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Top 15 Best Freshdesk Alternatives In 2022

Best and most popular Freshdesk Alternatives will be described in this article. Customer expectations are higher than ever in the congested internet industry of today. Your business must do more than just deliver excellent goods or services. A great client experience must be provided, and customer service and support are frequently where it begins.

In this situation, Freshdesk is useful. Freshdesk provides a wide range of capabilities as an omnichannel customer service platform, providing you everything you need to deliver excellent customer assistance without any fuss. With Freshdesk, you can provide collaborative assistance from a single platform while engaging consumers at every touchpoint and automating customer service procedures.

The ability to use ALL of the functions is wonderful. However, if you don’t, your company may benefit most from a more straightforward, less expensive option. We’ve compiled a list of the top Freshdesk alternatives available right now.

Freshdesk Overview

Freshdesk is a leading help desk solution on the market, trusted by over 40,000 clients including Panasonic, HP, and American Express.

For businesses that approach customer assistance through multiple channels, it provides a strong option.

The ability to automate & streamline complex support procedures is a distinguishing feature that can help your business save time, money, and hassle.

Freshdesk was created with the intention of making customer engagement and success available to businesses of all sizes. It also enables flexible scalability, enabling companies to acquire the capabilities they require as their business expands.

Freddy AI, a simple-to-deploy bot that tracks intent and interacts with clients to help resolve issues more quickly, is another service offered by Freshdesk.

Main Features:

Use a thorough ticketing system to assign, classify, and prioritise tickets.

With linked tickets and a team huddle, you can improve customer support collaboration.

Combining support-related phone, email, social media, and other communications.

Manage field-service activities such as scheduling, time tracking, and service tasks.

With time- and event-triggered ticket dispatch, you can automate repetitive helpdesk duties.

Utilize a knowledge base and forums to provide clients with a self-service experience. Using curated and customised reports, evaluate and increase productivity. Create your own processes, agent roles, apps, and more. With limited help desk functionality, a free plan is available.

Paid options range from $15 per agent per month (paid annually) to $99 per agent per month (billed annually).

Optional omnichannel assistance costs $79 per agent each month (billed annually).

Why You Might Want a Different Option:

A smaller software platform with a reduced monthly fee can be preferable if you run a small business and don’t require all the intricate capabilities.

You want something that is uncomplicated, clear-cut, and simple to understand and utilise.

A help desk that is naturally integrated into your website is something that your business needs.

You want Facebook and Twitter to be more deeply integrated.

Check out some of the top Freshdesk alternatives on the market if any of the aforementioned situations apply to you or if you’re just seeking for alternatives with different features at a reduced price range.

Top 15 Best Freshdesk Alternatives In 2022

Top 15 Best Freshdesk Alternatives are explained here.

1. Help Scout

Help Scout

Help Scout, an alternative to Freshdesk

Help Scout, a company trusted by more than 10,000 companies in 140 countries, promises to help customer-focused companies deliver top-notch customer service through powerful support tools.

All sizes of businesses can benefit from our helpdesk software solution, which can accommodate groups with more than 500 users. This is another Freshdesk Alternatives.

Help Scout stands out from rivals in part because of their emphasis on customer service.

To support businesses in providing excellent customer service and fostering growth, Help Scout provides email and chat support seven days a week, training sessions and workshops every other week, and customer service education through HelpU.

Main Features:

Use a single shared inbox to manage your phone, chat, and email discussions.

Utilize private notes, collision detection, saved replies, and tagging to collaborate with your team.

Create robust automated processes based on if/then logic to manage repeated activities.

Quickly create personalised knowledge base articles with categories and related content.

Launch a branded assistance centre website that is search engine optimised, responsive to all devices, and equipped with an integrated SSL.

Through in-app messaging, interact with consumers while addressing their support needs and requesting feedback. Also check project management software

Self-service live chat alternatives with rapid responses, chatbots, and simple escalation should be available.

To assess your team’s volume by channel, busiest times, and hot subjects, use thorough reporting.

Why Opt for Help Scout Rather:

Your firm needs access to software customer support and training.

You want simple features that your team can quickly and simply understand how to use.

You’re looking for a reasonable choice that offers only the necessities.

