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Top 30 Best Famous Anime Characters In 2022

Best and most famous anime character will be describe in this article. It can be challenging to select your favourite anime from the enormous genre. It doesn’t help that there are a lot of new and old anime shows to check out and catch up on. Why not start by browsing through this list of well-known anime characters if you’re having trouble making a decision?

The appearance, temperament, and age of well-known anime characters might differ. But they do have the quality of living universally appealing in their own particular ways. Fans from all across the world have come to love characters like Kurapika, Ash Ketchum, and Naruto. Learn more about these well-known anime characters and their appeal by reading on.

Describe anime.

It’s vital to define anime before moving forward. The word “animation” is where the term “anime” originates. It alludes to Japanese animation productions. Traditional animations made from hand-drawn images as well as computer animations made from digital images fall under this category.

Anime stands apart from other forms of animation because it features Japanese characters and culture. Additionally, the majority of animes are renditions of well-known mangas, or Japanese comic novels.

You’ll see that anime also stands apart from animation from other nations thanks to a number of distinctive qualities. For instance, anime characters frequently have disproportionate features and body types, like enormous eyes and distinctive hairstyles.

Of course, different anime series still exist. This is owed to the fact that Japan has more than 430 production businesses, many of which have unique styles. Studio Ghibli is one well-known illustration that is also well-known internationally.

What is the anime’s history?

Large organisations like Studio Ghibli did not exist when the anime industry first began. Indeed, anime had a rocky beginning. Given how popular anime is today, it becomes sense to assume that the anime has a lengthy history. The first Japanese animations date back to 1917, therefore anime is a relatively new art form.

The “Father of Anime,” animators Ten Shimokawa, Seitar Kitayama, and Jun’ichi Kuchi, laid the foundation for the growth of Japanese animation in the 1930s.

At the time, Disney and other major competitors posed a serious threat to Japan’s animation market. The 1960s were the decade when anime really took off. A manga artist and animator, Osamu Tezuka created some of the first popular anime series. The 1963 film Astro Boy serves as one illustration.

Many of Tezuka’s animators went on to create their own anime studios in the future. As a result, Japan’s animation sector prospered. Japanese businesses have kept on broadcasting anime on national and international television. They employed dubbing in the local tongue or added subtitles for overseas broadcasts.

Over 60% of animated television series in the world now are anime.

Why is anime so well-known?

To begin with, anime has many devoted followers. Many people who watched anime as kids or teenagers still keep up with the many anime shows that are available now. Many older anime programmes are still airing and are still quite popular.

Many anime programmes gain new admirers while still keeping a strong fan base. A broad variety of anime series are available on Netflix and other streaming services, making it simple for new viewers to select one and watch all the episodes.

Additionally, anime series frequently appeal to a variety of age groups, making them more popular and having a far wider audience than other shows. There are numerous genres in anime. For sports enthusiasts, there are programmes like Haikyu!! and mystery television programmes like Detective Conan.

The fact that anime features likeable characters is another factor in its popularity. Anime protagonists are frequently awkward but endearing, which encourages audience support. There are other characters in the show that viewers will like if they can’t relate to the protagonist.

The most well-known anime characters are who?

Top 30 Best Famous Anime Characters In 2022

Top 30 Best Famous Anime Characters are explained here.

1. Ash Ketchum famous anime characters

Ash Ketchum

You’ve probably heard of Ash Ketchum if you’re familiar with the Pokémon series. Since Pokémon is one of the most popular franchises in the world, it seems to reason that its main character would be included on this list. Also check anime shows

Pikachu is Ash Ketchum’s Pokémon pal, and he is a 10-year-old boy. In the show, he captures and raises additional Pokémon with the goal of becoming the top “Pokémon Master” in the entire world. He participates in many leagues in an effort to do this.

Like other well-known anime characters, Ash has a famous appearance. He is donning a crimson snapback with a distinctive logo. Fans can recognise him right away thanks to his cap that tucks his spiky black hair.

