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Top 10 Best Mouse Pad Alternatives In 2022

Best mouse pad alternatives will be described in this article. You want good mouse control whether you’re a serious gamer or a normal ten to five office worker. The best approach is to purchase a mouse pad that enables smooth mouse dragging.

The mouse market has, however, undergone significant shift as a result of certain manufacturers beginning to produce mice that may be used on any surface.

As a result, the majority of us don’t tend to spend more money on a good mouse pad because there are so many options available.

In general, it’s recommended to use a mouse on any flat, non-glossy surface.

However, there are many factors to take into account before substituting some other gadgets for a mouse pad.

Should You Use Mouse Without a Mousepad?

High-quality materials including wood, leather, vynex, rubber, and cloth are used to make some premium mouse pads.

Therefore, it is clear that they improve your mouse movement and, in certain cases, marginally improve your game performance.

However, if you don’t want to use these items and are searching for a less expensive choice, you can get a standard mousepad.

Cheaper mouse pads, however, have a shelf life and can degrade quickly.

Additionally, it could become dirty and require routine cleaning.

You can choose an alternative even if mouse pads significantly affect your motions.

Before you choose a brand, these options may be a temporary solution.

Top 10 Best Mouse Pad Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about Mouse Pad Alternative here are the details below;

Therefore, if you’re seeking for a mouse pad substitute, you need to employ the right equipment to support your job and gaming.

Additionally, we strongly advise against using your input device on any surfaces.

We will go through the key points in this section that you should think about before purchasing an alternative mouse pad.

Type of Mouse

Type of Mouse

Various Mouse Breeds

You must first be aware of the type of mouse you are using.

As we already mentioned, several manufacturers sell mice that may be used on any surface.

However, the majority of users continue to utilise conventional mouse, which require adequate upkeep and administration.

Basically, we can divide mice into mechanical, optical, and laser categories based on how they are made and designed. Also check offline media advertising

A rubber ball on the underside of mechanical mouse, however, aids in the detection of movement.

Therefore, for smooth movement, it is advisable to use a mechanical mouse on a flat surface.

The fact that you can use them on appropriate glass surfaces is a benefit.

Conversely, optical mice employ images projected by LEDs to regulate movement.

Therefore, you should refrain from applying these types on glass surfaces like mirrors.

However, you can use them on any uneven, rough surface, like a wooden desk.

Last but not least, a laser mouse illuminates objects with laser beams.

They can be used on suitable glasses, unlike optical mice, but suffer from jerky movement on rough surfaces.

To help you distinguish between an optical and a laser mouse, below is a detailed guide.

Size of the Alternative Mouse Pad

Mouse pads today come in many sizes.

You can choose a standard-sized mat for everyday use as well as extra-large mats that will fit your entire desk.

Therefore, you can utilise regular-sized cardboards, books, or paper if you’re seeking for an alternative mouse pad that will just be used to position and move your mouse.

When utilising the device for general purposes, this is the ideal option.

However, making a larger DIY mouse pad allows you to pull the accessory farther.

When designing and playing games, this works best.

1. Aesthetic and Feel

Many mouse pads today include features like wireless charging and RGB lighting.

Yes, they make your desktop arrangement more aesthetically pleasing.

Therefore, we advise selecting attractive tools as your mouse pad alternatives if you want a beautiful configuration that expresses your style.

For instance, using an inexpensive gaming mouse with an old piece of cloth or paper won’t be beneficial.

Similar to this, mouse pads improve mouse usability, particularly during gaming.

Indeed, using the device on a table versus using a mousepad makes a significant difference in how you feel.

Therefore, you need to locate some useful gadgets that not only add beauty but also provide you a better feeling when using your mouse.

2. Ergonomics


You may increase your comfort and productivity by using ergonomics.

In order to let you rest your wrist while using a mouse, the majority of manufacturers offer an ergonomic mouse pad.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you think about occasionally resting your wrist if you work long hours.

As a result, we advise creating a DIY wrist rest to increase comfort when using a mouse.

Type of Material

The alternative mouse pad’s material is the last thing to think about.