You wish to benefit from discounts since you are a start-up or charity organisation.

2. Helpdesk


With HelpDesk, a complete customer support solution, you can handle tickets from many sources in a single, simple-to-use dashboard.

You can keep track of every discussion you have and turn it into a ticket right away with HelpDesk. This is another Freshdesk Alternatives.

Additionally, it provides a cooperative setting where teams can cooperate to address issues and close problems.

You may automate time-consuming procedures and add unique dashboard views to fit your workflow to save time.

Main Features:

In one location, manage tickets generated by email, web forms, and other sources.

Use private notes and automated assignment rules to collaborate on support tickets.

Utilize prefabricated responses, ticketing assignments, and automated workflows to save time.

To improve judgments, evaluate ticket satisfaction, response times, and ticket reports.

Create unique domains, feedback request messages, and signatures for your helpdesk.

To make sure consumers are being scrutinized after, view the history of tickets and the status of deliveries.

For multichannel customer care, link HelpDesk with LiveChat.

Why Opt for HelpDesk Rather:

Your company requires a platform that is simple to use and intuitive.

You have a limited budget but still need a reliable help desk solution like Freshdesk.

You now use LiveChat, ChatBot, or KnowledgeBase, among other LiveChat products.

You desire round-the-clock, live assistance.

3. Zendesk


Zendesk is an alternative to Freshdesk

A well-liked Freshdesk substitute, Zendesk has more features than only customer service alternatives, such as a separate sales CRM, a community forum, a knowledge base, live chat, and integrated voice software. Also check  bitcoin miming software

While you may add additional capabilities a la carte, Zendesk Support offers a straightforward platform for tracking, prioritising, and resolving customer support tickets.

Zendesk Support’s ability to support your support agents, so simplifying their tasks and making them happier and more contented, is one of its selling advantages.

With Zendesk Support, a self-service knowledge base component called Zendesk Guide is offered. This is another Freshdesk Alternatives.

Main Features:

Easily integrate with your website, email, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

To increase agent effectiveness and efficiency, use technologies for guided mode, customer context, and cooperation.

Support for customization via 500+ public app integrations and more than 500 different Zendesk APIs, including HubSpot, Shopify, and Salesforce.

Create your own channel integration or Zendesk App for usage only within your company.

Make a knowledge base where people may look up articles and access forms for support.

Obtain consumer insights using CSAT and NPS scores.

Why Opt for Zendesk Rather:

You’re looking for a platform that’s inexpensive and simple to use. This is another freshdesk alternative.

You need something that is quick to set up and use (in hours, not weeks).

the freedom to add functions like community forums, chat, voice assistance, and self-service answers when you need them.

You now utilise Zendesk products, such as the Sales CRM.

4. LiveAgent


LiveAgent is an alternative to Freshdesk

LiveAgent is a sophisticated, multichannel help desk application that provides a plethora of capabilities to assist your company in enhancing customer support and service.

LiveAgent has one of the best price-to-value ratios on the market because to its low-cost plans and 180 help desk capabilities with 40 integrations.

Gamifying the support process for agents is a unique feature of LiveAgent that encourages them to offer the best service possible.

For businesses who offer customer care in a variety of languages, LiveAgent also provides multilanguage help.

Main Features:

Utilize a single global inbox to manage all email, live chat, call, forum, and social media enquiries.

Utilize hybrid ticket streams to collect tickets from several platforms while allowing numerous agents to work together on a single ticket.

Make rules to improve support procedures and automate ticket routing.

Use prewritten or scripted responses to respond to frequent questions fast.

To make sure callers have what they need at every turn, use proactive chat invitations, video chat, and real-time chat.

With limitless call recordings, handle a lot of calls in the inbound call centre.

on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Viber, offer customer service.

Make a customer portal that includes a forum, knowledge base, and comments section.

Get widgets that can adapt to different languages so that agents can communicate in the language of their choice.

By giving agents points and badges in addition to stages, benchmarks, or leaderboards, you may make the customer service process more fun for them.

Why Opt for LiveAgent Rather:

You need a robust free option on a comprehensive platform.

Your operations likely include a lot of call centres, therefore you require voice support features that are robust.

