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Top 15 Free Sports Streaming Sites In 2022

Best and free sports streaming sites will be explained in this article. Nowadays, free streams are actively sought after by sports enthusiasts everywhere. A failing economy coupled with the current COVID-19 outbreak makes it less likely for fans to purchase stadium tickets.

Live streaming is now a popular alternative for cord-cutters to satiate their desires as everyone switches from regular cable TV.

What better way to watch live sports than on a site that offers free streaming? To shorten the list, I conducted exhaustive research and tried hundreds of websites.

This article will examine the top 20 sites for streaming live action in 2022.

To stream free sports, use a VPN.

On the surface, free streaming services appear to be legal. However, when they provide links to illegal sources, this swiftly changes.

Authorities from all across the world are devoting resources to combat copyright infringement. Additionally, there are copyright trolls who scour the internet looking for anyone utilising pirated content.

My advice is to use the best VPNs for sports streaming to secure your online activity.

A solid VPN shields you from prying eyes and unblocks websites that are tightly blocked.

Top 15 Free Sports Streaming Sites In 2022

Top 15 Free Sports Streaming Sites are explained here.

1. BossCast


My favourite free streaming website right now is BossCast. All future and ongoing matches are shown on the website’s home page.

In order to navigate the kickoff times more easily, I altered the timezone to my location.

The website provides the largest selection of major sports channels worldwide, similar to FSL and CricFree.

It provides access to networks including NBC Sports, ESPN, BT Sports, EUROSPORT, beIN Sports, Sky Sports, Fox Sports, TSN, and more.

Having trouble accessing BeIN Sports where you are? For unblocking possibilities, see our VPN for BeIN Sports article. This is another free sports streaming sites. Also check sportsurge alternatives

There aren’t many adverts on the website. And I believe this to be the ideal streaming site to rely on given the variety of sports channels it provides.

Last but not least, BossCast has a fans chat section where you can communicate with other users who are streaming concurrently.

2. FSL (Free Streaming Live)


One of my top recommendations for free multi-sport streaming is Free Streaming Live (FSL). The homepage features a list of all the sports categories that FSL offers.

Select the desired category at the top of the page to watch your favourite sporting event. All current and future sporting events are listed under the chosen sports category.

Sky Sports networks, BT Sports, beIN Sports, DAZN, ESPN, NBC Sports, Fox, Sky Sports, EURO SPORTS, TSN, Sports TV, and others are just a few of the best sports channels you’ll get.

In most nations, DAZN is not accessible. You can locate unblocking solutions with the aid of our guide to finding a VPN for DAZN.

This is another free sports streaming sites. I observed great features like a light/dark mode icon and a fans conversation tailored to each sports category.

Additionally, I experienced numerous pop-up adverts with each click. Although they may be inconvenient, this is the only way the site can make money to cover maintenance expenses.

Sports available include football, Formula 1, the NBA, NFL, NHL, rugby, Major League Baseball, tennis, MMA, Euro League, WWE/AEW, EFL, golf, and CFL, AFL, NCAAF, and NCAAM.

3. CricFree


Another excellent option for streaming free sporting sports is CricFree. It provides free live streaming of several sports categories across the world, similar to FSL.

Scroll through the extensive schedule of events on the homepage to choose your favourite game.

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To focus your search, go to the appropriate sports category at the site’s top if scrolling gets tiresome for you.

sports networks including Sky Sports, BT Sports, beIN Sports, ESPN, NBC, FOX, Super Sports, EURO SPORTS, DAZN, TSN, and others are available on CricFree.

The bulk of countries do not have access to ESPN, like many other streaming sites. You will be shown a variety of unblocking alternatives in our guide on getting a VPN for ESPN.

To liven up in-game interactions, there is also a fan chat section.



One of the best sites for free sports streaming, USTVGO offers up to 100 US-only channels. You may only access sports networks broadcast in the US, as the name “USTV” suggests. This is another free sports streaming sites.

I went to the sports-only networks by clicking the “SPORTS” link at the top of the website to access all sports channels.