2. Astro Boy

Astro Boy is not only the first anime character ever created, but also one of its most well-known. He initially showed up in the 1952 comic book Astro Boy by Osamu Tezuka. Mighty Atom is the manga’s original title in Japan, and Atom is used for the character rather than Astro Boy.

The debut of the Astro Boy TV series in 1963 marked the beginning of what people now refer to as the anime aesthetic. The programme was extremely popular throughout its existence, with almost 40% of Japanese viewers tuning in. This is another famous anime characters.

Astro Boy is the star of the Astro Boy franchise, as the show’s name implies. He is a robot with emotional intelligence. Professor Ochanomizu adopts him and raises him as his own kid before he could be sold to a robot circus. Together, they make an effort to lead regular lives while experiencing adventures.

3. Edward Elric famous anime characters

Edward Elric is not only one of the most well-known anime characters ever, but he’s also one of the most sad. Young Edward experienced the loss of his mother. He sought to utilise alchemy in a last ditch effort to save his mother. Sadly, he was unsuccessful, and he ultimately suffered the loss of his left leg and right arm. which both automail was used to replace.

Edward Elric has a single braid in his long golden hair. His prosthetic limbs, though, are what set him apart the most. The story follows Edward, the titular character of the series, and his brother Alphonse, who also lost his entire body in the same ritual that took Edward’s limbs, earning him the nickname “Fullmetal Alchemist.” Advanced automail replaced his lost arm and leg, earning him the moniker “Fullmetal Alchemist.” Together, they explore the make-believe world in search of a cure for their physical degeneration.

This is another famous anime characters. At first glance, Edward seems immature and obstinate. He is incredibly devoted and kind to his friends and family, though. He is a brilliant alchemist as well. Many viewers find these qualities endearing, especially when they can relate to his past.

4. Eren Yeager

The main character of the popular anime Attack on Titan is Eren Yeager, also known as Eren Jaeger. Eren Yeager is one of the most well-known anime characters today, despite the conflicting opinions of many fans about him. Teenager Eren Yeager’s lifelong ambition is to wreak vengeance on the Titans for destroying his mother and community. He enrolls in the military and joins the Survey Corps to do this.

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Eren’s character received criticism from many viewers because they thought he was too aggressive for his young age. However, many also complimented his character arc because he underwent growth in the show’s latter seasons.

Many people found Eren to be appealing because he did not exactly fit the stereotype of a selfless hero. Eren was actually nominated for “Best Protagonist” and “Best Antagonist” at the 2022 Crunchyroll Anime Awards, but he only took home the latter. Many followers were absolutely captivated by his complexities.

5. Gojo Satoru famous anime characters

Gojo Satoru

Gojo Satoru comes next on this list of well-known anime characters. One of the key characters in Gege Akutami’s Jujutsu Kaisen is Gojo Satoru. Yuta Okkotsu, the primary protagonist of the programme, has him as a teacher.

Fans from all over the world adore Gojo’s personality and character design. He has his recognisable light white hair, a black blindfold, and an all-black suit on. He is fun and flamboyant despite being one of the series’ oldest and most powerful characters. He occasionally serves as the program’s humorous relief. This is another famous anime characters. Also check Anime Planet alternatives

Gojo’s character consistently tops polls in which fans vote. One instance is the LINE Research poll from 2021, where Gojo bested the other Jujutsu Kaisen characters to take first place.

6. Goku

This character has one of the most memorable names among the many anime characters. The main character of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball series is Goku, also known as Son Goku.

Goku is a Saiyan, a term used to describe people who were born on Planet Vegeta. Goku loses his memory as a result of an accident, and he also loses his sense of aggression. He develops into a happy young man on Earth, which he defends against many foes.

Despite his challenges, Goku never loses his optimism or kindness. His followers adore him because of his upbeat demeanour. However, Goku is also a talented martial artist, so that’s not all. In fact, Goku was originally cited as Jackie Chan’s favourite character on the programme.

7. Guts

This is another famous anime characters. Guts, the protagonist of Berserk, has a distinctive appearance from other well-known anime characters. Guts is a mercenary who is a rough, hulking man. He wears a prosthetic left forearm and lost his right eye. Guts’ appearance is as menacing as his character, with heavy metal armour and a huge sword.

