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Top 14 Best EDI Basics Alternatives In 2022

Best EDI basics alternatives will described in this article. A website called EDI basics educates businesses and organisations about EDI. It includes an e-book with all the basics and data on the EDI system. Using EDI, you can securely and quickly communicate any type of data between organisations, no matter where you are in the world. All documents are transferred electronically, which lowers the cost of paper and shipping while also speeding up transactions, reducing errors, and improving relationships between business partners. Your personnel can focus on their jobs with the aid of EDI tools thanks to EDI fundamentals. increases the pace of stock updates by alerting the inventory status before stocks run out.

Real-time order tracking is one of the main advantages of EDI technologies, and enhanced cash flow shortens order-to-cash timelines. Real-time transaction status allows for quicker decision-making and improved adaptability to shifting client demands, such as the addition of an item or the cancellation of an order. Automotive, financial services, technology, and retail businesses can all benefit from the services offered by EDI basics.

Top 14 Best EDI basics Alternatives in 2022

Top 14 Best EDI basics Alternatives are explained here.

1. Arcesb EDI

Arcesb EDI

Arcesb EDI is a service that offers instruments for business and e-commerce administration and communication. In addition to providing tools for managed file transmission, Edi processing, and application through visual workflow architecture, it connects and creates business applications. It establishes EDI partnerships with the leading e-commerce companies, such as Walmart and Amazon, who can be either clients or customers. You can incorporate purchase and sales data into the programme for real-time monitoring via a wide range of file transfer protocols. This is another edi basics alternative.

You can build an instance of any connector by dragging it into the flow canvas in Arcesb EDI’s connector library. Each connector only alters the application data in a single way. It supports the majority of EDI document, standard, and protocol types. Other capabilities include support for containerization and Micros services, cloud on-premise deployment, load balancing for high-volume transactions, and comprehensive developer API.

2. eBridge Connections EDI

eBridge Connections EDI

A service called eBridge Connections EDI provides EDI technologies for enterprises, e-commerce, and businesses. As a result of the seamless business workflow, it integrates all the data, including documents, inventory, accounting data, shipping notifications, and purchase orders, which not only saves you time and money but also maximises efficiency. Through the eBridge connection gateway, eBridge Connections EDI enables the transactional process. It avoids the trouble of administering and maintaining the software needed for EDI because it is cloud-based. This is another edi basics alternative.

By allowing the trading partner to select the method of contact he prefers, ePortal eliminates the necessity for third party communication. EDI documentation maps, EDI transaction implementation recommendations for a trading partner, data mapping, trading partner testing for a new trading partner, compliance monitoring, and a repository of trading partners are further features.

Since the transaction is executed in real-time, EDI connectivity saves you from manual and duplicate entries that lengthen business cycle durations. It is less prone to mistakes with increased data accuracy. As it automatically schedules and processes documents without human verification, you can enter data without anxiety. Overall, it raises operational effectiveness.

3. Mulesoft EDI

Mulesoft EDI

A Mulesoft product called Mulesoft EDI gives companies and e-commerce platforms the means to establish B2B communication. It gives vendors control over inventories, speeds up transactions by allowing safer online money transfers, enhances visibility, increases accuracy, and lowers the cost of the documentation process. It also shortens lead times because all activities are updated in real-time via cloud servers. An invoice, billing receipt, stock update order, or purchase order are all examples of EDI documents.

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Accelerate partner onboarding by giving real-time visibility to the application performance, dependencies, logs, and performance indicators. Gain end-to-end visibility across B2B and back end integration. Mulesoft EDI supports major EDI data formats like X12, EDIFACT, Tradacoms, RosettaNet, and protocols like AS2, FTPS, SFTP, and HTTP, allowing you to continuously accommodate and integrate new business partners into the EDI system.

4. Jitterbit EDI

Jitterbit EDI

A service called Jitterbit EDI offers solutions for B2B and e-commerce communication with other companies. A modern method of managing a business is the EDI solution. The secret to a successful business is the seamless B2B integration of your business system with the trading partners. It enables you to connect to your business partner and execute outbound/inbound EDI payments to any other business software, whether it is cloud-based or on-premises, with an intermediate return on investment (ROI). Due to the widespread use of EDI data platforms like SAP, NetSuite, Salesforce, and Microsoft, this occurs. As many as 5,000 standards, transactions, and protocols, including AS2, X12, HL7, etc., are supported.