NBC Sports, FOX Sports, ESPN, Olympic Channel, CBS Sports, WWE Network, and other US sports channels are available on USTVGO. Additionally, each sports network shows a newly updated programme beneath the auto-play segment.

I especially enjoyed USTVGO since there were no pop-up advertisements.

However, due to geo-restrictions, I was unable to see some sports stations. However, I was able to overcome the geographic restrictions when I used ExpressVPN.

Soccer, NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAAF, NCAAM, golf, tennis, WWE, softball, women’s basketball, cricket, huddles, and the Olympics are among the sports that are available.

5. HesGoal.Com


A well regarded free streaming website for a variety of sports stuff is HesGoal.Com. Even though it serves almost all sports genres globally, the website is popular among football aficionados.

Simply scroll down to see whether your favourite match is listed, click it, then wait for the auto-play to begin. The website is really simple to use.

Given that the website posts links to arbitrary sports channels around the world, it is unclear how many sports channels it offers. The links all expire when the games are over, I also noticed.

When you click on a streaming link on the free streaming website, pop-up advertising are also displayed. I therefore advise using the top VPN for sports streaming.

This is another free sports streaming sites. Sports available include football, F1, baseball, cricket, tennis, snooker, rugby, the NFL, NBA, hockey, darts, golf, the WWE, mixed martial arts, and the UFC.

6. SportSurge


In 2022, SportSurge is a great option for getting free sports feeds. The homepage of the website includes a list of all recent and upcoming matches, along with their varied kickoff times. Also check VIPBox alternatives

If scrolling gets tiresome, you can easily seek a specific match using the search bar. For a more direct route to your favourite game, check out the numerous sports categories.

Recently, SportSurge updated the design of the website and included more sports categories. All live links go away at the conclusion of events, just like HesGoal.Com.

Be aware that SportSurge periodically shows pop-up ads.

Baseball, basketball, hockey, MMA, football, boxing, and NCAAB are among the sports that are available.

7. Sport Lemon

Sport Lemon

Another excellent free streaming sports website is SportLEMON. To verify the matches that are accessible, visit the website, which is extremely simple. To find them, simply scroll down the homepage.

Only a few minutes prior to game times does SportLEMON offer links to live streaming. When the games are over, the live links automatically disappear.

The website has strong connections to several betting businesses, thus every click will bring up pop-up advertisements.

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Sports available include American football, basketball, boxing, tennis, football, and more.

8. BuffStreams


The finest free sports streaming website that provides the most in-depth information about a live game is definitely BuffStreams.

If you wish to watch a game, choose your preferred event from the list of “Top Events LIVE” on the site.

You can also travel to a certain genre by clicking on one of the numerous sports icons.

Additionally, I loved how the live links display various live links’ strengths as percentages. As a result, it worked when I clicked the link with the highest percentage amount.

The lineup and the outcomes of the most recent head-to-head game were available as additional information when I clicked on a match.

9. Stream2Watch


If you don’t mind a rather stiff website interface, Stream2Watch is a fantastic option for free sports streaming. The homepage of the website lacks a clear section listing the current and upcoming matches.

I looked up particular sports teams and channels using a search box.

Alternatively, you can click on the sports symbol that corresponds to your category and scroll down to find the event if you’re not sure which network will broadcast your favourite game. This is another free sports streaming sites.

A list of well-liked sports channels may be found at the bottom of each page of Stream2Watch. I watched the networks for Sky Sports, ESPN, NBC, CBS, FOX, TSN, and EUROSPORT.

Regrettably, Stream2Watch is flooded with intrusive advertising that pop up with each click. When viewing, I strongly advise using a reliable VPN in conjunction with the website.

10. CrackStreams


One of the multiple useful free sports streaming websites for 2022 is CrackStreams. On its webpage, it lists all sports categories.

You must scroll down and choose the league your team plays in to get a link to your favourite game.

There aren’t many pop-up advertising on CrackStreams. However, as implied by the site’s name, CrackStreams, it provides links to live streams that are cracked, which indicates they were obtained illegally.

It is highly advised to use the site in conjunction with a reliable VPN.

