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Top 15 Best NoDistribute Alternatives In 2022

Best and most popular NoDistribute Alternatives will be described in this article. With the help of the Internet programme NoDistribute, you may scan files for viruses without sharing the results. By dragging and dropping files, then pressing scan, you can scan them. It will process in cloud computers in a matter of seconds.

You can see the run time scan and scan watch time to see the stats. After the first three scans, which are free, you can upgrade to one of three plans. You are allowed 800 scans each month with the Easy Scanner plan, 4000 scans with the Standard package, and 20,000 scans with the Professional package.

The virus definition is regularly updated to ensure that it includes all current viruses in the scan. You can also access a scanning and threat history at any moment.

NoDistribute is an excellent virus detection solution that avoids the inconvenience of installing specialised software all in all.

Top 15 Best NoDistribute Alternatives in2022

Top 15 Best NoDistribute Alternatives in2022 are explained here.

1. AntiScan.Me


A virus scanning website called AntiScan.Me enables you to check any file or folder for viruses and dubious software. You only need to drag and drop or pick the files you want to upload. This is another Nodistribute alternative.

It has the capacity to scan more than 25 different categories of the most dangerous infections. Also check SEO audit software tools 

There is a cap of five free scans, which you may increase by paying them every scan. Additionally, it provides discounts and coupon codes that you may use to save money. It makes use of DynCheck’s API, a reputable service that doesn’t share your information for marketing purposes.

It can scan files, URLs, and web pages in addition to files. This programme eliminates the difficulty of setting up an offline antivirus, which uses a lot of resources and gradually slows down your computer.

In conclusion, AntiScan.Me is a fantastic programme that you should compare to its alternatives.

2. Jotti malware scan

Jotti malware scan

Using the drag and drop functionality of Jotti malware scan, you can utilise this online application to check the file for infections.

Any files that seem suspect and may contain viruses or other coding that could damage your computer can be scanned.

It can identify that and provide you all the details, including its location and the degree of harm it causes to your machine.

It uses a variety of antivirus programmes, such as Avast, Bitdefender, Trend Micro, eset, and others, to scan for viruses.

The maximum number of files that can be scanned at once is five.

In addition, there is a 250MB file upload restriction.

By doing this, the inconvenience of installing specialised antivirus software is removed, which eventually causes the machine to slow down.

Jotti virus scan offers convenience with online scanning that is quick and simple to use.

Overall, the Jotti malware scanner is a fantastic tool that you may use as one of its substitutes.


You can use the internet virus screening application to find harmful files that could endanger your computer and data.

It uses several antivirus engines to look for infections.

After the file has been scanned, the findings can be shown, including the number of viruses, their severity, and their type. If you want to quickly scan any file that you received from a third party, the programme is helpful.

This is another Nodistribute alternative. It can check for Trojans, backdoors, dialers, spyware, and other major viruses. You can scan 20 files each day with a 20 MB file restriction.

This will keep your computer from gradually slowing down if you don’t want to install a specialist virus screening programme.

Overall, is a fantastic programme that you can take into account as one of its substitutes.

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4. eScan


Enterprise mobility management, endpoint security, an antivirus scan tool, an internet security suite, and antivirus security for desktops and mobile devices are just a few of the security software options offered by eScan.

You can check your computer for viruses, spyware, adware, keyloggers, and other malware with the antivirus scan tool.

Since the software may be used directly on the computer, there is no need for installations.

It’s a huge deal that the virus definitions are updated everyday.

The eScan mobile security is also available for the Android operating system, shielding your gadgets and private information from malware, online dangers, and harmful apps.

All the programmes that use device permissions are shown in the Privacy Advisor.

Additionally, the Smart Parental function limits access to websites based on selected categories.

Overall, eScan is a fantastic product that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

5. ClamAV


ClamAV is an open-source programme used to check files for viruses, Trojan horses, malware, and other dangerous threats that could affect your data.

Multi-threaded scanning is a feature of the software that uses several scanning methods concurrently to speed up tasks. This is another Nodistribute alternative. Also check Link Building tool

Additionally, it has command-line tools, automatic signature updates, and on-demand file scanning.

