5. Augment


The AR tool enables you to give customers a 3D AR demonstration of your products.

It is the ideal business app for business owners because it can help you increase sales by giving customers a more engaging shopping experience. This is another shopping apps.

Technology that supports ARCore is essential for providing an incredibly lifelike graphical representation of objects.

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Features of these augmented reality shopping apps

3D AR components


A variety of textures and hues for 3D models

Capture locations for the addition of 3D models

Get one of the best augmented reality apps by downloading this.

6. Wanna Kicks

Wanna Kicks

As the name suggests, you can use this app to use augmented reality in fashion by viewing sneakers before placing an order.

You can pick from a variety of colours and styles for these AR sneakers.

There is also information provided about each pair of sneakers so you can learn more about the history of the design you chose.

Features of this app for fashion’s use of augmented reality

Various types and designs of sneakers

Discover the newest sneakers every day.

Try on sneakers with augmented reality

Examine specifics in depth

Install this augmented reality shopping application.


7. Myty AR

Myty AR

An amazing way to shop for your interior design needs is through augmented reality.

To find the best layouts, furnishings, and other items for any room, simply open the camera and point it in that direction. This is another shopping apps.

A catalogue of inspiration is also available to help you come up with original decorating ideas for your home. Also check youtube to Wav converter apps

Features of this augmented reality (AR) shopping app

Model 3D furniture

Several examples of interior design

Investigate various brands

Make rooms with 3D components.

Install this augmented reality shopping application.

8. Lenskart


Using this augmented reality (AR) shopping app, you can buy eyewear and sunglasses in the present.

With the aid of AR and 3D technology, Lenskart enables you to preview items before placing an order.

You must upload your own 3D replica of your face using the app to have it scanned from various angles in order to do that. This is another shopping apps.

Once this is done, you can choose any product and test it out in the most realistic way to see if it’s right for you or not.

Features of one of the top augmented reality shopping apps

3D eyewear models

Requests that you upload a 3D image

Built-in scanner to facilitate uploading of your image

There are lots of stylish and categorical goods.

Install one of the top shopping apps.

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9. Crocs


You can order shoes from a wide selection in this Crocs official trending fashion app.

The VR and AR capabilities are, however, its best features. This is another shopping apps.

Crocs makes use of both technologies to let you try on shoes before placing an order.

Utilize the camera to create a lifelike replica of your preferred footwear so you can decide whether you like it or not.

Specifications of this augmented reality shopping app

A vast selection of Crocs products

Virtual try-on was supported by VR and AR.

Utilize the store locator feature to find nearby stores.

Discover the best offers and lowest prices on products.

10. Pepperfry


Pepperfry offers a fantastic way to find the ideal furniture for your home, and it has an AR feature.

To find the outcome that best suits your tastes, you can look around and try out different options. This is another shopping apps.

There is a vast selection of popular goods.

On occasion, this fantastic shopping app will release specials that you can take advantage of.

3D furniture representation is one of this AR online shopping app’s features.

Numerous options for products, free product consultations

There are numerous patterns and textures available.

Install this AR shopping app.


Features of this AR shopping app

Large selection of different Target products

Occasional discounts and deals

To get full details, scan the barcodes on any items you see on aisles.

Purchase furniture after testing it with AR.

Install this popular augmented reality shopping app.

These are the top ten AR shopping apps that we shortlisted for your consideration.

You can choose the app based on the genre of your preference and have an amazing shopping experience.

These apps are among the earliest participants in the augmented reality (AR) shopping experience, so the experience you will have with them is still developing and hasn’t reached its full potential yet.

However, the quality, features, and security of these apps are already incredible.

You can therefore trust any app you choose.

Finally, if you also have a smartphone app, you can have MobileAppDaily review it to increase its visibility in a variety of target markets.

Additionally, you receive an expert review of your app that will reveal its true potential as well as any areas for improvement.


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