Typically, aluminium is used to make hard mouse pads, while high-quality textiles are used to make soft ones.

It’s crucial to pick the correct material.

Use rougher surfaces, such as a wooden desk, cardboard, or book covers, if you’re a die-hard gamer.

They lack the friction that enables rapid mouse movement.

However, soft materials that increase pointing accuracy include paper and linen.

Best Surfaces for Mouse

Knowing the proper surface is crucial before putting your mouse down.

In essence, keeping your mouse on appropriate surfaces helps prevent any wear and tear.

The surfaces listed below are some of the best for quick mouse movements.

1.Non gloss Surfaces

Non-gloss Surfaces

Specular reflection from glossy surfaces gives an object a mirror-like appearance.

Some examples are tiles, marbles, glossy photo sheets, etc.

The majority of optical mice struggle to accurately track motions on such surfaces.

So, we advise staying away from glossy surfaces.

Instead, you can use your mouse on matte and uncoated papers and other non-glossy surfaces.

2.Silicon and Fabric Surfaces

Silicon and Fabric

An excellent substitute for a mouse pad is any silicon-based clothing item.

This is due to silicon’s comfort and user-friendly navigation.

In actuality, silicon and textile materials make up the majority of mousepads today.

Silicon-based materials, in contrast to glossy surfaces, contain a slight degree of roughness, which enables optical mice to detect motions with ease.

However, if you intend to play games frequently, these surfaces might not be appropriate.

Instead, the softness gives you comfort and smoothness.

3.Wooden surfaces

Wooden surfaces

You could notice a tiny drop in mouse performance while using silicon and non-glossy surfaces.

However, with wooden surfaces, that’s not the case.

In order to enhance aesthetics and provide a better mouse-using experience, various manufacturers have really introduced wooden mousepads.

Additionally, a number of individuals make their own DIY wooden mousepads.

Surfaces You Need to Avoid

Basically, as long as a surface is slightly rough but not glossy, you can operate a mouse on it. Also check conversion rate optimization tools

Although most surfaces allow for cursor movement, we strongly advise against using your mouse on the ones listed below.

This can shorten the lifespan of your mouse in addition to lowering its performance.

1.Bumpy or Uneven surfacers

You find it challenging to drag a mechanical, optical, or laser mouse around on uneven surfaces.

The pointer on your screen could not function properly, for instance, if you’re sitting at an uneven desk or on a wooden surface.

Furthermore, using a laser mouse on an uneven surface makes it sluggish and unresponsive.

For them to indicate how and where the pointer should aim on the screen, they need surfaces that are smoother yet still have a few small rough places.

Additionally, moving your mouse across bumps repeatedly could harm the mouse’s base.

As a result, there is a chance that a mouse will stop functioning altogether soon.

2.Wet Surfaces

Wet Surfaces

It is absurd to suggest that you should avoid using a mouse pad alternative that is damp.

Even tiny drops of water can significantly affect how your mouse moves.

Well, the plastic covers prevent a few drops of water from getting inside your gadget.

However, if you consistently use your mouse on wholly moist surfaces, the accessory may quickly become ruined.

3.Reflective surfaces

Optical mice function by identifying patterns of light when LED lights are projected onto a reflective surface.

For this purpose, they supposedly have CMOS sensors attached at the bottom, just like a wireless mouse does.

Therefore, we advise against using mirrors or any other reflecting materials as mousepads.

Instead, there are a number of additional options, which we’ll go through in the following section.

What are the Best Mouse Pad Alternatives?

Although mouse pads are recommended for preserving sensitivity and enhancing pointing accuracy, there may be various situations where you want to utilise an alternative.

There’s no need to fear whether you’re out of money or your home.

The top ten mouse pad substitutes are listed below in this section.

1.Wooden Desks

Wooden surfaces

You do not need a mouse pad at all if your desk is made of wood and has a flat surface.

In reality, there are excellent ergonomic PC workstations on the market right now.

We do advise staying away from wooden workstations with a lot of bumps, though.

Additionally, the dust on certain surfaces may be too much and end up under your mouse.

Therefore, we advise routinely cleaning your desk and mouse.

