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Top 11 OBS Alternatives In 2022

Best OBS alternatives will be described in this article. Open Broadcast Software is one of the most often used programmes for recording and live-streaming video games (OBS). Even though it provides many distinctive options for those who want professional quality, it can be a little much for casual users who want recording and live streaming capabilities for applications other than gaming.

We’ve developed a list of the top OBS alternatives for recording and live broadcasting so that everyone has a choice.

An Overview of OBS

Open Broadcast Software was the first free and open source programme with all the functionality required for live streaming and game recording. OBS Studio has a vast range of features and settings for power users who wish to create productions of a professional calibre.

OBS Studio offers high-performance real-time video and audio capture and mixing. Scenes can be created from a variety of sources, such as text, browser windows, webcam footage, and window grabs. Thanks to the audio mixer’s per-source filters, such as noise suppression and gain, you have a lot of control over the sound.

Despite the fact that gamers and livestreamers use OBS Studio frequently and extensively, it is not for everyone. Because of all of its features and opportunities, you must be prepared to put in the time required to learn how to use it effectively. Therefore, if you only need simple live streaming or game recording, you’re far better off using an OBS alternative.

Top 11 OBS Alternatives for Recording and Live Streaming In 2022

Top 11 OBS Alternatives for Recording and Live Streaming are explained here.

1. Camtasia


Camtasia bills itself as a screen recorder and video editor all in one. This programme, which is compatible with Windows and Mac, makes it simple to record and edit films that appear as professional as OBS. This is another OBS Alternatives.

For those new to video editing, Camtasia offers a far lower learning curve than OBS. Start recording right now or use a template to begin going. You may record everything on your computer screen, including programmes, video calls, webpages, and presentations. Only capture the particular portion of the screen you need, such as the whole thing, a window, an application, or even a set of measurements. Also check Freshdesk Alternatives

A built-in video editor in Camtasia makes editing simple for beginners. Drag & drop can be employed to add, remove, cut, or reposition video clips. Additionally, you may drag and drop text, transitions, effects, and other elements onto your movie. After that, immediately submit it to your preferred online video platform, such as Vimeo, YouTube, Screencast, etc.

From Camtasia’s catalogue of royalty-free materials, you may add music and side effects to your films. Additionally, you can add pre-recorded video elements from the platform to your own recordings. This is another obs alternative.

Who it’s multiple useful for: Anyone who wants a built-in video editor or is a newcomer using this kind of software might consider Camtasia.

2. Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam Screen Recorder

A free screen recording programme that is straightforward and simple to use is Bandicam Screen Recorder. Anything on your computer mesh can be arrested as a screenshot or screencast video file.

Simply pressing the button will start recording your screen. Make your recording even better by using Bandicam’s screen recording features. Real-time drawing, audio recording, and webcam overlay are all excellent tools for recording webinars, lectures, how-to films, and other types of content.

When you want to record a scheduled webinar or meeting, Bandicam offers scheduled recording, which relieves you of one task. Additionally, it provides 24-hour long-term recording for those exceptional situations where you need to capture your screen for a protracted length of time.

To improve the recording, include narration from your microphone and footage from your webcam. Additionally, you can upload your recordings to Vimeo or YouTube.

Bandicam is a straightforward programme that provides all the features you require for simple screen recording. It is, however, restricted to Windows. Sorry, Mac users. Instead, scroll to #11!)

That it’s best for: Windows users who want a straightforward screen recording method without any extraneous features.

3. Screencast-O-Matic


Screencast-O-Matic provides easy-to-use, clear tools for screen recording. You may use this programme, which is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebooks, to edit documents for free. Also check wordle alternatives

In only a few clicks, you may begin screen recording. Take a screenshot of the entire screen or just a portion of it. You can also include narration or other audio from your microphone, along with video from your webcam.