Save time by eliminating paper data entry and paperwork, enhance customer satisfaction, and establish a relationship of trust with suppliers. Add new partners quickly and manage transactions with complete automation without technical knowledge. To maximise your work potential, generate invoices, shipping orders, stock changes, and payments on a single platform to save time and money.

5. DiCentral EDI & Supply Chain

This is another edi basics alternative. DiCentral EDI & Supply Chain is a web-based management platform that provides users with helpful solutions for handling complex orders and inventories, which fosters corporate growth and productivity. It enables contacting the support groups for any issues or problems. With the cloud-based built-in processor, users can also manage all company settings. Additionally, it aids in distribution management in general. Users have unique access to a beautiful and well-maintained dashboard on this platform to track incoming and outgoing papers.

For advanced protection, DiCentral EDI & Supply Chain provides users with accurate notifications and alarms. It links with international banking relationships, improves cash flow, and lowers the possibility of fraud or operational hazards by integrating with financial institutions. Additionally, it offers some details about preferences and certain tasks. Users of this platform can use various filters to follow the statistics and information of trading partners and take advantage of the site’s special management for dropship.

6. Babelway B2B

Babelway B2B

An online solution called Babelway B2B gives you a platform for integrating your B2B and e-commerce. It makes it simple to create document flows, modify them, and send them to various business partners. It supports all data formats including Amazon, AS2, CSV, Dropbox, HTTP, FTP, IDOC, Excel, SAP, X400, AS4, and many more, regardless of the protocol or standard the other partner is using. Babelway B2B eliminates the middleman’s role and enables you to manage your EDI independently because the management is so straightforward and efficient.

One click can be used to add new partners. The papers can be transmitted through an SSL-secured connection. To make it easier for your spouse to grasp, put all of the catalogues on one page and create connections using the drag and drop tool. You can pick from a wide variety of transaction kinds or repurpose an earlier transaction. Determining data validation standards, hundreds of established formulas for data manipulation, lookup tables for simple data replacement, and specific notifications for outside partners are further capabilities.

7. Roundhouse EDI Outsourcing

Roundhouse EDI Outsourcing

Roundhouse EDI Outsourcing is a service that aids business owners in the fashion and retail sectors by lowering chargebacks, saving money, and completing tasks more quickly. For your company, the service results in lower operational costs and improved chain communication. Roundhouse accomplishes this by establishing a fully operational EDI department within your organisation. One advantage of outsourcing is that you don’t have to invest in new software and hardware. This is another edi basics alternative.

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In one to three days, Roundhouse completes all of the setup and testing. Roundhouse handles all of the EDI translations and data entry for other business partners. Making receipts, pay orders, transactions, purchase orders, billings, invoices, and product labels all fall under the category of data entry. Instead of worrying about the management, it allows you to concentrate on the business’s actual performance.

8. TrueCommerce EDI

TrueCommerce EDI

TrueCommerce EDI is a management and communication platform for companies and e-commerce that can help improve operations. It did away with the largest issue in company, which was manual data entry. This reduced labour costs as well as the inconvenience of paperwork and documentation, which eventually reduced costs and freed up time. All significant ERP systems, including Microsoft Dynamics365, Acumatica, NetSuite, Oracle, Sage, and many more, can be integrated with TrueCommerce EDI.

With TrueCommerce EDI, you may add an unlimited number of business partners to your system, increasing the return on your EDI investment. Because of its web-based EDI interface, you may access the data at any time and from any location with less data complexity, which will save you a tonne of time. Owners can quickly obtain automated payments and data mapping for receipts with the use of TrueCommerce EDI.

9. DataTrans Solutions EDI

.DataTrans Solutions EDI

This is another edi basics alternative. A multi-channel cloud-based platform for e-commerce and business, DataTrans Solutions EDI meets your needs for payments, shipments, and management. You can communicate with your trading partners through it and conduct simple trades with them. With DataTrans Solutions EDI, you may increase the scope of your company, gain access to shipping services, eCommerce solutions, accounting software, and automate workflows.

With on-cloud transactions, receipts, payments, shipping orders, and billings—all error-free—forget about paperwork and documentation for your company. Never fret about the safety of orders or transaction shipments. Make sure the goods is delivered to the online customer and keep their loyalty by using secure dropshipping. DataTrans Solutions EDI is the tool for an optimised and effective workflow, regardless of whether you are a small business, e-commerce corporation, or major business-oriented organisation.

