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Top 13 Best KissCartoon Alternatives In 2022

Best and most demanding kisscartoon alternatives will be described in this article. You probably already know about KissCartoon if you’re one of the individuals who likes to indulge their inner child by watching cartoons even as an adult.

A great deal of animated shows are available on this website without payment. Additionally, it doesn’t require a registration process or an account.

Top KissCartoon substitutes for 2022: A short list

This section will provide you our top five KissCartoon alternatives so you can just visit them and start viewing your cartoons if what you want from this guide is to quickly find the best choice for you.

You can go to the next section if you want a more in-depth list outlining our top picks.

Therefore, these are the top five KissCartoon substitutes we’ve found online:


The original webpage for KissCartoon.

Millions of users still like its clones.


It is renowned for releasing new anime content quickly, usually just a few hours after the first fresh episodes have broadcast.


a website dedicated to anime and cartoons that has lasted a long time because to its straightforward design.


One of our top picks, featuring a website that closely resembles KissCartoon and frequent updates.


It offers a big library and prompt new episode releases, just like Toonova and KissCartoon.

The fundamentals of KissCartoon

One of the top online resources for streaming animated television shows is KissCartoon.

The website is beautifully made and has a user interface that is simple to use for individuals who love cartoons and want to view it in high resolution.

Like the majority of other streaming websites on the internet, KissCartoon does not host any content on its servers.

Instead, the site’s value is in the accurate curation of a sizable cartoon collection to make it easy for users to navigate and well-categorized.

Therefore, regardless of the category, it is among the top streaming websites out there and is quick and adaptable.

The majority of the most popular free video streaming services have had a troubled past filled with bans, blocks, disappearances, and reemergences.

The Basics about KissCartoon

Many years ago, it was first known as KissAnime before going down for a period.

The website then reappeared in its present form.

During that time, a number of mirrors and proxies have emerged that mimic the original KissCartoon design.

However, in recent years, there has been a decline in the demand for websites that stream cartoons.

That occurred as a result of a sizeable portion of the anime/cartoon fan community using BitTorrent and other P2P file-sharing alternatives rather than streaming their preferred episodes via websites like KissCartoon.

The websites we chose can be used on computers, tablets, mobile phones, and any streaming device, including the Amazon Firestick, which is now the most popular streaming device.

These alternative websites appear to have a following among users who favour jailbreaking their Amazon Firesticks or Android TV boxes.

You can access the content of the majority of the websites we’ll show you without having to register or create an account.

We recommend downloading and installing the Amazon Silk Browser onto your Amazon Firestick or Fire TV if you use one of these devices.

If you’re on the Android team, you might also think about adopting TV Bro Browser or Puffin TV.

Safety and KissCartoon

The original KissCartoon website had to shut down a few years ago, thus it is no longer accessible.

However, you may find plenty of mirrors and clones online for your enjoyment.

They provide services to millions of people each month, so it’s unlikely that they will disappear any time soon.

Therefore, the subject of safety with regard to using free video streaming websites always comes up.

Mirrors have the drawback of being easily altered to the owner’s specifications.

Through the website’s advertising or in other ways, these websites are frequently used to transmit malware.

In order to inform you, we needed to be certain that KissCartoon was malware-free.

One or more files on the website may have the potential to distribute malware or viruses, according to our scan.

It is not at all surprising that a website like this has questionable parts of code.

Because of this, if you read through every article we’ve written about free web streaming sites, you’ll notice that we always stress the importance of two things: installing a good antivirus programme on your computer and always connecting to these sites through a reliable VPN service like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

Therefore, KissCartoon is not a secure website for you to use, in response to the query in the title of this section.

However, if you use an antivirus and a VPN, you shouldn’t need to worry.

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Top 13 best KissCartoon alternatives In 2022

Top 13 best KissCartoon alternatives are explained here.

1. kissAnime


Due of legal issues, the original URL, kissanime.ru, was taken down in 2020.