You can use the Screencast-O-user-friendly Matic’s video editor to edit your videos for free. Include images, text, and other elements in addition to adding effects like overlays. You can also incorporate sound effects and music. The best thing, though? Despite the tool being free, your films won’t have a watermark!

The hosting and sharing of content is simple when you move to cloud hosting. Along with a number of collaboration features that make it simple for you to collaborate with your team, you also get unlimited ad-free uploads. Additionally, you can personalise your movie player and add customised thumbnails.

This is another OBS Alternatives. The built-in stock library in the Premier plan lets you search for films, pictures, and music to amplify your videos. To make it simple to find the kind of stock footage you’re looking for, the stock collection is separated into sections including technology, travel, healthcare, and business. The stock assets on this site don’t have confusing licencing terms, therefore they can be utilised on any project.

This is another obs alternative. Who it works best for: People searching for a strong, no-cost alternative to OBS that offers editing features.

Price: Recording and editing are available to use for free, with the opportunity to subscribe to more feature-rich plans starting at $1.65/month when paid annually.

4. Flutin


Flutin is all you require for live streaming, whether you’re just getting started or far down the way! It is a web-based live video streaming tool that enables you to quickly produce live streams that appear professional.

You can build branded live streams with the help of cutting-edge technologies from Flutin dynamic streaming studio. Change the background colour, add tickers and banners, and customise the logo and overlay. Along with the streaming destinations, the Unified Chat includes show messages from all streaming platforms on the studio. With Flutin, you can highlight chats, manage stream FPS, and do a lot more.

Reach a larger audience by streaming your pre-recorded or live video on 30+ streaming websites like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc. The studio-direct Instagram streaming is only supported by this one live streaming service. You can use Flutin’s web embedding feature to stream live video on your website as well.

Hosting webinars, talk shows, or conferences is a great way for marketers, companies, and educational institutions to spread their message. With the help of this platform, you may expand the size of your live audience by inviting people into your studio. The ideal place to monetise your live is by selling tickets, gathering tips, and receiving paid requests. Create private live events on this platform.

Streaming video games with Flutin is another way that gamers can benefit. Directly through the studio or by connecting any encoding programme through the RTMP capability, multistream your gameplay video. Share your screen with the viewers while streaming in full HD, and you may also combine several previously recorded films into a single live stream.

Who it’s great for: Anyone who wants to increase their following through live broadcasting, including business owners, influencers, gamers, and religious figures.

Price: There is a free plan and premium ones starting at $15 per month.

5. ShareX


Over 13 years have passed since ShareX has been actively developed. It is free, open source, and ad-free. It is a free programme that is accessible to Windows users and has a wide range of features and functionalities.

A number of screen capture options are available with ShareX, including full-screen, windows, custom areas, and active window. Additionally, you can determine whether to include the pointer in the screen capture and specify a timeout to delay the screen capture.

The scrolling capture, which lets you record as you move down the page, is one special feature. For content that goes beyond the screen display, this is fantastic. In order to retain everything in one file, ShareX now has the ability to take a single screenshot from scrollable content.

The text capture is yet another distinctive and useful function. You can screenshot text, and ShareX will use optical character recognition (OCR) to extract the text from the screenshot (OCR). When you accomplish own the time (or desire) to retype a large amount of material, you can copy the text and utilise it as needed. This is another obs alternative.

One of ShareX’s biggest features is its support for over 80 different destinations, including URL shorteners, URL sharing sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Reddit, as well as picture, text, and file uploaders.

6. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder

An easy-to-use screen recorder is Movavi Screen Recorder, which is compatible with both Windows and Mac. You choose the portion of your mesh you want to record and change the recording options to suit your requirements. Once you press record, the programme will begin recording your desktop. Alternatively, you can plan a recording by selecting the date, time, and duration of the capture. Also check Bflix alternatives

Want to convert your screen capture into a finished video? You can make your video with Movavi’s straightforward video editing tools and then save the finished product in the format of your choice.

