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Top 15 Best Erbix Alternatives in 2022

Best and authentic Erbix alternatives will be explained in this article. Erbix is a platform that provides small companies using an online applications platform with productivity web apps (based on the JavaScript language). Its goal is to make the lives of small company owners simpler by providing solutions that keep them organised and effective and make it simple to access data, contacts, and information. It makes it simple for you to write safe, adaptable REST APIs in any programming language that adhere to industry standards. It comes with a management panel, a suite of command-line tools, and a fully functional REST API server.

Entrepreneurs can manage their company, their employees, and their clients with Erbix from any location and on any device. With the addition of its customer relationship management tool, you now have the power to manage your customers. It offers several options, including hosted deployments and development tools. It is very adaptable, straightforward, and simple to use. It’s the greatest code editor overall.

Top 15 Best Erbix Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Erbix Alternatives are explained here.

1. Google Cloud Shell

Google Cloud Shell

You may manage every part of the infrastructure and create apps using Google Cloud Shell from your preferred browser. It is a well-known operating and online development environment that is accessible at any time and from any location using a web browser. Using the offered online terminal, which comes preconfigured with tools like kubectl, the gcloud command-line tool, and more, anybody can manage their resources.

This is another erbix alternative. By using the online Cloud Shell Editor, it also makes it simple for anybody to develop, test, and deploy cloud applications. The management of Google Cloud Resources is easy because to the versatility of a Linux shell. For your convenience, it offered command-line access to a virtual machine instance. The Cloud Shell Editor, which has been enhanced to increase productivity with features like C#, Go, Python, Java, and Node.Js support, enables developers to work on their projects from the browser they want.

2. GitHub Codespaces

GitHub Codespaces

Cloud development environments with the highest performance are available through GitHub Codespaces. It is VS Code, which is executed quickly by excellent VMs. The settings sync, editor, debugger, terminal, version control, and the entire ecosystem of extensions are all fully functional with VS Code. Use the desktop or a web browser to complete tasks.

Browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and IE Edge are supported. The prebuilt images enable anyone to launch a fresh development environment for any size of project in a matter of seconds. Less than 10 seconds are needed for the 35GB dev image from GitHub to load. Up to 64GB of RAM and 32 cores can be added to cloud virtual machines. Everyone has the finest experience because to the low-latency connections spread among the four zones. Also check scanops antivirus

3. CodeTasty


CodeTasty is a powerful and user-friendly IDE cloud. This cutting-edge, attractive, and feature-rich working environment offers everyone a special experience. Highlights include 49K workspaces, 25K active developers, and support for over 40 languages. You can quickly and effectively type clear, understandable, and clean code thanks to the IDE. This is another erbix alternative.

The finest experience is provided by the code editor, which also has built-in compilation, code completion, and other features. Extensions, ultra-fast speed, and no setup are the aspects that set the solution apart from the competition. Performance and speed are comparable to PC levels. You may also see what the coworkers are working on right now. Anyone may start working right away by just login into the IDE. Each developer has different needs, and there are various extensions you may add to increase efficiency.

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4. StackHive


A browser-based web development tool called StackHive can help you write front-end code more quickly. It enables you to design any static HTML page and customise it, as well as create projects from templates. With your own pre-defined CSS, vanilla JavaScript plugins, and theme styles, you can simply build anything you want. Additionally, you may modify them in the settings. Once you upload your project to StackHive, it’s simple since the software will instantly scan the page for all of your photos, resize them, and put them into your website.

You don’t need to be concerned about cropping or the size of the source image. It is a cutting-edge front-end development tool for the web that makes it easier for you to create stunning, high-quality websites. You may simply launch your ideas after prototyping them, creating user interfaces in your browser, and adding new features and functionality. It’s the top browser-based web development tool overall.

5. Slingcode


Slingcode is an HTML-based personal computing platform that is straightforward but dependable. Web pages may be easily launched, created, and shared. The only required is a web browser; there is no need for complex equipment or special expertise. In addition, running the web pages won’t require a server, SSL certificate, or hosting. A phone, USB stick, laptop, or website can all be used to access the HTML file.

This is another erbix alternative. The best aspect is that it can function without your access to an Internet connection. To access the program’s library while on the go, anybody may “add to home screen” in the browser on their mobile phone. Peer-to-peer sharing of the apps is possible using WebTorrent. The solution protects everyone’s privacy and keeps everything secret, allowing you to exchange information that you think relevant.


You may create, build, and test apps using the cutting-edge, high-performance, ultra-fast execution, development, and applications platform known as There is no setup required, and it only takes one click to begin. Additionally, there aren’t any configuration, server, or build prerequisites. Also check animeDLR 

The platform’s ability to immediately prototype logic and interfaces through visual feedback will be welcomed by developers. The app or website may be launched in a matter of seconds, saving you plenty of time. By creating an account and logging in with the credentials, anyone may start their programming adventure right immediately. You may begin your development adventure by starting a new project after you are logged in.

7. CodeAbbey


A portal called CodeAbbey offers a variety of programming challenges meant to evaluate your cognitive talents. By going to the Problems page, you can see the questions. Everyone may sort the hundreds of issues by the number of solvers, problem id, or id. The volume buttons, which include Special, Puzzles, Popular Algos, Implementation, and Simple, can also be used to access the issue page. This is another erbix alternative.

Additionally, a search box is provided, allowing you to locate the appropriate question fast. The candidate needs to create an account in order to solve a challenge. You can use the credentials to access the website after the account has been established. To successfully answer any problem, simply click on it and then follow the instructions. The opportunity to appear at the top of the ranking table will go to those who answer more issues with a better success rate.

