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Top 8 Best Sites Like Leaked Reality In 2022

Best sites like leaked reality will be explained in this post. On the website Leaked Reality, you may view unedited news and media videos, including Hollywood paparazzi and breaking news from across the globe. There are articles on this website that have never been published elsewhere about politics, culture, technology, and even sports. The goal of the leaked reality website is to provide you with as much of this unique knowledge as possible. Unlike lengthy press releases that just compile a few videos or a blog post.

The website regularly gets updated with new posts and videos. It’s a brand-new approach to journalism that combines traditional news gathering with digital media. The most well-known online community for people who want to view, save, and discuss strange videos is called Leaked Reality. According to the website, it boasts one of the best collections of random and leaked videos that can be viewed from any location.

8 Top Leaked Reality Alternative Websites for 2022

On this website, all of the leaked reality movies are categorised into a number of different subcategories, including entertainment, vehicles, robberies, documentaries, and more. You are free to browse each of its categories at your leisure. Although the service is free to use, you must upgrade to the VIP membership in order to access the premium content or publish your own movies. This unlocks a number of additional features. You can find leaked videos from all over the world in the popular video area known as leaked reality.

Giving everyone in the globe access to a fair, free, and honest news source is the aim of the Leaked Reality platform. The information is unfiltered and raw because the project’s only goal is to disseminate the latest news from around the world. As a result, the information gives you the impression that you are knowledgeable rather than teaching you incorrect information. Leaked Reality is a fantastic platform all around, and you should consider using it.

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Features of leaked reality

Every day, hundreds of new videos are added.

With a Simple User Interface, a Search Box

Own the videos you make and publish!

Top 8 Best Sites Like Leaked Reality Alternative in 2022

Top 8 Best Sites Like Leaked Reality Alternative are explained here.

1. Goregrish


A leaked reality website called Goregrish features videos of several fatalities, auto accidents, and other potentially terrible events. The pictures on the website range from severed limbs to black widow spiders. You should watch anything that could potentially be turned into a horror film or, at the very least, a podcast. The website includes fictional tales that are only loosely based on actual occurrences as well as actual descriptions of actual fatalities. Members have access to a different section with more violent content and premium features. Goregrish is a fantastic platform all around, and you should consider utilising it. Also check alternatives

2. Body Modification Ezine

Body Modification Ezine

Leaked reality website Modification of the Body Ezine has an explicit content repository with violent movies, images, articles, and coverage of extreme body piercings. Extreme body modification and adornment, such as tattoos and body piercings, are also widespread. Photo and video contributions from all over the world representing the community’s own experiences are welcome. Additionally, you can search using categories like tattoos, scarification, culture, ritual, and so on. Browse the various subcategories of chemical scarification, tongue removal, cuts, genital surgery, ball dancing, and more. You should consider Body Modification Ezine as one of your options after visiting this excellent website. Also check Mangastream alternatives

3. Damaged Corpse

Damaged Corpse

On the leaked reality website Damaged Corpse, you can view unaltered videos, pictures, and audio narratives. You’ll find disturbing material on websites like these that isn’t suitable for mainstream media. It features images of actual fatalities, suicides, deformities in people, and accidents. Overall, Damaged Corpse is a fantastic platform that you should consider adopting. This is another leaked reality.

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4. Bestgore


Bestgore is a frightening website providing real-life news, graphic images, violent videos, user moments, and written comments. Mark Marek, the site’s owner, publishes graphic images and videos of actual crimes, acts of torture, mutilations, suicides, accidents, and open surgeries. Kids shouldn’t view the content because of how violent and graphic it is. On its website, Bestgore publishes a fresh random film each day. Also check Pixwox alternatives

5. Hoodsite


This is another leaked reality. Hoodsite is a fully-functional, uncensored crime news and media website designed to cover news stories that aren’t typically covered by mainstream media. Due to the expressive qualities of some of the content, access to a news website is limited to those who are of lawful age. The videos on this page run the risk of being graphic, offensive, unsettling, and unpleasant. This website’s home page contains news of all kinds, categorised into six sections: featured, news, military, cops, WTF, and accidents. This arrangement enables users to find the information they’re looking for based on their tastes.

Trickled films of every kind, including violent military footage, street fights, transportation accidents, and videos of street crimes, are simple to get on Hoodsite. Through the Daily Mail, it covers news about politics, celebrities, sports, new scientific discoveries, and other issues. Another interesting part of this website is that all of the unrestricted videos may be watched and downloaded using a VPN.

6. Documenting Reality

Documenting Reality

All of these death films are gathered on the leaked reality website Documenting Reality to demonstrate the terrible consequences of breaking the law. This lets people see what the media doesn’t show them and what happens behind the scenes by exposing reality through movies and photographs. A project called Documenting Reality makes videos of actual crimes in progress. The intention is to educate people about the effects of violent behaviour. This is another leaked reality.

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The website wants to show how dangerous it is for people to turn become violent criminals in their own neighbourhoods. People who have been featured on Documenting Reality’s website have their own section. You can also look at the quantity of views, the subjects, the uploaders, the upload intervals, and the media or video genres. Overall, you should think about using Documenting Reality as a platform.

7. The Blood Factory

The Blood Factory

This is another leaked reality. The Blood Factory is a leaked reality website and blog network that features uncut extreme horror films, videos, and fiction. The entire piece is unfiltered and blood, gore, and violence are present. The website has been publishing a weekly podcast that reviews spooky movies since 2010. Listeners are frightened by in-depth assessments of countless scary movies. Each day, The Blood Factory posts one of their favourite picks from each genre on their site. The blog section is often updated with fresh material, like their most recent piece, to frighten you. Overall, you should check out Blood Factory Ezine as one of your selections because it’s a great website.


The website is devoted to odd, unsettling, and morbidly fascinating content. A group of artists & writers who were fascinated to the depressing world of rotting art and culture founded Rotten in 1996. It aims to draw attention to topics that aren’t always found in the top search results or even in the media in general. Though it’s difficult to imagine how much easier it could be, makes it feasible. Rotten articles explore some of the worst historical figures and occasions in further detail. In conclusion, is a great website that you should consider as an option. This is another leaked reality.


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