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Top 15 Best LinkMiner Alternatives In 2022

Best and most authentic LinkMiner Alternatives will be described in this article. A backlink checker programme called LinkMiner enables you to powerfully duplicate backlinks. Both the amount and the calibre of your backlinks are considered. It offers a straightforward method of examining hyperlinks to your rivals. You can use this to enhance your link-building strategy. Content marketers can more readily grasp their on-page SEO rankings thanks to LinkMiner’s ability to check anchor text and distribution in addition to backlinks.

Users of LinkMiner can create a backlink profile for any website or page using a straightforward drag-and-drop feature. By utilising just the URL address, this function makes it simple for users to obtain crucial information about backlinks and the position of any website or page in search engine results. Your backlinks are sorted and processed by LinkMiner using machine learning, and it helps you create your own link database based on the most popular domains and keywords. You can powerfully duplicate backlinks using this backlink checker tool.

Top 15 Best LinkMiner Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best LinkMiner Alternatives are explained here.

1. LinkResearchTools


A world-class tool called LinkResearchTools offers hundreds of SEO-related vital metrics, including backlinks, link building, suggestions, and much more. Based on the quantity, quality, and relevancy of links going to any particular website or domain, these metrics are calculated. This platform was created with integration for Link Prospector and Link Detox to compare metrics, drop lists, and generate reports.

This is another linkminer alternative. This tool helps you with new filters in the top reports list and a new comprehensive filter for profile searches, making it easier for you to improve your SEO. This suite is more than adequate for LRT analysis, and you will always be able to measure the appropriate link.

Now that you have complete monitoring support for the development of your backlink profile, you can quickly rise to the top by identifying potential risks and negative SEO. What distinguishes LinkResearchTools as a standout choice in the SEO industry? The simple answer is that it can operate with more than 25 properly aggregated data sources from more than twenty links.

2. MegaIndex


Business owners can uncover opportunities for link building with little competition by using the link research and backlink checking application MegaIndex. It includes excellent teams of specialists with years of combined experience in search engine optimization, marketing, and online business tactics. The platform includes hundreds of link audits and link-building initiatives for businesses ranging from small local enterprises to major national brands, covering everything from web design and online marketing to web development and search engine optimization.

Additionally, it offers consultancy on some of the biggest e-commerce websites on the planet. With this suite, you have access to full toolkits that operate superbly, and you will be in the driver’s seat when it comes to gathering SEO, PPC campaigns, benchmarking, and discovering the most recent backlinks for any website you are searching for.

3. Ryte


Ryte is a top-tier research and backlink checking tool that offers a legitimate solution to boost social signals, improve SEO rankings, and acquire insightful information about the competition. It creates link profiles, thoroughly examines links on websites, and warns users of any risks related to links. Ryte can be downloaded by users for free through the Ryte website or through an API for customised integrations. It offers the best in class support with analysis through website scanning, problem diagnosis, website optimization, website protection, and you have an easy-to-use interface to fix anything. This is another linkminer alternative.

One of the most crucial things Ryte enables you to accomplish is to upload your rivals’ content straight to the system, which will then offer all the necessary comparisons. It simply includes a fantastic solution designed for collaborative teams, better visibility, and higher conversion rates. Search engine optimization, quality control, performance that meets or exceeds industry standards, sustainability, accessibility, compliance, and many other things are things that Ryte excels at.

4. Page Optimizer Pro

Page Optimizer Pro

With the help of the on-page SEO tool Page Optimizer Pro, marketers can quickly and easily create pages that are perfectly optimised for Google. With its potent Automatic Content Optimization tool, Page Optimizer Pro assists customers in creating precisely optimised pages. Simply enter your domain, the target page, and any prior information about the page to utilise it. It comes in a complete and user-friendly manner. After it gives you a comprehensive list of your rivals, pick one and let Page Optimizer Pro do the targeting on your behalf.

You have the option of expanding or contracting the list of key phrases for your page. You can be sure that your pages will rank well straight away because its SEO Checker makes sure they are 100% consistent with best practises. It makes use of the proprietary ranking factor score algorithm, giving you access to the crucial information you need to optimise your page and increase traffic.

5. Schema App

Schema App

A complete schema markup solution called Schema App gives you full website integration so you may reach out to more people for your brand’s companies. It has a modular approach to identifying the distinctive value to your search engines, and it will travel with you as you create a unique schema plan.

