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Top 15 Best Estimating Edge Alternatives In 2022

Best Estimating Edge alternatives will be described in this article. For takeoff experts, construction estimators, and commercial contractors, Estimating Edge provides a strong platform with cutting-edge estimating tools. It offers precise and thorough reporting that you can utilise for project management, accounting, and customer relations. The most precise estimate is one you can use to place a material order and lower your risk of loss. It has a cutting-edge mechanism integrated within it that can instantly provide you with the material list and labour budget. To increase the accuracy of the commercial project, you can easily track team performance and production progress with the aid of these platforms.

Estimating Edge provides software for ceiling contractors with pre-loaded information from leading manufacturers like USG and Armstrong. You have complete control over report customization, so you can easily obtain the information you need. For many different things, such as drywall, EIFS, fireproofing, flooring, painting, wall panels, roofing, and waterproofing, you can acquire estimating services.

Top 15 Best Estimating Edge Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Estimating Edge Alternatives are explained here.

1. iRoofing


This is another estimating edge alternative. A well-known programme called iRoofing aids roofing contractors in a number of ways, including presentation and sales. From drone, aerial, satellite, and blueprint photographs, you can easily do countless DIY roof measurements. The ability to make precise and immediate measurements remotely can save you a significant amount of time and effort. You can manage activities with ease and organise customer information quickly. With the help of this special programme, you may manageably and securely save customer papers, project photographs, and product references.

Due of its integration with the phone’s photo gallery, which allows images to be directly uploaded into users’ profiles and reporting tools, iRoofing provides the most straightforward method of documenting roof problems. An animated and vibrant Digital Pitchbook makes it simple to modify branding. Additionally, you may emphasise video testimonials from pleased clients, showcase licences, awards, and certificates, envisage new roofs with any roofing product, estimate precisely, amend your own contracts, and upload them, among many other things.

2. RoofSnap


RoofSnap is a cutting-edge tool that enables roofing contractors to easily and quickly obtain precise roofing measurements. It includes a sophisticated and automatic built-in system that saves you time and work when creating papers and reports that are captivating. With the aid of this platform, you can manage all of your customers and swiftly improve your sales process. With HD aerial images, drone footage, and blueprint imagery, it provides precise roof measurement. With the help of this platform, you may email estimates to consumers, digitally sign contracts within the app, and correctly create contracts from estimates that customers have chosen.

RoofSnap offers video lessons, walkthroughs, free training, and an online support centre so that you have thorough guidance on every step. Per account, you can manage your many offices and order supplies of materials. Complete customization of estimate templates, language, product listings, and pricing is available through the sophisticated application. Additionally, you may utilise documents with your brand, an integrated estimate builder, and taggable inspection photographs and notes when sharing projects with others in your account.

3. Stack Roof Estimating Software

Stack Roof Estimating Software

The cutting-edge programme Stack Roof Estimating Software gives you precise and quick digital measurements. You will receive thorough estimations that will enable you to increase your income and profit from job. It can quickly take off roofs with a few clicks, saving you a good amount of time and effort. Any material type and roof, including flat and pitched roofs, can rapidly be estimated. You have the option to use and import photographs from Google Earth or measure from digital blueprints using this cutting-edge software. This is another estimating edge alternative.

You can access the cloud-based Stack Roof Estimating Software at any time and from any location. It is simple to use and intuitive programme that gives you access to a collection of roofing products and systems. Without any difficulty, you can quickly add your own unique resources and get in touch with knowledgeable support staff for any assistance or issues.

4. Jobber Roofing Software

Jobber Roofing Software

Jobber is a dynamic platform that offers the best roofing software, allowing roof contractors to be more profitable by giving estimates right away. You may easily design unique team schedules and effective routes based on your preferences. It provides precise GPS waypoints and time tracking, which can help you hold your team members more responsible for managing their time. You may accept credit card payments, hold project dates, make deposits, and receive credit card information from a safe vault with the aid of these platforms. Additionally, you can customise your calendar and reschedule a number of tasks to various hours, days, or persons.

The best customer communication services are provided by roofing software, allowing you to generate more leads for job requests. You can use follow-up emails to get customer feedback and reviews. Your team’s performance can be carefully maintained and tracked, and the team’s hours may be reviewed, edited, or approved.