Guts first encounters Griffith, the mercenary group’s leader, at the beginning of the narrative. Griffith declares that Guts now has no choice but to join his organisation after the two fight in combat and Guts loses.

In the course of the series, Guts faces numerous internal difficulties. He was once a pessimistic man with no clear direction in life. His experience with the Band of the Hawk, nevertheless, alters his perspective on things. He develops into a beloved anti-hero who is more than simply a mercenary.

8. Hisoka Morow famous anime characters

Hisoka Morow

Not all well-known anime characters are excellent. In actuality, several of them serve as the program’s antagonists. Hisoka Morow is one case in point. One of the series’ main antagonists is Hisoka Morow, also known by the spelling Hisoka Morou.

Hisoka has bright red hair, which gives him the appearance of a jester. His clothing frequently has suit emblems like spades, hearts, and diamonds. Although some people might find Hisoka’s attire amusing, he is a capable and strong adversary.

Hisoka is introduced as an eccentric serial murderer who inflicts violence on his victims through magic tricks. Fighting powerful opponents gives him the greatest pleasure, to the point where he frequently feels sexually aroused by them. Hisoka occasionally assists Gon, the main character, too. But he only does this when it benefits him personally.

9. Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha is another another villain on this list of well-known anime characters. The antagonist from the well-known anime series Naruto is Itachi Uchiha. He is a terrorist from the Akatsuki group, and he is infamous for killing every member of his clan except for his brother Sasuke. This is another famous anime characters.

But there’s more to this individual than first meets the eye. Many viewers start to warm up to Itachi’s character as the show reveals the real reasons behind his actions. They feel for him and respect his fortitude.

Itachi immediately rose to prominence as one of the show’s most well-liked characters thanks to the fans’ enthusiastic response. In reality, a lot of admirers purchase Itachi costumes, dolls, and keychains.

10. Katsuki Bakugo

The protagonist is not a must for a character to make this list of well-known anime characters. The case of Katsuki Bakugo is one. One of the characters in the manga and television series My Hero Academia is Katsuki Bakugo. Despite being somewhat new, the show quickly gathered a large following.

Katsuki attends U.A. High School. He is studying in high school to prepare to be a professional hero. He frequently acts haughtily and patronisingly toward others, including the main character Izuku, but he eventually comes to respect him and his peers.

His superhero moniker is “Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight,” and among his buddies he goes by the nickname “Kacchan.” As the show’s fan favourite, Katsuki frequently takes the top spot.

11. Ken Kaneki

Despite being from a more recent show, Ken Kaneki is undoubtedly one of the most well-known anime characters in existence right now. The main character of Tokyo Ghoul, a grim fantasy series set in a world where ghouls are real, is Ken Kaneki.

This is another famous anime characters. Ken is the first artificial half-ghoul after a string of terrible incidents. He has superpowers, such as regeneration, thanks to an implant from a ghoul named Rize. Sadly, it also stops him from eating human food because he loves human flesh, which is what ghouls devour.

Throughout the novel, he strives to be loyal to himself because his ghoul nature clashes with his morals. Along with his captivating backstory, his attractiveness also draws admirers. He frequently covers his lips and eye, and he has distinctive white hair.

12. Killua Zoldyck famous anime characters

Killua Zoldyck

On this list of well-known anime characters, there are plenty of adorable anime boys. Killua Zoldyck is evidence for it. Killua is Gon’s closest buddy and one of the series’ most dangerous characters in the anime Hunter x Hunter. Also check Anime sites

Killua has blue eyes and white hair that is spiky. He combines a blue long sleeve top with a white shirt, violet-blue shorts, and sneakers. His adorable appearance can be deceiving because he later develops into an expert hunter. This is another famous anime characters.

Like Gon, he is lively and mischievous, but he can also be a little brash. Killua’s quick and shrewd thinking is one quality that admirers adore in him. Killua frequently comes up with solutions when he and his buddies are in a difficult circumstance.