System administrators mostly employ these signatures to block out spam emails.

The flexible tool is capable of working with a wide range of file kinds, including PDFs, Office documents, Zip archives, exe files, emails, etc.

There are versions of the application for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Every four hours, the virus database is updated.

Using antivirus specialists, you may also use this tool to find keyloggers, phishing tools, or phishing emails.

6. VirusTotal


With the help of the malware and virus scanning platform VirusTotal, users can examine files to find various forms of malware and then share their findings with the security industry.

Users have the option of attaching files to the platform or adding URLs to their attachment box for analysis.

In its search area, users may also look up any desired URL, IP address, or file hash.

The platform contains a threat intelligence section that analyses specific threats and malicious online behaviour in-depth using Google’s search engine capabilities.

Additionally, based on past data, its YARA capability tracks malware families and protects data from attacks.

In order to aid users in understanding the relationship between URLs and domains, VirusTotal shows all of its findings in the form of a graph.

7. Norman Malware Cleaner

Norman Malware Cleaner

Unwanted threats, viruses, adware, and malware can all be eliminated from the computer using Norman Malware Cleaner, a free programme.

This is another Nodistribute alternative. Your entire system will feel more refreshed once you’ve used the Norman Malware Cleaner.

Before continuing, it is necessary to note that the Norman Malware Cleaner has been discontinued, therefore you shouldn’t expect the most recent features in the Norman Malware Cleaner’s current edition.

In contrast to many other anti-malware products, the Norman Malware Cleaner’s earlier edition is still performing admirably.

If your computer frequently freezes or restarts without warning, malware has infected your system. To remove all of these undesirable threats that are reducing your computer’s performance, you need an anti-malware tool.

Viruses, threats, and other forms of malware are automatically detected and stopped by the Norman Malware Cleaner, which has been installed.

8. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is an internet security and anti-malware programme that guards against both internal and external threats.

You must use this application to automatically detect the problems that are being generated in your system and slowing down the performance of the system PC if your system is becoming sluggish on its own or restarting often.

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These will be immediately eliminated once they are found by this tool.

It is a comprehensive security requirement that safeguards the system from harmful and unwelcome attacks.

The primary benefits of utilising this application include eradicating infections, avoiding new infections, automatically blocking harmful websites, accelerating scanning, and malware concealing.

It is one of the greatest anti-malware solutions because it is based on military level technology and Chameleon protection.

You will only get a few features and capabilities in the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware free edition. This is another Nodistribute alternative.

However, you must use the premium version if you want to permanently protect your system.

9. IObit Malware Fighter

.IObit Malware Fighter

A specialised defence against malware, Trojans, and other unwelcome threats and viruses that cripple the PC’s performance is IObit Malware Fighter.

The finest tool for increasing your PC’s performance is this one.

Its biggest feature is that it is an expert at finding both visible and hidden malware, whether it is new or old, and securely removing it without even affecting the crucial files on the computer.

It functions as online browsing protection in addition to guarding the PC from internal dangers. Also check Playbox Alternatives

It helps users to access the internet without difficulty, even when external viruses or malware pose a concern.

There are many different kinds of malware and dangers that can take control of and damage your PC, network, and even all of the PC’s data.

Utilize this tool to keep an eye on all potential risks to your system that might materialise at any time.

It automatically filters shady websites that attempt to collect your personal information.

For both internal and external threats, IObit Malware Fighter is one of the greatest anti-malware tools.

10. ComboFix


A malware detection tool called ComboFix scans and finds malware and other threads when users request it, and it then deletes them all from the computer.

This is another Nodistribute alternative. ComboFix is the finest for all protection objectives, whether it be to safeguard the system against infections or hijackers.

ComboFix was created as an antivirus programme but has now become an authority on malware removal.

Users of ComboFix have a choice between using the automatic removal feature or the manual system to get rid of any malware or spyware infestations that have been found.

One of the most efficient cleaning tools is ComboFix, which is best at finding, identifying, and getting rid of illnesses that are otherwise challenging to eliminate automatically.