However, there were already a lot of mirrors and clones there when the site finally collapsed.

They still service a large number of consumers and are numerous.

Anime fans love KissAnime because of its extensive repertoire, easy access, absence of registration restrictions, anime watchlists, and categorization.

The content on KissAnime is viewed by four million users per month and integrates reasonably well with VPNs.

It also offers several benefits because it doesn’t demand an account.

But with seven points, the ad-annoyance index is quite high.

2. Crunchyroll


Cartoons are less of a focus on Crunchyroll than anime. As a result, KissCartoon’s companion website is ideal. Also check animesuge alternatives

One of Crunchyroll’s biggest features is the option to permanently remove all advertising, albeit you must pay a subscription fee to take advantage of this perk.

Due to its fast material updates, Crunchyroll is well known among anime fans.

About an hour after they air on the website, the most recent anime episodes are available online.

That needs a lot of work, so it’s no small accomplishment.

Given that the website receives roughly 47.5 million visitors per month, Crunchyroll has a sizable user base.

An account must be made in order to use it.

However, it’s not the website on our list that supports VPNs the best.

However, you won’t have any trouble utilising a VPN on it provided you stick with the best Crunchyroll VPN.

3. WatchCartoonsOnline


This is another kisscartoon alternatives. For its genre, this one is likewise a popular website.

The website’s straightforward layout makes searching and navigating a breeze.

You’ll have no trouble locating anything.

This website first appeared on watchcartoonsonline.io years ago.

Unfortunately, as is typical for this type of website, the original was shut down a few years ago, but not before the fans had access to a small army of excellent mirrors and clones.

There is something for everyone because this website has sections for series, movies, cartoons, dubbed anime, and subtitled anime.

Visitors to WatchCartoonsOnline total 785,000 each month.

4. WatchSeries


A well-known service for streaming videos called WatchSeries has a huge selection of content in every genre besides cartoons and anime.

In contrast to the other options on this list, this website does not focus exclusively on anime, animated series, or manga, like Fmovies and other movie recreation sites do.

The manga lovers choice still find a lot of fascinating information in there, though.

Because it delivers so considerably better than your average website focused on animations, this is an exciting pick on our list.

With 432,000 monthly users served, the add irritation index is a startlingly low 4/10.

Although this website needs registration in order to access it, the good news is that VPNs are fully compatible with it.

5. AnimeToon


Website for AnimeToon: AnimeToon.TheProxy.ws

The similarity between the two websites is what distinguishes AnimeToon as one of the top KissCartoon alternatives. This is another kisscartoon alternatives.

The content and categories are where the similarities first appear.

Like Crunchyroll, AnimeToon also airs fresh anime content immediately after it airs.

Home, daily episodes, popular series, movie list, animated series, and dubbed anime are just a few of the categories. Also check AnimeDao alternatives

7/10 for annoyance, AnimeToon boasts 910,000 monthly visitors, requires no registration, and is compatible with VPNs.

6. Toonova


A simple website called Toonova contains tens of thousands of videos in the anime, manga, and cartoon categories.

Full movies, daily episodes, dubbed anime, reading manga, and watching cartoons are some of the genres.

The Toonova staff enjoys releasing the newest anime episodes and movies as soon as they premiere in their home countries, just like AnimeToon and Crunchyroll do.

For ad irritation, we give Toonova five out of 10.

No login is required.

710,000 users are served each month.

Yes, it functions with VPNs.

7. 9Anime


9Anime is among the most well-known anime sites on our list, and it offers much more than just a KissCartoons substitute.

You can choose from thousands of titles on this website, and brand-new titles are made available to you minutes after they are published.

Due to 9Anime’s enormous popularity, there are hundreds of URLs, mirrors, and clones, but the primary website is still 9anime.ru.

