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Top 15 Best LinkFolio Alternatives in 2022

Best and most efficient LinkFolio alternatives will be described in this article. With the help of the online application LinkFolio, you can create an attractive portfolio of URLs in a matter of seconds. You may maintain your material, publish links to products, projects, or services online, and ensure that it is accessible to everyone with only a few clicks.

It is the simplest approach to showcase your excellent work and gain more recognition. This will assist you in developing your business, bringing in new clients, or finding new employment prospects. You may connect with new clients, share your greatest work, and gather email leads with LinkFolio.

You have total power over the look and feel of your website with the help of our straightforward portfolio builder. It enables you to display anything, including 3D models and films as well as high-resolution images. Anywhere on the internet, including videos on YouTube or Vimeo, can simply be used to embed rich media.

LinkFolio makes it simple to manage and share your work with the world, whether you’re creating your own online portfolio or managing the portfolio of your employer.

Top 15 Best LinkFolio Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best LinkFolio Alternatives are explained here.

1. Keyoxide


With the help of the safe platform Keyoxide, you can control a decentralised identity that is based on cryptographic keys. It offers web-based, RESTful API, and client SDK interactions with the blockchain. The platform offers provenance, authentication, identity, and registration. It acts as a safe haven for confidential and delicate information, making a single person the only party with access to control, retrieve, and delete this information. Online data has increased in value as technology grows and changes. Confidential data now requires a greater level of security. This is another linkfolio alternative.

By storing all user data decentralised and allowing them to be the only ones with access to it, Keyoxide intends to provide these methods while still allowing access to authorities when necessary. Data can be encrypted before being stored on the Blockchain thanks to this. Also check Binance smart chain alternatives

Using a smart contract to only give the designated recipient ownership of the data when conditions are met, Verify the recipient’s ownership of the data, Using one-time passwords issued by a third party, secure form data. enforce that no one can alter any of the data or portions of it, among other things.

2. ItsMyURLs


ItsMyURLs is an online platform that gives users access to manage their social media accounts across various networks, present and analyse their data, and take appropriate action in light of the findings. By managing your accounts, consolidating the results, and making the data readily available to you at all times, it aids in your continued high level of privacy.

Setting goals and making a plan, sharing it with other people, and receiving helpful suggestions are all ways you can act on the data and achieve your objectives.

The app is made to make introducing yourself as an individual and a business entity faster and easier.

The user can build a personal page with links to all of their social networks and other features.

The platform also offers cutting-edge technologies for data analysis. This is another linkfolio alternative. In this way, you may keep track of all of your significant contacts and any alterations to their social status, such as the addition of new friends or followers.

3. Multy


Multy is a social link gathering and management software that enables authors, bloggers, and publishers to curate and manage their preferred links on the internet. This tool allows you to include a link in your posts and articles, generate shareable links, monitor clickthrough rates, and examine statistics.

You can include it in your social media profile bio to redirect users by taking numerous social media shape links or website orations and condensing them into a tiny, shareable link.

This effectively increases traffic to and interaction with other links. With simplicity in mind, Multy was created with no signup necessary, no adverts, and no annoying nags to gain new features. Just a lovely link-creation and link-sharing interface. The links can be shown as a list or a card.

4. AIOLink


AIOLink is an online application that lets you share social media, website links, and more.

You can publicize them on your own website and blog because it integrates with hundreds of websites and mobile apps in a single link.

You may completely automate sharing links to Aiolink from any of your websites or mobile apps by using the out-of-the-box integrations provided by Aiolink.

Every programme on your computer, including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Sheets, and social network profiles, can have custom connections created for them.

To increase engagement across all of your portfolios, link it in your Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter bios.

Additionally, it offers a QR code system with a variety of templates that you may edit to fit your brand.

The analytics dashboard, which displays everything from A to Z, is another fantastic feature. This is another linkfolio alternative.

To gauge a URL’s performance, look at clicks, impressions, activities, and other metrics.


A platform called allows webmasters, bloggers, and other content producers to compile and manage social links.

The purpose of this is to give users the ability to lead viewers to all of their social media profiles from a single, simple URL.

Users of the service can list all of the websites they curate on a profile page they can customise within the dashboard.

All users of Compiled.Social have access to an analytics dashboard that allows them to see how their audience is responding to the different types of links they post as well as the sources of their traffic.

Users can add a variety of connections in one location, including links to websites, bargains from websites like Groupon and Living Social, and even movies from YouTube and Vimeo.

By categorising social media posts into interesting and easy-to-browse categories, it also tries to increase engagement with those posts.

6. ILink


You can add numerous links to your social network bio using the clickable link tool called ILink.

This tool makes it easy to add links to your bio and gives you the chance to have a single link that viewers can click to visit any website.

You can connect as many connections as you like to your website, blog, eBay or Etsy business, Amazon store, or even PayPal by adding them.

ILink is a fantastic method to increase your following, provide additional details about your company, sell items, demonstrate your skills, promote the most recent blog entries, and other things.

An unlimited number of clickable links can be created by businesses and added to email signatures, social network bios, and other digital marketing campaigns. This is another linkfolio alternative.

These links can be used to direct visitors to business websites, online shops, and landing pages.

This makes it simple for your fans on social media to access your website, read your blog posts, and—most importantly—make purchases from your online store.

7. Feedlink


A tool called Feedlink allows you to build clickable links and combine several social media links into a single URL so you can share them with your friends on various social media networks.

In order to easily construct automated messages, you can also include custom text that appears before or after the list of links.

You may build an unlimited number of feeds, track responses, view analytics, and email or post the URL to your feed on social media. Also check Fileeagle Alternatives

Just copy and paste any of your social media URLs into the Feed Link page, add your personalised message, and share to make your Feed Link.