5. JobNimbus Roofing Software

JobNimbus Roofing Software

An all-in-one platform called JobNimbus Roofing Software gives you a wide range of features to help you expand your roofing company and increase production and profit. Your roofing jobs can be readily managed and organised without any trouble or work. You can take pictures of the gutters, siding, roofs, and other exterior features right there in the job suite using the smartphone application. It enables you to exchange images with clients, insurance adjusters, and subcontractors by rapidly uploading them to the web. With only a occasional clicks, you can use this platform’s EagleView connection to receive precise aerial measurements of your roofing tasks.

With the aid of JobNimbus Roofing Software, you may obtain accurate estimates to help you order materials more effectively and lower your risk of damage and loss of revenue. At the job site, you may quickly create estimates and invoices that appear professional. It gives you full access to all the tools you need to save goods and services, retrieves previously saved quotes, and utilise templates without any fuss. Time tracking, notifications, automation, customization, template builder, signatures, task assignment, reports, and many other hot features are additional popular features.

6. Commusoft Roofing Software

Commusoft Roofing Software

To manage all of your clients, engineers, labour, payment collection, and many other things in one place, use the roofing software provided by Commusoft, a contemporary platform. You can easily and quickly collect money on-site and follow subcontractors in real-time. Multiple jobs can be invoiced at once and professional estimates can be sent promptly. Additionally, you are able to handle customers with several properties and route and schedule tasks effectively. You may save a lot of time and work by using our platform instead of manually booking jobs.

This is another estimating edge alternative. Services are offered by Commusoft Roofing Software for a variety of industries, including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire & security, and many more. All data, including client information, site images, asset data, and job reports, are efficiently managed by it. You may quickly and easily access all data, generate invoices, and accept payments right away. This cutting-edge platform offers a tonne more capabilities, like custom forms, professional estimates with several options, and administration of parts and assets.

7. ProDBX


ProDBX is a reputable platform that offers distinctive software to handle all contractors’ issues centrally. It has an integrated, configurable CRM that facilitates customer relations and communications. You can obtain the most effective and precise estimating tool, which offers you a special estimating service to lower loss risks. To organise and handle all of your accountings, it provides a built-in comprehensive accounting system. The software for these platforms also provides automated workflows and marketing capabilities to increase business revenue and profit.

ProDBX automates all the systems and processes, saving you a significant amount of time and work. You can alter the software to suit your preferences and needs. You can access this platform’s cloud-based software at any time and from any location. More in-demand services include reputation management and surveys, personalised take-offs, specialised support teams, total security, user-friendly interfaces, and many others.

8. Roofing Calculator

Roofing Calculator

A roof’s area and all of its material requirements can be precisely estimated with the Roofing Calculator, an intelligent application. It offers detailed information on the necessary materials, allowing you to save time, effort, and money. The length of the hip, the rise of the common rafter per foot (or metre) of the run, and other information are instantly available when you merely enter the pitch of the roof. This is another estimating edge alternative.

This tool is simple to use, intuitive, doesn’t require any special knowledge, and produces accurate results with just a few clicks. You can use the roofing calculator to determine the precise roof area along with the roof pitch and roof angle. Simple square shapes can be smoothly calculated, but not more complicated ones.

9. Allen Tx Roofing Pro

Allen Tx Roofing Pro

A dynamic website called Allen Tx Roofing Pro bills itself as Allen Tx’s top roofing company. It offers 24/7 emergency roofing services with only a single call to your door. Numerous services are available, including residential roofing, commercial roofing, gutter repair & installation, and many more.

It offers the greatest and most suitable residential roofing, enhancing the security and protection of your property and you. The crew of roofers on this site is the most qualified and experienced, and they can immediately satiate customers with their excellent services.

The specialised repairing services for roofs, walls, and gutters are offered by Allen Tx Roofing Pro. Free inspection services are offered, and any flaws and concerns are found right away. You don’t need to be concerned about fees or charges because every one of their pricing is quite affordable.

10. Dallas TX Roofing Pro

Dallas TX Roofing Pro

The greatest roofing services in Dallas are provided by Dallas TX Roofing Pro, a highly regarded website or business. It offers emergency and always-on services that you may obtain right away with just one call. Due to Dallas TX Roofing Pro’s extensive experience—more than fifteen years—in this industry, you don’t need to be concerned about receiving high-quality service. It provides a expansive range of services, including deck and fence construction, garage door repair, residential roofing, roof replacement, and commercial roofing. The most knowledgeable and experienced personnel are employed by this platform to completely satisfy consumer needs.