Gamifying the support process is a strategy used by your organisation to encourage support agents.

You have an international company that offers assistance in numerous languages.

5. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk

ZohoDesk is an alternative to Freshdesk

The “world’s favourite customer care software,” Zoho Desk, claims to assist businesses boost agent efficiency, encourage self-service, and boost customer satisfaction.

With omnichannel support, sophisticated workflow automations, self-service choices, and AI, Zoho Desk has a lot to offer and has been recognised in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Engagement Centers. This is another Freshdesk Alternatives.

Zia, an AI-powered assistant that users can talk with through the company’s mobile app or website, is arguably its most distinctive feature.

Zia evaluates inquiries and provides automatic responses based on the information in your knowledge base.

Additionally, you can teach Zia to carry out customer-requested tasks like making a new order or amending an already-placed one.

Main Features:

Obtain support tickets via email, social media, live chat, phone, or online form.

Create a knowledge base with articles, a community forum, and a personalised, branded help centre.

Zia, an AI-powered assistant, can speak with consumers, respond to their questions, and even carry out simple chores, freeing up customer support personnel.

Keep track of the time agents spend on tasks and client tickets.

To make sure that processes are dependable, predictable, and effective, use the Blueprint to specify their specifics. This is another freshdesk alternative.

Automate routine tasks like workflows for escalation and ticket assignment SLAs.

Utilize unique APIs to integrate with other Zoho applications and outside resources.

Why Opt for Zoho Desk Rather:

Your business wants to offer a variety of self-service choices.

Software with AI support is what you desire.

You want to maintain consistency and efficiency in the complicated cross-functional service procedures that your company operates.

You require a support desk with close integration if you use Zoho CRM.

6. Hiver


The first helpdesk created for Google Workspace is called Hiver.

Hiver, which is used by more than 1500 businesses worldwide, enables you to effectively handle inquiries that arise in shared inboxes like support@ and help@.

It enables teams to internal collaborate without utilising Ccs and forwarding, assign emails as tasks, and monitor their progress in real-time.

Hiver stands out because it enables teams to offer customer support directly from a Gmail-based application they are already accustomed to using.

As a result, your team may utilise all helpdesk features within Gmail without switching to a different platform. Also check e commerce software companies

Hiver would be a great pick for your support team if you’re looking to provide quick and sympathetic client assistance.

Main Features:

Delegate incoming consumer emails to team associates with a simple click.

Collaborate with your team easily with Hiver’s email notes.

No more internal emails.

Categorize and prioritise client requests with email tags.

Get warned with Hiver’s collision notifications to avoid duplication of replies.

Automate repetitive and mundane chores with Hiver’s rule-based automations.

Leverage email templates to give faster and uniform responses.

Measure client happiness to track support quality.

Analyze your team’s performance with Hiver’s comprehensive analytics dashboard.

Track critical data such as first reaction time, average resolution time, and more.

Configure SLA guidelines to drive accountability throughout the team and ensure your agents answer to enquiries on time.

Why Use Hiver Instead:

Your firm is looking to give timely, individualised customer service.

You need an easy to use, intuitive customer assistance solution.

You want a customer service solution that is scalable and scarcely requires any training to get acclimated to.

7. Kayako


Kayako aspires to keep customer service personal and simple by delivering vital tools that help customer service agents across channels.

Unlike many other Freshdesk rivals, Kayako allows free collaborators — users who can watch and collaborate on client interactions and write internal comments but not send outbound communications.

Another interesting element is Journeys and Conversations.

With Kayako, you can visualise your customer’s journey by seeing all their activity at a glance, which provides better context for support conversations.

This helps your agents to proactively handle issues while having more information available while offering support.

Main Features:

Add live chat assistance to your website and iOS or Android mobile apps.

Get an overview of all the customer’s behaviours and actions with Journeys and Interactions, which provide more context for support conversations.

Get a self-service portal where clients may quickly discover the answers they need.

Support and engage clients with Twitter & Facebook right from within Kayako.

Connect to hundreds of apps & tools, including Slack, Salesforce, and Stripe.

Why Use Kayako Instead:

You need a self hosted solution for enterprise grade assistance desk software inside your firewall. This is another freshdesk alternative.

