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Top 15 Best Feiyu On Alternatives in 2022

Best feiyu On alternatives will be discussed in this article. An app called Feiyu ON was created especially for Feiyu gimbals. You may utilise a variety of its functions to make the most of your gimbal. It has a number of capabilities that allow for the seamless capture of high-quality video. These include Real-time parameter modification for fine-tuning your gimbal’s settings on the go to obtain the ideal photo, Multi-camera control, and Connection status monitoring to view the connection state of your gimbal and camera and see what mode it is now in.

Other prominent features include Grid view and virtual horizon, Auto power off, Trigger recording at the press of a button, Camera parameter settings including aperture, ISO, and shutter speed, and much more. You can develop your gimbal shooting skills. Feiyu ON will make it simple for you to easily record more fluid, polished footage, whether you’re a professional filmmaker or just trying to improve your home movies.

Top 15 Best Feiyu On Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Feiyu On Alternatives are explained here.

1. DJI Mimo

DJI Mimo

A DJI drone operator may manage their flights and shooting data with the use of the DJI Mimo app. You can swiftly and simply manage every element of your flight with the app while simultaneously seeing real-time live streaming video from the drone’s camera. You can evaluate your flights and photos when you land since it gives you fast access to all of your flight data, including shooting data and map data. All of DJI’s Intelligent Flight Modes, including TapFly, ActiveTrack, and Point of Interest, are supported by the app.

This is another feiyu on alternative. You can easily fly your DJI drone and take stunning pictures and movies with DJI Mimo. Regardless of your prior flying experience, you can easily control your DJI drone. With your DJI drone, you can take beautiful aerial pictures and films while adjusting the flying modes and manoeuvres to your liking. View the camera on your drone in real-time, Simple, user-friendly controls let you effortlessly control your fly route and camera while sharing your aerial pictures and films with loved ones.

2. Vlog Star – Editor at YT Studios

Vlog Star - Editor at YT Studios

YouTubers can effortlessly produce and edit vlogs with the help of Vlog Star – yt studio editor, an all-in-one vlog creator and editing programme. You may use your phone to record your vlogs and then polish them with its robust editing features. Anything you need to create fantastic vlogs is included, including transitions, effects, titles, and music, and because to the user-friendly interface, it’s simple to learn how to utilise everything. Whether you’re new to vlogging or a seasoned veteran, this software is ideal for you.

With only a few clicks on Vlog Star, you can capture your video, add titles and music, and produce professional-caliber videos. Additionally, it allows multi-track editing so you can simply polish your films if you need to perform more intricate editing. Additionally, regardless of the equipment you choose to capture your movies, the built-in stabilisation technology guarantees that they will be polished and smooth. You may utilise the app’s library of free music tracks to add soundtracks to your films.

3. DJI GO 4


The most recent version of DJI’s GO software, DJI GO 4, is brimming with features that will help you make the most of your DJI drone. With the help of this app, you may connect to your drone while it is in the air and view real-time flight statistics, receive a live video feed, and more. Additionally, you may use it to operate the camera on your drone and take live pictures and movies. Additionally, you can use it to edit films and photographs in a variety of sophisticated ways before sharing them with the world. This is another feiyu on alternative.

Users of DJI GO 4 have the option to instantly broadcast video taken with their drone. Anyone who wants to register video of their flight in action or who wants to show their friends and family their airborne antics will love this function. Users have complete control over their DJI drone thanks to the app. Users of this software may fly their drone with unmatched accuracy and have access to a multitude of flight data to help them become better pilots.



With a variety of simple-to-use features, WeVideo is the ideal movie and video editor for Windows, Mac, and Android that enables you to make films of professional quality. Your films may be easily stored in the cloud and made available from anywhere. With this programme, you don’t have to be a pro to produce videos of professional quality. You will quickly become a pro at making films with the help of an intuitive UI.

It is a wonderful tool on par with other top video editors thanks to its motion tracking, stabilisation, and green screen editing capabilities. Hundreds of effects and transitions, a built-in music library, collaborative editing, custom text including animated text and captions, and other features are just a few of the many features it offers. Integrate Google Drive easily, publish straight to sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, and Dropbox, and post completed films to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media.