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13. Kurapika

Kurapika is another male character from Hunter x Hunter on this list of well-known anime characters. One of the main characters in the programme with his own arc is Kurapika.

A little boy named Kurapika has long, blonde hair. He has blue eyes in the 1999 anime adaption, and when he experiences strong emotions, they turn red. Kurapika is less outgoing than the other characters. Killua is lively, whereas Kurapika is cool-headed. For his age, he is exceptionally intelligent and mature. He can be reckless, though.

One of the things that makes his admirers adore him so much is his honest portrayal of himself. His special weapon is another justification. From his right hand, Kurapika can summon chains that each extend from a single finger.

14. Ichigo Kurosaki

Famous anime characters frequently get superpowers, which is one cliché. The main character of BLEACH, Ichigo Kurosaki, likewise experiences this. He is a high school student who acquires the abilities of a Soul Reaper. This entails increased strength, speed, and spiritual power.

But Ichigo is a skilled martial artist even before he becomes a Soul Reaper. He is adept at hand-to-hand combat, which is useful for defending citizens from bad spirits and assisting good spirits in their work for the Soul Society.

The franchise’s most well-liked character is dependably Ichigo. According to a survey completed in 2007 by the Japanese magazine Newtype, he was among the top 100 most popular anime characters.

15. L Lawliet

The following well-known anime figure is a famous one. One of the main characters in the well-known anime Death Note is L Lawliet, also known merely as L. He is a well-known consultant detective who keeps his famous identity a secret. He sends his subordinate Watari in his place to speak with the police.

L’s main objective throughout the entire series is to apprehend Kira, an elusive serial killer who is actually Light Yagami. They engage in a mental cat-and-mouse game that keeps viewers guessing throughout each episode.

This is another famous anime characters. L will not appear to be a respected detective at first impression. He typically walks barefoot and dons a simple long-sleeved white shirt and blue jeans. L, however, is a talented fighter in addition to being very intellectual and analytical.

16. Lelouch Lamperouge famous anime characters

The main character of the Code Geass series is Lelouch vi Britannia, sometimes known by the moniker Lelouch Lamperouge. Lelouch is a handsome exiled prince who obtains the power of “Geass” and is also smart and strong. He exhibits excellent leadership qualities as the movement’s commander, The Black Knights.

Fans can vote for their favourite animated films in a variety of categories at the Anime Grand Prix, which is held annually by the Japanese magazine Animage. Lelouch was named the most favoured male character in the Anime Grand Prix competitions of 2006, 2007 and 2008.

In addition, Jun Fukuyama, the Japanese voice actor who plays Lelouch, won “Best Actor in a Leading Role” at the Seiyu Awards in 2007 for his performance. These honours are more than sufficient evidence that Lelouch is in fact one of the most well-known anime characters of all time.

17. Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman

It is not surprising that a number of well-known anime characters originate from the hit show Attack on Titan. Another male character from the series who won the hearts of viewers everywhere is Levi Ackerman. This is another famous anime characters.

The Special Operations Squad of the Survey Corps is led by Levi Ackerman, also known as Captain Levi. Despite his fame and position in the military, he is unapproachable, especially because of his dull and expressionless eyes, which make him appear to be “Humanity’s Strongest Soldier.”

Levi, though, has a lot of admirers. He has a dark sense of humour and is a “clean freak,” but he is sympathetic. He follows a moral code and is utterly dedicated to defending humanity.

18. Light Yagami

Light Yagami, the main character of Death Note, is one of the most well-known anime characters. He discovers the eponymous magical notepad at the beginning of the narrative. Light can kill anyone in the world with the use of the Death Note by merely putting their name in the notebook.

Light assumes the identity Kira and turns into a vigilante who murders villains and criminals. He gains notoriety, which ignites a witch hunt for him under the direction of investigator L.

Many spectators were drawn to Light’s depth as a person who is suddenly capable of acting like a god. His detractors are divided; some think he is excessively arrogant and self-righteous. In any case, Light’s depiction captured the attention of viewers everywhere.

19. Mikasa Ackerman famous anime characters

Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan doesn’t lag behind in terms of popularity at all. One of the multiple well known anime characters ever is Mikasa Ackerman, who serves as one of the show’s main characters.