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8. Atheos IDE

Atheos IDE

The cloud-based, multi-featured Atheos IDE requires no setup and lets you start creating apps right away. It is built on top of Codiad and has less demanding specifications. You won’t rush into any problems when using it at first because the team who created it placed a strong emphasis on simplicity. There is no reason to be concerned about larger desktop editors having a tremendous overhead or having fewer capabilities.

It has been improved with a wide range of features thanks to the devoted development team. Smart auto-complete, support for more than 40 languages, open-source, editor screen splitting, support for multiple users, local storage splitting, customised source, and the availability of more than 20 syntax colour themes are some of the qualities. The IDE’s UI is simple to use and has three panels. The project manager and the file are located in the panel on the left, while the system and plugin are located in the hidden panel on the right.

9. Dirigible


This is another erbix alternative. Dirigible is a low-code platform for quickening business application development. Instead of taking weeks or months to develop and deploy apps, it allows firms do it quickly. They are able to move quicker toward their objectives. Business users can easily connect with data, work on-the-go, and deploy securely thanks to its drag-and-drop user interface, in-app navigation, and data management features. It develops software for a variety of purposes, including labour management and digital innovation.

By handling a large portion of the design, implementation, and testing tasks automatically, it makes the development of unique applications simpler. It enables non-technical business users to create completely working apps without writing any code. It can expedite application development while saving enterprises time and money. It makes it possible to create user-centric, full-stack apps in a fraction of the usual time. It’s the greatest development app overall.

10. StackBlitz


On the StackBlitz platform, you may code, submit bug reports, review bug reports, run live examples, develop quick prototypes, learn new frameworks on your own, collaborate, and receive feedback. Keep up with speedier development experiences. The only prerequisite is to click and start coding; installing, stashing, and pulling locally don’t take hours of work.

A fresh environment may be loaded in milliseconds. Starting from Fullstack, backend, frontend, and options, choose a framework. The platform supports several frameworks and technologies, including Angular, Node.js, TypeScript, JS, Vue 3, React, Nuxt, and Next.js. Millions of engineers seeking jobs at some of the top businesses, like salesforce, google, meta, Shopify, stripe, and intel, have faith in the platform since it is so trustworthy.

11. SLAppForge


The greatest IDE for developing, testing, and live debugging serverless apps is SLAppForge. The IDE is web-based and offers hybrid drag-and-drop code production for GCP and AWS. Git VCS systems, GCP cloud services, and AWS are readily connected with the IDE, which has no containers, machines, or code in the background. This is another erbix alternative. Also check NikGApps 

With a pure Serverless method, you may disconnect from the code, construct and publish to distant cycles, and increase development productivity. While the Lambda functions are being executed on the AWS runtime, you may test and debug them instantly. Those who prefer an external IDE but are considering switching to SLAppForge can have a remarkable experience while moving forward and debugging Live Lambda functions that are running on AWS.

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12. Replit


Replit is a group-based IDE that can be accessed using any web browser. Without waiting for any installation to complete, you may use the IDE to create code in more than 50 different languages. On every device, platform, or OS, the developer may start their coding adventure in the language of their choice. Similar to Google Docs, you may invite friends, coworkers, and team members to participate in the modification of the code.

Without any setup required, anybody may import, collaborate with, and execute on millions of repositories. There are several languages that are supported, including CSS, Python, HTML, and C++. To improve understanding and code in the target language, stick with one platform. With the aid of informative documents, easy remote interviews, and real-time sharing, the team’s productivity will increase.

13. Codio


This is another erbix alternative. A cloud-based platform called Codio makes it possible to create, assign, complete, test, and grade programming assignments for both private usage and online courses. For the assignment that is saved in the Cloud, it offers security. Users can modify their programming assignments thanks to it. In order for students to complete their programming assignments, users can create programming assignments using the code editor and then give those tasks to the students.

It offers high-quality instruction that equips students for software development courses and professions. Researchers may study at their own pace and in ways that are important to them with the help of this programme. It enables users to review student assignments and evaluate them in accordance with each student’s performance. It provides a built-in web server for development, making it simpler for students to complete their projects. Overall, it’s the best cloud-based coding environment available.

14. Neutron Drive

Neutron Drive

Online code editor Neutron Drive is beneficial. It offers many of the abilities of other IDEs and source code editors, including Notepad++, Sublime, Atom, and many others. It may be used to modify and debug any website, including localhosts and additional files than HTML, CSS, and JS. Additionally, it works with any gadgets, even Android ones. Developers don’t need to install anything in order to use this tool to create websites or web applications.

The online editor enables you to design your website even if you lack programming skills because it takes care of the complicated coding for you. Your website may be tailored to your needs and tastes in order to make it special and original. It handles asset management and packaging, freeing up your time so you can design a beautiful UI. It’s the ideal online code editor, to put it briefly.

15. code monkey

code monkey

CodeMonkey has a UML editor and supports class diagrams in the style of a “programmers’ notebook.” Along with supporting several class-related features, this UML editor also offers help for programmers. Teachers may use this programme to export diagrams as PDFs for mailing and then store them as PNGs on the device. Due to this tool’s built-in functionality for code development, the programmer cannot tell whether all of the code was written using it. This is another erbix alternative.

It is the ideal teaching and understanding resource. They may use a dashboard to monitor progress, designate successes, and provide a variety of responses for the class to discuss. This tool starts writing code right away in the real programming language of CoffeeScript. In contrast, CoffeeScript, a modern open-source programming language that contains JavaScript, is used for online applications.


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