5. Insta360 ONE X

Insta360 ONE X

The newest Insta360 software, Insta360 ONE X, enables you to record 360-degree movies in 4K resolution with outstanding stabilisation and little noise. You can also make TimeShift films with the app, which let you customise the playback speed of your recordings, and live stream in 4K resolution. The app is the ideal tool for documenting and sharing moments with friends and family because it also enables users to easily edit and share their films and photographs.

This is another feiyu on alternative. Freecapture, a feature of the software, enables users to make professional-caliber films on their smartphones. Users may use this tool to record in 360 degrees, pick the finest footage, and then edit it into a conventional video. The “Bullet Time” function uses the ONEX’s six-axis stabilisation to maintain the shot’s stability while producing an effect akin to “Matri”-style slow motion. Shoot in 360 degrees or select a conventional video format, edit your movie using a number of built-in tools, and share your work with the world.

6. DJI Ronin

DJI Ronin

For smooth, cinematic video, DJI Ronin, an app for DJI gimbals, offers sophisticated control and monitoring. You can simply change the camera’s settings and angles using this programme, as well as record and replay video. Photographers and videographers may use the tool to produce stable, supple film. For DJI gimbals, DJI Ronin is accessible as an app. Smooth, stable footage is now much simpler to produce than ever thanks to DJI Ronin, which gives you complete control over your gimbal.

Other strong features included in the software include automated camera calibration and sophisticated customization choices. Its simplicity of use and plenty of features make it the ideal tool for producing high-quality videos and elevating your video output. You may use it to update the firmware, check the condition of your gadget, and change the gimbal’s settings. To make it simple to repeatedly duplicate the same camera motions, DJI Ronin also lets you build and share presets.

7. DJI Fly


An app called DJI Fly offers you an easy-to-use interface and makes it simple for you to find local GEO zones and picturesque flight destinations. The programme provides a video instruction to help you learn the fundamentals of flying. It is beneficial for pilots who wish to master the fundamentals of flight. With the help of this app’s fly locations function, you can quickly locate secure areas to fly.

You may use quick and simple editing tools to change the brightness of movies, crop films, add effects, and more. Lest you post your live broadcast to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, use the DJI Fly App. In addition, the software is extremely wind-resistant and works with a variety of devices, including the iPhone 5S, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Air, iPhone 8, Pixel 2 XL, and iPhone XS Max. This programme is straightforward, free, simple to use, and multilingual.

8. LumaFusion


Professionals and amateurs may both edit videos with LumaFusion, a product of LumaTouch. The software gives novices video training on video editing and offers a support option so they may get assistance from the community. There are 12 audio and video tracks included for the visuals, music, sound effects, narration, and other content.

Additionally, it has a magnetic timeline where users may add, remove, or link clips. Through the software, users may also make films in slow motion, rapid motion, forward, and reverse. It supports captivating time-lapse and slow-motion films. Additionally, the software offers a variety of effects including blurring, pixel effects, colour, and several style layers. Additionally, users may copy and paste effects or characteristics from one clip to another as well as store and distribute effects. This is another feiyu on alternative.

Users of the Luma Fusion app may export films to cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and many more, as well as share them on social networking sites. With the use of the titler tool, users may create titles using text, shapes, and pictures and change the colour, shadow, and border of the title.

9. PowerDirector


CyberLink developed the high-end video editing programme known as PowerDirector. It is a feature-rich video creation package that is user-friendly and comprehensive. The application finds a solid balance by being simple to use for new users without sacrificing the cutting-edge editing features cherished by experts, amateurs, and laypeople. It may be fully customised to the user’s degree of expertise and confidence. The platform offers the quickest way to create outputs that are very outstanding out of your images, direct recording, and clips.