Eren Yeager’s pal since childhood is Mikasa. They enlist in the Survey Corps alongside Armin Arlert. Because of her knowledge and abilities, Mikasa stood out even as a trainee. She was regarded as a prodigy and graduated from the Training Corps at the top of her class.

Numerous audiences were drawn to her patriotism and strong moral convictions. Mikasa is an inspiration and an icon to her female devotees.

20. Monkey D. Luffy

You’ve probably heard of Monkey D. Luffy if you’ve seen the anime One Piece. The captain and group’s founder of the Straw Hat Pirates is the show’s cheeky but strong main character. The Straw Hat Pirates, led by Luffy, are immensely strong despite their misleading name.

The only clothing items that Luffy consistently dons are a yellow straw hat, an unbuttoned red shirt, and rolled-up pants with a yellow belt. He was known as “Straw Hat Luffy” and “Straw Hat” because of his recognisable straw hat.

When he was younger, he unintentionally consumed the Gum-Gum Fruit, one of the fanciful Devil Fruits. His body was endowed with rubber-like qualities from this fruit, including elastic limbs. He employs these qualities to repel foes. He is adored by a lot of crowds because of his upbeat and sincere demeanour. He routinely makes cameo appearances in different TV shows and movies.

21. Naruto Uzumaki

The Naruto franchise’s lead character is a necessary addition to our list of well-known anime characters. The Nine-Tailed Demon Fox is housed in the body of the ninja Naruto Uzumaki. Even if the locals make fun of Naruto for this, it doesn’t stop him from wanting to become the Hokage, the village chief.

This is another famous anime characters. In all of anime, Naruto has one of the most recognisable appearances. He has three whisker striations on each cheek and short, spiky blonde hair. He has a shuriken holster on his right knee and is dressed in an orange and blue tracksuit. Because of its distinctive style, a Naruto outfit can be recognised even by people who are not fans.

Fans also appreciate Naruto’s vivacious character. He endured a great deal of hardship, yet his sense of fairness never wavered. He becomes into a skilled ninja as well.

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22. Roronoa Zoro

Another one of the Straw Hat Pirates is Roronoa Zoro. He is actually Monkey D. Luffy’s initial recruit. After Luffy stops him from being executed, Roronoa Zoro joins Luffy’s team of swordsmen.

He is proficient in Santoryu, a three-sworded sword fighting technique. Zoro wields three swords—two in his hands, one in his mouth—and a third. He is also proficient with both one and two swords. Zoro was given the moniker “Pirate Hunter” for his outstanding fighting abilities.

His second nickname is “Marimo,” which is a play on the words “moss-ball” or “moss-head” and refers to his short, green hair. This, together with the other scars on his body, help people recognise Zoro.

23. Roy Mustang

Colonel Roy Mustang is another Fullmetal Alchemist character on this list. The protagonist Edward Elric’s superior is Roy Mustang, a State Alchemist. He is known as a “Flame Alchemist” because he can use alchemy to create fire.

His initial objective is to succeed the current State Military leader of Amestris. He learns the unpleasant reality about the Military, though, and loses hope. Roy must decide between following his dream and doing what is right. One reason why he has such a large following is due of this. This is another famous anime characters.

Roy frequently places highly in surveys that list the most well-liked characters from the series. As the show develops, viewers laud his character development.

24. Saber famous anime characters


One of the most well-known anime characters ever is Saber, who appears in the anime series Fate/stay night. Artoria Pendragon is Saber’s real name. Because she is a Saber-class Servant in the Holy Grail War, she goes by the name “Saber.”

Saber’s exterior can fool some people. With a young face and golden hair, she exudes a kind and innocent appearance. But Saber is a highly accomplished warrior. She walks around with a sword named Caliburn and wears an unusual blue outfit with metal armour.

Her stunning appearance drew admirers to her right away. Aside from that, Saber consistently shows her allegiance to people who are close to her. She is highly devoted to Shirou Emiya, the main character and summoner.

