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Top 10 Online Learning Platforms In 2022

Best online learning platform will be described in this article. You intend to introduce and market online courses, then. Publishing online educational resources is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 20% through 2027, so doing the double take you just did there was totally justified.

There is still room for course developers to cut out a nice (and highly passive) payment stream by introducing new mastery to eager online learners — as long as the course is professionally created, well-reviewed, and properly marketed. It may feel like “everyone” is launching a course or membership site, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

I’ll show you some of the top online learning resources for your upcoming major course in this post. Let’s get going!

Top 10 Online Learning Platforms for Launching Successful Courses

Top 10 Online Learning Platforms for Launching Successful Courses are explained here.

1. Gurucan


Key Elements

One-stop shop for starting and operating a digital knowledge business. building converting pipelines, such as emails and push notifications, and unlimited content upload. Also check presentations software

Wrap all of your digital products (online courses, memberships, downloads, blogs, podcasts, workouts, meal plans, chats) in the best mobile app and browser package.

Every type of digital product can be managed using a mobile LMS from any browser, including desktop and mobile.

It all comes down to your brand. All pricing plans include the self-managed, customizable colour appearance of the interface.

This is another online learning platforms. Best For: Content producers seeking a straightforward, contemporary, and welcoming all-in-one platform to operate a digital business

Price: Monthly rates begin at $26.

2. Height Platform


Height Platform

Key Elements

A fully white-label programme with integrated courses and communities is created for the modern creator to monetize their knowledge.

On any pricing plan, you can make an unlimited number of courses, digital products, communities, projects, and bundles.

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A complete package offering everything required to establish a flourishing knowledge business. To assist content producers in promoting their work, each plan includes a blogging feature and an affiliate programme feature.

Flexible options for taking student payments. For your content, you can combine any number of one-time, instalment, and subscription payment options. Make it simple to list your products on AppSumo by creating discounts and coupon code URLs.

Best for: Professionals and coaches who prefer to think of themselves as creators rather than digital markers and who want to offer their students a wide range of courses and community features.

Starting at $39 per month, price.

3. Thinkific


Key Elements

Engage students by using Google Docs, videos, quizzes, text, surveys, automated check-ins, and other methods. This is another online learning platforms.

Build a membership website around your course, add multiple instructors, create cohorts, drip-schedule content, and create prerequisite lessons.

Drag-and-drop website builder with a selection of themes that are focused on education

Create coupons, upsells, affiliate programmes, free trials, and lower prices for the first month.

Best for: Non-technical course designers seeking an all-encompassing solution, such as Shopify, to host their course.

Paid plans begin at $39 per month. There’s a free version of Thinkific.

4. Udemy


Key Elements

Over 100,000 courses on a variety of topics are available on Udemy.

On Udemy, anyone can start teaching courses. However, you must apply to become a Premium Instructor if you want to earn money from your online courses. Also check conversion rate optimization tools

Live courses on the Udemy marketplace are available for $10 to 199 per course or for Udemy for Business subscribers.

Best for: Instructors who don’t want to handle marketing, hosting, or site design but still want to create a course.

Price: Creating a course is free.

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5. LearnDash


Key Elements

This is another online learning platforms. Create complex quizzes that support any kind of media and include 8 different answer types, such as multiple choice, sorting, matching, fill-in-the-blank, and more.

Certificates are given out, reports are downloaded, content is drip-fed, learners are automatically contacted based on trigger actions, and content is reused throughout various courses.

Create forums for the students in your course, and gamify the experience with course completion points.

Who it’s best for: Expert course designers in higher education and professional training who require a really robust LMS feature set for WordPress

Price: A one-site licence with a year of updates and support starts at $159.

6. Teachable


Key Elements

Teachable is divided into Courses, which is the educational material you sell, and “Teachable Schools,” which is essentially the website where your courses live.

Provide live classes for group coaching, award certificates of completion to students, and host your videos directly on Teachable.

Set up payments however you like: provide coupons, memberships, subscriptions, bundles, and other payment options.

Those who want to launch a hosted website for their course include coaches and subject-matter experts (s)

Plans begin at $29 per month.

Bonus: TeachableU is offering a free course on how to create your first online course. (Sure is meta.)

7. Kajabi


Key Elements

As an all-in-one online learning platform, Kajabi provides you with a website to host your courses and digital products as well as:

Email advertising, automated marketing campaigns, integrated message boards, analytics, and more.

It’s actually intended to take the place of all the plugins and integrations that many people in eLearning have long used. This is another online learning platforms. Also check CRO Tools

Best for: Course designers who require a ready-to-use option for developing, hosting, marketing, and tracking their course revenue

Starting at $119 per month, the cost

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8. LearnWorlds


Key Elements

Create a website (referred to as a “school”), distribute coupons and special offers, and set up one-click funnels.

Track student progress, show interactive transcripts during lectures, include simple interactions in videos, and create question banks for random tests.

Learning materials should be packaged as ebooks that permit online annotation and note-taking by students.

Features of a community and membership site were integrated, and completion certificates were issued.

Best for: Serious educators and course designers who require a top-notch online learning platform for a large library of courses

Starting at $29 per month,

9. TalentLMS


Key Elements

Easily create a white-label website, view course analytics, and reuse course content

Conduct assessments, gather feedback from surveys, incorporate gamification elements for learners, and hold virtual learning sessions to provide blended learning experiences.

Most suitable for: Course designers seeking a flexible learning management system (LMS) to develop training materials for internal use. This is another online learning platforms.

Plan costs begin at $59 per month. TalentLMS offers a no-cost plan.

10. Koantic


Key Elements

Automatic video subtitle tool, WYSIWYG course editor, and pre-made templates

Create engaging tests with 9 different question types. This is another online learning platforms.

Utilize team authoring tools to work together on developing courses.

Publish content to your website or LMS or the Koantic LMS cloud.

Best for: Non-technical course creators seeking flexible publishing options for their courses

Plan prices begin at $39 per month. Koantic offers a no-cost plan.

Select Your Favorite Online Learning Platforms

Of course, there are a tonne of platforms for online courses available today.

Edx (and their massive open online courses, or MOOCs), WizIQ, Skillshare, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, Docebo, the Harvard Open Learning Initiative, Stanford Online, and Udacity are a few additional online learning resources you might want to investigate if you’re a learner.


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