11. FootyBite


This is another free sports streaming sites. The greatest free sports streaming service with a concentration on soccer is FootyBite. The website has a condensed homepage with a schedule of all recently completed and scheduled matches. Also check sports steaming websites

FootyBite often publishes the live links prior to kickoff and takes them down when the games are over.

However, you can select the “SPORTS LIVE TV” link to watch other sports like hockey or cricket. Popular networks including Sky Sports, BT Sports, Sports TV, NBC Sports, etc. are available on the site’s 24/7 live stream section.

12. First Raw Sports

First Raw Sports

First Raw Sports offers a clean, simple-to-navigate homepage. The homepage of the website features a schedule of current and upcoming games, and links are provided 45 minutes prior to kickoff.

Keep in mind that after live events are ended, First Raw Sports removes all live links.

Additionally, I saw that none of the links on the website’s home page are active. The links should be operational soon enough, in my opinion, as this is still a work in progress.

13. Live TV

Live TV

Live TV and Buff Streams are strikingly similar. On the webpage, I noted that several live matches were featured. This is another free sports streaming sites.

I saw that Live TV provides betting advice on the numerous on-going matches and gives live scores of every game on the “LIVE SCORE” website.

The website also has a lot of advertisements urging you to utilise a trustworthy VPN to shield your computer from virus threats.

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14. Strikeout Sports

Strikeout Sports

This is another free sports streaming sites. Strikeout Sports has a great chance to surpass all other free sports streaming websites, however it falls short due to its intrusive pop-up advertisements. In addition, the website offers some of the highest-quality streams available.

Strikeout offers broadcasts in a variety of video resolutions, including 4K, HD, and SD. The quality you choose will, of course, depend on the speed of your internet connection.

I selected the soccer icon to watch a football game, and a window listing recent and upcoming games appeared. Prior to starting live streaming, I had to wait 30 seconds.

The best part is that Strikeout offers channels that are available around-the-clock, so you can see what’s happening on popular channels like Sky Sports, BT Sports, DAZN, etc.

15. VIP BOX Sports

VIP BOX Sports

Due of its capacity to provide a variety of sports genres, VIP BOX Sports made the list. It’s simple to get started on the website – select the sports category you want, find your favourite team, and then open to see the connections that are available. This is another free sports streaming sites.

However, I would warn that the website sometimes pops up multiple adverts at once. You must be careful not to lose the original streaming page as a result.

The website provides backup streaming links in case some of the links don’t function to make up for the inconvenience.

Wrap up

It might be difficult to find the best free sports streaming sites if you don’t know where to look. Fortunately, I’ve already put in the time-consuming effort so that watching your preferred team play will go smoothly for you.

FSL, CricFree, and BossCast are my top recommendations for simultaneously streaming several sports genres.

The list above simplifies things and facilitates decision-making. But keep in mind that almost all free streaming sites are filled with pop-up ads and accidental clicks.

To avoid problems, you must use a trustworthy VPN in conjunction with free sites.

Questions and Answers

Some people found the responses to these inquiries to be useful.

Will utilising a VPN slow down my streaming rate?

Yes. No subject how good a VPN is, it will always slow down your download speeds a little. The level of encryption protocols used by the VPN to secure your connection will always have an impact on this. But some of the best VPNs have a smaller effect than others.

Which website offers the finest free sports streaming?

The top free sports streaming website right now is BossCast. Second and third place finishers are CricFree and Free Streaming Live.

Is it prohibited to watch broadcasts that are pirated?

Yes. If you are discovered watching unlicensed content, copyright trolls are likely to report you. A penalty fee or DCMA warnings from copyright infringement organisations are frequently part of the punishment.

The ideal VPN for sports is…

My top recommendation for getting on free sports streaming websites is ExpressVPN. All of the world’s main streaming services are unblocked by the VPN, which has servers in more than 94 nations.

When streaming sports, should you use a VPN?

Any time you want to watch sports online, make sure your device is connected to a VPN. The majority of sports networks have geographical limitations, so if you travel abroad, you’ll need a VPN to get around them. Additionally, if you decide to use free broadcasts, a VPN will shield you from government and ISP snooping.


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