Additionally, it permits you to see a preview of how your Feed Link will appear on a Facebook Page or an Instagram profile, ensuring that the link you’re establishing is appropriate for your needs.

By ensuring that all of your activity on TikTok and Instagram will lead to the landing page you want, you may convert more people.

8. Shorby


With the help of the web tool Shorby, you can turn any bio link into a compelling landing page that increases traffic and conversions.

You might think of this as a platform for lead generation designed for sales teams and marketers.

Every single link you distribute instantly transforms into a full-page, mobile-friendly microsite that is intended to encourage potential customers to interact with your company.

When sharing material on social media or via email, Shorby automatically pulls corporate information from any URL, assisting users in generating more leads by instantly generating trust and desire. This is another linkfolio alternative.

Users can also add call-to-actions, monitor performance and engagement, set goals, and make comprehensive reports.

Additionally, you can monitor every click and interaction to obtain high-quality data for retargeting and inexpensive advertising.

Overall, Shorby is a fantastic tool for increasing social media engagement that you may take into account as one of your options.

9. Sked linked

Sked linked

You can construct your Instagram bio link with Sked Link, a link generator, and use it to send visitors to your website, email newsletter registration, blog posts, products, and more. It is one of the most cost-efficient ways to assist professionals like you in developing a professional, manageable, and productive online presence.

You can include a list of action buttons that guide users to the websites or social media pages you want them to visit.

This is another linkfolio alternative. This might help you organise your biography and increase awareness of your company. Businesses can take advantage of this by developing a webpage with a gallery view of products or a list that can be purchased. The customer can quickly click on the links and proceed straight to your website’s payment page.

The tool is also completely configurable, allowing you to alter the colour scheme, add a logo, and do a lot more to make it reflect your identity.

10. Lnk.Bio


With the help of the online tool Bio, you may share a single URL for all of your social network accounts.

You may add your link to your website, blog posts, social network accounts, email signatures, and more by using a single URL.

Additionally, the dashboard’s extensive metrics let you realise how much traffic your links are bringing in.

Lnk.Bio gives you the ability to shorten your social URLs and makes them shareable, trackable, and interlinks with one URL, regardless of how many social links and website URLs you have.

By using a single URL, you may use this to link to your social media profiles, promote your social accounts, and boost the sharing and visibility of the material on your website.

It’s an easy method for businesses to provide viewers access to all of their social network profiles in one spot.

11. Link in Profile

Link in Profile

Using the social media feature “Link in Profile,” you may include shortened links in your social media bio or in your posts and send your followers to any website you choose.

Your followers can be directed to any connection, such as your other social media platforms, by counting a link to your website or blog to a particular photo, a video to an occasion or product, or both. This is another linkfolio alternative.

The popular bio area of social media profiles contains a link that adds an option, but the majority of users squander that chance.

Businesses that would benefit from adding a product link or their website can utilise Link in Profile to fill that empty area and encourage greater engagement.

You will have additional possibilities to convert them into leads in addition to engagement.

Every time you upload something to Instagram, Tiktok, or add a story, just generate the link and include it.

12. Milkshake App

Milkshake App

Using the website builder Milkshake App, you may make a portfolio and add the URL to it to your social media bios. You can use the builder to create a distinctive-looking website for your Instagram bio link.

You can include a link to your bio, share stories, interact with followers, and much more. Additionally, users can use Milkshake App’s functionality to build their own mobile websites. You can start shopping after connecting your Instagram bio link and adding your favourite images and text. Also check newsadoo alternatives

You can sell your goods there, display your portfolio there, or use it to increase your social media profile. A design library, several layouts, and a simple drag-and-drop builder are all included in the software.

Although anyone can build a website, there are now more options than just blogs and landing pages. This is another linkfolio alternative.

Its website resembles a microsite more because it has numerous pages of content organised around particular objectives or goods.


Using the platform, you may share your own link throughout the internet and combine all of your online accounts into one URL.

Each user has access to their own dashboard where they can control their URLs and design unique badges for emails, websites, and blog posts.

This will allow you to stay in touch with loved ones without disclosing any private information that could allow unauthorised parties to access your account.

By shifting the audience from one platform to another, you can increase your social media presence on additional platforms.

Furthermore, based on your actions or interests on other platforms, you can find the accounts of the creators of the content you like.

Overall, is a fantastic social media engagement tool that you can take into account as one of its substitutes.

14. Bio Link

Bio Link

This is another linkfolio alternative. With the help of the tool Bio Link, you can combine all of the links to your social media profiles into a single URL for your bio.

Users can see how many people have clicked on their website by sharing these links.

Since the URL you create has all the qualities of a link, including sharing, liking, engaging with people, and more, it will function in the same way as the other social media pages.

This facilitates the audience’s ability to find your key content.

You can use the one link that social media platforms allow you to share to direct viewers to other profiles.

In addition to being incredibly quick, incredibly elegant, and click-optimized, it also offers free, perpetual access to features like analytics, themes, and embeds.

15. Litelink


With the help of the social media link-building tool Litelink, you may use a single URL to route visitors to your social network profiles.

To make it simple for people to find their way to your other social media accounts, you can utilize this link in your email signatures, business cards, website, and even your Instagram bio.

Your other social media pages will receive more exposure the more links you add.

The platform is also easily customisable, allowing you to add your company’s identity and enhance its aesthetic appeal. This is another linkfolio alternative.

This feature is one that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly helpful.

Many individuals are always looking for ways to share information more quickly online, and Litelink makes it extremely easy for them to accomplish so.

You have complete control over who may and cannot access your social media accounts thanks to Litelink.

You may select only the developers you want to work with rather than having to reveal your Twitter password to thousands of them.


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