You might wish to capture mouse movements and keystrokes if you’re making an instructional or how-to video. With Movavi, you can set up the mouse display or demonstrate your keyboard to visitors while you guide them through the process. During your tutorial, you can also sketch while watching the video.

Not only can you document your net with Movavi. Separate from screen recording, you can also record audio only from your computer or microphone. Use the webcam by itself to capture a picture or record video. This is another OBS Alternatives.

Use Movavi to make screencasts using audio from your computer, webcam, and microphone. The computer screen and audio can be recorded independently or simultaneously.

Who it works best for: People who are new to screen recording and those who need additional functionality without the difficulties of professional grade software.

7. XSplit Broadcaster

XSplit Broadcaster

OBS Studio can be completely replaced by XSplit Broadcaster because it supports both live streaming and recording. Some of the biggest gaming and esports events rely on XSplit Broadcaster because of its numerous customization options.

With the help of XSplit Broadcaster’s robust user interface, you may adjust every aspect of your recording. Simply click a button to add Skype calls, or use the screen capture tool to record your Zoom, Discord, or Teams calls. Resize pictures, movies, GIFs, and web pages by dragging them around.

Use the native plugins or a customised RTMP to stream to any of the most widely used broadcasting platforms. Numerous outputs, including multiple audio tracks that can be customised separately for each scene, can be streamed and recorded at the same time. To maintain the dialogue during the broadcast, use the built-in chat plugins.

This is another obs alternative. This software also includes some useful event-related features. Add a variety of broadcast effects, animations, and transitions to your sequences. In the app, you can also turn down the background noise and project any scene onto a different monitor or display.

To make your away screen, create a media presentation by looping a number of images or videos. Additionally, you should make advantage of this function to express gratitude to the sponsors and supporters of your event. This is another OBS Alternatives.

It’s best suited for people who desire additional customisation possibilities and those who intend to host virtual live events.

Start for nothing, with the choice to upgrade to Broadcaster Premium for $15 per month.

8. Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS

A free, open source live streaming and recording programme for Mac is called Streamlabs OBS. This software is well-liked by gamers and live event organisers since it allows you to broadcast your live stream directly to Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

You get to choose the design of your dashboard using Streamlabs OBS. Use the layout editor to tailor your experience. Drag and drop components to build a distinctive user interface with everything you require in the centre.

Your recording is in your hands. Select the sources that you want to include in your recording. As an illustration, you might include the alert box, event list, and chat box in your livestream for in-the-moment interaction but leave it out of your video to cut down on distraction. This is another OBS Alternatives.

Gamers may easily and rapidly preserve replays of their live streams or replay clips for spectators using the replay buffer. For single monitors, Streamlabs OBS further provides a dynamic in-game overlay that lets you observe the chat box and recent events simultaneously.

Want to make a highlight video for your event or live stream? No prior knowledge with video editing is required while using Streamlabs’ free highlight video editing tool.

Who it’s great for: Mac users and gamers looking for an OBS Studio substitute without the challenging learning curve.

9. Lightstream Studios

Lightstream Studios

According to its advertising, Lightstream Studio is a technology that makes complex live streaming easy. And it’s clear why. With just a computer & an Internet connection, Lightstream’s cloud-powered streaming enables you to go live in a matter of minutes. Simply choose your location, press “Go Live,” and begin streaming!

For console gamers and makers who want a quick and simple solution to live stream without giving up customising features, Lightstream Studio is designed. No downloads are required; all you have to do is access the tool from your browser. When you’re ready, it only takes a few clicks to go live on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch.

You may create the stream of your dreams with Lightstream Studio since you have complete control over how everything is organised. For your streams, you can create a limitless number of projects, scenes, and layouts to give them the precise appearance you want.

Utilize third-party integrations to keep the audience interested during the webcast. Use social media messaging, motion visuals, and on-stream alerts to keep your audience interested and engaged.