By just clicking the publish button, all of your front-end pages will be merged with your Schema markup and have a complete integration of your brand website within the CMS. A complete schema markup solution called Schema App gives you full website integration so you may reach out to more people for your brand’s companies.

Rich snippets and microdata from a variety of sources can be created with the aid of Schema App. It offers you a full stack of integration with our CMS and Word tracker to give you a comprehensive option for implementing schema markup. It simply has the excellent capacity to support social sharing, which is a terrific approach to increase traffic and website outreach.

6. LinkGraph


This is another linkminer alternative. LinkGraph is an all-in-one SEO and link-building solution that supports your efforts in digital marketing and search engine optimization. It includes a modular strategy to boost your SEO ranks thanks to cutting-edge technology and professionally managed SEO operations. It strives to be an all-in-one SEO and link-building solution, offering a ground-breaking new method of link development and online business promotion.

Additionally, Linkgraph offers a very adaptable SEO service that lets you purchase SEO services per link. This means you can order as many links from us as you’d like without worrying about the price. With comprehensive domain metrics including domain rating, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and Topical Relevance, it leverages content management expertise to streamline their backlinks analysing process.

You can use this tool to conduct a toxic backlink audit, which is a crucial step in identifying hazardous websites that have ever linked to you or are attempting to do so. You can use it to obtain keyword rankings for any language, region, or device. With its SEO ranking tool, link-building resources, and SEO audit section, it enables you to identify the finest websites to target for your company. You have access to comprehensive keywords within the system, and it offers you every kind of notice.

7. UpSeo


UpSeo is a top-tier internet traffic generator that enables you to increase conversions by attracting more potential customers to your website. It offers you top-of-the-line tools and website traffic generators to grow your business. It comes with a sizable database of thousands of businesses that can use our solutions to attain the outcomes they want and succeed.

UpSeo is a top-tier internet traffic generator that enables you to increase conversions by attracting more potential customers to your website. By enhancing flow, raising click-through rates, and enhancing page ranks, it offers analytics that aid in strategically rising conversion rates. The software not only increases website traffic, but also ROI by making your site more visible and using the best PPC tools and services to optimise it. UpSeo is a top-tier internet traffic generator that offers businesses a terrific way to expand their operations.

8. Rankz


The cutting-edge software package Rankz offers all of the features needed for content marketing. Along with time-saving solutions to make their job simpler, the tools assist users in taking control of their process for creating content. Rankz was created by content marketers for other content marketers, much like any great programme.

A complete understanding of performance is ensured by full integration with Analytics, which includes information on your search engine rankings in terms of organic traffic from Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. The integrated dashboard provided by Rankz will allow you to view your keyword ranking across all search engines, eliminating the need for manual report creation. This is another linkminer alternative.

It has been created to offer the quickest and most effective way to increase end-user engagement in your company by utilising the power of content. Best-in-class content marketing, topic identification, rich content distribution, content marketing analytics, audience capture, powerful tools, and more features are among those available.


With, you can acquire links on your website that take visitors to external target pages without having to leave your domain, helping you avoid any harmful outbound links. It’s a straightforward and effective solution.’s major goal is to connect to your website with authority, which makes it simpler to get a link from. It ensures that your website has high-quality content, no external links, and that you don’t use spam or poor SEO techniques. removes all the spam links that could damage your online reputation. Spammers appear to be unable to build any fictitious profiles on a public website in order to obtain a free connection because it entirely prohibits their activity. It has eye-catching custom colours and branding; just pick them out of toolbars and add the appropriate fonts. Then inserts your website’s name, the most recent headlines, your favicon, images, and article excerpts automatically.

10. Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis

A comprehensive suite of tools, Traffic Travis (now known as Affilorama), helps you monitor your website and gives you access to specific features that let you gather information and do research on a certain website. The tool enables your organisation to develop more online by, among other things, fully comprehending your target market and creating and promoting a website.

One of the main issues with so many things to handle is traffic, and Traffic Travis is offering a complete solution for this. Finding out what your competitors are doing, what keywords they are ranking for, and how they advertise their businesses online is simpler with Traffic Travis. Additionally, knowing where your visitors is coming from at any one moment will help your business become stronger.

You may quickly collect data on any website by using tools. For real-time social media account monitoring, Traffic Travis has a fantastic interface. Businesses, marketers, and bloggers can use Traffic Travis, a comprehensive social media tool, to assist with monitoring, investigation, and analysis. The greatest technique to increase traffic to your website quickly is using Traffic Travis.