Digging deeper into shopper behaviour to provide greater context is a crucial aspect of the way your team provides customer support.

Your firm wants to understand the consumer and maintain your service tailored even as you grow.

You have collaborators who aid with tickets but don’t send external communications.

8. Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud

Freshdesk Alternative – SalesForce Service Cloud

You may already be aware with Salesforce as a customer association management (CRM) tool.

But Salesforce Service Cloud offers a method to organise and provide comprehensive customer service and field service assistance.

With Salesforce Service Cloud, you may obtain an out-of-the-box, all-in-one sales and support app or a fully configurable CRM, depending on your needs.

Salesforce Service Cloud delivers field service support that Freshdesk and many other help desk solutions don’t give.

AI-powered image identification lets field service agents enhance first-time fix rates by detecting assets and parts in photos and prescribing the proper actions for fixing.

The field service mobile app is also an excellent way to keep mobile personnel up to date with policies, procedures, and safety guidelines.

Main Features:

Handle support tickets easily from one screen, routing issues from any channel.

Use transferable messaging with Einstein bots for SMS, WhatsApp, & Facebook Messenger.

Monitor and respond to communications on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

Embed service elements inside your app or webpage such as understanding base and chat.

Integrate shadow telephony into the service console to solve phone problems faster with AI-powered productivity tools.

Set up a self-service support centre quickly with personalised portals and communities.

Automate case administration and assistance processes for efficient & effective assistance.

This is another freshdesk alternative. Empower your domain service teams with robust components like intelligent work assignment, virtual assistance, AI-powered image recognition, and mobile app with safety checklists.

Improve agent efficiency and customer delight with Einstein AI’s forecasts, suggestions, and chatbots.

Why Use Salesforce Essentials Instead:

You’re already using Salesforce and want a support solution that connects nicely.

Your firm requires a robust support option for field operations, including virtual field support.

Your corporate organisation requires a solution that can handle high-volume support operations and scales well.

You want a solution that gives AI-powered support.

9. Intercom


Intercom thinks “the future of support is conversational,” and has created its platform to enable businesses deliver exceptional customer service across the “Conversational Support Funnel.”

This funnel delivers proactive support, self-service, and 1:1 person support through a variety of channels.

This help desk solution differs from its rivals thanks to the funnel.

By providing a number of tools that enable users to acquire the support they require before escalating to a human agent, Intercom reduces the number of support tickets received from users.

Main Features:

Use Business Messenger, which is embedded on your website, to give users a satisfying, human assistance experience.

Manage and respond to conversations on social media, websites, and email from a single unified inbox.

Use targeted outbound communications to alert clients of planned outages and offer quick suggestions.

Route and order interactions using workflows for ticketing, assignment rules, and more.

Show customers what’s new by giving them an interactive product tour.

To interact with mobile users and respond to frequently asked questions inside your app, utilise a mobile carousel.

Using customer data, create knowledge base articles and serve them to particular users.

Utilize personalised bots to gather data, identify urgent issues, and connect clients with team members.

Use Resolution Bot, which you can easily train to handle repetitive problems, to help you resolve problems while you’re not at your desk.

Why Intercom Is Better:

Your company must offer individualised, human customer support.

Your company is concentrating on offering pro-active support to cut down on support tickets.

Use a range of self-service options to scale your support.

You need the flexibility to add extras like product tours and sophisticated lead generation to your plan.

10. HappyFox


HappyFox, an all-in-one help desk ticketing system that has been named Best Help Desk Software by for the past five years, enables customer support teams to deliver quicker and better support. This is another freshdesk alternative.

Fortune 500 companies like Lowe’s and Whirlpool rely on HappyFox, but it’s also perfect for small- and medium-sized teams that require all-inclusive ticketing functionality.

HappyFox is the best option if you’re looking for top-notch asset management and ticket management features.

This customer support product has the best ticket management functionality when compared to other products, including both manual and automated tools.

Main Features:

Emails should be automatically converted into tickets and categorised according to the email address the customer used to send the message.

Set ticket priorities, categories, and assignments using a centralised dashboard while keeping track of status changes.

To get instant notifications about particular tickets, bookmark, preview, and subscribe to them.