This is another kisscartoon alternatives. The anime featured on 9Anime is accessible in both dubbed and subbed versions in 1080p, so even the purest and most discerning fans will find something to enjoy.

The content of 9Anime is enjoyed by more than 3.7 million users; it requires no registration, functions flawlessly with VPN services, and has an ad annoyance rating of seven out of ten.

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8. GoGoAnime


The website gogoanime.mom

GoGoAnime is a website that streams videos in the niche of animation, cartoons, and anime. With so many alternatives available within the genre, you won’t likely need to turn to any other sources of amusement.

The website offers a sizable selection of shows with English dubbing, as well as the option to view with Chinese subtitles.

GoGoAnime receives 1.5 million monthly visitors, requires no registration, supports VPNs, and, most importantly, has an English ad annoyance rating of 6 out of 10.

9. AnimeDao


AnimeDao offers thousands of television programmes and whole episodes.

On AnimeDao, there is a lengthy selection of things to look at.

The most recent episode to air.

The running series

Itles that have lately made their way onto the website yet are older.

This is a well-respected option rather than a substitute for KissCartoon.

Every episode that is available can be viewed with English subtitles in HD or SD and is playable on any device.

Still unsure?

To receive a suggestion from the website, select “Random” from the menu.

Unfortunately, AnimeDao has an 8/10 rating for ad irritation.

With 931,000 monthly visitors, the site is still very popular despite this.

Additionally, you don’t require an account to use it, and it supports VPNs.

10. AnimeFreak


Because it has thousands of titles, AnimeFreak is a popular website for fans of anime and cartoons. This is another kisscartoon alternatives.

An similarly vast mana catalogue is also included.

This website doesn’t require registration, however there are much too many advertising.

For ad annoyance, we award this website, which has 790,000 visitors a month and is compatible with VPNs, eight out of 10 marks. Also check animekisa 

11. KimCartoon


The majority of diehard followers of the genre believe that KimCartoon is the finest alternative for KissCartoon aficionados.

This is another kisscartoon alternatives. You can quickly find and track the series you wish to watch thanks to a simple and plain UI.

This provides you a rough notion of what you may watch there because you will even discover some of the biggest classics here, including “The Tom and Jerry Show.”

There are no costs or registration requirements for this website.

Ad irritation scored six out of ten.

12. Nick TV (Nickelodeon)

Nick TV

Having a completely legal option to watch cartoon series online is always a plus.

However, it would be even better if that choice was also cost-free, kid-safe, had original material, and provided HD broadcasts.

Nickelodeon is that choice.

This brand doesn’t require any further introduction since you are likely already familiar with it as a lover of cartoons.

There aren’t many commercials, and it’s definitely viral, so you can’t go wrong with it.

Naturally, the catalogue is constrained to the material that Nickelodeon is permitted to legally distribute.

However, it’s relative.

You can still spend countless hours amusing yourself on our website.

13. Funimation


Funimation takes pleasure in eliminating the demand for English subtitles in anime.

The fact that all of the content on its site is available in English dub is one of its claims to fame. This is another kisscartoon alternatives.

The fact that this forum only offers dubbed episodes suggests that the selection is rather smaller than it would be on websites that also provide the original music and subtitles.

However, it’s a tiny price to pay if the auditory immersion is one of your favourite aspects of the anime experience.

Although the website is free, the extreme quantity of adverts will make you think about paying the 5.00 USD monthly cost to get rid of them.

The site navigation is simple, though, and VPNs are accepted.

Funimation may not be available to users in all nations, as is the case with many similar websites in reality today.

For instance, it wasn’t functional for some of our testers in Asia.

However, all you need to get around geographic restrictions and access it from anywhere is a reliable VPN.

KissCartoon is it legal?

It’s critical to consider whether KissCartoon is lawful.

Unfortunately, as it’s still up in the air, we are unable to provide you a clear answer at this time.

But there are many things to think about.

First of all, keep in mind that free streaming video websites are almost never authorised.