25. Saitama

Superheroes abound on this list of well-known anime characters. Another superhero is One Punch Man’s Saitama. Saitama, though, could appear unremarkable in comparison to well-known Marvel superheroes.

This is another famous anime characters. Saitama has a slender build and is bald. He slouches frequently and has unremarkable facial features. His superhero attire is also straightforward. He is dressed in a simple yellow suit, a white cloak, red gloves, and red boots.

Saitama’s posture straightens and his facial features become more intense as he becomes serious. Additionally, he has a lot of well-defined muscle underneath his outfit. Fans adore him for his split personality. He is also incredibly strong, giving him an advantage over most adversaries.

26. Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the main characters in the Naruto franchise. He is a member of the Uchiha clan, a powerful and notorious family of ninjas. Unfortunately, he is also one of the few living members. His older brother, Itachi Uchiha, killed his whole clan save for Sasuke.

His terrible childhood forced him to have a chilly personality. In the series, he is rivals with Naruto, and many praise their dynamic. In fact, aside from ranking as one of the most famous anime characters of all time, Sasuke and Naruto typically rank as one of the best rivalries in anime too.

Some regard Sasuke as an archetypal villain. However, his character growth in the story connected with a lot of readers. Sasuke is well-liked by women as well. In a Tokyo Otaku Mode poll, he was once ranked as the sixth character that ladies would want to go on a date with.

27. Shoto Todoroki

Here is the identity of the famous anime boy with the half-white, half-red hair, in case you’ve ever wondered! Shoto Todoroki, a fan favourite, sports red hair on his left and white hair on his right. His Half-Cold Half-Hot superpower is what gives him his recognisable half-and-half look. His physique can produce fire on the left side and can freeze things on the right. This is another famous anime characters.

Shoto is a student at U.A. as well. He attends the same high school as the lead character of the programme, Izuku Midoriya. They work together to become professional heroes.

One of the most well-known anime characters in the series has long been Shoto. Shoto placed seventh in a ranking of the best anime and manga characters conducted by Tumblr in 2020. At the second Crunchyroll Anime Awards, Shoto also took home the trophy for “Best Boy.”

28. Spike Spiegel famous anime characters

This is another famous anime characters. Cowboy Bebop was an original anime, not a manga adaptation, in contrast to the majority of animes. Because of this, it had less chances to amass a following before making its television debut. Spike Spiegel is undoubtedly one of the most well-known anime characters of all time despite this.

The main character of the show is Spike Spiegel, a former associate of a criminal organisation. He and his colleague, Jet Black, are bounty hunters at the start of the narrative. On board the starship Bebop, they pursue criminals throughout the universe together.

Spike has brown eyes, dark hair, and a tall build. He is a strong smoker and always has a cigarette with him. He wears a blue suit. Although he is sluggish and carefree, he has a strong devotion to Bruce Lee. In reality, Spike practises Bruce Lee’s teachings and is a skilled martial artist.

29. Taiga Aisaka

One of the most well-known female anime characters is Taiga Aisaka. Her short stature, doll-like features, and long orange hair have made her well known. This is another famous anime characters.

But her appearance is deceiving. She can be quite brash and direct when dealing with people. Boys who confess to her are always rejected by her. She was given the moniker “Palmtop Tiger” by her peers because of her attractiveness and sass.

Taiga is a “tsundere,” a common anime and manga trope. It describes a person who initially presents as cold or harsh but later reveals a warm and friendly side.

30. Tobio Kageyema famous anime characters

Tobio Kageyema

One of the most recent well-known anime characters is Tobio Kageyama. The comic book Haikyu! Was published in 2012, and the anime version came out in April 2014. Tobio, however, swiftly won over followers despite having less time to amass one.

One of the show’s primary characters is Tobio. Many people refer to him as a prodigy and he plays the role of setter in their high school’s volleyball team. His severe and menacing demeanour, which gave him the moniker “King of the Court,” is actually his worst weakness.

He becomes less brazen as the season progresses, and he forges strong bonds with his colleagues. Many admirers found his relationship with the other main character, Hinata Shoyo, to be endearing.


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