Purchase a remote for your stream. You can switch scenes or start and stop your streaming using a mobile device. If you’re broadcasting from a location other than your computer, this is a fantastic alternative.

This is another OBS Alternatives. High fidelity audio capture is another feature of Lightstream Studio that enables you to sound as good as you do. This is perfect for talk show and podcast hosts, musicians, or anyone else who values audio quality highly.

This is another obs alternative. Sharing a link is a simple way to extend an invitation. The “Green Room” will be used by visitors to wait until you add them to the stream. Access is managed entirely from the studio.

Who it’s great for: People seeking for a browser-based OBS substitute that allows live streaming customisation.

10. StreamYard


A browser-based live streaming studio called StreamYard enables simple, reliable, and expert broadcasting. This platform is perfect for corporations and organisations as well as individuals because it enables you to customise your streams so that they are consistent with your brand.

StreamYard is an excellent choice for those that host podcasts, talk shows, webinars, conferences, or webinars. With only one click, visitors may join the studio from any device without having to download anything. With the option to have additional backstage, you can broadcast with up to 10 persons visible on the screen. This is another OBS Alternatives.

Right from your browser, stream live to up to 8 social media platforms simultaneously. You can concurrently go live using the platform on Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, Twitch, and RTMP outputs. On several platforms, you can acknowledge visitors and share their comments.

Additionally, StreamYard provides you with all the resources you need to engage with your audience and let them engage with you. Make your audience feel like they are a part of the conversation by highlighting comments that come in from multiple platforms, responding to inquiries, and highlighting viewers. Even during your live stream, you can invite viewers to join you as guests. You only need to share your link.

Create a live contest during your show using the giveaway tool that viewers may participate by leaving a remark on your live stream. This is a fantastic approach to boost loyalty and participation. A champion is chosen at unexpected from all contestants who leave comments on your stream by the giveaway tool.

That it works best for: Hosts of live talk shows and podcasts who wish to invite guests on their programmes with ease and grow their following.

11. Vimeo Livestream

Vimeo Livestream

A live streaming service called Vimeo Livestream is now a part of the well-known video storage and sharing website Vimeo. They offer choices for corporations, conferences and events, meetings, subscription channels, and more with their feature-rich live streaming solutions. This is another obs alternative. This is another OBS Alternatives.

Vimeo Livestream enables you to live broadcast your conference, webinar, or meeting to viewers anywhere in the world if you wish to communicate with your audience in real time. Any device can broadcast content simultaneously across channels to your website or social media networks.

Even with constrained bandwidth, Livestream’s adaptive streaming technology enables you to offer viewers the highest quality video experience possible across all devices.

Livestream has a special feature that makes it great for anyone presenting a conference, webinar, or other event: the ability to monetize your streams. A pay-per-view approach is possible with an OTT subscription service.

To collect audience demographics for your events, create unique registration forms. By including transitions, logos, chapter markers, and lower-thirds, you can also integrate compelling graphic information.

Include interactive features in your livestream, such as a monitored chat, a Q&A session, or a live vote. Use calls-to-action to point visitors to more pertinent content in your library and collect email addresses when the time is right while you’re streaming.

You can centralise all of your live and recorded video in a safe location that viewers may access whenever they want. Even your video collection can be made profitable.

It works well for Vimeo users who want to livestream and businesses who want to sell their videos or hold live virtual events.

You must have a Vimeo Premium account, which costs $75 per month when paid annually, in order to utilise the Livestream.

How to choose the ideal OBS substitute for you

Depending on the features and functionality you require, you can choose the best OBS substitute.

Try XSplit Broadcaster or Streamlabs OBS if you’re looking for something that matches OBS one-to-one. Camtasia, Bandicam Screen Recorder, and Screencast-O-Matic can be the finest options for you if all you need is a screen recorder. StreamYard and Vimeo Livestream are great choices if you’re merely looking for live streaming.


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