This is another estimating edge alternative. Dallas TX Roofing Pro offers exclusive services like free roof inspections and estimates. Without any additional fees, you will be given the exact and minimal pricing for all services. Additionally, Dallas TX Roofing Pro services are completely worth the money you invest because they are sincere, dependable, always improving, highly qualified, and honest.

11. Dataforma


Dataforma is a market leader and offers the roofing sector powerful software to manage and solve all of their problems. Contractors may simply access it anytime, anywhere, and on any device because it is applicable to all of them. A paperless service department is something you can have, and it will help you increase productivity, client satisfaction, revenue, profit, bids, etc. It offers you online document storage so you can easily and securely save all of your and your customers’ information. You can accurately track your labour, invoices, and bids with the aid of these systems.

Sage, QuickBooks, and many more accounting products have a unique link with Dataforma. It offers comprehensive client training services, which come with a variety of tools like webinars, videos, tutorials, and knowledgeable employees. You can speak with the knowledgeable support teams immediately if you need assistance or have any questions. A hundred GB of storage, an all-in-one CRM, a roof inspection app, a customer site for service requests, shared calendars, and scheduling are other popular features.

12. Estimaster2


Estimaster2 is a cutting-edge platform that offers distinctive builders and other trades with a construction estimating solution. It offers the most precise and accurate estimated outcomes, which can assist in lowering the danger of loss. You can precisely order materials based on predicted values, which saves you a significant amount of time, money, and effort. It provides its services to a wide range of individuals, including roofers, electricians, painters, tilers, carpenters, and many more. You can easily manage and monitor your team’s productivity with the aid of these tools. This is another estimating edge alternative.

More capabilities including bid management, audit trails, editable templates, HVAC estimating, job pricing, quotation management, and others are included in Estimaster2. It offers you the most thorough and accurate reports to properly assess every area.

13. Fort Worth TX Roofing Pro Commercial Roofing

Fort Worth TX Roofing Pro Commercial Roofing

The flexible platform Fort Worth TX Roofing Pro offers several beneficial alternatives together with the top commercial roofing in its industry. It features the most knowledgeable and experienced expert teams that provide excellent work and completely satisfy clients. Because it is always accessible and quickly answers a single call, you can use its services whenever you choose. This platform provides a wide range of services, including measuring, roof replacement, and maintenance.

By using the free commercial roofing estimate service offered by Fort Worth TX Roofing Pro, you can order materials appropriately and save valuable time. It dealt with many different types of commercial roofing, such as modified bitumen, flat roofs, elastomeric coated roofs, TPO single ply, and many more. You may obtain the most durable, attractive, and cost-effective commercial roofing with the use of these platforms.

14. Roof Pro

Roof Pro

This is another estimating edge alternative. Roof Pro is a flexible platform that fully addresses all the demands and needs of the building or roofing industry. It only functions to stop problems the client and their roof space may experience in the future. You can have all services for considerably less than the market rate, at the greatest possible quality. Its highly skilled worker teams can guide you in improving management decisions for upcoming roof maintenance. By offering a 20-year warranty for tailored solutions, this platform deeply engages and helps customers.

The sure-foot standard range, which comprises support frames, edge protection systems, and other elements, is included with Roof Pro. It provides specialised technical services like CAD drawings, site inspections, BIM projects, warranty options, load management calculations, project quotes, and many more. Here, you may find a wide selection of flat roof accessories to meet all of your building requirements. Additionally, it offers planned support structures and standardised light-weight roof support options.

15. Roofgraf


With the use of Roofgraf, builders and owners of roofing businesses may quickly and easily obtain precise measurements. With a few clicks, you can rapidly create numerous accurate roof reports. It boasts the fastest estimating speed, allowing you to obtain the A.I.-powered pitch, measurement, and line type identification in a matter of seconds. By combining attractive proposals with better, good, and greatest possibilities, you may use this tool to boost sales. This application gives you everything you need to manage your business more effectively and efficiently. This is another estimating edge alternative.

With the right instructions, Roofgraf’s always-on support staff can assist you with any problem or issue. Since consumers may now sign directly on the virtual quote with the aid of this instrument, you no longer need to visit them. All of your tasks can be easily scheduled, saving you time and effort. Additionally, the knowledgeable staff offers a comprehensive report that includes Nearmap and anyplace HD satellite images.


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