A lot of malware is capable of covertly accessing your computer’s database, starting to execute in the background, and reducing performance.

11. GridinSoft Anti-Malware

GridinSoft Anti-Malware

With ease, GridinSoft Anti-Spyware can easily remove even the sneakiest and most harmful malware. This is another Nodistribute alternative.

It is an application that protects the system’s safety and security from all possible dangers, both internal and external.

It will constantly operate in the background and protect your system from all forms of viruses and other harmful apps.

The user-friendly interface is the first thing that users notice. From here, they can monitor and manage every aspect of their operating system.

The customers can manually remove the infection with a few clicks from the same panel.

The best thing about GridinSoft Anti-Malware is that it will never cause your computer’s performance to suffer because it is a very lightweight programme that runs quietly in the background and lets users concentrate on their own work rather than the internal problems of the computer because these will be continuously monitored.

Plans for GridinSoft Anti-Malware include both free and premium.

Paid plans come in semi-annual, annual, and life subscription options.

12. Hitman Pro

Hitman Pro

This is another Nodistribute alternative. An anti-malware programme called Hitman Pro is created to safeguard the computer against viruses and other types of harmful software.

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Your PC needs software to monitor its performance and scan for threats like spyware, just like you need a doctor to keep your health in check.

This software gives your system a thorough check before automatically removing all dangers to give you a safe and secure system.

Those tools must be installed if you intend to take real security precautions to defend your system from these threats.

In essence, it serves as a backup source of security in case your primary one fails.

The nicest thing about Hitman Pro is that it never interferes with existing anti-malware tools that have been set up on the computer and silently runs its own functions in the background.

13. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

An anti-malware application for PCs and browsers called Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit guards against assaults that take advantage of the weaknesses in their code.

It is an application that not only eliminates malware but also adds security layers to the system, giving consumers the best possible defence. This is another Nodistribute alternative.

Its key advantages include immediate exploit protection, never causing the PC to lag, safeguarding the vulnerable programmes, and compatibility with other security tools.

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Free and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium are the two versions that are offered.

While the free edition of Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit only offers a few security features, the premium version offers both internal and external security protections.

The premium edition offers browser shields that always download the files and data that have been saved from the internet in order to preserve online privacy.

All interpretations of the Windows operating system are supported by it.

It runs in the background and functions autonomously, carrying out its own work.

The performance of your PC won’t ever be slowed down by it, so you can anticipate a high degree of competence and efficiency.

14. NoVirusThanks Malware Remover

NoVirusThanks Malware Remover

This is another Nodistribute alternative. A Windows programme called NoVirusThanks Malware Remover is made to find and get rid of malware and other potential risks from the system. It can be used to find and remove malware as well as Trojans, spyware, malicious threats, and rogue programmes that have been installed on the computer.

Basically, it checks the entire system for browser and system hijacks and resets all PC settings to their default defaults.

It has a separate, independent detection system called Behavioral Analysis that finds all varieties of known and unknown malware and continuously defends the system from these harmful threats.

All Windows versions and operating systems are totally compatible with it. Install it to protect your PC’s performance and security. Both the installable and portable versions are available for download, and both give users complete functionality.

The performance of your PC won’t ever be slowed down by NoVirusThanks Malware Remover, which is another benefit of the programme.

15. Total Anti Malware Protection

Total Anti Malware Protection

Windows users can defend their PCs from malware and other undesirable dangerous threats with the help of the standalone anti-malware tool Total Anti Malware Protection. For all iterations of the Windows operating system, there is a free version. Essentially, this Windows tool scans the computers for specific and common malicious programmes like Sasser, Blaster, and Mydoom. This is another Nodistribute alternative.

It helps users get rid of all varieties of malware and potentially undesirable files.

A complete anti-malware programme, Total Anti Malware Protection offers users the best malware removal tools. When users scan a system using this platform, the results appear in the form of malware detection and removal. This tool is free to use & runs silently in the background. If malware is found, it will continue to run in the background and alert you. This malware will be automatically removed, and users will be informed.


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