Any copyrighted content distribution calls for the payment of a fee to the copyright holder and the possession of legal documentation pertinent to each jurisdiction where the work is made available.

Since KissCartoon makes all of its titles available to consumers in every country on earth, the question of legality becomes: has KissCartoon established a global licence arrangement with each of the copyright holders?

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And does it make the required licence payment?

Since neither Netflix nor Amazon have been able to pull off such a spectacular achievement, it is more likely that KissCartoon is providing you with illegal content against your will.

No, we can’t be certain based on the “official” information that has been made public up to now, but you may call anything a duck if it walks and quacks like a duck.

Other cartoons like Kiss (Alamy)

The fact that the original KissCartoon website had to be taken down should also be taken into account.

Another warning sign for you is that this is not the kind of thing that would occur on a trustworthy, legitimate website.

At the time, it was well known that DMCA had gotten the better of KissCartoon and taken it offline.

Does this imply that KissCartoon is entirely prohibited?

Any videos on the platform that are part of the public domain may be viewed online without restriction.

But is KissCartoon’s attraction to aficionados of animation centred on those legitimate shows?

No, definitely not.

However, the end-user ultimately bears some responsibility for these problems.

It is entirely up to you to decide which websites and movies you want to view.

You are free to utilise an unlawful webpage if you want to, whether it is free or has all the content you desire.

But you’re also accountable for it.

And depending on the nation where you live, you can face legal issues or even criminal charges.

In summary, KissCartoon is likely a pirate website broadcasting illicit content even if we are unable to determine its legal standing.

Therefore, utilise it at your own risk.

What would happen to me if I was discovered using KissCartoon or a similar programme?

That depends on a number of factors.

First, were you caught watching public domain or copyrighted content?

In the second scenario, if you are doing legally, nothing can happen to you.

The issues are brought on by the first case.

So, the following query is: What happens if I’m caught browsing content that is protected by copyright on KissCartoon or one of its alternatives?

There isn’t a universal response.

Every nation in the globe has its own laws governing intellectual property, copyright, and how to enforce those laws.

There are nations where it is acceptable to pirate as long as you use the content solely for personal use.

Other nations give the concept of copyright lip attention but do little to nothing to put those concepts into practise.

Then again, there are those nations that aggressively hunt out and punish copyright violators.

The penalties might range from a warning to a significant fine or even jail time.

The possibilities mentioned in the preceding sentence are genuine, and we are aware that many users have experienced them in reality, but they are also unlikely.

Consider a scenario in which a government decides to take cartoon piracy seriously.

If that happens, they’ll try to shut down KissCartoon before going after specific retail users like you; in fact, the original KissCartoon previously ran afoul of the DMCA and had to close down years ago.

Let’s say you’re seeking mental clarity when you ask this inquiry.

In that case, there is a better option for you: even if we do not support any sort of piracy, if you simply use a VPN (NordVPN, preferably) when you access websites like KissCartoon, you won’t ever need to be concerned.


There is no age restriction for cartoons.

They are a joy accessible to all generations, and we take pleasure in them as such.

So, are you prepared?

Are you planning to watch all of your favourite animated shows, anime, manga, and cartoons over the weekend?

So, we hope.

Life is difficult, let’s face it.

We’re entering the third year of a global pandemic that has flipped everyone’s world upside down, as if making a job, taking care of a career and a family, maintaining your health, and all the “regular” everyday difficulties in life weren’t complicated enough.

All of these things occurred to us as we grew up.

We didn’t request it, but there was no other option.

And for that reason, enjoying cartoons is a fantastic pastime!

It brings back memories of a time in our lives when finding happiness was more simpler and easier to do.

Everyone is entitled to an outlet, a type of resting spot.

And if cartoons are able to do that for you, we’re more than delighted to have assisted you in getting as many as you can handle by presenting our top 13 alternatives to KissCartoon!


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