By linking rules to a work schedule or category, Smart Rules can be used to take specific actions when certain criteria are met.

Get round-robin ticket assignment that assigns cases based on the number of active agents or the number of open tickets.

Create notification emails by pre-populating information using canned responses and ticket templates.

Create and maintain a customer knowledge base and branded self-service portal.

Make forums for agents, customers, and the general public that are categorised.

Utilize a customizable report dashboard to gain insight into tickets and agent performance.

Connect to Salesforce, Aircall, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Facebook, Jira, and more services.

Why Opt for HappyFox Rather:

Your business wants to take advantage of free, round-the-clock service.

You want a robust ticketing system but don’t need all the features.

You’re searching for a simple-to-use, intuitive support interface that doesn’t require any special training.

11. Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk, created by Atlassian, is a cutting-edge, cost-effective IT service management (ITSM) programme intended for quick delivery of IT services.

Enterprise teams that want IT performance and high availability at scale should use this solution.

Jira Service Desk’s incident, problem, change, and request fulfilment processes have also been certified by PinkVerify.

This help desk system, in contrast to others, focuses on incident, problem, and change management using IT service management. This is another freshdesk alternative.

Despite this, the software does provide editable templates and workflows designed for ITSM, customer support, and corporate teams.

Jira Care Desk includes everything in one location, whereas Freshdesk has various tools for IT and customer service, allowing you to make the most of your investment.

Main Features:

Create rules for escalation, assignment, prioritising, categorization, and closing incidents to automate manual processes.

200+ monitoring, workflow, and collaboration tools integration.

With a self-service site that employs machine learning to make finding articles faster and easier, you may assist staff members in solving their own problems.

Obtain an integrated knowledge base that will facilitate information sharing inside the organisation.

Establish SLA guidelines and keep track of deadlines based on length of time or types of requests.

Track all IT assets with Insight and link them to Jira Service Desk requests.

Set up change approvals according to the type of change.

Run reports to see statistics like event counts, most prevalent issues, and more.

Why Opt for Jira Service Desk Rather:

You need an ITSM service desk with all the features you need for half the price of Freshservice.

You want PinkVERIFY-certified ITIL procedures for your business.

You require a service desk solution that benefits business, ITSM, and customer service teams.

You require a solution that can be used on your personal server or in the cloud.

12. TeamSupport


This is another freshdesk alternative. The only Freshdesk substitute on the list with a business-to-business (B2B) organisation focus is TeamSupport.

Including customer management, collaboration, and inventory solutions, TeamSupport is a comprehensive, scalable, all-in-one customer support solution created to meet the demands and problems of today’s B2B organisations.

The capability of sentiment analysis in TeamSupport is one of its coolest features.

TeamSupport’s real-time sentiment analysis function, which is powered by IBM Watson technology, enables you to quickly determine a customer’s tone and aids in ticket prioritisation.

Main Features:

For comprehensive understanding of consumer feelings, combine customer encounters.

Maintain a full customer and contact database to keep track of all customer information.

Customize the ticket management page by dragging and dropping elements.

Create customised help desk tickets with your own fields, characteristics, and statuses.

Help agents can locate articles to address client problems utilising suggested fixes quickly and simply.

Receive a fully configurable self-service portal for clients where they may check the status of their tickets, read knowledge base articles, look up information, and talk with agents.

To track customer satisfaction and assess the general health of your customers, use the Customer Distress Index (CDI).

Give agents access to a built-in calendar, task management system, and internal wiki.

To easily obtain specific information on delivery and return status, track inventory and assets down to the serial number.

Integrate with other well-known programmes like Jira, HubSpot, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce CRM, and Mailchimp.

Why Opt for TeamSupport Rather:

You require a complete customer support solution including asset management and CRM.

To increase satisfaction and loyalty, you need a solution designed specifically for B2B companies.

Your customer support solution requires a private cloud option.

13. Freshservice


Freshservice was developed by Freshworks, the same business that runs Freshdesk, for proactive IT service management. This is another freshdesk alternative.

This programme, albeit it’s not your usual help desk solution, is perfect for closing the gap between IT and business in your firm so you can manage IT issues and requests from a single centralised dashboard.