11. BacklinkSEO


BacklinkSEO is an SEO tool that makes it simple to establish and keep track of backlinks. BacklinkSEO includes a backlink index that compiles and evaluates information from numerous sources. The BacklinkSEO tool can be connected to other systems through API thanks to the protocol used in the creating, exchanging, maintenance, and un-indexing of backlinks.

This is another linkminer alternative. Users of the BacklinkSEO API can arrange data using a set of commands outlined in the API protocol. To manage and track existing linkages, retrieve data, integrate with third-party applications, and perform other operations, API commands are employed. You can use the programme to receive email notifications each time someone posts a new link to your website.

The programme can examine your backlinks for various domains and provide you with useful details about them, like their IP address, Page Rank, Alexa Ranking, and more. You can add more information using the detailed overview it gives you of your backlinks, analytics, link status, anchors, top pages, and domain information. BacklinkSEO also aids in locating additional websites that link to both your rivals’ websites and top-level domains.

12. Analytics SEO

Analytics SEO

Analytics A complete web marketing platform called SEO offers cutting-edge assistance for gathering data, insights, and recommendations to draw in organic traffic. There’s no need to waste time using backlink-building software that drain your computer’s resources or slow down your website. It is made to make it simple to develop and keep track of backlinks. It enables automatic backlink generation from a variety of sources.

It has the excellent feature of allowing you to choose your own criteria for selecting links and link sources to create backlinks. It includes a fully integrated approach that brings everything—including SEO, content marketing, social media, and PR—under one roof. Businesses can overcome obstacles and unquestionably increase their revenue thanks to the comprehensive transparency it provides.

13. Link Tracker Pro

Link Tracker Pro

An all-purpose rank tracking tool designed for SEO, Link Tracker Pro, is available online. It is the best software available for accurately mapping your backlinks to the appropriate keywords. This software’s layout makes it simple to add numerous link sources and then give them the relevant keyword tags. This is another linkminer alternative.

You can use this helpful tool to choose the keywords you’ll employ to raise your search engine rating. The tool helps you track the effectiveness of your backlink campaigns and guarantees that you are aware of where your links are being put, which greatly enhances the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. With a user-friendly UI and strong, in-depth functions including SEO Link Explorer, SEO Backlinks Link Analysis, and SEO Ping Monitor, it is straightforward to use.

You may check the backlink profile for any domain or URL with the SEO Link Explorer. You can quickly determine whether a domain has any no-follow links or whether another search engine has punished it. It is the best software available for accurately mapping your backlinks to the appropriate keywords.

14. DWX InLinks

DWX InLinks

The generation engine included with DWX InLinks, an artificial intelligence-based internal links elevator, is designed to increase your organic traffic at scale. It may quickly crawl your website and pull thousands of internal links related to your search. You may create high-quality backlinks that are both relevant and diverse using an artificial intelligence-based internal links elevator.

This internal link elevator powered by artificial intelligence is designed to increase your organic traffic at scale and improve your rankings. The procedure is entirely automated, and when combined with filtering methods based on AI, it becomes a very effective link-building tool.

This is another linkminer alternative. It makes it possible for everyone to read every detail about your website, after which it helps you by building internal links. In this situation, it will generate keywords and then add links to your web pages. There is a setting option to choose which areas of your site to focus on and which areas to ignore, and it ensures that the source URLs are appropriate in terms of link equity.

15. Dragon Metrics

Dragon Metrics

One of the multiple popular and advanced SEO solutions, Dragon Metrics offers detailed information to help you make decisions. Many SEOs, active marketers, content creators, and even people with limited resources who want to learn how to most effectively optimise their websites and content for search engines use the platform. This is another linkminer alternative.

You may manage content, create an SEO plan, and research the competition with the aid of Dragon Metrics. You may use it to expand your business easily, make informed decisions based on data-driven outcomes, and check your site ranking in real-time. One of the best and most advanced SEO tool platforms, Dragon Metrics offers detailed information to help you make decisions.

It was built from the ground up to offer the most sophisticated and potent analytics to aid in your understanding and improved decision-making around your marketing. Google SEO research, SERP features, Google Search Console, keyword research, thorough reporting, backlinks tools, onsite optimization, content strategy, analytics integration, and more are just a few of the many capabilities available to you.


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