Professionals that wish to import, edit, and export cutting-edge material, such as super HD 4K video definition, may do so using PowerDirector. To help you stabilise shaky feature recordings and add impact to your video, it provides 360-degree footage capabilities that let you pan, zoom, and create anchor points through your clip. Additional essential features of this video editing programme include action camera tools, a project module for expressing ideas, the ability to encode and export videos in full theatre colour, and many more. PowerDirector is a for-profit product with many pricing tiers, each with its own price and primary advantages.

10. FilmoraGo


You may edit films with a range of effects and music with the video editor FilmoraGo. By choosing the desired images or videos, choosing a theme, adding music, filters, and titles, you may alter videos. You may either post movies on social media networks or save them to the gallery.

This is another feiyu on alternative. With the help of the app, you may reverse, accelerate, and decelerate films to produce slow- or fast-motion ones. There are several transitions, including dissolve, wipe, split, and zoom out, among others. Your movies can also include other components like motion or static graphics.

You may cut videos to make them shorter using the FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor software, or you can rotate and silence them appropriately. Additionally, you may trim movies and change the video’s contrast, brightness, and other features.

11. KineMaster


For individuals who desire to make beautiful films and share them with others, NexStreaming Crop Inc. has created KineMaster, a free video player and editor. Only one fully functional professional video editor offers numerous layers of text, graphics, and videos. Additional capabilities of the software include fine cutting and trimming, colour LUT filters, and 3D transitions, among others.

The software was created specifically for professionals and provides all of the tools with step-by-step instructions. For all educators, artists, and writers, the Kine Master app gives an unheard-of amount of control over the mobile editing process and lets you draw right on movies.

Millions of people use it worldwide, including mobile journalists, directors of short films, YouTube creators, and other experts from other fields.

12. Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Magisto Video Editor & Maker lets you produce movies, music slideshows, and video collages. You may quickly clip the crucial part of the video using the trim option, and you can also apply effects to your films. It also includes authorised soundtracks and music that you may use in your videos.

The drag and drop process permits you to include photographs in collages and presentations. Additionally, it has a feed with user-submitted videos. Additionally, you may include a watermark on the video with your website or brand. This is another feiyu on alternative.

Magisto – Music and Video Editor You can easily make, edit, and share movies with the Slideshow Maker app. You may mute the noises in the video or add text and other files using the app’s capabilities.

13. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is an app that enables users to professionally record, edit, and distribute videos on the social networks of their choice. The on-board camera can record flawless footage in high definition. With the drag and drop feature, users may quickly organise films, audios, and images.

Additionally, users of the programme may crop, trim, modify audio, enhance colour, and add titles to videos. It allows users to add effects, transitions, voiceovers, and other features to videos. This adaptable tool offers the ability to edit videos with 3 music tracks and 4 video tracks.

This is another feiyu on alternative. Additionally, the built-in templates in the Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor programme may be customised in terms of colour, size, and font. Users may view the data on all of their devices thanks to the app’s seamless data synchronisation.

14. Overvideo


You may edit your videos using Overvideo and include text and music. With the app, you can quickly edit videos by choosing the video to edit, adding text to the video, and sharing the edited video with friends and family.

You may cut, edit, adjust, and do other things with the movie using the timeline capabilities. The text might also appear and vanish inside the video. You may choose from a variety of fashionable fonts in the programme, change the text’s size and colour, and personalise its typeface.

Before saving the altered video, you may also watch it. The user-friendly interface has buttons to start a new project and to get a preview of the edited film. Additionally, there are options to share movies and add new items to the timeline.

15. Quik


GoPro developed the free video and picture editing programme Quik – Free Video Editor for Photos, Clips, and Music. With only a few clicks, you can make beautiful films with this simple to use programme. You may use the app to select a photograph or a video clip, and then Quik will quickly discover a priceless moment. This is another feiyu on alternative.

Stunning transitions and effects may be added with precision, and everything can be timed to the rhythm of the music. One of the most fascinating and pleasant features of this software is the customisation feature, which enables you to construct your own tale using text, music, and a variety of amazing multimedia elements.

It is a sophisticated editing tool that provides several additional possibilities to enhance your image or video, including hundreds of filters, effects, and other features.


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