10. GoAnywhere MFT

GoAnywhere MFT

A centralised enterprise solution is used by GoAnywhere MFT, a file-transfer software, to simplify, automate, and securely transfer information. Instead of juggling multiple transfer programmes that do not even support the same file format, GoAnywhere MFT is designed for IT organisations and business owners who wish to move files across numerous vendors, clients, and workers. GoAnywhere MFT stands apart from similar products since it is cloud-based rather than script-based.

In the circumstance of a network outage or a data transmission fault, it automatically reconnects and resumes file transfer without error. Alerts on the transfer status keep you informed of the shipping or delivery. It is simple to integrate into your system and supports a variety of platforms. All of the insights pertaining to the file transfer actions are contained on the dashboard. Agents can access file transfers and business activities remotely with the help of the GoAnywhere Agent, which functions like a client of the MFT system.

11. Axway AMPLIFY B2B Integration

Axway AMPLIFY B2B Integration

For e-commerce and business, Axway AMPLIFY B2B Integration offers communication and data exchange capabilities. Axway AMPLIFY B2B integrates API and cloud-service into one solution in response to the growing complexity of company communication and management. It enables quicker responses to business requirements by lowering the need for human intervention. Maximum security is provided by the integration of all of your data into the cloud. You can deploy B2B connectivity yourself with manual management.

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The dashboard includes an alert area as well as real-time business data, procedures, and exceptions. With the help of the Axway AMPLIFY B2B Integration solution, your company may operate effectively and worry-free. This is another edi basics alternative.

12. WebBee


A startup called WebBee provides EDI-like cloud-based e-commerce integration services for data that is affordable, quick, and effective. Consultation and strategy for ERP to help you plan and map out your goals for increased productivity. You may transmit information and connect with other firms using cloud computing thanks to process integration and automation. You can select from a variety of interface layouts and designs thanks to custom design and development.

Process management, seamless customisation management, and sophisticated analytical and data-driven insights are some of our offerings. Its operational and domain experience aids in workforce improvement, streamlines procedures, reduces turnaround times, and boosts the speed, time, and efficiency of your company’s operations.

Automated fulfilment, simple integration with Amazon FBA, effective shipping at Amazon marketplaces worldwide, and a quicker, enhanced order-to-cash cycle are some of the key advantages of its fulfilment app service. A reliable Netsuite Integrator service enables you to handle customers efficiently, carry out business operations consistently, and boost sales, revenue, and profits. Last but not most inconsequential, the dashboard allows you to view every aspect of inventory and order management in real-time.

13. OMPPrompt


This is another edi basics alternative. A management organisation called OmPrompt can assist you in connecting your business to others by providing EDI and non-EDI solutions. In your order-to-cash (O2C) and procure-to-pay systems, you can automate any inbound and outbound document (P2P). Your operations are managed and streamlined using OmPrompt for both structured and unstructured data. Its cloud platform offers automation and control options for cash payments using EDI and non-EDI. OmPrompt services provide process standardisation and operational cost reduction through digitization. Upgrade your firm to a digital one using OmPrompt from the antiquated manual data entering method. Future-proof operations, fewer errors, better data accuracy, shorter cycle durations, and shorter process lag times are further characteristics.

The software does not require your knowledge to configure or maintain. OmPrompt’s professionals handle everything. On the dashboard, all information is available in the form of insights, graphs, and tables, including data rel

14. Boomi B2B Management

Boomi B2B Management

EDI connectivity can be established on company and e-commerce websites using the online tool Boomi B2B Management. This enables current, effective management of your company. To operate your business effectively and shrewdly, you can combine your old and new vendors, suppliers, distributors, marketplaces, and partners. Major EDI formats supported include XML, X12, EDIFACT, HC7, RosettaNet, Tradacoms, and even your own custom format. Additionally, it supports AS2, FTP, Secure FTP, HTML, and other communication standards. Utilizing communication, manage your inventory, send items to your partner, and respond promptly to changes made by your partner. This is another edi basics alternative.

Boomi B2B Management makes it simple to generate report, transaction, inventory, purchase order, and shipping details in real-time while the activity is being carried out on the cloud with all of the distributors connected to you. By letting you focus on your business rather than paperwork, Boomi B2B Management replaces the need for documented processes like payments, transactions, and inventory input with EDI. This ultimately boosts productivity.


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