You can have a moist surface after using water to clean your hardwood desk.

If this is the case, you must wait until it has dried before setting your mouse down on the desk.

2.Hard Book or Notebook covers

Hard Book or Notebook covers

When attempting to raise a monitor’s height or cool laptop fans, books have always been our friends.

Similar to how hard book covers can make a great mouse pad alternative.

Hard book covers do not have a glossy surface, but they do have just the right degree of roughness for an optical mouse to work well.

You can use a full book or only the hard book cover if you choose to make your own mousepad.

3.Hard files or folders

Hard files or folders

You most certainly have a hard file or folder whether you’re a student or an office worker.

A clear bag is not a folder since it has smoother surfaces that make it difficult to manoeuvre a mouse.

But for size, form, and roughness, a firm or spongy file is optimal.

Therefore, it can undoubtedly be a top mouse pad alternative.

4. Magazines

Magazine covers are a great option, just like book covers.

You will probably find one if you try to use your mouse while in a hotel.

Their level surface can enhance your mouse DPI and aiming precision, just as the book covers.

This isn’t as effective as using the hard book covers, though, because magazines might not be useful for gaming.

5. Placemats


Unexpectedly, you can also use the kitchen placemats as a mouse pad.

These actually resemble an older mouse pad that we once used. Also check e commerce software companies

A smaller one for placing cups and a larger one for placing plates are the two main varieties of dining table mats.

The latter is the one we advise utilising because it gives you more freedom to move the mouse about.


Mouse Over a Homemade Cardboard Mousepad

The use of hardwood or corrugated cardboard is another excellent choice.

You may also colour them to add style to your desktop arrangement.

You can just cut off one of the sides of an old cardboard box if you have one at home.

After that, you can cut it shorter or to the size you want.

Cutting Mat with Self-Healing

7.Self-healing Cutting Mats

When cutting specific materials, we typically place them below a self-healing cutting mast.

It follows that they are both strong and have a smooth surface for a mouse to roam around on.

These are also far less expensive than mouse pads.

So, if you’re on a tight budget, the self-healing cutting mat should work for you.

8. Multiple Pieces of Paper

Example of a Mouse Over Several A4 Sheets

The least expensive alternative to a mouse pad is to use paper.

Fascinatingly, you can use A4 papers or pages torn from a book or notebook.

Yes, you can use a single sheet of paper, but if your hand is sweating, it may tear quickly and become moist.

Therefore, it is preferable to create a thick base utilising several pages.

Paper has the additional drawback of not being static and contributing to mouse sensitivity issues.

Additionally, some users complained that while lifting the mouse up, the papers became stuck.

So that they won’t move when you use your mouse, you can tape a piece of paper to your desk from edge to edge.

Additionally, you can make a larger DIY mouse pad with bond paper, wax paper, or newspapers.

9. Duct Tapes

Drag Your Mouse Over a DIY Duct Tape Mousepad

Durable tapes called duct tapes are frequently used to fix tools.

This can, however, be a different alternative from your mouse pad.

Duct video can be employed to make a DIY mat, in fact.

All you have to do is tape your desk in four or five stripes, either horizontally or vertically.

Over them, keep adding tapes and thicken them a little.

You may now put your mouse down and immediately begin using it.

Although these tapes make movement smoother, they offer no visual benefits.

10. Non-glossy Clothes

Non-glossy Clothes

Over a Non-Glossy Bedsheet with a Mouse

Silicon and non-glossy clothing make up the final two mouse pad alternatives.

Here’s how to make a do-it-yourself ergonomic mouse pad:

  1. Take a clean, non-glossy piece of cloth and fold it into the required length.
  2. After adding cotton or a sponge, take another piece of material and sew it.
  3. After that, sew both of the garments.
  4. Start using the DIY mouse after inserting your mouse.

In addition to the alternative mouse, you can also use your bedsheet as a mouse pad when you’re in bed.

But make sure the sheet has a smooth, level surface without any irregularities.

If it doesn’t work for you, you can start using the mouse safely by setting it on your lap.

Make sure you’re wearing non-glossy slacks or trousers when doing this.


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