Freshservice provides IT project management, asset management, and reporting in addition to an IT service desk and management solutions.

Freshservice is an excellent choice if you’re searching for an internal IT help desk solution to organise tech support within your company.

Main Features:

Give people the option to submit tickets by phone, email, self-service site, or in person.

Automate, track, assign, and prioritise the ticket resolution procedure.

Create knowledge base articles from incident solutions so you may utilise them to address typical, straightforward queries.

Allow users to search the knowledge base for answers before reporting a ticket.

Chat with other members of the IT staff to resolve tickets.

Utilize simple technologies to automate repetitive operations while efficiently planning and tracking.

For IT project management, handle tasks on a real-time project dashboard.

Manage and keep track of all stocked or used IT and non-IT assets.

Utilize discovery tools to locate all assets, which periodically update asset data while automatically scanning for hardware and software.

Get reports for issues, modifications, and assets to quickly spot bottlenecks.

Why Opt for Freshservice Rather:

An IT service management system is required.

You’re seeking for a solution that provides asset and project management for IT.

14. Zammad


Zammad is a newcomer to the support desk sector.

This open-source, browser-based programme provides a contemporary, uncluttered user interface. This is another freshdesk alternative.

With installation packages for CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Edition, and Ubuntu, Zammad was created using Ruby on Rails.

Using a REST API, you may integrate Zammad into your current system environments, or you can pay a fair monthly fee for Zammad to host your solution.

Zammad intends to keep the support software and help desk open-source.

Main Features:

Agents receive a customised list of pertinent activities that need to be finished.

Utilize parallel ticket processing to multitask and prevent losing support requests as new ones arrive.

Ticket, customer, or organisational level attribute customization is available.

Sync the incoming and outgoing call systems on the phone system.

Support requests can be managed across channels by integrating with chat and social media.

Create tickets from communications by effortlessly integrating contact or feedback forms.

With support for nine languages, you can select your interface’s preferred language.

To quickly view tickets and attachments, use full-text search.

Allow users of the customer interface to add information to tickets and monitor the progress of their help requests.

Why Opt for Zammad Rather:

You’re looking for an open-source support and help desk software programme.

You don’t need something complex to handle more than 25 support agents; you’re not an enterprise customer.

15. SupportBee


A ticketing system called SupportBee was created for cooperative customer support teams.

Organization, prioritisation, and cooperation inside an organisation are made simple and natural with our straightforward support ticket system. This is another freshdesk alternative.

SupportBee is a less complex help desk solution, however for firms that don’t require (or don’t want to pay for) complicated capabilities they will never use, this can be a plus.

This solution is quick to setup and works within your current email client.

In fact, it just takes five minutes to have it running.

Main Features:

You can cooperate by allocating support tickets to particular teams or agents while accessing and managing them in a shared mailbox.

Ticket categories such as Answered, Unanswered, or Archived provide a straightforward procedure.

Use comments to quickly and easily involve other team members in a ticket.

Include a knowledge base on your website to assist users in finding answers to their queries before contacting a live support representative.

Request data on the volume of tickets, the number of responses, and the average response time.

Integrates with well-known applications including Basecamp, Trello, Bigcommerce, and Slack.

Access via your current email client, a desktop computer, or a mobile device.

Why Opt for SupportBee Rather:

You only need a simple customer ticketing system; nothing complicated.

Collaboration is crucial to the customer service and support process you use.

Your business need a system that can be set up and used in under five minutes.

You want a resource that you can access from your desktop, smartphone, and current email client.

Choose your Freshdesk Alternative

The best Freshdesk substitute for your business will rely on a variety of variables.

First, decide which qualities are essential and which are merely desirable.

After that, determine your budget, taking into account how many agents would be utilising the platform, as most solutions charge per agent.

After you’ve whittled down your choices based on functionality and price, consider the user experience that most appeals to you.

While some businesses want a sophisticated solution with a wide range of functions, others are searching for an intuitive platform that they can use right away.

Sometimes testing out a solution is the only way to determine whether it is a suitable fit for your company.

The majority of the Freshdesk competitors on our list have a free trial period or free plan option, giving you the chance to get your hands dirty and experience the product firsthand.


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